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Site Talk / Re: Submission questions
« on: September 28, 2014, 06:44:59 pm »
How do I update a patch?


I fixed some errors in my Magic Only mod for SaGa Frontier, but I don't see any dialog for removing the old patch and uploading this one.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Vagrant Story Graphics Hack Released.
« on: September 09, 2014, 01:45:23 am »

Newcomer's Board / Re: Need help with Snes/Chrono Trigger hacking
« on: September 08, 2014, 10:07:47 pm »
You're not the first person to come up with this idea!

There are plenty of people who can and probably will help you here before long.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nice
« on: September 07, 2014, 10:43:55 pm »
I'll miss staring at Ashley's leather man-thong and assless chaps. :'(

Site Talk / Re: Submission questions
« on: September 07, 2014, 10:42:21 pm »
Is it possible to edit the summary/description I made for a patch?  I forgot to include a few I wrote and just threw some crap together before I remembered.

Just try changing the '40' in the bytes I posted with '00'. It may seem strange, but those bytes are really where it loads the instruction from, not the uncompressed data from BATTLE.OUT.

I'm guessing it's part of BATTLE.ARC (took a guess and looked in this file). Hmm, looks like there's compression. Until this is figured out, try to avoid any of the codes that patch memory after 0x180000.
Sorry, don't know. I tend to resort to placing files in a ZIP with no compression and searching through it for the hex, then searching/scrolling up to find the name. Knowing the LBAs of all the files are would probably help.
Bolded portion is brilliant.

Also from what you said it sounds like at least part of battle.out is reproduced in battle.arc - maybe battle.out is redundant.  Wouldn't surprise me, SaGa games are like that.

I have python scripts for dealing with ARC files (one to split them into their subfiles, another to read the starting addresses of each of their subfiles), it's less of an issue than you think.

LBA refers to the starting location of the file in a disc image?

I had issues trying to grab data from the SaGa Frontier 2 disc image because data tables would be split by large chunks of apparently random shit.  Are the chunks of random shit of a standard size?  If they are then I can generate starting addresses of each file in the disc image using a spreadsheet.

I'm sorry I'm asking so many questions!

Compression is standard Haruhiko compression. You can use one of the LZS tools for FF7/FF8.
I'll check at Qhimm, thanks for all your help!

Site Talk / Submission questions
« on: September 05, 2014, 09:39:29 pm »
Does ROM/ISO Information refer to the patched file or the unpatched file?

I don't fully understand what it's doing, but I think I found the data for that specific instruction.

Search for the hex 40 53 42 30.
In the disc image it's found at 0x21b4fb71.  Not sure how that is useful to know.

Tried to save as a binary  but I couldn't get it to work.  Set address to 0x00 and size ot 0x2000000.  Most I can get is a size of 0x200000.  I could make 10 binary dumps and then search through all of them, maybe?  Unless you know of a Windows tool that lets you search through specified binary files or directories for specific bytes?

Saved a disassembly of battle ram from 0x00 to 0x2000000 but it looks like it's too much for Notepad2 to search through.  I'll try find (windows 7 user here).
C:\stuff\>find /n "30425340" battle_disassembly.lst
No hits.
C:\stuff\>find /n "40534230" battle_disassembly.lst
No hits.
C:\stuff\>find /n "40 53 42 30" battle_disassembly.lst
No hits.
C:\stuff\>find /n "30 42 53 40" battle_disassembly.lst
No hits.

Using a write breakpoint, I discovered that it was loading values from the scratch pad. Then I used a write breakpoint on the scratch pad and found various routines, but I needed to narrow it down. I set the breakpoint condition so it would only trigger when the register holding value to write had the exact value of the instruction. I looked at the memory address it had loaded from when building up the value.

I don't know how much changing those bytes will affect though. I think I saw the very next or nearby instructions coming from very far apart memory addresses.

Edit: Here's an example of one of the routines.
Code: [Select]
00070b28: 92a50000 lbu r5,0x0000(r21)
00070b2c: 26d6ffff addiu r22,r22,0xffff
00070b30: 12c000fa beq r22,r0,0x00070f1c
00070b34: 26b50001 addiu r21,r21,0x0001
00070b38: 00121c00 sll r3,r18,0x10
00070b3c: 00031c03 sra r3,r3,0x10
00070b40: 000310c0 sll r2,r3,0x03
00070b44: 00451004 sllv r2,r5,r2
00070b48: 146f0017 bne r3,r15,0x00070ba8
00070b4c: 02629825 or r19,r19,r2
00070b50: ae130000 sw r19,0x0000(r16)
00070b54: 26100004 addiu r16,r16,0x0004
I'm really not sure what I'm looking at.

I loaded all saves from a memory card, and when that didn't work I started a new game.

Thanks to Pyriel of gamehacking.org, for pointing out that the gameshark code only writes to a single byte (the conditional code checks two bytes if they match, and if they do then it executes the next code which overwrites 0x40 with 0x00 at 0x1a665c).

So the routine is originally this:
Code: [Select]
andi r2,r2 0x4000and it becomes this:
Code: [Select]
andi r2,r2 0x0000

I checked endianness by comparing something I know: ability data, in SCUS_942.30 and in RAM.
Code: [Select]
SCUS_942.30 :  9ee0 : 30 00 01 c0 80 14 00
RAM         : 296e0 : 30 00 01 c0 80 14 00
So whatever I see in RAM is exactly the same as anything I'll see in a game file.

Now checking disassembly.
Code: [Select]
RAM         : 1a665c : 00 40 42 30
Disassembly : 1a665c : 30 42 40 00

So anything I see in disassembly is in reverse order, byte by byte, from what I see in memory or in a file.

With this in mind, I'm looking for:
Code: [Select]
00 00 00 00
00 40 42 30
2d 00 40 14
00 00 00 00

Again, the only hit I get on this entire string is at 0x88531f5 in a *.bin disc image.
Trying agin.  Setting 0x88531f5 from 0x40 to 0x00.

Can't take a screencap for some damn reason in Windows 7.  Nonetheless this seems like it should be it.
Still doesn't work.

Decided to replace all occurences of 0x00404230 with 0x00004230, and then use data corruption methods to find the exact location when something actually changes in RAM.  Only 29 hit in the entire disc image, replacing them all now.
It loads.
Nothing seems buggy.
Doesn't work, still displays 0x40 at 0x1a665d.

I located the file in which the routine is found.  It is /MOUT/BATTLE.OUT, at 0x2665d.  The exact same routine (even the routines as far up and down as I can scroll in about 4 seconds, maybe a few dozen lines - they are EXACTLY the same in RAM and in BATTLE.OUT) yet when I edit BATTLE.OUT nothing happens.  Could this be because I'm loading saves from a memory card?

I patched /MOUT/BATTLE.OUT.  Imported the file into sf_testing.bin.  Checked 0x88531f5 in sf_testing.bin.  The change from 0x40 to 0x00 is listed there too and the hex above and below that location are identical to BATTLE.OUT.  Loading it in pSX and starting a new game, we'll see what happens.
Still doesn't show up as changed in RAM.

There is no reason why this shouldn't work, and I'm ****ed if I know.  I'll move on to another code that is within the range of SCUS_942.30 where it's loaded in RAM (I know this because I know where a few data tables from SCUS_942.30 are found in RAM) and unless someone has an explanation for this.  If I encounter the same problems there then I don't know what I'll do, but at least I'll know it isn't something I'm doing wrong.

It's for SaGa Frontier on the Playstation 1.

I want to convert a gameshark code into an assembly hack aka a hex edit.  I want to find the file from which this instruction is loaded, and in the process I want to document and comment the routines so I or someone else can figure out more later.

Here's the code:

Allow Alkaiser to grow stats and learn magic and gun abilities:
d01a665d 4240
301a665d 0000

I went to that location using the pSX debugger.  Turns out the block in which this instruction is found is only loaded in battle.  Here's what it looks like when it's loaded:
Code: [Select]
001a6658: nop                  00000000
001a665c: andi r2,r2,0x4000    30424000 # r2 * 0x4000, load result into r2
001a6660: bne r2,r0,0x01a6718  1440002d # if r2 != 0 (because r0 is always 0) then jump to 0x001a6718, otherwise continue to next instruction.
001a6664: nop                  00000000

If I do what the gameshark code does and change 4240 to 0000 then I get this instead:
Code: [Select]
001a6658: nop                  00000000
001a665c: andi r0,r0,0x0000    30000000 # r0 * 0x0000, load result into r0
001a6660: bne r2,r0,0x01a6718  1440002d # if r2 != 0 (because r0 is always 0) then jump to 0x001a6718, otherwise continue to next instruction.
001a6664: nop                  00000000

I tried searching the disc image for the 8 bytes with make up the two non-nop instructions above, and I found 1 hit, but when I changed them to match the gameshark code they didn't produce the desired result.  They didn't even change the instruction that was loaded at 0x001a665c!

So there must be some other way to figure out which file(s) these instructions come from, unless something else is preventing this from working.

How do you find out which file an instruction is loaded from, at a particular time?

By the way, I am a novice and this is my first real attempt at making an assembly hack, even if I'm just converting someone else's gameshark codes.


Memory map?

http://rveach.romhack.org/PSXInfo/psx%2 ... 20info.txt
http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/psx ... tation.txt

Newcomer's Board / Need a tool for disc images
« on: August 30, 2014, 04:47:35 pm »
I need something that lets you import multiple files at once.  I have 258 files I need to import into a disc image and I don't want to do it one at a time.



This isn't what I wanted but it might work.

General Discussion / Re: Backing up files on Windows 7
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:55:53 am »

Will DiskCryptor work?  I prefer open source software for something so important.

Is there anything which can make a list of hashes to files and tell me when a file doesn't match it's listed checksum?  I've had patches become buggy after sitting on an external hard drive for a few years.

General Discussion / Backing up files on Windows 7
« on: July 27, 2014, 09:51:52 pm »
How can I make a secure, password protected backup of my files in Windows 7?  I have 2 external hard drives I used for this purpose before I moved back to Windows from Linux, so no uploading my data to the cloud.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Neill Corlett's site is down; need ecm
« on: July 27, 2014, 07:47:49 pm »
That worked, thanks.  Turns out I needed to remove the brackets and spaces from the file name and make it shorter.

Personal Projects / Re: Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis
« on: July 26, 2014, 02:21:25 pm »
Excuse me , i'm new here but i'm still playing some games of Gba and Snes , and i want to know , if have somebody what can modify Tactics ogre - Let us cling together SNES  i want to modify characters but , the game don't stay very well did someone can help me?
You can modify class data for the GBA TO with my spreadsheet.


Newcomer's Board / Re: Neill Corlett's site is down; need ecm
« on: July 26, 2014, 02:16:05 pm »
Apparently there are no instructions for using ecm on Windows 7.

ecm - Encoder/decoder for Error Code Modeler format

ECM is a compression format for CD images which removes ECC/EDC data where it's
possible to do so losslessly. Compressing a CD image with ECM first, then
compressing the ECM file with a general-purpose compressor such as 7z or RAR,
can result in better compression than 7z or RAR alone.

See http://www.neillcorlett.com/ecm/ for more details.


To encode:
    ecm cdimagefile
    ecm cdimagefile ecmfile
    ecm e cdimagefile ecmfile

To decode:
    unecm ecmfile
    unecm ecmfile cdimagefile
    ecm d ecmfile cdimagefile

Code: [Select]
C:\Users\creeperton\>unecm final_fantasy_tactics.bin.ecm
'unecm' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Seeing as there isn't an "unecm.exe", I don't understand how to make this work.

Newcomer's Board / Neill Corlett's site is down; need ecm
« on: July 23, 2014, 12:32:53 am »

I have an ecm-ified ROM that I need to un-ecm.

General Discussion / Re: Screw the Dems: I'm joining the Greens
« on: July 16, 2014, 04:07:40 am »
I'm not convinced real estate in general is a particularly good investment, but then I've never really bothered to educate myself on the subject.
What might be deemed "useful" can vary considerably from moment to moment.  Some might even say that a liberal arts education is "useful" in order to learn how to more persuasively lead others to rally to one's cause and to understand historical reasons for lack of success.
Where will all the people displaced by global warming go?  The moon?  Real estate is a great investment tool, provided you don't do something retarded like invest in a shitty stick house farm (aka a suburb or exurb) dozens of miles from amenities, jobs, public transportation, and schools.  Most businesses don't own their property, they rent it.  Most people rent their house or apartment.  Most people would also prefer not to need to drive 50 or more miles a day to get to school and work.

My plan is to invest in university towns that are at least 200 meters above sea level, assuming I ever make a shit-load of money.  I want to build durable, energy-efficient apartment complexes with lots of studio apartments and the occasional 2 bedroom apartment.  Energy-efficient because if people pay less in utilities then they're more likely to afford rent, durable because it makes more sense to plan in the long run and make something that will last 50 or 60 years, and studio apartments because the more college kids you pack into a house the more likely it will get torn the fuck up.

The only useful fields left are those which are not easily automated.  Science, technology, and engineering are great, but medicine could probably be reduced to a technical job if (and this is a big "if") diagnosis tools become cheap and effective.  That would take the medical equipment equivalent of Telsa releasing their patents into the wild, so don't hold your breath.

And speaking of bias, does anyone else think it's at least somewhat suspicious that the much-ballyhooed "solution" to Glowbull Wormening™ is to give more money and power to the very people who have proven themselves to be completely irresponsible with the money and power they've already taken?  :huh:

Bread and circuses, indeed.
Who exactly is this?  Remember, not all of us watch network news so you actually have to make your argument instead of relying on a circlejerk to reinforce your sense of butthurt and supremacy over us filthy casuals.

General Discussion / Re: Screw the Dems: I'm joining the Greens
« on: July 15, 2014, 06:37:09 pm »

This map shows you what the earth looks like with a sea level rise of your choosing.  It only goes up to 60 meters (about 180 feet) and it doesn't cover anything above the arctic circle or below the antarctic circle.

Lots of changes.

Florida is gone.  New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, San Francisco, the Central Valley of California, Portland and everything within 10 miles of the Oregon Coast and the Willamette Valley, Olympia, Seattle.

Little Rock is practically beachfront property.

Outside the USA we lose Pyongyang (oh the tragedy); several huge chunks of China including Bejing, Macao, Hong Kong; Hanoi; about a third of Cambodia; the southern sixth of Vietnam; about a ninth of Thailand; 95% of Bangladesh; Christchurch; the Amazon River becomes a bay; Buenes Aires; half of Belgium; 99% of the Netherlands; 5/6 of Denmark; 1/7 of Germany; and lots of other stuff.

Leftwing ideologies (socialism, communism, American "liberalism") promote the collective will over the rights of the individual.

Rightwing ideologies (anarchism, libertarianism, certain aspects of American "conservatism") promote the rights of the individual over the whims of the collective.
Bias detected!

My plans:
* Don't invest in any property less than 100 meters above sea level.
* Invest in essentials.  Railways, solar energy, wind energy, and sea crops.
* Get an education in something useful.

The way I see it people can't survive on their own, but we also can't subjugate individuals without a good reason.  Well, technically we can but it's a bad idea that with lots of unforeseen consequences.  People who get butthurt about the "rights of the individual" are usually those who have never been on the receiving end of a society that doesn't give a flying fuck about the poor.

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