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Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X4 Undub (v10) & Mega Man 8 Undub (v03)
« on: October 03, 2019, 12:47:10 pm »
Well, well, assuming if you're just using the normal undub patch and not the hondori and final weapon sub patches, looks like you finally nailed everything! no more bugs, hooray! :woot!: and I must say the re-encoded videos have a much better quality compared to the FMV of the unpatched rom, the only downside is the total rom size of the patched rom is larger than the clean rom, but no biggie, this patch status can be considered as complete! Thank you for the job well done!

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X4 Undub (v09) & Mega Man 8 Undub (v03)
« on: September 27, 2019, 01:28:10 pm »
Thanks for testing it, and so quickly!

I’ll take another look at the subtitles whenever I reencode the videos  :thumbsup:

you're welcome friend, just used a cheat for one hit death for all enemies, invincibility and hit anywhere to breeze through both story routes under an hour for patch testing sake. Looking forward for the final version release!

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X4 Undub (v09) & Mega Man 8 Undub (v03)
« on: September 27, 2019, 09:57:18 am »
Nice, very nice, finished both routes within an hour, all past issues are fixed including the skipping audios and speeches, the only thing I noticed is just a minor thing which is the translation on the FMV that needs correction.

and in this scene where Sigma says "kuso" should have a subtitle (damn it!)

and the FMV color saturation/hue which doesn't match the original unpatched rom mentioned by Metalwario64.

The current release 0.9 can be considered as the complete undub version, but if you still plan to improve/fix the issues mentioned above then the patch can be considered as a proper complete full undub at last, as always, thank you for providing this patch!   


I wonder if it's possible to remove the game limitations of X Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom for the PS1 so players can swap characters in the game just like in their Arcade ports.

Mega Man 8 undub is completely done?

If your game did not crash on the third part of Wily's castle then I guess it's done, haven't tested the patch yet after the v03 update fix has been uploaded on the thread, sadly I'm not planning to apply the undub patch on my rom permanently, still prefer keeping the "Dr Wahwee" dub line for the lols.

I haven't taken care of those links because I plan to make an update as soon as I'm completely done with my next X6 update. Thanks to DarkSamus, the last major remaining issue (wrong audio track lengths) seems to have been solved. I just haven't taken the time to test it and update the patch yet.

Put the thread on "notify" and you'll know when it's up.

That's great news! can't wait to test it out again after a year of waiting.

I didn't actually notice anything, not even the cutoffs. I'm now at the very final stage (Iris and General are so god damn annoying/boring).

Try replaying the boss fights I mentioned over and over until you encounter one of the boss speeches, the bosses has 3 or 4 variety of speeches before the start of battle, one or two of their speech lines have audio cut offs which doesn't match the timing of the US rom. the issues still persists even if you play the game on a real hardware, burned the game on a disc and played it on my PS1, same result.   

just a reminder, the only issues left are the boss speech cut-offs during the colonel, general and sigma boss fights and the ending song cut off during the ending credits, once all of those are resolved this X4 patch can be considered as complete.

I wonder if it's possible if all the spell glyphs in Ni No Kuni DS - Dominion of the Dark Djinn Wizard's Companion Book can be combined with the english patch so the patch can also unlock all the spells from the start of the game, it would be useful in case no more hard or soft copies of the book can be found anymore. 

Wish someone could make an improvement on Final Fantasy Tactics advance character customization window where there's an indicator or mark appearing beside the equipment after a character learns or masters it's ability instead of looking at the learned ability list on a different window, it's very hard to remember if a character masters an ability on a certain equipment without an indicator. additionally, when changing jobs, all equipment are always being removed, wish this part of the game could be improved when changing jobs the game should provide the most optimum equipment for that job just like in the PS1 version instead of stripping everything, it's very time consuming to re-equip everything when changing jobs.

And third, the equipment list is not properly categorized by default, example is the weapon list, the list should be sorted based on jobs and the game does not have a sort option for the item menu and it's giving the players a very hard time to search for the equipment that they want when customizing a character.   

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fight SNES Restoration Project
« on: February 06, 2019, 10:38:33 pm »
Is it also possible to add an auto 2p and 3p play when playing in 1 player just like in Final Fight 3?

speaking of save files, I'm compiling save files for RPG games on PS1 and PS2, I played and compiled them using EPSXE and PCSX2

I have a complete set of save files for the following games, you can start on any event that you want in the game by using my compilation.

Available PS1 Save Files
Legend of Legaia (save file collection before each boss battle) 
Wild Arms
Wild Arms 2
Final Fantasy 7,8, and 9
Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue Complete
Tales of Destiny 2

Available PS2 Save Files
Persona 4
Legaia 2 Duel Saga
Wild Arms 3
Xenosaga Episode 3
Final Fantasy X International
Final Fantasy 12
Grandia 2
Grandia 3
Tales of the Abyss
Namco x Capcom

(More to come in the future)
if you need any of them just PM me, don't want to spam too many links here. haha! 

Any chance a Final Fight 2 US version restoration patch would be available in the future? there are a lot of stuff that has been changed or censored in the US release like enemies and stage background designs and I find the Japanese version far superior compared to it's US release.

I think we might also need to wait for an updated cwcheat file to be released seeing as the translation patch is now version 1.01 and the codes might no longer work because of the new changes.

No worries, translation patches don't affect cheat performance even if you update so the codes posted on the previous pages of this thread will still work. 


bukopandan: Like patrick009 suggested, to help correct said errors, please do take screenshots and report both typos and "spacing problems". We've tested the game a few times and didn't see them, so we could use your eyes. (By the way, what do you mean by "spacing problems"?)

I mean word spacing, some words are sticked together like this example, "Whatshould we do?"
and sorry but, after playing the game one time I'm not planning to make a second re run anytime soon so I won't be able to help and post typo screenshots. Don't have the time yet.   

Finished the game on Lamia's Route, all I could say that hopefully this patch could make an update, there are still a few more typos and spacing errors left in the translation, if I would make a verdict, I'll give this translation a score of 89/100.

Meh, who needs infinite money if you got these codes activated, with all of these activated, you're virtually unstoppable in-game at all times. Tested it using PPSSPP version 1.01 and they all work flawlessly.

_C0 Infinite Movement (Note: this code also applies on enemy turn, so don't end your turn while this code is active, otherwise the enemy will pawn you to kingdom come)
_L 0x4031954C 0x01000070
_L 0x00000000 0x00000000

_C0 Focus Skill Always Active
_L 0x20162A0C 0x80820078
_L 0x20162A10 0x30420007
_L 0x20162A18 0x2C420001

_C0 Invincible Skill Always Active 
_L 0x20162C68 0x80820078
_L 0x20162C6C 0x30420007
_L 0x20162C74 0x2C420001

_C0 Soul Skill Always Active
_L 0x20162C48 0x80820078
_L 0x20162C4C 0x30420007
_L 0x20162C54 0x2C420001

_C0 Valor Skill Always Active 
_L 0x20162B74 0x80820078
_L 0x20162B78 0x30420007
_L 0x20162B80 0x2C420001

_C0 Alert Skill Always Active
_L 0x201629EC 0x80820078
_L 0x201629F0 0x30420007
_L 0x201629F8 0x2C420001

_C0 Accel Skill Always Active
_L 0x20162960 0x80830078
_L 0x20162968 0x30630007
_L 0x20162974 0x2C620001

_C0 Strike Skill Always Active
_L 0x20162A4C 0x80820078
_L 0x20162A50 0x30420007
_L 0x20162A58 0x2C420001

_C0 Assail Skill Always Active
_L 0x20162CFC 0x80820078
_L 0x20162D00 0x30420007
_L 0x20162D08 0x2C420001
_L 0x20163E64 0x80820078
_L 0x20163E68 0x30420007
_L 0x20163E6C 0x2C420001

:laugh: those things do happen...

Still, it's entirely possible some english voiced did sneak back in in v06 because of the replaced files I mentioned
Anyway, there's one little mistake I forgot to address on this one (I forgot to add the missing "damn" on the Zero vs. Sigma FMV :laugh:). I'm gonna keep it on hold for now in case something else comes up. If nothing else, I'm just gonna make a "final for now" v08 patch just with that.

As for Mega Man 8, I checked the freeze before the boss battle on Wily 3. It's definitely there. Rebuilt the disc image, and still got it. I don't know what's causing it. I'm gonna have to identify which file(s) are loaded at this point exactly and look for any difference. Maybe it's one of the few files that are of different size between the two versions, but the TOC addresses seem to be correctly replaced.
There's no edited files in this game (contrary to X4 where I knew exactly which files were modified and could potentially be problematic). Every file was replaced and re-addressed the same way, so it's weird to me that this specific boss battles freezes and nothing else in the game.

I'm looking forward to having these two projects in a completely playable state, so I can move to a small tweak I plan to make on X6, for which I'm gonna need to get familiar with some more advance debugging and address-tracking that will hopefully be useful to fix the remaining issues in X4!

I agree that the subtitle fixing should be put on hold for the time being as I'm also looking for some remaining missed typos, (currently playing for a 3rd run for both X and Zero)

I found one more in X's ending Movie
- If I become "an" Maverick (should be - If I become a Maverick)

And the "Damn" in the Sigma vs Zero FMV should be "Damn You" representing Sigma's frustration during the fight.

That's all for now for the subtitles, wish someone could also help read the subtitles for corrections  before releasing a new patch version with subtitle fixes to save time.

And strangely, the last time I mistakenly loaded the save state of the clean rom to the patched rom while using the v06 version, it was loaded in the middle of the match before Sigma said his Second Form speech in English, then the voice returned to Japanese on his final form. Strange, but oh well, at least it's fixed now.:laugh:


What do you mean Sigma OR General? Did you find this on the disc file or during gameplay?

I fought both General and Sigma using Zero and didn't find any english voice clip (then again, I probably didn't trigger ALL their attacks...)
I think it's because I missed a couple of files on v06 (some I reverted to the original version during when testing for the previous bugfix and forgot to replace back... It's probably what caused the freeze after the Double FMV too). Should be fine now.

Pending as of v07

I was waiting for someone to mention this. I warned about it one about the guy who did the spanish undub.
You're probably right, there must be a pointers somewhere in there indicating how long to wait for the XA to play. I'm not quite sure how to fix it at the moment...
I tested it on Retroarch Beetle PSX, I didn't get any crackling or anything weird, but it did stop before it should
Yes, it should be a clean fade out. You can hear it just fine when playing the XA file itself.
But I did get a problem: it stopped cut before it should, just when it was starting to fade out (definitely a pointer with its duration that needs to be corrected)

Sorry about the little confusion, I found the english voice track left in the game
it's Sigma's voice after you defeat his first form, he's still saying Ready for Round 2?

As for the cracking sound at the ending credits, I just changed the sound plugin I normally use
with a different one, but the song really does cut off at the end instead of fading out. Hopefully this will be resolved in future patch revisions.

Scratch what I've said on the first paragraph, I made a huge mistake while testing the patch since v06,
all voices are clearly in Japanese, it's just while I'm testing the patch during the General and Sigma boss battles, I've loaded the savestate of the clean unpatched Rom to the undub patched Rom so the voice tracks of the clean rom are carried over to the patched one while playing the game.:banghead:

Anyway, congrats on the v07 release.   

Ok, I'm gonna address both this issue after Double and some subtitle changes on the next patch. Hopefully these are the last few things to iron out before I release the patch on the site.

You're on the credits now, you've been very helpful!

Don't sweat it dude, this is also one of my favorite projects so far, I've been hoping for a long time that one day that Megaman X4 would have at least an unofficial undub version, and you made my dream a reality, can't stand the english voices on this one and they also removed the opening and ending songs which is unacceptable. So thank you for doing this, it's been a pleasure working with you.

Update: Megaman 8 Testing

- There's an error found before the boss fight in the third part of Wily's Castle, the game just stops preventing progress and shows an error message - Opcode 3b UNK (PC 00010040) (309646,175), other than that, no more problems so far, the hard encoded video subtitles has no grammatical and spelling errors up to that point, thumbs up for that. 

Thanks again!
I think I know what caused the new issue after Double. I'm gonna need to test that myself though. Do you have a memory card file with X's route after the 8 Mavericks are beaten? I already have save files for Zero on every stage, so those I can test pretty easily.

Also, thanks for the suggestion on the subtitles. I think all of those are taken straight from Hondoori's translation. Since it was made to be as literal as possible, some lines don't sound very natural. I did edit a lot of them myself but I guess I missed some weird lines here and there.

By the way, I just added a Mega Man 8 undub patch on the first post.

Here's the memory card file for Megaman X4 before the Double transformation movie playback.

I'll also take a look at the Megaman 8 patch and help out with the tests when I have some free time, Cheers!

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