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Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Hack Project - I want your input
« on: September 29, 2018, 10:33:26 pm »
I had coupke ideas for new spells:

#1. No knockback, could make passing tough jumps easier when projectiles are on screen. An upgraded shield or reflect.

#2. Shrink, make link smaller to the size of 1 block to fit through tight spaces. Maybe possible changing fairy spell to keep link on ground and graphics edited to mini link.

i'll let you know if i thing of more  :)

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Hack Project - I want your input
« on: September 28, 2018, 04:06:58 am »
Sounds amazing! I'm sure it will blow everyone away!
It's long overdue someone takes a Zelda II hack to the next level with custom coding & expanded ROM.
It sounds like quite the undertaking :laugh: I wish you luck with setting up all the new features.
Always happy to see more hacks for Zelda II.

Thanks! I'm playing it right now. I like this game so far, I enjoy retro RPGs.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage
« on: March 19, 2018, 05:44:32 am »
the romhack is pretty fun so far but finding it easy even more then the original game, I think I found palace 1, got the hammer :o then I got to horsehead but his health didn't go down until i hit him about 10 times then it started going down. The overworld is simple to navigate a lot of open fields and roads everywhere. I like you changed the palaces a bit but a few spots the groups of enemies were lagging the game. I noticed some of the caves have weird color palates like where you get the candle. The roads are double size and the bridge is double too so I guess you gave the option to go through the scene or just walk around it if you don't want to do it, first cave is like that too you go though the cave only to realize you could of walked the road and not bothered with the cave at all. I like that there are Daira enemies but downstab makes it easy to deal with them. I'm not a big fan of those areas you have to jump up 3 spaces it's a tricky jump and usually takes me a few tries. Going through death mountain & most of the caves seems unchanged but the palatte is not cave so it will be lit even with no candle, grass palates are also weird being all red. Death mountain expands into the other side of the map where maze island usually is and it's a lot of walking on roads when i'm forced into sideview areas it uses a lot of the same sideview scenes and feels like I'm doing the same one over & over. I got the boots and magic container there and it's sort of a weird exit from death mountain that sends me back close to the starting area. I noticed a lot of caves have a 2nd exit after the item so you don't have to go back the way you came making it much easier. A lot of bridges are skippable now that I have the boots getting the palaces 2 & 3 in west hyrule is easy as walking straight to them from start onto road & walkable water. I like the idea of fighting horsehead again in palace 2 to get a key that you usually just pick up. I went halfway through palace 2 then came across a pit that I need jump spell for so I had to hunt it down. When I was selecting a spell I was pressing up then A to choose it and it sent me to the save screen and returned me to the start so need to be careful when choosing spells you don't accidentally game over yourself. Just completed palace 2 & not sure why but the key after I beat the boss is a black shadow of a key. the random battles on swamp are pretty funny it's on invisible blocks looks like water below but I didn't die it was only blue swamp. In palace 3 now & the first key is kind of hard to see being the same color as the blocks but I knew it was there from the original game, you can see it but not that obvious. The Octorok enemies are glitchy in palace 3 their heads are messed up when they open their mouth the back of their heads get detached. the Mau enemies are gone but they were annoying anyway especially in that room where there are tons of blocks to break. Just got the raft & finished palace 3, the levels are coming fast already 6 attack and about to head to east hyrule. it seems you don't need the raft to get to east hyrule there is a bridge at the top that you can go there anytime? The room where you learn downstab still has the guy that teaches you so it's pointless to go in there since you start with it. In east hyrule it's even easier to walk through it's almost pure roads and walkable water. I got fire spell but don't see the point since shield also casts fire for less MP. In the swamp every random battle gives me a red jar :woot!: and then i end up running into invisible blocks. i was able to find the 7th magic container before maze island so I got the 8th already in hidden town. the room with the jar is white and not like the others. got spell spell & went to the magical key room but, I only find a 500 rupee. getting the kid on maze island was fast he was in the first cave i went into. on the way back to the town the forced encounters have enemies in the ground. i'm entering these forced encounters only to realize i entered from the wrong side and have to do them over again. not sure why there is a exit cave on maze island that will send you back to a cave that leads to death mountain, so enter that cave and you will have to walk all the way back to maze island from death mountain. Maze island uses a lot of the same sideview scenes but they can all be skipped with a shortcut cave or by walking on the water to the side of the forced encounters. But when I got into maze palace both directions are blocked by doors. So i'll go somewhere else. So i'll try ocean palace, nope don't have fairy spell yet. But I found a secret room going straight in the entrance room. it led me to the boss so i cleared palace and I thought I had to go back in to get the item but ran into a door i cant pass and no key around so I exited ocean palace. After I left i found the last heart container. but now I cant progress through palace 4 or 5 because doors I have no keys & no fairy spell, but I see I can walk around the bottom or east hyrule on the water let's see where this goes. The forced encounters can be skipped by walking out the same way I came in because they are not passthrough type. Well I found Great Palace but can't get in unless I clear the other palaces. I have no way to pass the doors in the palaces left unless I get fairy spell so I need to find the medicine I missed that somewhere I'll have a look around. AH I found the cave with the medicine now I can get fairy spell and do palace 4 & 5. Palace 4 first, I see you lengthened the breakable bridge in that room with the long jump where you can fall down a pit and added lava but the lava pit is even with the ground and there is a spot on the edge of it where you would just die. I'm liking the enemy placement here. Now I got the item, looks like a book not sure what that does. Found a secret fairy room not in the original game after I fell down the pit. The flying Ra enemies are gone to make crossing the breakable bridge easier. I beat palace 4 & got the item but it didn't turn to stone. the cave after maze island I enter ontop of the ceiling:

onto palace 5 it's really similar to the original game but there is an extra boss fight on the way to the item. no point in getting the keys so I went straight to the item. Done with palace 5 it turned to stone & I got the flute so that means I can enter palace 6. Palace 6 seems to be different then the original game it gets a bit more difficult here. I think I found a bad warp in this palace at the room where you need to turn into a fairy to fly through the small gap. falling down the hole again takes you back to one of the rooms near the start of the palace. Falling down the right side of the hole takes you to the normal place but the left side is wrong. I do like the idea of solid floor there with a statue you can fill magic in case you don't have enough magic for fairy spell. I completed palace 6 but didn't get the item so went back in I'm headed there & fell in a trap hole after the mini boss. got rewarded with 500 rupees and it got me to level 8 attack. So I walk around jump the hidden pit and into another boss fight & I get the magical key. Exiting palace 6 it turned to stone & now i'm off to grab thunder spell then Great Palace. I just figured out the book item was the cross. first thing i notice in GP is every room is a different color palette so i'll try to take the regular path & see what happens. I come to a room that has a pit I cant jump so I fairy over it. then there's a room that spells "DARK LINK!" in blocks. the rest of great palace is really similar to the original with some monster changes and a couple room modified. Then I get to thunderbird and the pyramid of blocks in the center of the room is bigger. this actually makes it more difficult because you cant run back and fourth as easy. Having 8 attack he goes down fast and now it's time for Dark Link. I see you put lava on the edge to prevent the corner exploit. Lucky I've had practice fighting dark link normally because i was on my last life. I didnt have much health left but i managed to beat the game.


Good news everyone Zelda II - The Nightmare of Ganon has been added to with 45 achievements I made.

If you are going to play this romhack head over to turn on Hardcore mode & see how many achievements you can get.

Play with Retro Achievements:

It took me a couple of days but I just finished a Hardcore Mode full run of the game and everything worked as intended all the achievements popped up at the right time & none popped up at wrong time.

Also I had no issues with the romhack I can say now it's been thoroughly tested and it's working great.

This game is really difficult & I had Game Over alot on my way through on Hardcore Mode, but as an average Zelda II player If I'm able to complete the game without savestates you can't say this is a "savestate hack" & too difficult. Keep at it, hang in there, tough it out, don't get frustrated, don't give up & eventually you will get better.

Awesome hack so far, I wondered what the heck happened when I warped. Going to update to v7 after work.

I think I'm lost though. I've scoured the overworld 3 times over by this point trying to find the 2nd palace.  :banghead:

You can talk with the NPCs in town they will always give hints on where to go next or what you need to do. Also there's a world map on the first post if that helps more, it's at the bottom under spoiler.

Updated to Version 1.5

  -Some caves were not dark when you didn't have the Candle. All caves have been fixed to be in darkness when you have no Candle.
  -Fixed glitch in random battles in Valley of Death that was causing game freeze.


Once I entered a town, and I went into a door, I kept getting dropped through the street til it eventually exited me out the town. Is that intentional?

I know now what's going on, I didn't experience this while testing but I just figured it out. I went into every town and tried every door and they all seemed ok unless the door was on the edge of one of the 4 exit zones. Each sideview is broken into 4 parts which give a location where you get teleported to when entering a door. So entering the door from the very edge would warp you to somewhere unwanted.

I'll fix it and reupload the romhack so it doesnt matter where you enter the door from. Until then you'll need to enter the door from the center.

Updated to Version 1.4

Thanks to ultimaweapon for pointing out that a door in town dropped him to the street instead of in the house. I had no idea a door can take you to 2 different places depending on what side of the door you enter from. That problem has been fixed and the doors will take you into the proper house now.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:15:22 am »
Always nice to see a new Zelda II hack!

But.. Gannon is supposed to be spelled Ganon.. lol.


haha I just realized that mistake! :o But It was Gannon in one game though, and only in the intro. One single game & pretty sure it was a typo...

Anyways thanks for pointing that out I just fixed the typo in the hack and change every Gannon to Ganon I bet some people would be annoyed by that typo :laugh:

Personal Projects / Re: [Released] Zelda II - Nightmare of Gannon
« on: February 06, 2018, 01:46:15 am »
Would you have any interest in me doing some custom graphics? I have wanted to do a Zelda 2 project but didn't know the game well enough to make my own levels or own game but would really like to do something in the style of the Nintendo Power comic.

I'm not sure yet I really like the graphics of Zelda II overall so I would probably not change them any further. I did change the title screen, ending scene & some other small things but if you want to send me a sample of your Zelda II graphic changes go ahead.

Updated to Version 1.3

In version 1.2 I edited the overworld but when doing that I messed up how the palaces turn to stone & the map was shifting. I forgot to redo palace rock locations but now it's been fixed. Palaces are turning to stone normally now.

Everyone should get the newest version because 1.2 was messed up:

Personal Projects / Re: [Released] Zelda II - Nightmare of Ganon
« on: February 06, 2018, 12:58:46 am »
Update Version 1.1:

  -Changed everywhere in the hack "Gannon" to "Ganon" including a new title screen, npc dialog, & in game text.
  -Room before Death Mountain was changed to make it more fair:


Version 1.2 fixes:

  -Overworld map changed allowing access to King's Tomb right after Death Mountain. This is to avoid backtracking.
  -Overworld map changed adding a shortcut just north of King's Tomb opening up a path to the forest above. This will decrease travel distance and add an alternate route.
  -Experience needed to level up increased because of respawning enemies levels were gained too fast.

Personal Projects / Re: [Released] Zelda II - Nightmare of Ganon
« on: February 05, 2018, 07:54:23 am »

Have fun & good luck!

Download Zelda II - Nightmare of ganon:

I recommend using Floating IPS to patch the rom.

Remember to create a new file name when applying the .ips to "Zelda 2 - The Adventure of Link (U)" because it could mess up doors if you don't rename it.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II - Nightmare of Gannon
« on: January 20, 2018, 09:13:11 pm »
UPDATE: I made some major progress on this romhack Great Palace is now done! So that means all the gameplay areas are completely changed and the hack can be played from start to finish now. I changed some text/graphics on the game over screen & ending scene to fit the theme of the romhack. Also the opening story text is complete. All that's left is to redesign the towns and npc dialogue which is more just for aesthetics to give the game a completely new feeling. I'll be changing the story to match the theme of the romhack when you talk to NPCs with hints that relate to how to progress. I Expect release early February but could be done sooner.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II - Nightmare of Ganon
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:35:00 am »
Are you planning a theme with it?
A nightmare mod of Zelda II... I already found the game pretty difficult, but yeah, there is a good niche group out for the hardcore style game to say "yeah, I beat that!", so it sounds like a fun idea!

If it's a nightmare, are you planning a new story/theme too?
It would be cool to go for Ganon having difficulty controlling his own creations, and feeding off the power of his own menace that way.

I can see an interesting plot twist, and I think there's already a save state hack for Zelda II?

It's always interesting to see hardmode hacks, and I'm a sucker for Zelda games.

Yes "Nightmare of Ganon" is the theme, the story is similar to the original Zelda II but instead of Zelda being put under a sleeping spell this time it's Ganon. How does this happen? Well in the previous Zelda II Ganon lived on but was feeling very defeated. All we know is after Link woke up Zelda somehow Ganon stole the triforce back again but when not sure what to do with it he started to go into a downward spiral where he became very depressed. Meanwhile Link is adventuring around being the hero of Hyrule. Ganon finally tries to take his own life but he failed and ended up in a mental facility. While in the facility Ganon is put in a medically induced coma or maybe just a dream facility matrix & comes to learn that he can sort of manipulate reality from his dreams with the power of the triforce, Ganon gets so angry that his dream world appears to be reality & Link is transported into his biggest challenge yet so Link has to find his way free so he can return to reality again. None of this is confirmed but that's what i'm thinking so far.

there a couple of ice penguin hacks zelda 2 part 2 and part 3 that i feel are save state oriented hacks. exteme low xp 1 heart 1 magic container to start with you have to hit everything a 1000 times XD just not my cup of tea hope this isnt like that. but i played your other hack and it wasnt so i have high hopes.

I tried to make it increasingly more difficult the further you get into the game while still feeling like a natural difficulty progression. You will find bots in the grassy areas of the starting zone & easier version of enemies first in caves, then medium after that & hard version of enemies further on. My idea of "hardtype" is not really just a bunch of the most powerful guys being thrown at you in a totally unnatural way early in the game, more of a warning that it will be a challenge to even people who have already played (and mastered) the original game but as long as you know how to deal with the enemies and are decent at platforming you should be fine to not have to save state like you're describing.


This is a project I worked on over the last 6 months. It's a completely new Zelda II adventure that will challenge even the most experienced Zelda II fans & people who enjoy a challenge.

This hack is a hardtype and I'm not holding anything back with the difficulty. Don't expect enemies to take more hits then usual, the difficulty lies more in the design of the caves, palaces, random encounters, & enemy placement.

This hack is much longer then the original game because of the size of the overworld areas, caves, & palaces. Death mountain and maze island are around the same size as east/west hyrule and I used all the warp points to have more caves and bridges. It will be a long journey from the start to the palaces but there's custom coding to allow you to restart at every palace if you game over thanks to njosro.

Another feature of this romhack njosro helped with is respawning enemies. If you leave any sideview screen and return the enemies will be back (just like random encounters). I made use of as many sideview areas as possible and because enemy data is limited there's not enough enemy data to fill every scene so instead of some scenes being empty I made enemies respawn. There will be longer caves and deeper palaces.

In my last hack "New Adventure of Link" there were a few design ideas that bothered me such as the ground sometimes being at the same height as lava because there is a certain spot you stand on the edge where you would just die, I don't have that in this romhack. Another thing was not changing the towns at all, it didn't give a feeling like it's a totally new game. I put much more effort into this hack and took more time to design everything compared to only 2 months I spent on my first romhack.

My overall goal was to completely redesign everything so it feels like playing a new Zelda II. It's got a new story, overworld, caves, palaces, towns, item order, random encounters, and more. All the overworld/sideview is hand designed and nothing in the romhack is randomized.

Release date is: February 5th 2018




Play with Retro Achievements:



World Map:

Personal Projects / Re: My Zelda 2 Editors - Released!
« on: June 05, 2017, 10:31:25 pm »
Thanks for the tools njosro! :thumbsup: I've been following your Zelda II releases since the overworld editor a few months ago & I made my new overworld back then. I waited until you released the sideview editor & spent over a month finishing my Zelda II romhack & it was a lot of work to complete.  I submitted it to the site tonight. It should be a lot of fun.

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