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I see. I just popped online now to grab the PSS progs, but won't bother now. Thanks for checking. :)

The disc also has a sound folder, with a 500mb GVGDATAE.BIN file. I'm wondering if that contains the audio? Is there a specific file I should root around for?

The Japanese version has the movie theatre mode accessible, but it's in Japanese. The point with this is that it's in English. I'll screengrab the subtitled foreign vids (probably French) and see about getting the subs translated. It's only 4 videos which are inaccessible in-game.

Excellent, thank you gentlemen. I shall look into using the PSS tools. Currently I'm playing through the game again to take screens for a planned article, and will then work on the video. If I can get it to work I'll put it on youtube (or bits of it), otherwise I might screengrab the subtitled version and make a gallery.

Too bad the subs are only in French, Italian and Spanish. Good thing I know a fluent French speaker!

Thanks, I'll look into that.

The other BIN files are the same video except with subtitles in different languages, so if I'm unable to get the audio working I'll just screengrab the Spanish subtitles and put them online - better than nothing I suppose.

Wow, now that's a title.

Michigan Report from Hell is a videogame by Suda 51 of Grasshopper Manufacture:

It was released in Japan and had a tiny budget release in Europe, in English. Never released in the USA. Unfortunately 505 Game Street introduced a serious menu glitch during localisation.

The plot is bat**** insane, but during gameplay there are meant to be 4 videos you can find, which can then be viewed from the Theatre section in the Extras menu. Except clicking on it instead drops you into the pole-dancing extra the game features. The Theatre mode is entirely inaccessible.

It wouldn't matter, except the 4 bonus videos which explain the plot can only be accessed through the Theatre mode. I suppose a patch could be made to correct the menu bug, but I'm hoping there's an option to rip the video files from the disc. I recently rebought the game, and it's scratched to hell, but hopefully there is a way to get into it and extract the files. Then I can put it on Youtube.

What is the recommended procedure for this? Is it even possible? Will the files be read in something like VLC player afterwards?

Popping the DVD in my PC shows a "movie" folder with 4 x 700mb BIN files.

These are the inaccessible video files according to a GameFAQs guide.
Level 12 (Club "Gotchi")     Videotape: Meteor.
Level 5 (Brody Nursing Home) Videotape: Shooting.
Level 15 (24-Station)        Videotape: Interrogation.
Level 10 (Von Erich Library) Videotape: Paula's rampage.

Turns out the BIN files can be read in VLC player, but they're silent. They appear to be every video from the game in one long sequence. Is this some kind of propriety format the PS2 uses? Is there a way to activate the audio? Is the sound perhaps stored as a separate file on the disc? Looks like this might be easier than I thought!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Possible to open graphics files of a Saturn game?
« on: February 10, 2012, 03:07:16 pm »
I've got Sword & Sorcery here, and popping the disc in my PC drive shows a bunch of CHR files, with the names of various in-game characters. All are CHR extension and very small. I've googled and some places say CHR files are 3D models, used in games, but S&S is a 2D game, and all the characters are sprites.

I specifically want to open all the portrait images, because I really can't be bothered to playthrough for 15 hours just for some screens. The file names imply that's how they're stored.

Any advice on how one might be able to open said files? I can probably upload one or two online to see, if needed. They're about 10kb each.

Is this even possible?

I should add, there's another folder called Window with a file called WINTALK.TEX, which could be the face portraits. Same as above - how would one open a TEX file?

I've read, on the GameFAQs board for VC3, that there is a Chinese fan-translation/unofficial patch available for VC2.

Is it possible it might prove helpful when hacking the ISO for its sequel VC3?

Anyway, if you get anywhere with this, don't worry about translating all the story text. Just get a working patch for the menus and I'm sure everyone would be happy. Right now I've got a 10 page print out of the translation document on GFAQs and while adequate, obviously isn't convenient as actually being able to instantly recognise what a menu tab means.

Personal Projects / Re: Rent A Hero (SEGA MD/Gen) English Translation
« on: January 24, 2012, 11:34:06 am »
Just chipping in to say I too am looking forward to news on this. :)

Ahh, too bad. Thanks for the confirmation. :)

The file in question was from Ghost Babel on the GBC. Grab it via this blog entry:

Is it anything valuable? Or is it just a regular dialogue file that ended up with extra stuff in it?

Yeah, I wasn't sure where it should go. Language and script discussion seemed a close bet.

Technically all the games are those which have already been officially translated, but there's still 4 game scripts to release, so I'm sure you guys will have some fun going through them.

Also, the file mentioned in this topic will be released towards the end:,13648.0.html

Added to the blog:
These are localisation files for games already officially localised - but there are some neat things like translator's notes requesting changes to the original script (in some cases factual errors present in the originals), the original Japanese text alongside for comparison, and for some games very lengthy documents with background information. Not the kind of stuff that went into the game itself, just supplementary info to help the localiser understand the world. Also, the 8-bit title had large files with HEX coding in it which I had hoped would be source code, but apparently is not. Still, dumps of pre-release edits for scripts are pretty rare. These are all just script files.

The real MEGATON is the interview itself. No need to dial anything back, it really is the most incredible interview I've ever conducted. It's a really candid, honest and eye-opening account from someone inside the industry.

Hi guys,

Secured some localisation files from someone on the inside, which I will be making available in the coming weeks. First batch is some manuals and Hybrid Heaven's entire script, in Japanese and English, prior to editing and insertion. I thought this might be of interest to romhackers, hence the new topic.

Enjoy and check back for some really cool releases. There's 4 more which I've got scheduled.

With the New Year great changes are in motion at HG101. Not just in the site itself and the way you read it, but also with a series of extremely exciting, exclusive articles, and also this selection of Konami files. In truth, due to a clerical error, these files were never technically under an NDA back in the day – so perhaps they’re not top secret. But they are interesting. They are a selection of localisation files, containing the original Japanese scripts and official English translations, for several Konami games and a variety of manuals. There’s also translation notes and other behind-the-scenes morsels in some of them.

We acquired them from a freelance localiser who has never been interviewed before – I want to emphasise this, said person has never been interviewed before – and for various reasons we were given permission to distribute them. Full disclosure as to why they’re being released will be revealed later on.

Alongside this final release will be a lengthy 10’000 word interview with our mysterious benefactor, at which time their identity will be revealed. Let’s just say after reading this you will never look at Konami or indeed the videogame industry in the same way again. HG101 staff have already read the unspeakably controversial feature, and everyone agrees it’s the most industry rocking article we’ve ever published. The pillars of heaven will shake. Some bits are so hot we’re not even sure if we can legally publish it – but we’re going to anyway.

No, that's just all that would fit in my screengrab. It's from the top, so I would assume anything pertinent would have been in the opening section. The file itself is about 233kb. This thing scrolls and scrolls for ages. The game dialogue is readable as ASCII if you scroll down.

I'm making the file available for download early January on HG101. I just wanted to check in case I'd struck real gold and could describe it as such. Looks like I haven't, so it's being bundled with a bunch of other mostly Japanese and English text dumps from my same contact. It might have some academic worth to a GBC romhacker, I have no idea.

I know what the game is, I just don't want to say it otherwise everyone will get excited over nothing.

Is this what you mean? I got a hex editor (thanks for the suggestion) and opened it up, which tidied things up a bit. Looking through it, I'm now pretty sure it's just some kind of translation file. There doesn't appear to be enough stuff to constitute a game. Regardless, even if it isn't, I'm sure fans of the series will want them. It's not often corporate files get leaked to the public. Expect a Hardcore Gaming 101 release in the new year. :D

OK, I can't reveal too much about this, since 1) I'm planning a big website reveal in the new year and 2) until I know what I've got it might actually be nothing at all.

I've been speaking with a major localiser who gave me some files, including a whole bunch relating to an extremely popular GBC game. The majority are Japanese and English text files, since it was localisation work, but a couple of files caught my interest.

One doesn't have a file extension but is called "[GAME NAME] Full"

Inside it seems to contain text from all the other files, in ASCII format, but also a tonne of gibberish code which neither Notepad++ nor Word nor anything else I have can open correctly.

Random section of code, there are reams and reams and reams of this stuff.
      ØØØØÔ    !ØØ       !ØØ       !ØØ       !ØØ       !ØØ       !ØØ       !ØØ      !ØØ       !ØØ          ØØ        ØØ
       ØØ        ØØ
       ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ        ØØ       ØØ        ØØ!       ØØ"       ØØ#       ØØ$       ØØ%       ØØ&       ØØ'       ØØ(       ØØ)       ØØ*       ØØ+       ØØ,       ØØ-       ØØ.       ØØ/       ØØ0       ØØ1       ØØ2       ØØ3       ØØ4       ØØ5       ØØ6       ØØ7       ØØ8       ØØ9       ØØ:       ØØ;       ØØ<       ØØ=       ØØ>       ØØ?       ØØ@       ØØA       ØØB       ØØC       ØØD       ØØE       ØØF       ØØG       ØØH       ØØI       ØØJ       ØØK       ØØL       ØØM       ØØN       ØØO       ØØP       ØØQ       ØØR       ØØS       ØØT       ØØU       ØØV       ØØW       ØØX       ØØY       ØØZ       ØØ[       ØØ\       ØØ]       ØØ^       ØØ_       ØØ`       ØØa       ØØb       ØØc       ØØd       ØØe       ØØf       ØØg       ØØh       ØØi       ØØj       ØØk       ØØl       ØØm       ØØn       ØØo       ØØp       ØØq       ØØr       ØØs       ØØt       ØØu       ØØv       ØØw       ØØx       ØØy       ØØz       ØØ{       ØØ|       ØØ}       ØØ~       ØØ       ØØ¥       Øت       ØØ­       ØØ°       Øس       ØØ•       Øغ       Øؽ       ØØà      ØØÅ       ØØÉ       ØØÑ       ØØÔ         >   õ   
   r   Ã   (   X   è   _       …   ú  Ö!  ©$  6'  Ê)   ,  à.  _1  ÷3   6  õ8   ;  {=  ¦?   B  )D  cF  8I  cK  îM  nP  åR   
U  ÖV   Y  ±[  .^  F`  øb   e  cg  ´i  ‚k  Kn  p  @s  du  ”w  =z  Š|  "  (ª  Ó°  "º  ؽ  FÉ  €Ô  1  ãΠ >ä   ÷  hú  ý  ´ÿ  zÊ  8£  »´  X¤  N©  ¢Ç  ÏР Eø  ã±   «  3¦  )ü  ö¼  Y¸  ¤À  På  Ô€  Ý®  $ƒ  8è  Îê  ÷ì  eñ  óï  (×  ô  <†   Þ   ˆ  ‰  –Š  퍠 0  ‚“  6•  %˜  „™  Ö  \  ºž   ß  å   i   ‡   „  ›     &

Is this Notepad++ trying to display some kind of assembly code? Is there a program I should try opening it in? How do GBC games work? Surely they need to be compiled into a BIN file for burning to cartridge ROM chips, right? And why would a localiser be given the source? I'm just being naive and hopeful.

I should add, these have been through several OS and programs during editing, so this might be leftover junk from a Mac word processor.

I don't know what I have, so am asking here.

I'll be making all files available in the new year, NDAs be damned.

Ahh, crap. Apologies, I didn't check the front page and, stupidly not realising there was already a news entry, submitted one myself Apologies, just delete that. In future I shall check more carefully.  :-[

I assume you know about the Simon's Quest Redacted patch.

PS. thanks to the person who found the jump and speed values.

That might actually be the one I was thinking of - thank you!

Ah, but unless you replace the disk, you'll never be able to run Metal Wolf Chaos off of the hard drive, and really, that's something that everyone should experience at least once.

I played it via disc. Are there improvements when you play it from your HDD? Of course it goes without saying that I loved it.

Otherwise, if they updated MAME, I'll have to look into that. Last I heard people were soldering more RAM into their units to improve compatibility. Problem as always is finding the damn things because they're always hidden away via FTP.

I am tempted to replace it, but I'd need to format it in a special way, and then transfer all the stuff that's on the old to my PC, and then from my PC to the new HDD. I might wait till it pack ins, but certainly my old Xbox is my go to machine for retro - screenshots for work are a doddle.

Got around it by putting the disc in the drive, booting XBMC and then manually copying specific folders over. Turns out over 300mb is useless videos!

I'm also tempted to replace some of the MAME rom folders on there with other games, just to see how they work.

I did a search but couldn't find any related topic, and I don't want to create a new topic for an insignificant question, so I'll ask in here since we're all talking CVII:SQ

A few years back someone mentioned they were working on a hack to make improvements, such as correcting incorrect text and removing the message screen when it switches between day/night. Nothing major, no big map changes, no making it more difficult (I hate those types of hacks), more a streamlining of the experience. Making it slicker, and more logical with regards to the puzzles.

Problem is I can't recall who was working on it, what happened to it, or any other features, apart from a strong desire to remove the day/night message.

Anyone know which project I'm talking about? I don't see it listed anywhere...

After playing the hideously fugly and awful Elevator Action update for PSN, I decided I wanted EA Returns on one of my consoles, preferably my Xbox HDD. Normal MAME and other emulators on the Xbox, last time I checked, can't emulate EAR.

But Taito Legends 2 has it on there, near flawless from what I can remember. Thing is, the full compilation about 650mb and my HDD is nearly full. Is it possible to open the file up, rip out all that extra crap, and just have EAR and maybe Metal Black in the ISO?

I have 7Zip which I've used to open ISOs before (Samurai Shodown emulation on PSP for example), but I've never tried anything with Xbox files.

Is it possible? What progs do I need? Is it as simple as busting it open, deleting and then zipping it back up again? Cheers. :)

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