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Hi pocket. Here is my input regarding colors. I have a calibrated Sony PVM 20L5 CRT. The RGB colors from the SNES are 100% accurate, which means my NES has accurate colors in composite as well. I made my own NES palette (for the system, not the game), which is more accurate than some of the gross palettes out there. I've spent many hours calibrating my own palette against my PVM. Below you will find a screenshot of my palette from an emulator (Nestopia). My sky may be slightly off, but I will continue finishing my palette in the next few days to assure accurate colors in the palette, but this screenshot is in the right ballpark (very close if not already 100% right).

(Mostly) Accurate sky and bricks from my palette:

There has been a lot of contention about the color of the sky with some saying it is more purple than blue, etc. As you can see from my palette, it is an interesting shade between purple and blue. An interview with Miyamoto backs this up as he said they went for a more purplish sky at the time. The bricks are also a lot darker than people realize. The palette BMF_final2 is pretty close to my own but not right for many games. I would upload my own palette, but I still want to fine-tune it to the smallest degree before uploading in case people send it around.

Here are some other comparisons that show how off emulator palettes can be because the NES doesn't output pure RGB:

Thanks for this translation DackR! I've wanted to play this game for years.

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