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The game has several endings, has anyone been able to test them all?

I have taken screenshots of all the endings, each and every scene.

If there were any hi-res scenes, I would have noticed because the images would have come out in hi-res or half-hi-res in the case of interlaced. I know I'm using the wrong terms, but you know what I mean.

By the way, which one is the hires preset id?

Depends, Secret of Mana's official ID is 10B0, but the unofficial 1016 ID is used to enable hi-res in Super Play Action Football and Seiken Densetsu 3. There are probably more. That ID supposedly belongs to Mario's Super Picross.

March 10, 2018, 02:04:51 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Here's the Ultimate Fighter video with the issue. The screen randomly goes black while playing, but you can still move and everything (you can hear it). If you pause the game and unpause it, it goes back to normal. I have no idea what triggers this.


== Says Chrono Trigger uses interlace for 1 ending!

No way. I would have noticed because I took screenshots of the entire ending and the images would have come out half-resolution if that were the case.

Okay here we have clarification about the "Hit Bug" for RR.
This is no bug. Here is actual SFC footage thanks to a person from the BSNES forums

Well we kinda stablished that already with the youtube footage from real hardware.

You need to enable SFROM Tool for the proper way.
If it is not activated you still need to enter the reverse way on CE.

Also JP Rev1 seems to work aswell.
I always used the same roms, so I think that could be a bug with the old Hakchi2 version.
I am on CE now to be save and so far the transparency for the HUD and the Mr. DNA signs seem to work.
Maybe there is a fix for the char sprites. will test then a bit more.

Please check my last post for pictures about RR Boss 1 and description.

Added pics to the doc

Tested Jurassic Park (not the rev 1) with ID A210 and the transparency is just perfect.

If you are using Hakchi CE, you have to enter the ID as 10A2, which is the proper way.

Original hakchi2 uses it the reverse way (A210). Always remember that.

What I did notice is that with that ID, the character has a few glitched pixels now on certain animations.


Super Formation Soccer 94 World Cup
Super Formation Soccer 94 World Cup Final Data
There are music issues during the title screen. Either it's mute or it's missing sound channels. Music is missing after a match.
Also, there are serious hi-res text issues (it goes off screen).

Sound/music now plays just fine. There's still the hi-res text issue.

Super Formation Soccer 95
Super Formation Soccer 95 UCC
There are music issues during the title screen. Either it's mute or it's missing sound channels. No during during matches.
Blurry hi-res text and team select screen.

Sound/music now plays just fine. There's still the hi-res text issue.

Super Formation Soccer 96
There are music issues during the title screen. Either it's mute or it's missing sound channels.
Blurry hi-res text.

Sound/music now plays just fine. There's still the hi-res text issue.

The only sound issue I heard is if you let the intro run it will show gameplay and the audio is messed up there. But when you actually start playing, the sound and music are fine.

Sound/music now plays just fine.

Is hi-res something that you could fix via a patch? I remember old ZSNES versions that didn't support hi-res, but later ones did. Maybe there's a way?


Also tested:

Human Grand Prix

Sound/music issues. Goes to a black screen before starting a race.

Music issues fixed. Game also loads the race now.

Human Grand Prix 2
I did not hear any sound issues. Everything sounded just fine. However, there's a hi-res text issue. The only hi-res text is the "Produced by Human" text. On the SNESC it looks huge and on the wrong place.

Patch not needed.

Human Grand Prix 4
Sounds/music are screwed up once you start a race.

Sound/music fixed.

Uh no, the game is not fixed. It is still corrupted at the LV1 endboss and in LV 2
Havent checked the other levels yet.
Or was there already a new patch?

No new patch, but according to Lich's last report the game seems to be fine?

Just saw your notes. I added the results to the doc.

Also there is Jurassic Park.
Everybody says A210 works but it actually does not really.
I testet a few versions of the game.
A210 does not work with the US Rev1.
It is messing up your hero sprite in all versions.
The HUD is transparent as it should be in the US version but the Mr. DNA signs are not but should be.
With that the game is very hard to play with that raptors.
With the german version the HUD and the Mr. DNA signs are transparent but by pressing start the Mr.DNA signs become solid for a short moment. Not sure if that is on real HW this way. Character GFX is also messed up.
Could that game be fixed?

Sluff needs pics of the issues or a video or else he can't tell what he's supposed to fix. Start with the US version because Euro ones are not always properly supported by the SNESC.


also the other video shows the colors at 3:05

Ok you're right. Good catch. I watched almost the entire video waiting for a chance where he got hit and missed that part -_-

Ok, then it's not a canoe issue. Good. Another game fixed then.

Gosh I wished someone knew the guys over at Nintendo who made Canoe. I would seriously pay a lot of money to get leaked inside info to give us the "secret codes" that unlock all games  ;D Let me dream for a bit guys...

I remember reading a thread written by a programmer who compared the coding of his nes mini and snes mini, apparently the snes has waaaaaay more flaws than the nes mini. According to this guy all games ever released to NES worked with the native emulator without any special patches or preset id's except like 2-3 games.
Wish we had the same "luxury" as the NES mini scene :D

Hey at least we have something that makes us stay up at night...  :banghead:  ::)

That's because NES mappers are common knowledge and they are not that hard to emulate. SNES "mappers", ie, are much more complicated and lots of different companies used their own special chips or variations of them.

Ok two things:

Final Fantasy 5
Sorry, but apparently the flickering does NOT happen in real hardware. I reported that it did because I was assuming that Higan was near-flawless in its emulation. But I saw a video playing the game on real hardware and the flickering line does not happen during desert battles. Here's a save in front of a desert

Rendering Ranger
The previous video I linked only showed the character getting hit while having the energy shield. Due to the framerate differences, the character looks completely invisible. But on this video presumably also from real hardware, shows the discoloration. I messaged the author to verify if the video was done using an emulator or real hardware. Will let you know once I find out. <--- it was an emulator video

March 09, 2018, 03:47:39 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
That would mean, that it is also a bug on Higan/BSNES.
I have already asked on the byuus forum and wait for a response.

Edit: I checked the video you linked. This is a TAS Video. It runs on a emulator.
We still need confirmation from real HW.

This is real hardware. Japanese people use TAS as a synonym for speedrun. Here's the same video on youtube, the description says it was done on real hardware.


Ok let me clarify a bit.

Rendering Ranger played on HIGAN:
When you get hit, either normally or while having the energy shield = you'll get the discoloration

On the nicodouga video, played on real hardware:
The player only got hit while having the shield, and no discoloration was seen. But maybe it's because the character goes invisible for a long time due to the framerate differences (that's something normal with rapidly flickering images).

On this second youtube video that also looks like from real hardware ttps://
The character does get hit without the energy shield and the discoloration happens. I contacted the author to see if the video is real hardware or emulation. If it's real hardware, then the discoloration is native to the game. If emulation, then the previous nicodouga video stands and there's no discoloration.

Author of second video replied. It was done on emulators. So the Nicodouga video (which also has a youtube link) is confirmed to be real hardware and in it there's no discoloration when getting hit.

Pretty sure the RR2 color when getting hit is an issue. It looks bad, and you usually see those kinds of colors when there's a palette issue. Like when the colors are the opposite or what they are supposed to be.

This video on nicodouga, apparently from real hardware, doesn't show any weird coloring when the character gets hit (you need to register to see it)


You know, this actually brings up a really interesting question! If a bug is found to have also occurred on real hardware, do we just leave it as is? :laugh:

Of course. The point is to get the games working on Canoe as if you were playing it on the original hardware.

March 09, 2018, 01:51:55 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I believe all three of the Super Star Wars games got released on Virtual Console, so that should mean that they each have their own Preset ID. If I'm not mistaken, 10EF is (or at least believed to be) Super Return of the Jedi. This is interesting, I'll go ahead and test out the other Super Star Wars games with other Preset IDs and see if I achieve any sort of different result.

You're right. I was going by the reports from the community doc which listed those problems for the games. I don't know why whoever reported it used Jedi's IDs instead of using the proper IDs. My guess is that if you use the proper ID for each game, not only will the sounds be fixed, but there will also be no graphic issues.

Let us know when you check.

Dream Basketball = confirmed bug on real hardware (1st period)

So if the bug is also on real hardware, then that means your patch pretty much fixed the initial problem (the black screen), right?

Human Soccer Pack + Taekwon-do

Give 1.51 problems. Later sound engine. Not documented in Canoe so need test vanilla. If error, add patch.

Super Formation Soccer 1/2 may be "bug-free" so not included -- someone should check though! Soccer 94 is for both versions.

In the rar, there are two soccer95 patches. What is soccer95ucc? I only see one Super Formation Soccer 95 made by Human.

California Games II -- someone says USA works but Europe fails. reyvgm sheet says USA fails. Conflict.

Sorry. Fixed it. US is fine, Euro is the one with the problem.

Cho Aniki: Bakuretsu Ranto Hen -- screen?
ClayFighter: Tournament Edition -- info?
ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay -- info?
Dark Law: The Meaning of Death -- screen?
Yuu Yuu Hakusho -- screen?
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Tokubetsu Hen -- screen?

Demi tests and images:

Cho Aniki
The game has like a brightness layer on top of everything. The bright screen is clearly a layer issue. It wasn't there initially, but it happened on the next match. When the AI did it's special move, it fixed itself briefly. It re-appeared again later.

ClayFighter: Tournament Edition
Characters render incorrectly on character select screen (see image). During fight, the audio may cut out. When the match finishes, the game randomly locks up.

ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay
Graphic error on stage screen (see image). Game locks up after first round (though the win icon is still sparkling)

Dark Law: The Meaning of Death
Graphical bugs on the bottom of the screen
Bug images:

How it should look:

Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Tokubetsu Hen

Initial logos offsets screen on both games.
At start of the opening movie for the second game, there is a minor graphical glitch at right side of Yusuke.

World Class Rugby
Vanilla game: field is entirely white. Patched with EvilGames LoROM to NTSC patch (fixes overscan). This is the game now with patch:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen has been removed from the list as it apparently loads just fine. I don't know where I got that it had issues.

Soul Blazer
Tried the patch. Volcano area is still incorrect.


Star Wars games with 0000 .. no constant buzzing / static sounds? Want to eliminate echo buffer as problem.
=== ed: someone said missing sfx (0000)? And what are Pilotwings music issues (0000 = slow? distorted?)

According to the community doc: Super Star Wars PresetID EF10 fixes lightsaber swing sound issues, but last level renders incorrectly. PresetID 0000 renders last level correctly but then has sound issues.

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back PresetID EF10 fixes lightsaber swing sound issues, but 3D Snowspeeder level is missing the bottom half. PresetID 0000 renders last level correctly but then has sound issues.

Pilotwings. The sound issue with the game (if you use 0000) is when you pause the game, and then unpause. The engine of the airplane, the wind noise, they get turned off. The ID BA10 fixes music issues but you are unable to finish Lesson 8 with the light plane if you get there by using a password. Can not interact with arches to complete the mission. Playing game normally (from start, or save states) lets you clear the level just fine.

So if I can discover what the "audio trick" is, then some problem pids can be removed and use with 0000. Like 10F7 I can already guess, being Human. 10EF idk, that's many. 10BA = I should look at this.

Yep. Most (all?) of the patches you've made are for games that don't have official IDs.

Someone said to check these titles -- 10EF fixes lots of stuff. Other than 1016 (hires), nothing else pid very interesting (hearsay).

Pilotwings = sound

10EF = sound
Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen
Secret of Evermore
Sim City 2000
Super Star Wars
Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Wario's Woods

Clock Tower  [sound]

Yes, but they break other things. For example, in Pilotwings, if you use that ID a sound issue is fixed, but you can't beat the game if you use passwords because some rings you need to pass through on mission 8 don't register so you can never complete the mission. Without the ID, you are able to just passwords to finish mission 8 just fine.

In the star wars games, it fixes sound issues, but breaks the graphics in some mode 7 stages.

Maybe header is damaged? Or needs modify? Company id?

Idea: if you play (stock) working games without preset id, what errors appear? You may learn what each id switches on. Fewer blind pid trials.

Most games play just fine with stock ID 0000. The only games that have IDs are the ones that have been released for the Virtual Console.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Canoe emulator -- problems and fixes
« on: March 07, 2018, 07:37:49 pm »
Tests from demi

Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium. Without patch, there's an audio issue on an instrument (noticable on title screen). BZZT sound. Patch takes care of this. FIXED

Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball. Game doesn't crash anymore when selecting a mode. FIXED

@Robin64, can you test Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special with the patch? Demi can't add the game to hakchi, and he doesn't have Hakchi CE or SFROM Tool.

Does FPWQS bug out without using sound patch? Or just sound patch? Should've just filed all of them under Snes9x maybe.

From Demi's description it seems that the original Japanese game works fine with sound patch. BUT, when the translation is applied, and the the sound patch is applied, the issues happen.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Canoe emulator -- problems and fixes
« on: March 07, 2018, 07:02:32 pm »
Latest patch tests from Demi

F1 Gran Prix 2 still has issues (see up-left)

Super Fire Pro Wrestling 1, Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2, Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3. What exactly were the problems with these games? There were no reported issues before, and with or without the patch both games seem to run just fine.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen's Special. Patch seems to work. But when the translation on RHDN is applied, there are issues.  Selecting any of these options results in a black screen.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling X. The only immediate difference I could find between patch/nopatch is the title screen actually plays music with the patch. Game works fine otherwise regardless.

Kirby 3 with 10A4 still wishy-washy results? iirc this id doesn't always save either.

Doubt this'll turn up anything.

Tests Zelda3 USA (w/ id) for rom mods. Wait 30 seconds. Then send sram over.

Picture = exactly how I imagined.

Wait, that patch is for Zelda 3 or Kirby 3?

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