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- Yeah, I think the soft reset/black screen issue or "soft reset not working at all" has happened to me before in a few other games, don't remember which to be honest.  I just thought it was worth noting after testing RR.
- No high score cursor sound: Apparently, it is supposed to be like that, just tested it in snes9x and bsnes with vanilla rom.

Hmm, ok, so I guess I can mark the game as fixed then?
Did the soft reset issue happen on the patched game WITHOUT the cheat patch?

Sluffy, can you tell me which of the Rendering Ranger patches is the correct one for people to use or do they have to use the last two ones combined? If that's the case, is it possible to make a single patch so it's easier for people that use SFROM Tool?

I asked PM person for info on changed vc bytes for Front Mission but got no data. So that recent patch is to be used for vc-release only. Working patch is for non-vc. Until I get the byte/patch data and rethink it over.

1068 tells me I have to rewrite graphics engine for those now semi-working games. We can probably ditch the pid once it's done.

Don't know what you mean by VC-Release, I guess you mean the VC patch?
Anyway, the bytes changed by the VC patch are these:

The game contains a racist message voice clip during the ending, maybe the changes are related to that?

Tested every level in Rendering Ranger with the latest overscan (i.e. until I died in each, I didn't use the cheat patch) and the levels seem ok.
- I did not have any lockups after game over. I died multiple times on levels 1 and 7 in particular. However, when pressing the soft reset combination to go back to the title screen (Down+Select) the game always shows a black screen.
- Didn't notice any rough/scratchy sounds when compared to snes9x using the patched and vanilla roms. There is no cursor sound when entering a high score, but there is one in the main and password screens and it seems ok to me.
- Again, level 7 looks fine.

Ok so the current errors with the last two patches combined is:
-Black screen after doing the soft reset. <-- Please note that this Down+Select combination is not something that the game has, nor is it something the SNES Classic has either, this is a reset hack added by hakchi.
-And there's no cursor sound when entering a high score. <-- is it supposed to be like that or is it a bug?

Thanks for all the other reports, specially the Sunset riders vid.

Someone pegged me to fix Gun Hazard saves for Nintendo vc patch? Guessing this'll remove conflict -- ignore checksum routine.

This patch replaces the old working one or do they work together?

Demi reports that Adventures of Yogi Bear now boots with 1068 / 6810. But some of the intro screens are missing. Title screen is empty except PRESS START. Map screen is empty except Yogi's face icon. Game is playable though.

Like I said before I think we need to be careful with this 1068 ID. It has helped boot several games, but almost always the cutscene graphics are missing. We have confirmation that Mystic Ark, Tin Star, and now Yogi Bear have missing cutscene graphics.

Demi says ID 1068 fixes the black lines problem in Hamelin no Violin Hiki. At least to the extent of what the video showed. He doesn't know if there are problems later on.

I'm afraid this magical 1068 might be breaking cutscene backgrounds for all these games like in Mystic Ark and Tin Star without us realizing it.

I wish someone would discover an ID that fixes the dozens of games with popping/crackling audio :P

Ran 1068 with_ American Tail test3 hack that showed legal screen? That game has buggering irq boot problem which that one solved, but not after.

I think he tested the vanilla rom. For both games.

Demi tested An American Tale - Fievel Goes West and Nosferatu with ID 1068 and it didn't help with anything.

Demi tests:

Both 1068 and 10A4 do the same thing. No Ocean logo.

Preset 1068

Untouchables - playable just the ocean logo doesn't show up during startup

Dennis The Menace - ocean logo missing, black title screen but has arrow to go to start and options menu, options and missing logo from options screen, can get to gameplay

Tin Star - missing background during cut scenes

To test untouchables use ID 10A4 .

Tin Star, ok so the same issue as Mystic Ark.

Demi tests:

Tin Star
ID 1068 now prevents C7 crash!

Bof2's ID fixed the C7 Mystic Ark errors, but still show missing graphics during the cutscenes. 

I wonder, since Mystic Ark is Japanese, would using Bof2's Japanese ID (1069) help fix the issue completely?

Demi tested Shin Nekketsu Kouha - Kunio-tachi no Banka with 1068 and nothing changed.


Although, I have a quick question.

Notice how on each of those pictures, the darkness does not cover the entire screen horizontally by one pixel. Look closely at the right side edge of the pictures.
Need confirmation: Does this occur on real hardware as well?

Don't know if it's like that on real hardware, but the same thing happens on Higan. Don't doubt it's a native game problem which was covered up by overscan back in the CRT days.

reyvgm both test for Soul Blazer work the way they are supposed to, we have a winner
1068 runs Cho Aniki

You're shitting me! Wow, nice!

Wait, it said Rock n Roll Racing too but you deleted it?

Wait, Cho Aniki always ran, the issue was a white layer on top of the game, is that what you meant?

Can anyone try the F-zero (1018, 1019), Mario Kart (10BD, 10BE) IDs on Top Gear 1 and 2 to see if it fixes their issues?

Demi tests:

Mickey's Playtown Adventure - Day of Discovery (Prototype)
Problem: Game loads, shows the "Hi Tech Entertainment" logo, then the screen flashes green and gives C7 error.

You wanted to know if using ID 1068 would help boot the game and the answer is yes it does boot now with that ID.

The volcano area of Soul Blazer works correctly with ID 1068 which is again the Breath of Fire II ID, this is using the vanilla rom


Awesome!! Can you also test a couple of other areas that also have the circle of light effect and see if they are fine or if they are broken too?

Here are two .srm saves of the game and how to get to the areas where the light circle is in effect. Convert the save to canoe with SFROM Tool.

Save 1 (
Once you load the save, enter the right portal. You'll be in a completely dark area, and the only light should be of a spirit circle, and a torch.

Save 2 (
Once you load the save, enter the left portal. You'll immediately see the spirit circle cause some sort of magnifying effect. Go down a bit to the area where there are spikes coming out of the walls, and you'll see the walls disappear when the spirit light passes over the wall.

Thanks for the tests pimpinelephant and Fire-WSP.

the volcano is the darker color like it should be as seen in the screen shot, but there is no lighter color around you

Thanks. So it's still incorrect then.

Tested with latest overscan and I didn't see anything wrong in level 7. The skull shows up and didn't notice any flicker. That was until I died halfway through; the level is ridiculously hard  :-\.

If you are willing to test it again, sluffy made a cheat patch that gives you inifinite lives I believe

Here are the last reports from the last test by FireWisp:

-I had a full lockup with black screen after I went Game Over in the first level. After Game Over normaly the Highscore screen should appear. This happened only one time. In order to make sure I deleted reinstalled the game and tried again. Crash did not happen again so far but we should keep an eye on it.
-There are a few rough sounds playing. The Virgin jingle at the beginning and the Rainbow Arts logo sound are very scratchy.
Also the cursor sound it makes when you switch options or enter highscores sound very noisy and scratchy. I don't know if this is just bad sound emulation by canoe.
-In Level 7 I think there was a GFX error in the city BG short after the beginning.

Passwords to test levels faster:
YYQNSTOJ   Level 2
NXXNXTTI   Level 2 (easy, 7 lives)
NNLILKPD   Level 3
JNHIDKLD   Level 3 (easy, 7 lives)
UHTOSUWH   Level 4
MHNOMUQH   Level 4 (easy, 7 lives)
UJTQSWWH   Level 5
TLSSRIWH   Level 6
GFIQHSLD   Level 7
PLPUOITF   Level 8
URXQW40P   Level 9 (final level)

Soul Blazer Test - Now the volcano is the darker color

You mean dark like the screenshot or is the entire screen dark?

Tested Pilotwings with patch and pid 0000 and got a C8 error.

Don't use 0000. I'm waiting for sluffy to confirm what is the ID he wants people to use.

My SD3 Test shows the text boxes look the same outdoors and indoors now

Same good or same bad?

I want to test the Soul Blazer one so bad but I can't :(

For anyone willing to test, here's a save of the area and how to get there (it's really easy and fast).
This is already in canoe format, just add these files to the soul blazer directory found at "var>lib>clover>profiles>0" (use the ftp).

To reach the Volcano, just enter the bottom portal. Go all the way down and exit the town to go into the ocean. Then go all the way down and left to enter a new area, then go up to reach the Volcano.

You're testing for this:

Lots of thanks reyvgm. Hope you're TV comes online (overheated resistor?).

Thanks. Hopefully repairs are not too expensive. I spent a year saving up to buy this TV and it only lasted 4 years -_-

Pilotwings: Weird. 10BD causes sound issues? docs sheet says 0000 causes missing sound. 10bd supposed to be okay.. but bad rings. I was targeting 0000 because of rings problem.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with Pilotwings. I assumed ID 0000 was the one everyone used originally that had the sound issues.
Now that Robin specified what the 2 IDs do, for your next patch specify which ID you want people to use and what to test for so that we are all on the same page :P

For the record, someone mentioned this very issue a few years back at byuu's forum. However, it's not actually a bug. The spotlight is supposed to look like that to mimic a similar effect from the anime. Relevant link.

Excellent, so not a bug. I'll remove it from the list then. I guess whoever reported the other issues was probably talking about the Euro version, but I'm not going to test Euro games because the SNESC doesn't really like playing those sometimes.

Hmm, interesting! I can definitely confirm that ID 1016 does cause gamma differences between "indoors" and "outdoors" for Seiken Densetsu 3 at the very least (just tested now with no patch), I did not test other games with that ID though.
I'm unsure if 1016 is simply applying a flat gamma increase, or if it's applying a different gamma increase depending on the state of the game (in this case, indoors/outdoors).

Sorry then. Disregard my post then.

I thought the high gamma was present all the time and Sluffy's patch just fixed some of it.

But now I see that Sluffy's patch just fixed the gamma issues on hi-res backgrounds found on the menus, but the text boxes still have the issues.

March 13, 2018, 10:58:50 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
More tests.

Here are the current hi-res ID's available:
1016 (Mario's Picross)
10B0 (Secret of Mana)
10B2 (Secret of Mana Jpn)
111E (Marvelous)

I'm going to call hi-res games the following way:
Type 1 hi-res: Games like Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 that use hi-resolution graphics but the hi-res assets (be it backgrounds, menus, text, etc) will still show entirely on the screen.
Type 2 hi-res: Games like Super Family Tennis, Super Formation Soccer 94 that use hi-resolution graphics but the hi-res assets (be it backgrounds, menus, text, etc) will be outside the boundaries of the screen.

Tested the following type 2 hi-res games with Marvelous' ID (111E). They have been tested before with ID 0000 and 1016 , this is specifically to test ID 111E to see if it works.

ASP Air Strike Patrol = C7 error.
Human Grand Prix 2 = C7 error.
Super Family Tennis = C7 error.
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen Special = C7 error.
Yuu Yuu Hakusho = C7 error.
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Tokubetsu Hen = C7 error.
Super Formation Soccer 94 tested with ID 1016, menus show correct hi-res text, but the menu goes off screen.
Super Formation Soccer 95 tested with ID 10B2, C7 error.
Super Formation Soccer 96 tested with ID 111E, C7 error.

According to DarkAkuma, the only ID that doesn't cause a C7 error for any Hi-res game is ID 1016.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
I saw no sound issues or border issues. I guess whoever reported it might have been talking about the Euro version. I tested the Japanese version and the only issue is this with the spotlight at the beginning, which also happens on SNES9X and Higan.

Cyberknight 2
I played through the entire intro and saw no music or graphical glitches anywhere in the game. Whoever reported this might have been using a bad rom or maybe the translation breaks the game. The vanilla game plays just fine. I'm going to remove it from my list since there's nothing wrong with it.

Dennis the Menace
Copyright screen is shown, but screen freezes just before the Ocean logo is supposed to show up. It even plays a bit of the music before it hangs. It will stay there forever until you press Reset on the console, you'll then get a C7 error and it will go back to the console menu.

Der Langrisser
I played through the entire intro and saw no graphical issues when scrolling or anywhere in the game. Whoever reported this might have been using a bad rom or maybe the translation breaks the game. The vanilla game plays just fine. I'm going to remove it from my list since there's nothing wrong with it.

Ganbare! Daiku no Gen-san
Black screen after item screen.

Black square on the title screen (bottom left), the "Press Start" text is missing too. Flickering line on the HUD while playing. The flickering line issue also happens in SNES9X, but not on Higan.

Title Screen issue

HUD issue

Pit Fighter
Animation when you pick a character is broken.

Super Bomber Man 5
I played several modes and didn't hear any music glitches anywhere in the game. Didn't see the game running too fast as reported either. Whoever reported this might have been using a bad rom. The vanilla game plays just fine. I'm going to remove it from my list since there's nothing wrong with it.

Black lines appear on the left and right when examining structures.

WWF Royal Rumble US
I played several modes and even got out of the ring and didn't see any HUD glitches anywhere in the game. Whoever reported this might have been using a bad rom or another region. The vanilla game plays just fine. I'm going to remove it from my list since there's nothing wrong with it.

WWF Super WrestleMania US
Many graphical glitches while playing.

I still had more games to test, but it seems my TV has died. It turned off when I wasn't looking and now it's not turning on. I'm going to leave it unplugged for 24 hours just in case and I will try again tomorrow. If it needs repairs then I'm screwed because I have no money for that right now.
And I can't use my monitor for the SNESC because it's old and doesn't have an HDMI port.

This is not caused by sluffy's Patch. Different Gamma indoors and outdoors is caused by the Preset ID. Patch has nothing to do with it.

Oh so with vanilla ROM + ID the text boxes gamma issue still alternated between correct and incorrect?

I thought it was Sluffy's patch that fixed some of the text box issues but not others.

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