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Thanks! Those saves will be most helpful.

And thanks for the site, I will keep it handy.

March 29, 2015, 09:58:02 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
How's it going there with the saves?

I understand.

By the way, is there a possibility you could send me saves at the last boss and ending for the other wizardry games you've hacked? It's for a little project of mine.

Do you know how to get both endings? I can get the missing ending for you, but I would like to know how to get it first.

Nintendo never censored games, NOA did. And NOA stopped as soon as the ESRB was created, which was around 1994 or so.

For their own games after 1994 it wasn't so much about censoring, but about keeping a low ESRB rating to maximize the audience. Lots of other companies did the same thing when bringing over games from Japan.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the compliment, then. I always try to make my translations sound as natural as possible. :)

Here's Shannon's dialogue. The original translation (in your post) sounds like it was done by a robot.


Shannon: I was born from Mammon's wicked heart.
I thought I would disappear along with him.
Jean-Jacques, is this your doing?

//I think 人の refers to Mammon instead of "people." Shannon uses 人間 instead of 人 when referring to humans, and 人の can sometimes mean "that person's" or "his."

Thanks for the awesome new translation. I really appreciate it.

As for your comment, you are indeed correct. In the English version, that's the only section that survived and Shannon says: "Mammon has been destroyed but I'm still here. But why? Was I not bound to Mammon for eternity? Is this your doing Master Brian?"

I appreciate the compliment, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm not going to mess with text where the translation is clear and correct. :)

Oh I said that in response about what you said above: "unless someone does it first".

Thanks for the additional translation. Aaaaaaaand.... here's the final set, for whenever you get the chance :P

Shannon: Even though Mammon has disappeared, I’m still in this world. I wonder why?
Shannon: I was born from the wickedness of people’s hearts, so I thought I would vanish along with Mammon. Jean-Jacques, is this also your doing?
Shannon: Somewhere in my heart, I believed. I believed that you would slay Mammon.
Shannon: Really, I wanted humans and their genuine life to beat my imitation life.

Shannon: Mammon was jealous of humans. He wanted their overflowing life force and creativity.
Shannon: Even being as immortal and strong as he was, he couldn’t make the beauty of humanity his own, so he was filled with hatred.
Shannon: But, well because of that, he never really lived.
Shannon: You who read into the world and each other with your robust hearts, your hearts filled with overflowing emotion... Humans.

Shannon: Jean-Jacques, I will leave Celtland. I want to know more about you humans.
Shannon: One day, we shall meet again in a different land. Goodbye, Jean-Jacques!

Kiliac: Hey, hey you! Get a hold of yourself. Do you know where you are?
Kiliac: You really like just popping up out of nowhere all of a sudden. And on my boat of all places, too. Stop that! Just what the heck happened to you? What were you doing?
Colleen: I know. He did something really amazing. Something no one would even think of.
Colleen: Despite being just a wee one, he’s what you’d call a master spirit tamer! I’ve had a change of heart about you, kid.

Kiliac: Huh, this runt? No way I’m believing that. But if Colleen says it’s so, then I’ll play along.
Kiliac: By the way, what’s a master spirit tamer?
Colleen: What are you, stupid? You don’t even know that? It means he’s a very prestigious charmer of spirits.
Colleen: Generally, you know, people don’t just disregard someone’s title.

Colleen: Furthermore, they don’t deceive others and steal them away on their boats! Get us off this boat at once!
Kiliac: Don’t talk to me like that. A voyage is fun once in a while! I’ll show you the country of Nord where I was born!
Kiliac: Hey, runt. Don’t you wanna see what’s beyond this island?
Kiliac: I don’t know just how amazing you are, but for starters you’re at least number one on this tiny island. But the world is huge-- so let’s set sail!

Thanks, but you do such a good job of making the translation sound natural and interesting :P

Eien Ni Hen: Thanks for the translation! It actually has a longer final sequence when compared to the USA one. They probably had time to add it since it was released in Japan last. By the way, I posted a second set of images, if you wouldn't mind verifying those too :)
By the way, you seem to have skipped some dialogue? Or did you skip it because there was nothing wrong with the translation?

DSwizzy145: As far as I know, it's roughly the same game, except some gameplay fixes, you can now examine objects, NPCs give you different things, etc.

Leila: Ah... The dark aura of destruction  has vanished. Young lord Jean-Jacques, this was your doing, wasn’t it?
Leila: I believed in your power. I felt your strong mind and kind heart, and I just knew that surely you could pull us through.
Leila: But now you’re nowhere to be found. Where are you? Please, please be somewhere safe...!
Leila: Spirits, I beseech you! Guide your chosen master back to us. May our prayers reach the master spirit tamer!

Epona: Mammon is gone... Jean-Jacques. You’ve done what I couldn’t do.
Epona: I’ve lived on for a thousand years keeping Mammon at bay, yet I’d only managed to seal him.
Epona: And now, I may finally rest. I have no regrets. I’ve left everything to you.
Epona: The young generation, filled with power, will go on to make a new world. There’s no need for me to watch over it.
Epona:  Everything will be fine. Just do your best, Jean-Jacques!


King Scottfort: A message from Queen Deanna came. King Beigis has been slain.
King Scottfort: At the same time, demons and goblins are disappearing here and there. How mysterious.
King Scottfort: Just who righted the balance of everything...?
Flora: Father, I know. ...Jean-Jacques. That boy! I told you that boy was a true spirit tamer.
Flora: Hm, what happened to Jean-Jacques? Last I heard, he was headed for Castle Brannoch. Father, what about Jean-Jacques? Is he ok?
King Scottfort: I don’t know. According to sources, there was no one in the castle. Though it seems, at least, his father Bart was safely rescued.
King Scottfort: The most important person in all this, Jean-Jacques, is nowhere to be found. On the roof of the castle, there was a magic stone circle. He probably flew off somewhere from there.
King Scottfort: He ventured into an unfamiliar world, fought... and perhaps even lost his life...
Flora: No way! There’s just no way something like that could happen to Jean-Jacques...
Flora: No, I don’t believe it. That kid’s fine. He’s surely somewhere in this world.
Flora: Jean-Jacques, can you hear me? I’m waiting for you!. You’ll come back, right? Jean-Jacques...!

Script Help and Language Discussion / Can someone verify this translation?
« on: February 20, 2015, 02:44:53 am »
Hey guys, could someone verify if this translation is accurate and/or fix the rough parts? The game is Eltale, the Japanese Quest 64, which has a bunch of new dialogue that the USA version didn't have.

Also, if possible, could someone translate the text at bottom too? I'm missing translations for those.

Leon: Please hold on. Everything’s fine now. Let’s get out of here. Can you stand up?
Bart: Th... that voice. Is that you, Leon? Jean-Jacques... Jean-Jacques... what ever happened...?
Leon: ...I don’t know. But the evil wave that was blanketing this castle until now has vanished.
Leon: Perhaps it was Jean-Jacques’s doing.
Leon: He, along with the spirits, protected Celtland from the evil presence. He is certainly a master spirit tamer!
Bart: Jean-Jacques... ! You... to think that little ol’ you became a master spirit tamer. I thought you were just a mere child...
Bart:  Please be safe, Jean-Jacques... Spirits, I beseech you! Please protect my son.

Titi: Thank you for all your help. I’m going home to Greenoch. Take care, people of Normoon.
Anette: Is that so. You’re leaving? But I heard that  Greenoch was burned to the ground. Will you still go back?
Titi: Yes. Word is that it’s safe there now.  Greenoch is my home. Even if my house isn’t there anymore, even if the land is ruined, I want to return home.
Titi: I can just rebuild my house. Everyone will work together to bring Greenoch back to the way it was. Surely, even if it takes a while...
Anette: I suppose so. Yes, that would be good. With that kind of spirit, you young people should be able to return the town to its former glory. Good luck to you.
Titi: Yes, thank you.
Titi: Zelse... I’m sad that he’s gone. But surely he will....!

Front Page News / Re: Translations: New Translations Added to the Database
« on: September 21, 2014, 08:58:14 pm »
It was still better than every single Mana game released, excluding Secret of Mana.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: July 26, 2014, 11:44:17 pm »

So you get that "play at level 4" ending, if you finish the game on levels 1-3, and you get the good ending by playing on level 4, right?

Mr Richard, do you know how many endings this game has? I seem to remember getting two, but are there more?

Hey this is pretty cool. I've always wondered about the GB Wizardry games.

Does anyone by any chance have a save file before the last boss?

Thanks for the explanation, even if I didn't quite understand it.

I just unpacked the .lzh files, looked for the "serifu" files and found the script. I assume every story bit will be there since it's a lot of files!

When that happens to me, I just find a way to reduce the size of letters like M or W by cutting some lines near the middle. The end result is barely noticeable unless you compare them to the originals.

Oh, version 1.1 doesn't have the untranslated stuff anymore? That's okay. I would still love to take a look at the script to find out exactly how many ending variations this game has!

That's pretty awesome, thanks!

For me personally, I do not need the images. But they can be really helpful to the guys over at The Cutting Room Floor (www.tcrf.net), which could help them find unused content in the game. Plus, it can help anyone that could try to translate the game to another language or maybe hack the game to make an alternative version.

For me, I'm mostly interested in the script. I remember seeing some untranslated lines when I played the game back then. Do you by any chance know which files contain the game's script?

And thanks for this too!

Do you know by any chance which files contain the game's dialogue?

That png images offer sounds good. Maybe there's some unused content found among them. Go right ahead, if it's not too much trouble.

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