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Nosferatu -- When you land in dungeon, notice how very large left crate appears on right side. That's Uniracers big sprite bug (Canoe). Still don't know how to workaround it. And I think some zombie briefly did that ~0156 also.

Nosferatu has 2 issues right now. The first is right there at the beginning. For some reason part of the left background/objects appear as a vertical frame on the right side of the screen. However, that only happens prominently in that first segment. Haven't tested other levels, but it doesn't happen again for the entirely of level 1.
The second issue is when you get to the boss area. There are some zombies that appear before you get to the boss, and those zombies are invisible or parts of their body are invisible. Same for the boss.

Hopefully Robin will make a video of it soon.


Until I looked at my screenshot, I was simply amazed by your powers of deduction. The Key and Peele skit ruined my life, LOL.

Sorry man, but that skit is just way too funny and I haven't been able to stop saying ay-ay-ron.


Kirby's Dream Land 3 sram is working. DarkAkuma's tool gives 10A4 (E-PAL Preset ID). 10A2 (E-NTSC Preset ID). Docs as of 2018-02-21 mention it doesn't work. So update please. ;)

If Kirby 3 hasn't been patched, then it's still not working correctly. The problem is the DOC is not very detailed as to what exactly is wrong with the SRAM. Everybody assumes the SRAM doesn't work at all. But it does work, sometimes.

In the case of Front Mission GH, the SRAM plainly doesn't work as soon as you turn off the game. But in the case of Kirby 3, it works just fine, but other times it doesn't. Robin, and many people (including me), have done many tests and found that the game saves just fine, and you can load the save just fine too (even after turning off the system). But sometimes, either because of something specific or random, the SRAM will get deleted next time you boot the game.

So both are valid and official for the E-NTSC ROM, but I chose 0x10A4 because I've read reports that with it SRAM saving works better, though not 100% perfect. The difference being that a SRAM that's created with a Save State won't load, but normal SRAM saves will now work fine.

I can load my SRAM just fine right now and it was created by using save states too. That's the thing. It's too unreliable to tell. And it happens easily for some, and rarely for others.

Well my capture hardware turned up, so what perfect timing, I shall throw the Mystic Quest patch at it. (Make sure to view in 720p60fps)

As you can see, the top line of flicker is almost gone. It only happens a few times.

And here's Daffy Duck:

February 22, 2018, 04:20:04 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Just tested Final Fantasy 5 on Higan and apparently the top-line flickering during desert battles happens there too. So I guess it's not a canoe or a translation issue, but something native to the game.

Lemmings is a strange one. Fact that map has ghost flicker. Leaning towards timing issue. Freaky cursor is something new to me. Can't explain that one at all.

Daffy Duck -- think I do need a video for this. Not sure where/when it's happening.

Robin64 will come to the rescue with visual aids. Because looks like I'm stuck with harder ones now. :)

From resetera:

-Dennis the Menace hangs/crashes just after the first legal credits screen before the Ocean logo is supposed to show up.
-Daffy Duck The Marvin Missions has the screen flickering when you jump.
-Top Gear 2 freezes to a black screen as soon as you select 2Player game and select "Start Game" at the main menu. It does the same if you enter a password on the password screen.

Thanks for requesting help. ;)
WWF WrestleMania - The Arcade Game (USA) only. Do other regions later.

Should make ring normal. Puts everything to mode1 + sprite layer adjustment. Why the heck they use mode2 (offset-per-tile) is beyond me. Feels more like a mistake and then hacking around it. Bsnes shows no gain other than more pain.

Yoshi's Island (fuzzy dizzy) and Tetris Attack are known to use opt better than this.

FFMQ sounds like IRQ. Maybe early HDMA. Or too long NMI <-- this is "common" fiend. Thanks for that gif - clearly shows the symptom.

Krusty down. And NHL + Madden are doing funny stuff (doc).

At one time, thought about adding a joypad/mouse cursor to .. Metal Combat? But it's so sprite heavy not sure it'd work. Canoe would freak out with its further sprite limits.

You don't really need to add a cursor. As long as you manage to get the Super Score to instead work with a controller that should be fine. I mean, emulators let you use your Mouse as a Super Scope. I assumed a 'hack' like that could be made for a controller.

Lemmings is a strange one. Fact that map has ghost flicker. Leaning towards timing issue. Freaky cursor is something new to me. Can't explain that one at all.

Daffy Duck -- think I do need a video for this. Not sure where/when it's happening.

Robin64 will come to the rescue with visual aids. Because looks like I'm stuck with harder ones now. :)

I relayed your questions on resetera. People will answer them soon enough I assume.

Would it be within your range of abilities to make a patch to allow Super Scope games to be played with a controller? For example, titles like Battleclash and Yoshi's Safari boot, but can't be played because you need a Super Scope. Someone made a patch to be able to play Mario Paint without the mouse, so I assume a similar one could be made to play without the Super Scope.

Here's another unusual one. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Mystic Quest Legend in Europe) -- this game works perfectly, I've played about 45 minutes with no issues... except that the top line or two of pixels keeps flashing on and off. You don't need to move or scroll the screen, just sitting perfectly still will trigger this behaviour. It is not very noticable in the first area (the mountain area from the introduction) but it's noticable in every area after the first. It makes the game pretty difficult to play because it's really visually overwhelming.

This has been documented on the DOC for weeks now. Same issue happens in Final Fantasy 5 when you battle enemies in any desert background, and in Marvel Super Heroes in some stages. And yep, it's very annoying.

It's not an overscan issue either because otherwise it would be visible on other emulators too, but the issue never happens. Could you make a similar gif for Marvel Super Heroes and FF5 so that Sluffy can see it?

Your name is Ay-ay-ron?

Alright. Was just wondering if - or ' in file name caused dumb loading error. Sounds like no though. :)

Lemmings = ah, okay. That makes some sense. Now mostly interested if cursor changes sync together with other sprite changes (like torches).
USA Gaia replacement cursor. Should cover every little crack this game hid a clip window trick.

Got a question on why even bother making these patches. I'm mostly snes9x / Geiger user. Bsnes(+) not so much except for emergencies. There's good handful of things that break 9x still, or it's popular 2010 port. And enough of these are targeted at Canoe. Maybe Ninty will pick up a few cues and fix some their own bugs for release (these open source patch changes are so banal they can't be copyrighted). Also if there's a workable hack, there's less complaining allowed.

And I prefer snes9x for its "unlimited" sprite feature. Plus hacky souped up build that gives zsnes 8-tap audio interpolation.

These patches are wonderful because that way people can play the games with the native SNES Classic emulator (Canoe) instead of depending on Retroarch, which uses up space and also has input lag.

Also if you could take a look at Actraiser 2 when you get the time. This is another Enix/Quintet (Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia) game that needs either a patch to run, or it has a graphical glitch.

In this case, the map is showing incorrect coloring. One of the old SNES9X should present the same issue as the 1st image.


Illusion of Gaia is not yet fixed.

Demi from resetera tested the patch, and while the main menu works, if you try to enter any of the options such as delete a file or change the buttons, the black bar issue is still present.

Other than the Japanese on the title screen, Euro and Japanese Parodius are pretty much the same. So use the Japanese version.

I see. Thanks.

God damn, Sluffy is a god :)

Robin, what about Ys 3. Did it work?

I think those 2 saves will be enough for now. Thanks for speeding this up. Going to check this next. :)

Ys3 save tester (Usa)

70:8000 --> 70:0000 sram.

Awesome to hear F-1 is down. Same trick as Sink or Swim so lucky us.

By the way, the Ys3 issue is more than just not being able to save correctly.

When you die, your character glitches out. And also, in Canoe, when you save and then try to load that save, it enables a menu that lets you choose later areas before you are even supposed to get there. Sort of like a debug level select. However, if you pick one of those areas, the game will glitch or crash.

The game does have a native debug menu though that lets you pick any area in the game. It's a cheat done with the 2nd controller:


Kinda wonder if Gaia / Blazer are related. Both suffer h-dma problem but differing result. Have to play Blazer myself and inspect h-dma in working areas.

Ok, I'll post two .srm saves of the game and how to get to the areas where the light circle is in effect:

Save 1 (
Once you load the save, enter the right portal. You'll be in a completely dark area, and the only light will be of a spirit circle, and a torch.

Save 2 (
Once you load the save, enter the left portal. You'll immediately see the spirit circle cause some sort of magnifying effect. Go down a bit to the area where there are spikes coming out of the walls, and you'll see the walls disappear when the spirit light passes over the wall.

Like I said in my post above, the area in the volcano is semi-dark. Once you get the needed item, the spirit circle will cast a light circle, which will protect you from the falling lava. When the lava falls in the light circle, it gets destroyed. However, with the save I sent you, the volcano is already sleeping. Do you need a save of that area BEFORE you find the necessary item, or a save while the volcano is shooting lava?

Great! Hopefully someone is able to make a patch to test it out.

A question about this post of yours:

Overscan disable testers
- Hunt for Red October (USA): 80A6 = 00
- Tom and Jerry (USA): 80A6 = 00

- Super Ninja Boy (USA):
Code: [Select]
$00/EFB8 A9 04       LDA #$04                A:00E0 X:FFFF Y:0000 D:0000 DB:00 S:01FF P:eNvMxdIzC
$00/EFBA 8D 33 21    STA $2133  [$00:2133]   A:0004 X:FFFF Y:0000 D:0000 DB:00 S:01FF P:envMxdIzC

a9 00 8d 33 21:

Is that supposed to be a fix for those 3 games? I didn't see anyone talking about them, or even making patches to see if they fix the problems.


Oh, and about Soul Blazer. Maybe this info could help. In that volcano area, when you enter it the first time, the whole area is actually dark. Well not dark, but like under a shade as seen in the image below. The volcano is erupting lava balls, which fall all around you. You are supposed to find an item to protect you, once you do, that's when the ball that follows you creates that "light circle" around you which is actually a shield that protects you from fireballs. This is how it happens on real hardware.

There are other areas in the game where you need to find an item to make the ball around you shine light (just in the circle), or even to see hidden walls (which makes the walls disappear when the light circle passes over them). But in those areas, the game runs just fine in Canoe. It's only in the Volcano area that the effect is broken. Instead of the area being entirely dark (like when you first enter it), or having the light circle around you (like after finding the item), Canoe instead shows the whole area lit up. As if the light is no longer a circle, but the whole screen.

Ah, with your edit now it makes more sense.

That has nothing to do with this thread? Sluffy wasn't even the one that released that patch.

Sink or Swim 2nd patch tested by Demi and he reports that the game works as it should now. So I guess your 2nd patch is the real deal :)

Hopefully Robin and Darkakuma can test all of this by tomorrow.

Here's another issue that happens with Mario's Time Machine. It happens in Canoe and also in SNES9X. Start the game, press "L" or "R" to open the time machine, and press "A" to go to a surfing minigame. If you notice, whenever you get close to a mushroom (or a spike), it disappears. In real hardware it doesnt't disappear because you need to collect the mushrooms to warp in time.

Sink or Swim tester

Short answer: fires irq 189. sets next irq 190. rti during 190. must fire irq 190 immediately again, which Canoe/Geiger do not. Water scroll bug.

Alternate test patch:
(in case emu runs little too fast, or way too slow)

F1 Grand Prix suffers same problem. Will wait on working SOS first before rewiring that one. Illusion of Gaia ... looking next. So cursor hides whatever text is selected beneath (highlighted option 1-4)?

Demi from resetera tested your first usa patch and said the same issue happened. He is going to test the 2nd patch next.
This is the issue that happens in the game:

It's not that the water rises, it's that when you use a bomb, everything on the screen gets weird.

As for Illusion of Gaia. The game doesn't even natively run in Canoe. You have to patch the game with this patch for it to even work:

Once you patch it, the game works perfectly, except for that menu issue that only happens there.

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