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yeah a patch for no intro version would be great. i've downloaded a few roms and so far none matched. saying that i guess will try and find the goodroms set or a page with individual goodroms for download and get the exact rom.

 edit - i don't get it. i downloaded the rom with exact filename from a site with the goodset and the SHA still does not match the info.

i found an headered rom with the correct filesize but the SHA info does not match. is it ok to patch and play without problems or does the rom have to be the exact one with matching SHA info?

none of my roms are matching either. how do i check if a pce rom is headered or not? how can i add an header if there is not one?

just done that and it did indeed say FDS at the beginning.  could you please let me know if there are any simple tools to remove the header from fds roms?

i can't seem to find a rom with the same crc which is posted in the info. the rom from the no intro set has crc D2A68BDF and i've downloaded lots of roms from different sources and they all have the no intro crc which i already have.
 is it ok to patch the no intro rom without issues?

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Ghost Chaser Densei
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:31:19 am »
dioes this translation work ok for any zsnes users here? i tried it on zsnes and i get gfx corruption on the top of the screen.

would anyone be interested in hacking rings of power for the genesis/megadrive so it saves sram instead of eeprom? an hack like the megaman wily wars and wonderboy in monster world would be great because they play well saving to sram instead of eeprom.
 the main reason i ask is because there is no eeprom support for rings of power on the mega everdrive flash cart old or new version and it's a shame because unlike a lot of the old sports games which use eeprom to save rings of power is the type of game which is useless without saves.
 the game may play ok using the mega everdrive save state funstion but if not there would eb a lot of hours wasted trying to beat the game.
 any interest in this would be great, i have asked around about it before but nobody seems interested in fixing the save type fo this game.

would anyone who knows how be willing to hack kirby tilt n tumble for the gameboy colour so that the dpad can be used for control isntead of motion sensor?
 such hacks exist for motion sensor tilt games for the gameboy advance so i'm assuming the hack is doable but nobody has aken on the task yet.
 it would be great to be able to play kirby tilt n tumble on the gb everdrive flash cart played on gamecube gameboy player hooked up to my trinatron tv.
 there has been some other flash cart users looking for such an hack and finding a hack does not exist so i figured this is the best place to ask.

yeah i've played it lots of times in the past and it is a fun soccer game. there have been many great soccer games over the years that i enjoyed but i find myself always going back to the snes dino dini game.
  the game has so many little extra things which make it great, the aftertouch system for example is really good and there are lots of in depth options. the only niggle with it is that the countries included are over 20 years out of date.
 i wish i knew how to hack this rom myself, i would add all the current real players names and stats aswell as update the countries which disbanded into other countries. i would be happy enough with just the later of those two updates though.

has anyone ever considered updating my favorite soccer game of all time dino dini's soccer for the snes? i've played other versions but imo the snes version is the best and after watching euro 2016 i got the urge to play it again which got me thinking, there has been some updates to some classic soccer games over the years but never for this game.
 the game is all about international football, you can even play an entire world cup including the qualifiers which is great fun but the teams included are way out of date.
examples of this are countries like yugoslavia included in the game but since the games release these countries have divided  and we now have bosnia, croatia, serbia and so on. would it be possible to bring the game up to date by removing countries which are no more and adding all the newer ones instead. i know this would expand the amount of teams and the new teams would have to have a new flag graphic but i think people with the know how could do this.
 the question is would anyone be interested?

ok, thanks for the info, i will apply the patch to the no intro rom now :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Famicom Wars patch question
« on: March 11, 2016, 01:50:36 pm »
i'd best not try it then. it's only the title screen after all :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Famicom Wars patch question
« on: March 10, 2016, 04:03:40 pm »
@ Spinner 8 - i have just applied your addendum patch for famicom wars over the good rom and everything seems to work fine so far, i was just wondering if it's possible to apply the pacnsacdave addendum patch over a rom prevously patched with your addendum without breaking anything.
 the reason i ask is because the pacnsacdave patch was intended to be used with the old v1.11 bad dumped rom patch, even though the pacnsacdave only translates the title screen it would be nice to have your version with the pacnsacdave title screen.
 i don't want to apply the title screen patch if there is a chance that it could mess something in the game up.

fair enough :) does anyone know if the patch works fine with the no intro the patch work fine with the no intro rom with crc 5BD1AC0B ?

i'm having trouble finding the correct rom with crc 931A2768 to apply the patch, non of the goodset roms or no intro roms have the right crc, not in my set versions anyhow.
 any help would be great guys :)

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