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I've been waiting for this for so long! I've been playing it since I was young with out knowing a word of Japanese. It was one of the first import games I played back in the 90s! Thank you so much!

Thanks for your work on all of these! I've loved Roll since I was young so I'm really happy to see her getting some love.

Can't wait for the next patch, all of those changes sound like they are for the best. You guys are doing a tremendous job on this hack.

Yesterday i watched live stream. Streamer was having really low hp and he gets like 10 missiles in a row from metroids. So that's rng for you :DD

that's so funny because even when I stopped playing and came back later I had the same RNG! But I guess that's what makes it random.

Oh I did have one more bit of feedback! The Metroids don't seem to drop missiles very often. Is there a chance that could be changed in a future revision? I ended up running out of missiles while trying to refill them by killing metroids.

Just finished playing it. Only got 50% of the items too.

The Grim picker, and the giant Metroid statue were interesting easter eggs!

Over all this was a really great hack. Some of the designs made it hard to tell where you can stand or if you could pass through and the constant warping puzzles got kind of old fast, but everything else was so amazing that those really don't hurt the experience much. Plus those may have just bothered me more than anything else. You guys all did amazing work, loved the new music and ending! Hope to play more Metroid hacks of yours in the future. I've enjoyed the ones you've done so far!

I've already played it for about an hour. What a fantastic hack. So far I've only found bombs aand hi jump boots. Going to have a lot of fun playing this over the weekend. Excellent job to everyone involved in this hack!

Personal Projects / Re: ROLL♥CHAN Evolution!
« on: January 14, 2017, 01:00:31 am »
Thank you so much for doing these hacks! I've enjoyed them all so much. Roll has always been my favorite (Thanks to Marvel vs Capcom lol) and I was always hoping someone would take the time to make Roll hacks. Yours are more than just that with all the redone cut scenes and title screens. Really looking forward to your future Roll World hack!

I don't remember every being so excited for a hack, I can't wait for this!  :crazy:

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