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200 byte header, I assume that's in hex (as in 512 bytes on disk) ?

Would you mind posting hex output of the header ?
No matter if I apply Super Magicom/Wild Card, Pro Fighter etc header, it doesn't output a matching checksum rom.

Btw, I found the readme on Wayback Machine, unfortunately the link to the original ips patch isn't working there.


TokiHacki version notes

Version 0.1 patch
This patch translates the following:

    Nearly all of the main opening menu (except title screen), including name/birthday/bloodtype entry
    Some of the major daily messages: "What should I do today?", new semesters and major breaks, including Golden Week.
    "Today is my date with so-and-so" notifications.
    Girl's profiles, except for horoscopes (should be fixed in next patch, see below)
    Character names used in phone book, profiles, test results, "omake" ending selection, and special-event invites (New Year's, school trip, etc). Basically, everywhere except in dialogue.
    Option menu screens
    System messages in the date-scheduling menu
    Club names, and some club-choosing messages.
    Club choices for the cultural festival
    Most of the date-location book.
    Some of the location names in UL box
    "Memorial Spot" paper: new date spots, event notices, and stadium schedules.
    New Year's fortune results
    Instructions for 100M dash and 3-legged race, and "Ready, Go!" start of 100M dash
    Rei's ending - first draft anyway, I'll rework it a bit later.

Known problems:

    Movie and music titles are temporarily removed while I continue re-arranging text and pointers in this area.
    Font looks like shite : p
    Lack of a space between first and last names looks a bit silly in save file menu.

Things that are on my to-do list for next patch:

    New better-looking font. (Top priority)
    Putting movie and music titles back in. (Finding out how to hack the genre displays though, may take a while yet)
    Translating the club reminders so you won't get kicked out of your sports club by accident!
    Adding girl's horoscopes to the profiles so they finally look complete (I've already prepared some new tiles w/ the 12 graphical zodiac symbols to get them to fit)
    Changing the default names to reflect the original game where possible, and make other fun Konami refs when not.

September 14, 2020, 12:37:23 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Nevermind, it's a v1.1 rom.

Anyway, I made a fresh patch for use on a clean headerless Rev 1 (v1.1) rom.
Readme by Mijae included.

Apply to
Name:   Tokimeki Memorial - Densetsu no Ki no Shita de (Japan) (Rev 1).sfc
Size:   4194304
CRC32:   ae9f3602
MD5:   cd36eb8982de4bf8369deb9f2f23e590
SHA1:   f46f5b0d964bbf5393763b9ebb8e7c50a9e5c9e7

Revised patch wont apply here either.

I added mapper 159 to header, but I end up with a different crc required by the patch.

This is crc of the rom after I changed to mapper 159.
Code: [Select]
Name: SD Gundam Gaiden - Knight Gundam Monogatari (Japan).nes
Size: 393232
CRC32: 70d07c5f
MD5: 39cf042339f48bb24552aa1ac6e87f59
SHA1: f05f2d80cb8688822e8a28412f6506f70d1c13b3

Would it be possible to add mapper hex info to readme file ?
It would make it a whole lot easier, especially when dealing with bps patches and NES. :)

Xdelta patch works, with checksum validation enabled. :thumbsup:

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