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ROM Hacking Discussion / Sailor Moon Another Story vwf bugfix
« on: January 22, 2012, 10:59:47 am »
Hello there.

As some of you are probably aware, the old English patch for Sailor Moon Another Story is broken on newer emulators and real hardware, rendering the intro unreadable. Well, I've been wanting to fix it for some time now and after some failed attempts I've finally succeeded!

Here is a fix (IPS and BPS formats included) that should be applied to the English headerless rom. It hasn't been extensively tested, so I'd appreciate it if some fans of the game could make sure everything works. While there shouldn't be any problems, it pays to be extra careful. I'll be submitting this to RHDN eventually, provided no issues are found.

For the tech-savvy, here's what caused the bug:
The whole vwf routine was done during NMI, causing vblank to run out before some tiles could be transferred. This was a non-issue during regular dialogue, since the game did barely anything during vblank. The extra effects and transfers during the intro threw the timing off, however. As a counter-measure, I've moved the vwf sans DMA out of NMI and wrote some new code to queue its DMA transfers. This seems to be working quite well.

EDIT: As of September 2012 the fix has been added to the RHDN hack database and can be downloaded here.

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