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I want to say, good work! I thought I was going to have to wait a LONG time before playing this game. Dream come true man! Next do the cell phone megaten games! (Hey if I'm gunna dream, dream big!).

Um... Keep using ePSXe and wait for Retroarch to get better?

Retroarch is better for accurate emulation I am trying to find a filter/shader that works well with it. There are a bunch of filters and shaders and I have no idea which one would work for 3d games.

Ok I know I am making a lot of "Question" topics but they seems to go over well and give other people as well as me info so uhhh... sorry?

Anyway my question is this.
What is the best way to make playstation 1 games look good on emulators? I use to use epsx plugins but I moved onto retroarch recently and haven't found a solution using this emulator. with my current shader set up xbr it doesn't work too well on 3d games textures. suggestions?

Have to look into this, thank you!

Gaming Discussion / Ds games with online shops like Dragon quest 9
« on: June 29, 2014, 01:41:16 am »
Now that the nintendo network no longer works for these games, is there any way to access these shops via hacking? Not even sure how these things worked so I'm not sure if it would be possible.

Just beat devil summoner for the ps2 and thought to myself "I sure would love to play the original" and here we go! I can't wait!

In this day and age where I have over 200 games or more to play through I find myself wanting to get the most out of a game on one play through, so yes I usually use a guide for missables, BUT in this games case I don't even need a guide because all recruitable characters are super obvious,
I quit the game when I had to send Lena, a weak back line cleric to go talk to a calvary unit. This is bad game design where you should reward players for using good strategy, not for them to play stupid.

I really think the game could of been better if xp was shared because in the end I feel like I am not using strategy in a real way so much as in a gamey way, budgeting xp between a good amount of characters when the better strategy would be to use the best tools available to me.

I feel like the game beat me when I wanted to like it so much. Ah well time to ebay the gamecube and wii games I bought a while back.

How bout the first remake of the first game for snes? I seems like it could be better because it doesn't have the stupid extra crap that is no longer around thanks to nintendo online being dead.

So I slotted in Fire Emblem shadow dragon and was amazed at how much I dislike the game.
I hate the fact that when I attack  someone, they get a free hit on me and I hate how if I want to unlock these new "Gaiden" chapters I have to kill off most of my units.
I also hate the fact I have to send units that really shouldn't be on the front lines to talk to enemies to get some characters.

Is it like this in the later games?

So can this lead to framerate and sound issues? I was playing Nier and the sound kinda started poping and framerate stuttered. This may just be the game but I was wondering if it could be the ps3.

Whats this problem with original run ps3s? I currently have one with a fan mod installed and I want to know what I have to watch out for.

I bought an ipad 2 for this. I have yet to play it but I got it and secret of mana :D

Confusion ahoy!

I actually glitched the glitch and got out of the dialog loop. No idea how but eh, you can use an unpatched rom to talk to the prince and then when he joins the party again switch back to the english patch. This is correct no? Also DO NOT talk to the nun in the shrine outside of the final bosses lair after beating him! She has the same loop glitch.

Wasn't that the nes version? I swear it was. Crap I didn't read it close enough then.

Edit: It was the nes version announced. Am I missing something because if so please share! Either that or it released under my nose more than a year back.
Edit edit: I think you thought I was talking about the SHIN megami tensei snes version. I was talking about megami tensei, the remake. I should of quoted.

I hope we get that translation that seems to have died for the snes version

I remember your avatar does that count?

Hello. Apparently I introduced a bug in my translation that made all but one ending unattainable! Whoopsie! New version https://www.mediafire.com/?ct5s1132yk2xpp7 old link deleted. Not sure if I corrected the bug because I have no beta testers but I will test myself soon.

Ok the new question is what ios version do I need for this? I don't want to have to buy a new gen ipad.

Translation is complete and temp link posted at edit: Old version had a bug, new version may have bug but hopfully not. https://www.mediafire.com/?ct5s1132yk2xpp7
I am currently working out more permanent hosting. Enjoy and post any gamebreaking issues (I know about all the menu graphical ones).

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