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Did you ever think of doing the pc version? Its a port of this version, has native mouse support and has already been translated into Chinese. I can provide it if needed.

Hello, I am currently in the process of translating a Kunio fan game and we have everything we need I just need to shove the dialog in there... Except the hacker says I do no work and he snuck a 2000% speed hack in there without me knowing (I only dealt with the menus in my grunt work so I didn't go in game to check). I need someone to figure out how he did it and revert it to normal or maybe hack his patch. Can someone help a poor project manager out?
The games a fan game and free to anyone so I am allowed to post this I think
Edit two: Replaced with fixed link
If anyone can help I would be so glad, otherwise I a sol.

The patch is in lazpat

Edit: I found the issue with some help, in the .txt file Patch_Misc.txt, I will leave this post tho so maybe people can look in there and find if he changed anything else.
Edit two: replaced the file linked with the fixed version so at least those who took interest can download and have a little fun.

The fact that mmos tend to consider those hacks and could end poorly for the user if they deem it "Cheats"

We could use a wiki system? Basically it would use the picture as a call for the page in the wiki system on your computer.
And if there is no wiki page it would fall to the machine translation with a notice for it.

Would we need to ocr if we have the actual font set? Doesn't ocr try to figure out what the text is? This could basically notice the text using the font database and thus cut out the computing. I dunno monster hunter is such a story devoid game that really you only need a basic translation tool for items and quest descriptions so I thought it would be easier than most.

So I was throwing this around with a game dev friend and he suggested that it could be done through picture recognition, just make it watch for the font and translate the words as they come up. Any other ideas? I got the idea from watching beta videos of monster hunter online.

Gaming Discussion / Tool for hacking ps2 game saves?
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:14:01 am »
Hell I was wondering if anyone knew of a tool I can use to hack ps2 save games. I want to play Devil summoner 1 on hardmode without having to go through the game once and boring ol easy. I tried getting a save online but sadly it had everything maxed out and thus made the game boring in a whole different way. Any ideas?

Still have it, if you have skype message me at piotyrhb or aim me on Piotyrholbion

Sweet! Thank you so much dude! Now to rewrite it to flow better.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that are based on crewing a ship
« on: March 17, 2013, 01:30:22 am »
Thanks for not being mad at me for being unclear with my first post and for the great advice.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that are based on crewing a ship
« on: March 16, 2013, 08:55:27 am »
FTL is actually what got me interested in a multiplayer version.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that are based on crewing a ship
« on: March 16, 2013, 08:31:19 am »
I meant multiplayer, you know each person taking a position, maybe breaking off to repair etc.

Gaming Discussion / Games that are based on crewing a ship
« on: March 16, 2013, 07:48:30 am »
Are there any games where multiple people take control of different stations on a ship/plane out there? I really like the idea of team work and everyone working together.

One last bump before I search elsewhere. I got a lot of help on this board so thank you for that and the translation is coming close to an end.

Its that one nagging thing that keeps you from enjoying an otherwise great game

Mario 64 ds: having to press a button to run, I wish I could set it so I hate to hold the button to walk not hold it to run, would it be hard to make a par code to fix this?

Chip and Dale: Getting flowers makes a TERRIBLE noise, we need a romhack that removes or replaces this.

Ok now I am moving to the menus, I need some things verified and some things translated.

Cボタンを おしながら けっていすると ななめんそかモードに なります
ただ ひたすらに たたかいつづける モードです
5しゅるいの なんいどから えらぶことが できます
チームで ふくすうかい たたかい さいしゅうてきな とくてんで
ゆうしょうチームが けっていする モードです
せっていを へんこうすることが できます
バトルに さんかする さいだいにんずうと
プレイヤーと CPUの にんずうを きめてください
なんいどを えらんで ください
すべての せっていを しゅうりょうして
キャラクターせんたくへ すすみます
チームにんずうや プレイヤーの しょぞくするチームを せっていします
アイテムのうむや みかたどうしの あたりはんていを せっていします
チームのかずと それぞれの チームのにんずうを きめてください。
かくプレイヤーが しょぞくする チームを きめてください。
><で プレイヤーを せんたくして <>で チームいどう
てきを たおしたときに アイテムが しゅつげんするかどうか せっていします
おなじチームの キャラに こうげきが あたるかどうかを せっていします
ONにすると こうげきが あたるように なります
がったいわざを しようするか しないかを せっていします
しようする ぶきのかずを せっていします
ちけいからの ダメージを うけるかどうかを せっていします
そくしするちけいを ゆうこうにするかどうかを せっていします
さいしょから はじめるのか つづきから はじめるのか えらんでください
プレイにんずうを えらんでください
たたかうかいすうを せっていします
1チーム1人の シングルマッチか
せっていを へんこうする プレイヤーを えらんでください
コンフィグ メニュー
FPSの ひょうじ
ONにすると FPSをひょうじします
ゲームスピードを せっていできます
ONにすると ヒットストップを しようします
ONにすると おなじキャラで たいせんできるように なります
ONにすると ダメージを ひょうじします
しようする ぶきのかずを せっていできます
ONにすると こうげきボタンによる ガードを しようします
ONにすると キャラを ランダムで けっていしたとき
かくとうタイプも ランダムで けっていされるように なります
ぶきの しゅつげんする かくりつを へんこうできます
キーコンフィグモードに うつります
Edited to shrink the post so as to make it more in line with the rules, feel free to pm me mods if I should post this off site.

Edit2 Removed stuff already translated sent via pm, hooray! Closer and closer!

No need for this post anymore

Personal Projects / Re: "Undub" Megaman X4 and Megaman 8
« on: January 21, 2013, 01:53:56 am »
Actually all the japanese videos are still in the english version.

Ok uhhh, I just mentioned you should change the games title because there was a fairly popular dating sim released in english called "True love" that I was thinking "Hey he modded the true love girls into this?" I think I may be a minority but really I think open love does fit better than true love. This is a suggestion and you really shouldn't get your panties in a bunch over it.
And its not really offensive but it is certainly not pc either.

Ok need another few lines,
400, とうどう「………。
401, やまだ「………。
402, やまだ「なあ とうどうくん。
403, とうどう「……なんだ。
404, やまだ「だぶどらきょうだいと たたかって へろへろに なったところを\n    バッキバキ!! さくせんは?
405, やまだ「あいつら おそいな……。
406, とうどう「……そうだな……。

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