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If you want people to act more human in games they would not act at all like the characters in Lunar, they would have PTSD from their adventures not lots of fun times saving the world. In the end I don't understand a lot of localizers want to "Jazz up" everything, not everything has to be the Simpsons, a story can go without a joke every 5 minutes.
I think I had it with working designs old stuff when I read a thing about their voice actors trying to slip in as many fart noises without getting caught as a little game they played.
Also pop culture jokes take me out of the game hardcore.

Got I loved Lunar silver star so much as a kid, I hate that it was butchered so hard, to think I could of been playing an even better game! The Lunar games need a legends of localization.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Act Raiser PSA
« on: December 13, 2016, 08:06:35 pm »
Maybe if they convert it to NTSC so its not slower, I will stick with the Japanese version.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games you want to love but can't
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:44:30 pm »
I would love a remake of LSD with constant updates with new random events and roguelite elements. FUND IT!

Has anyone played through the SaGa 1 wonderswan patch before and could maybe tell me if its worth waiting for a better translated version? In the end I have a million games that I can play including the sequel so I can wait for as long as it would take for someone to maybe decide to pick up and retranslate it.

Gaming Discussion / Games you want to love but can't
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:52:16 pm »
That game that at face value is great but one thing or another just ruins it! Basically the game that has just one or two flaws that makes it go from a stellar game to just crap in your opinion.
Also explain why for conversations sake

Romancing SaGa minstrel song
The time advancement system in this game (Where if you fight and win a battle time advances but if you run away or don't get into a battle time stands still) drives me nuts in this game! And there are so many systems at play that are just obtuse or so weirdly implemented that even following a guide you can easily screw yourself out of content! Also to get all the content in the game and fight the true final boss you have to beat the game SO MANY TIMES! BLAGH!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games with save importing for sequels
« on: August 30, 2016, 10:11:52 pm »
A lot of the wizardrys had it too if I recall

Gaming Discussion / Games with save importing for sequels
« on: August 30, 2016, 06:35:53 pm »
Hey I notice the Quest for Glory collection hit steam and it got me thinking of games with save imports from sequel to sequel and the features they bring, so far I have
Quest for glory 1 to 5 (Brings your stats over)
Baldurs gate 1 to 2 (Brings your stats over and opens some side quests)
Suikoden in various forms (Varies from game to game but mostly brings stats over and opens side quests)
Uhhh thats it for me, any more?

I am sure someone will mod it to hell and back to make it great sooner or later, its just how people do ya know?

I'm looking for digital man :).

Hey I want to know what are some good games to get in this genre. I downloaded a few pc yu gi oh games but they were just random duels with no real plot etc and the 1997 magic game has rock stupid ai, any suggestions for something like the pokemon TCG but less old?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Which version of Star Fox 2 should I play?
« on: June 18, 2016, 11:42:18 am »
I read somewhere that one of the devs said they got a lot farther in development than the release we have which makes me pretty sad and interested in what we are missing out on.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Mobages/Other Mobile Gaming
« on: June 09, 2016, 10:05:54 pm »
Final fantasy record keeper is actually a very fun game if you like final fantasy, puzzle and dragons is an insanely addicted good game if you like match games.

Blah that sucks! I wish it was a bit more moderated

This is an interesting development, what is your take on this? I have a feeling most of the hacks are out there in the while but support for fan hacks from a company is always nice.

I am not quite sure what you are asking, are you looking for the forum post by Lina Darkstar that did an in depth translation and analysis of the script? That's here http://www.icyforums.com/index.php?/topic/4401-japanese-final-fantasy-6-complete/

If you want the most faithful (as far as I could find) translation that's here https://sites.google.com/site/ff6relocalized/

There is also the uncensored woosley edition for a more true to the snes version script which is on this site.

So far I've found that the two best translations out there are "Relocalization" and "Improvement" Improvement is not complete tho and is buggy as all get out. Neither of them are retranslations so much as they base their stuff on the gba script and use Dark linas forum topic and others to rewrite it to something a bit more faithful. Its not the perfect option but it is the best option I've got.
Also brave new world changes dialog a bit too much for me, canadian speaking Narshe people is not something I care for.

I am giving time for replies before I do anything really. Glad to know your thought process on your translation. also I hope this thread will help others figure out which one fits their tastes too because there are just SO many options! Never feel bad about telling people about your own work because you have the most insight on it! For example I would of thought about skyrenders patch because I heard its insanely faithful but from reading some of his recent posts hes not too proud of it due to it being rather dry.

The mobile version updates the blitz and Cyans swdtechs to work better.
I think if I wait till the modders fix the sprites it would be one of the best but again it would only be fixed up to the gba version bugs wise.
Brave new world looked so good but it adds some things to the plot that I disagree with (Narche speaks like canadians, red bulls an item and a bunch more dialog that wasn't in the original game)
I wish I knew a sprite artist that could finish work on it akin to this mock up http://i.imgur.com/bs1q9Si.jpg

I was hoping for a more faithful to the original japanese script translation patch but as far as I can see most patches try to stay faithful to the woosley script... Fans of ff6 just don't think the way I do I guess.

I like translations that are faithful so in the end really I would want at the very least a newly translated snes version.

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