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I know another site with Game Genie for SMB:
Some of this codes is also helpful. ;)

So I tested your hack out, and the green-blue title screen looks kind of sloppy, so I'm offering you the change if you want.
And really, using U1's music patches for your hack? I suggest some original music. I know you may not have a perfect pitch, but what would you change the overworld and other music to if you have the choice?
Example? :D
I don't know how to write music on NES :-\

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Converting FDS images to NES?
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:52:56 pm »
"This type of FDS-image cannot be converted.". How to understand this? :(

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Converting FDS images to NES?
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:05:35 pm »
I would love to see converted Aliens prototype onto NES. :happy:

The direct link to the patch of which fireballs can destroy brick blocks:
This patch uses castle loop processing for the data, so you can no longer use that feature upon patching. If using an expanded ROM you can get the code to be inserted in the free space though.

Side effects, according to the author:
· Block fragments can appear at random positions when blocks are hit.
· When striking a hole, part of the screen may change in colour.
· When you hit hidden coin blocks, the used block cannot be seen after coin deposits.
· In rare cases, only hit judgment disappears, and the block sometimes remains visible.
I already have a patch with the same effects and the same bugs. I've only want to fix sprites on black screen, wanna fix phrase "get ready" and want make breakable all of blocks, except of pipes and flagpole (now ALL is breakable). Current version (patch):

I think you forget machine code, just use the disassembly, make the modifications in asm and recompile.
Romhacking documents didn't compiled. :(
I successfully fixed the frames of character (but not the enemies), and some of this is remain to fix.
I need to erase "world number" to correct display "get ready" and wanna to fix this tile:

ROM Hacking Discussion / [NES] Battle City... Searching for Address Map
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:10:30 pm »
Hi all. I would like to know the address map of the game Battle City. Looking at Romhacking and Github is nothing like close to find. :(

edale, how to compare asm code with machine code? Which program use for that?

I appeal to all who made Mario hack. Anyone know how to remove reverse of the sprites in some frames, Mario and some enemies? How to find these values?

with the patch i provided, fireballs destroy bricks.
Okay, but where is it? Page is forbidden.
And yet. How to erase a sprite reverse? I plan to do a hack with Chuck Norris. :)

So you always expand your roms or hack only games with clearly unused bytes like sequences of 00 or $FF? The code data logger is really useful to get the most of the rom, specially without expanding it. Sometimes you can check the unused code itself to see that there's no way it can be called and is just leftover code. Some other times there are branches that never go to it, and you can analyze that to know if there's a chance it will be used or not. But this is why I always take notes of which bytes I changed, so if a bug happens I can move my code to a new place.

About the topic, add 20EDBC60 to 0x6204 and the block will be destroyed, but there are a few more things going on. You will need to create an exclusive routine that is like the one at BCED that doesn't do the extra stuff and then call it instead.
Unfortunately, the bounce up after the destruction of the bricks by fireball is not the worst. If you go ahead and try to destroy the pipes - the screen will turn grey, the hero will disappear and sprites of Bowser will be jumping. How to deal with this problem?

December 25, 2017, 09:34:04 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Teeporage777, in this hack Mario can shoot blocks or didn't?

nesrocks, so it does not fix it? I'm not good at code, so I asked to help out. I can not understand how to implement it correctly.

Learn assembly, analyze the code, read the documentation and figure it out. I think you also need to expand the rom for extra rom space so you can insert your new code, as I recall this game has no free space.
edit: oh you know assembly, okay, what he means is you need to understand the game's code. When mario hits a block the block breaks, the game already has code for breaking blocks. So you tell the game to use that same code when a fireball hits a block.
I only made fireballs that makes solid blocks invisible:

I read but did not understand. The behavior of the balls is changed, but the units do not explode. I do not understand how to implement it. :(

Tell me, please, what and where to change to fireballs could break bricks. Thanks. :)

Work on the hack is suspended indefinitely. Sorry for the inconvenience. :'(

I have long been interested in the question of programming using this IDE, using a computer keyboard. On most emulators work with keyboard is good, but not with VirtuaNES.
First, it is impossible to enter certain characters, such as ":", ";" and "*". Second - after my changing the font from Japanese to Russian, the rom works correctly only on VirtuaNES (other emulators giving this error: ),
which may affect the compatibility of future games written on it. Well, and thirdly - I don't have enough information on programming in this IDE, in particular using BGTOOL.
Modified Family BASIC ROM (patch):
UPD: when I replaced some of signs (like ":", ";" and "*") on the Russian language - rom gives the same error on VirtuaNES. I think this is an checksum protect, which I can't fix. :(

Hello, you can optimize your work using Color Quantizer .

-click to shrink image-


 I really like your proposal, successes!!! :thumbsup:
Thanks. ;)
I really want to do this picture much better, but the palette blocks are compressed. I can't change it. :(
Bur I will try.
P. S.: I still need a help with coding and music. It is necessary to do a lot of work. 8)

Why would you want to make a ROM hack of a shitty bootleg NES game with shitty broken physics?

I think it'd be much more impressive if you did a homebrew SNES port instead. It could be more colorful and, well, comic-like, and the music could end up sounding a lot better too. (Actually there are a lot of Genesis games I'd like to see homebrew SNES ports of...)
I would love to see Comix Zone on SNES, but, unfortunately, I don't understand programming, especially on the SNES. And I don't know people versed in this matter. That's why I'm looking for people to create a port for more well-known console, in which I have at least something to do I can.
P. S.: besides, "Titenic" is now fixed. No broken physics anymore. :)

February 12, 2017, 10:46:53 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Midna, to the word. Comix Zone was also on the GBA. Don't you hate that?

Hi to everyone. I'm looking for people who can help in the realization of my project. It is planned to make a similar port of the same game based on engine of the game "Titenic" - 2D beat-em' up by Hummer Team (fixed by CaH4e3).
Current changes:

Original font for text also included.
(character sprites coming soon)
What is needed:
* Assistance in obtaining levels
* Assistance in inserting new cutscenes
* Help in changing the music in all game
* Programmer's help or advanced romhacker
For its part, I can make sprites characters (in this hack can play as Sketch and for Alice) and clearance levels (graphics, level design).

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