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Could somebody help explain to me with easy to understand language(because I have bad English) on how to hack the text in Circle of the Moon? I'm making a hack that swap the role of Nathan with Hugh. I can replace the sprites but not the text. Help please!

Hi :) I'm new here. I got a question. Is there anyway to edit text in GBA games? I heard people use Search Relative program, but my win 7 64 won't run the program. I really am stuck. Are there any alternative programs that could edit GBA text on Win64?

Newcomer's Board / Castlevania CotM text hacking
« on: December 20, 2015, 08:03:40 pm »
Hello. :) I'm working on a Hugh hack for Circle of the Moon. And I'm stuck. could someone tell what I need to do to find and edit the text in this game? My goal is to swap the role of Nathan and Hugh. I have replaced 50% of Nathan sprites with Hugh's. What tools do I need?

Thank you  :)

(sorry for my bad English)

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