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Gaming Discussion / Re: In A Goddess of Wisdom Fog
« on: January 21, 2016, 08:39:50 am »
As far as I know, you need to use the Hookshot to pull off the strange small things, which are hovering around it. Then you attack these small things with the spin attack of the sword. When watching some You tube videos, I've also seen players using the Ice-rod-beam to destroy these small things, once they were pulled off.

Once all of these things are gone, the main body can only be defeated with sword spin attacks (as I've seen in the video) so you need to hold the sword and wait until it charges and then release. And the guy playing had lots of potions and fairies and was dying and save/load stating a lot.

Newcomer's Board / Re: How to tell if a ROM is headered or unheadered?
« on: December 29, 2015, 06:35:48 pm »
Sorry for the necrothread, but something is not clear. Do headers apply to SNES roms only, or are other platforms/portables affected as well? My rom patching days are on hold until I know for certain what to deal with.

Also, can headers be added to or removed from ips patches, or does this only apply to roms? If both, which is recommended?
"Everything" has a header. Which of course doesn't mean the header in a sence of what you consider as a header for ROMs.

ROMs have headers because of the copiers. This is an additional data written at the beginning of the ROM, which is a leftover data, that the copier needed when scanning the cartridge into the file. "Such" headers are useless. These are called copier headers or external ROM headers.

Some other "types" of headers are however essential, like the header in a zip file, similar with IPS.

Simplified: IPS doesn't have the same type of header, which would be "compatible" to what we know as a ROM header, since every ROM has the "actual" or "inner" header.

No external ROM header is recomended, since they only cause trouble, when patching and when calculating pointers in hex. Also: IPS can not have an external header. But you can falsly make an IPS by comparing a headered original and unheadered hack. It is best to avoid external headers.

But since I come from the SMW community, external headers are popular, since the main editor rquires one. So if you are patching any SMW hacks, you definitely need this obsolete data, since after any SMW hack is complete, everyone tends to leave the header.

My rom patching days are on hold until I know for certain what to deal with.
Before you patch, make sure you check the "Rom/Iso info". You have the CRC of the file to patch to there. It has to match with the CRC of your original ROM. At "patching info" check if it says header or no header. This should clear things up.

Another problem however is, if authors included the header in the CRC calculation or not. (Or in other words: if only these annoing headers wouldn't exist).

News Submissions / Re: Site: Recent Malware Warnings
« on: December 29, 2015, 03:57:29 am »
Maybe there could be some way, that translations with only .ips or .xdelta files aren't put behind the registration wall? I don't think Google is suspicious of these types of files, so maybe it would be okay to still allow them to be downloaded by everybody, and only block the ones with custom patchers and .exe files in them
However this would probably take a lot more work, than the current situation.

News Submissions / Re: Site: Recent Malware Warnings
« on: December 27, 2015, 04:06:35 pm »
Is there a quota for asking questions?
Yes. You've now exceeded your quota.

I have to say that this person has a quota for his brain activity as well. Some posts seem to be missing in this thread, but (as far as I know) the ones who were deleted were targeting one of the people who submitted material to the site (I belive the hacker's name was ad0220) of spreading malware.

For instance this

gives me a (fake) malware warning. And the hacker's name seems to be ad0220.

So he accused a person who did nothing of some crime, which is fake, since we all know that this is a false positive. The text which I get is: "someone from is trying to attack your computer", which made me laugh. This is a standard message if anyone reports malware.

So I think this thread (initial post) should also contain some information, which will protect the good name of all the hackers, who submitted material, which is now flagged by Chrome as "malware" and "dangerous".

In addition (actual and not fake) malware is nothing if compared to viruses. Malware can be "undone" with a very simple and standard antimalware software and the "malicious" code is usually some advert or a browser add-on, which can be uninstalled in the control panel with ease.

Has anyone told Google and Mozilla not to overreact to all this? Because I'm sure they are. Like, come on guys!
Exactly. If only Chrome was not that paranoid over nothing. Apparently it has a "problem" with exe files. I can not download anything wich has an .exe extension from any site! It says: "this type of file is dangerous" and won't let me download at all, when it is only a Patching program. If I download with IE, a similar false positive message pops up by the antivirus. (Accusing the person who programed this patcher of spreading viruses would be worst thing to do in this case).

So apparently not only Chrome and Mozzila, the users of this site also seem to be overreacting. Because of this "recent malware comedy" it seems, that this fine site needs a message for the paranoid users: "Visit/download from the site at your own risk."

Posted by KaioShin
Why would anyone bother to code malware specifically for a few hundred retro gamers who are most likely still running a P4 hooked up via dial-up, when you can get a few thousand servers with one-click installable wordpress exploits or any other malware flavour of the week?
Finally someone with a brain. Thank you for posting this Kaio.

Personal Projects / Re: The Legend of Zelda: Lyra Islands (Hack)
« on: December 22, 2015, 06:14:02 pm »
i'll don't knoe how you fix it but the rom when i patch it with this ips i get rary things see when i start the rom
But that is easy to overcome. You are probably refering to the glitched naming screen as a result of the false file size. When you open a new game, I just press any button like A, and then START to play with the name G.

Or use a SRM save from regular Alttp and rename it to Lyra Islands and you will have your name (save) already in.

Or like SGP said, after patching expand the hacked rom from 1.027MB to 2MB or 1.5MB (this can be done in hex too) and this glitched naming screen will not be glitched.

Note: The extra size comes from making certain edits with Hyrule Magic (especially title screen edits). Some times it doesn't know what to do with certain data so it tacks it on to the end of the ROM and creates an irregular file size (because it's stupid).
Actually it is not that stupid, it replaces the data correctly, but it forgets to expand the rom.

Irony: ZSNES can read the ortodox file size too (I tested it), but this is not recomended, since all other devices will reject this odd size.

Personal Projects / Re: The Legend of Zelda: Lyra Islands (Hack)
« on: December 21, 2015, 04:38:39 pm »
In that case, to the hack's author I would suggest placing the version of the flute that doesn't require the bird statue (chest item #74) into a chest somewhere and forgetting all of the flute boy/bird statue business.
Yes, this is the best. Haven't thought of that. I remember playing/failing that know hack Parallel World and seen some Let's play videos, and it only had the ocarina and the bird was there imediately with no statue. I guess this is possible then.

it looks like he was comparing his ROM, with a header to an unmodified ROM without a header and therefore his patch is basically the enitre ROM
This is definitely true, since the IPS patch seems to have 1MB, and the original game is I believe also 1MB and this hack also 1MB.

Ah. So it's another case of shitty Hyrule Magic being a buggy unfinished editor. Go figure.
I tried this editor once and I everything got bugged. Maybe this helps: when you press on "overlay" in the village, the statue changes into the exploded statue. So maybe you can edit this overlay, but I don't think this editor can handle any ASM what so ever.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: December 21, 2015, 04:28:51 pm »
Hello, I'm vortex and I'm a spriter.

I'm particularly intersted in SNES and in all Mario, Super Metroid and Zelda games.

Hopefully I'll come pass my newb nature soon.

Personal Projects / Re: The Legend of Zelda: Lyra Islands (Hack)
« on: December 21, 2015, 04:25:55 pm »
Hey Sun man have you patch the Zelda3 smc with this patch?
i'll did it to i did serveral expandings but nothing works with it i got double hearts ext.
You should patch the IPS to Alttp US non-headered rom and the game should be working fine. All the existing bugs are probably a part of the game, since it is a Demo.

I ran into a problem; I wanted to add a birdstatue to the Light World beach village but to no avail. The bird statue has glitched GFX drawings and may also be bugged. How do I make it so that the bird will appear when I play the flute?
If you don't know ASM, you are out of luck here. Even the drawing can not be fixed, since you would need to edit the gfx shemes, but the beach gfx set is probably fully used, so you can not simply add a non compatible bird statue gfx into it, specially not by copy pasting elements from the original (it will always look like glitched gfx).
Flute triggering the bird is actually a part of a hardocoded ASM, which is present only at the specific area and at specific location (same area and X and Y position as in the Alttp village).

You see that one icon that says "1D-UselessSprite"? More than likely that is responsible for the bird bursting out of the statue when you play the flute. "Fly-3" is of course, where the bird drops you when using the flute.
Not really. The "useless sprite" is actually useless. It does completely nothing. Original authors simply used this sprite, so that it would remind them where to put/have put the hardcoded ASM.

Moving this event will require some extensive ASM, since then you also need to move the overlay (destoyed statue) on spot (while the event is happening), plus move the solid overlay (drawing), so that when you come back (go to other areas and come back), the statue will still be crashed.

So you have the event (code), normal gfx drawing, first (dinamic) overlay and static overlay. This is all fixed in Alttp to that village area. Moving that to a completely new area can be a very difficult task.

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