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News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: July 05, 2016, 07:36:51 am »
Hiding behind the 'muh opinion' shield doesn't do much when you present your opinion filled with such irrational hatred and disgust.

Your reviews are completely blown out of proportion. "They provide all the wrong touches, and destroy the dialog in all ways possible." when in reality it doesn't change the dialogue in any meaningful way and would have to cross check most of the changes with the games original script to even be able to tell when and where something was changed.

"It’s grotesque, it’s unnecessary, and it’s vapid." They are shallow hacks to be sure, but changing gender specific pronouns to non specific pronouns is hardly grotesque.

You might want to not attack other people with your opinion if you don't want to be attacked with theirs.

Yes I know, that's why I edited my reviews out (edits pending in queue) and basically self censored myself. I hope this will end the drama.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: July 05, 2016, 07:11:19 am »
I'm a little bit disgusted with the community right now, all the attacks on the Legend of Zelda Gender Neutral hacks are unfounded! For one such attackers are saying it's disgusting and bringing up stuff about the LGBT community, when in fact it has ZERO to do with that community.

It sounds like people who hide behind the Attack Helicopter meme are plain out anti-gay and anti-woman, insecure guys attacking a father for making hacks for his daughter that even she might not even play one day.

So think about that, a man does something gender neutral FOR HIS DAUGTER and all of a sudden it's a free pass at hate towards women and LGBT community.

The reviews that vortex wrote for them are also questionable. Calling them vapid is entirely accurate, but he goes so far as to call them "disgusting" and "grotesque", which makes it impossible to hide the fact that he is bigoted asshole.

For your information, I edited all 3 of my reviews into a lot more friendlier ones (pending in queue). I also did not call anyone a "bigoted asshole" in those reviews. And they were actually mocking the review called "what a nice concept", since this is clearly too much to handle: a vapid hack with such a nice/neat review.

By the way, what is a Neutral gender. Isn't that a definition of a hermaphrodite, aka shemale, or maybe a person with no genitals. Excuse me for thinking that women with penises are disgusting. So you are saying if someone thinks that, he is a "bigoted asshole".

If someone wanted a female to associate with the male character of the video game, he certainly has done a very poor and false job on this.

Not only are his actions vapid, they are completely unnecessary. I finished practically all Tomb Raiders (aka a man was playing a video game, in which a female was controled) and you don't see me crying for a gender neutral words or the change of the main sprite. The authors of Tomb Raider actually calculated that if a man will control a woman in the video game, that this will be beneficial in general, since we might "look after her more" than a male character.

Associating with charcters of video games directly is laughable. What if you are playing Donkey Kong. I hope you don't think you are a monkey, specially collecting all of those bananas, which you might hate in real life.

That's why the helicopter thing is in complete order. What if you control a helicopter, plane, tank, ship in a video game. What if you build houses in Sim City or build walls and move armies in some strategy games. Are you then not a "force" or "god" even, since you can control armies and build cities, make worlds. Obviuosly you don't think you are "that" in real life.

And there unfortunately IS a connection to LGBT in gender neutral, since if a woman wants to associate with Link and rescue Zelda out of the cell, you would be having a woman do a "man's job" of rescuing princesses and fighting pig-men. Isn't such a woman thus gay (behaves like a man). Or indeed, if a woman in rescuing another woman from a cell, we can assume she might like her, making her a lesbian by definition.

Saying the attack helicopter is anti-gay or anti-woman is false all the way.

Next time when a father wants to make a Zelda adoptation for his daughter and wants her to associate with the main character, do Change that character into a woman and thus change all instances of "boy" into "girl". Now a woman can indeed play as a woman.

But again this concept might be false again, since young women/girls might not enjoy playing a game where they rescue princesses out of jail. So maybe he should just buy her a Barbie game, so she can dress her up, rather than to go on a quest of saving the world, using the sword to kill soldiers. I really don't have an insight into what young girls prefer in a video game.

I had various warnings issued and restricted access etc. So I really have no interest in further debates, conflicts or dramas, where people are calling me "bigoted asshole" just for stating my oppinion in an (unfriendly) review.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Making an IPS patch on an expanded rom.
« on: July 02, 2016, 06:47:15 am »
But that is easy, just use an xdelta patch instead of IPS, which can overcome your problem directly. Plus if you do decide for IPS there should be no problems, since the editor did not fill those 3 additional MB completely. In fact most of them are probably 00 bytes. Making an IPS based on the expanded original rom is not recomended, since there is no reason for it. This might be necessary if your rom would be 6 or more MB.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: What are you looking for in a ROM hack?
« on: June 17, 2016, 12:10:22 pm »
Just curious what people on this forum are looking for in a hack, and what they are not looking for.

I prefer hacks that mainly is an improvement to a flawed game, or makes a good game even better.

I'm not too found of hacks that is frustratingly hard since i don't use savestates. Or graphical hacks that are more a mockery of the game.
Pretty much everyone will tell you the same. We are looking for so called "complete" hacks, which change the game so much, that you have a feeling, that you are playing a "new" game, or better said sequel of the original game.

Like these great hacks:

An optimal hack is not a spoof, not a gfx-only edit mess, nor is it an "improvement" hack, nor the "sprite" only hack, nor a text change only hack, nor a "super hard" master quest hack etc etc.

An optimal hack should change as much levels as possible, presumably everything. And if it also adds the story changes and slightly adds some custom gfx, you basically get a fine product.

An optimal hack should be comparable to the original, being its unofficial "sequel".

For instance this hack:

falls under this criteria of being on par with the original game, while being a complete overhaul of the game with the same "engine". A rolemodel on how a hack should look like.

But it also heavily depends on what games or consoles you like by default.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Building Snes custom repro carts
« on: May 20, 2016, 03:20:06 pm »
$220 waaaaaaaaaaaaaay above my budget
That's why all romhacks should be played on emulators (for free). You don't need any carts, consoles or drives that way and have all possible existing formats compatibility, which might not work elsewhere, specially because romhacks might use some custom music or custom gfx.

To answer your question about Solaris.. unfortunately its pretty disappointing IMHO.  its great to have a Zelda3 pc engine and all.. but its slow, it really still pails in comparison to playing the actual game.  all the animations are pretty slow.  the movement and combat feel clunky in comparison.. even something as simple as picking up and throwing pots is noticeably slower and clunkier than  a real LTTP hack.
A+, +1

And I doubt Parallel Worlds was made using Hyrule Magic alone.
Exactly, gfx edits, ASM, ending credits, new Menu, new Hud etc etc can not be done with Hyrule Magic. I tried it once, but I could not edit the things mentioned above.

In all the years that Hyrule Magic has been available, the millions upon millions of die-hard Zelda have scarcely produced anything else like it, have they?
I believe this game also gets close (havent played further than the guardhouse, but have seen let's play videos)
but stil can not match with PW I believe. It is a solid number-2 in my oppinion though. And there is a company that actually made carts of both games. There is also a cart containing both of these hack on one cart. So if someone carted this, it was for a good reason.

In all the years that Hyrule Magic has been available, the millions upon millions of die-hard Zelda have scarcely produced anything else like it, have they?
I believe the Parallel Worlds team is also making the sequel Parallel Universes, which has Conker instead of Link. Or is it the Legend of Conker?

Newcomer's Board / Re: Help creating patch files.
« on: May 06, 2016, 05:57:40 pm »
I'm currently in the middle of creating a graphics hack for the NES game, The Last Starfighter (MSX Uridium sprites) using YY-CHR. Just wondering how to create a patch from the hack?
When you have your hack ready, you will also need the original Rom of it. Open Lunar IPS, select Create patch. When it asks for Original Rom, choose the original Rom file, and when it asks for the Modified Rom, choose your hack. Then it will ask for the name of the IPS. That's it.

This IPS will then contain all the changes you made to the game. Changes only and can be applied to original Rom. But you also need to drop the original rom you used into the hash calculator to look up the CRC-32 id. The users need to use the exact same original Rom to patch to. If they don't use the exact same one, the result will be a bugged rom.

Additionally you can choose other formats like UPS, xdelta etc, which also include the security check, since they remember the CRC of the original rom and the info is in the patch itself, so users can not patch wrong, they can only get a "CRC target mismatch".

Yes, I've (tried) to use Hyrule Magic and I can tell you that it is extremely buggy and can quickly destroy your Rom, however there are experts on this board and on Alttp in general, which are able to overcome its buggy nature.

I also used Solaris, advice do not use this. Solaris games are "a poor copy" of the original, the engine can not match the one that Alttp Rom has. I would say definitely go for the editing of the Rom rather than Solaris, since that way it has a genuine fell of the original engine.

I know there is board for Alttp modding, I've come across it once and if I can remember correctly they "programed" some new items, like Roc's feather from other Zelda's etc.

However I think the Link's Awakening is your best bet, Oracle of Seasons, to bring in those season-effect in Alttp, I don't think this doable. I would go with Awakening, since this is much more compatible I believe. And I know for a fact that you can construct the game with only one overworld (thus skipping the dark world). I tried to go to Ganon from light world once and it worked.

Regarding the enemies of dark world in light world. This should be easy to do! Just insert sprites normally and put them on the correct gfx set (load correct gfx set for sprites in that area, should be only the number edit in HM for sprites and sprite palettes). I don't think the game even knows what a dark world sprite is, it should see all sprites the same.

Newcomer's Board / Re: I can't patch anything?
« on: May 05, 2016, 04:41:29 pm »
The "purest" rom does not count. You need to look at the corresponding ISO/ROM information, and then look up the CRC-32 ID of your original Rom, which is required.

You need to load your original rom in this program
and look up the CRC-32 ID. The number must match with what is written under ROM/ISO info on the hack-page.

In addition you need to be carful with the "header" thing, obsolete bytes at the beginning of the original rom. Under "Patching info" of the hack-page you have the header or no header. You also need to know the region, like US, EU, Japan. If you have an US rom, but the patch requires the Japan rom or the JU rom, it will not work.

Once you have the region, header and the CRC-32 matching, there should be no reason why any hack would not work after patching.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: The Great AIDS Pandemic Begins!
« on: April 30, 2016, 07:15:53 pm »
A completely different game.. but comparing a piece of really thought provoking Non-art like "Revenge of the dick nazi ass fuckers" etc. where someone puts dicks on mario and luigi in SMB1 or something, to a game like undertale.. I'm not really sure what your point is. I'm just saying maybe you might want to keep that shit off the main page for reasons that really should be obvious.
Vivid applause. A+

His profile says he was last active on wednesday.
Hm, who knows what "active" is (log-in?). Maybe the ban is valid for forum only, but not the database?

I'm working on a new version of said game from the ground up. I thought there was too much awesomeness there to have been left in such an unpolished state. Right now I've got 3 dungeons complete and 2 others currently in the works. I'm debating on releasing a demo at this point since that's much more content than some demos of official releases.

Here's a link to that thread since this one will probably get locked soon.
Zelda - The Legend of Bruce

It will be glorious.
Thank you for being a "normal" person around here.
I hope for no swasticas in therem.
A fine example of a evil dead/bad tone hack while stil being acceptable (no swasticas and N words for the win).

People, do you see the difference: compare Gwonam and SunGod. Who would rather entrust to move your car from A to B?
And they both do evil/bad hacks. You just need to know your craft.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: The Great AIDS Pandemic Begins!
« on: April 30, 2016, 06:48:28 pm »
Everyone is entitled to toilet paper of all layers, qualities and brands.
Are you saying we have to use our hands?!
We wouldn't keep you from our foreign lands.
I'm in the in crowd now. Ya dig those sands?
Do you see me opening a topic "How to you wipe your ass". Don't you think this is disturbing or at least completely off topic/irrelevant for a forum, primarily meant for romhacking. The sudden lock-down of the topic proves me right.
Do you see anyone here screaming "vote for Trump" in the banner. My signature was a simple response to this odd choice that the mods actually allow political-advertising in the signatures and avatars and avatar descriptions. If this is so, why not everyone do the same.

We wouldn't keep you from our foreign lands.
I'm in the in crowd now. Ya dig those sands?
Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: The Great AIDS Pandemic Begins!
« on: April 30, 2016, 06:27:09 pm »
Reminds me of some "badass" hacker who also made a hack with a bad dead style, lots of fwording etc etc, then he made a freaking Let's play video/videos with the freaking infinity health cheat on! Looser chicken. That's what he was. He/you have no insight of how real combat looks like, where you don't have multiple lives to start over and the gore is not an 8 bit pixel "art".

Wait a second. This is Puzzledude talking about KGP4death, right? (not joking) You sneaky...
I was talking about KGP. I know him from this bugged bad dead, evil dead, badass, baddest hack (whatever). I though the guy is going to beat the game with his left eyeball then I see Link taking damage without damage reduction and was astouned (infinite life cheat on, lol).

Don't know the other guy you're mentioning. But I have played the PW Remodel hack, which was apparently done by him, as well as that he got permanently IP banned for fighting trolls (I believe this renders the user to not be able to connect to the site at all). That's all I've been told.

They need to ban these bullies. They are useless and make RHDN a hostile place to be in.
LoL. Joke of the week.
List of bullies/weirdos on this site (in case you are blind), note this is NOT dissing at all, just a mirror:
-Gwonam (likes communists, likes whipping arse topics, likes those disturbing you tube-shit videos, which makes anyone vomit, likes font in size of 36 and in bold)
-Floppy (likes nazis, Trump, whipping arse topics, N words etc)
-Haxor (likes nazis, headless people, anal rape, N words etc)
-Rotwang (likes opening whipping arse topics etc, I would say still the most sain person of the group).

Note: this is not dissing. I'm just mirroring their behaviour/work, which is disturbing (at least to normal people).
I'm sure a lot of "regular" users are affraid to even come to this site because of them.  Such a vast shame, that they can also romhack and are using their fine skills in a wrong way.
I'm not really sure why the mods here are allowing the spreading of the BHDN virus into RHDN. They have their shit hole, why are they wipping their arse here.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: The Great AIDS Pandemic Begins!
« on: April 30, 2016, 03:37:42 pm »
What I don't understand with you badass hackers is why do you do all this with pixels and video games. Go out there in the real world and kill some people, presumably Jews, steal ebola and throw it on a city, or join Trump and his KKK.

Reminds me of some "badass" hacker who also made a hack with a bad dead style, lots of fwording etc etc, then he made a freaking Let's play video/videos with the freaking infinity health cheat on! Looser chicken. That's what he was. He/you have no insight of how real combat looks like, where you don't have multiple lives to start over and the gore is not an 8 bit pixel "art".

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: The Great AIDS Pandemic Begins!
« on: April 28, 2016, 04:42:52 pm »
Thank goodness it's not up to you then. These types of hacks are almost foundational to romhacking in general and our current understanding of how things work. those types of hacks and edits have been around long before there were even emulators, going back to simple graphics edits in PC games.
Sure they are and it is a great shame that such talented hackers make these hacks with such an extreme content, when in fact they are good programers and game designers and could make qulity non-spoof hacks.

Having a hack saying "anal r***" or "die n******" is not fundamental in my book and should not be a part of this site (in my book), specially when a complete site with such ideas/mentality already exists. But again, I'm not saying removal, I'm saying - put in correct topic/section (as it is common on all forums).

Ask any person who runs any internet site/blog/facebook/you tube - if they would want to have such racist and extreme political signs allowed. It is just common sense that they will disallow this.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: The Great AIDS Pandemic Begins!
« on: April 28, 2016, 03:39:38 pm »
What a stupid hack. What drives people to make these kind of hacks I wonder...
I think every normal person would agree with you. Judging who the author is, you should not be surprized though. There is a sub-community in romhacking called BHDN, which specializes in making the most offensive (baddest) hacks possible. And it apparently is the policy of this site's administration to allow such hacks, posts, news - and thus the BHDN idea is transfered to RHDN as a subcommunity.

In my oppinion the BHDN authors and hacks should stay on BHDN only, where it is logical that the user can expect extreme offense in all aspects (forum interface, hacks, talk, porn avatars, explicit porn, nazis etc etc). But like said some admins made it clear on various occasions, that they will not remove this content from this site. So yea, we unfortunately can not overrule moderators' decisions. (If I would be running the show, I would not allow such hacks, topics, news for obvious reasons - the irony is that sometimes only gfx is changed into swasticas, cursing, genitals, racism etc etc, while the game-play remains the same, but that is not always the case). I believe the videos on You tube regarding such hacks are also forbidden and were removed by mods there (it thus depends on the site's policy).

Newcomer's Board / Re: Some questions regarding submissions
« on: April 28, 2016, 03:24:15 pm »
1) Yes we accept romhacks in other language. Submit it under Hacks Section, e.g. Chip 'n Dale - Lomax Attacks was released in Russian language, possibly with new story.

3) Ideally, the hack should run at least on 2 or more emulators and/or on real consoles. Hack that runs on only one emulator are non-compliant.
Thank you for making that clear.

2) Translations of romhacks should be submitted under the Hacks Section. Such hacks are categorized as "Text Hacks". (Honestyly, I haven't recalled one like it, maybe someone can point out one so it could be labelled correctly?)
Thank you - now this is even more clear then before.

Do note that hacks that uses a Translation hack as base should be submitted under the Translations Section, e.g. Orden's bugfix patch of AGTP's Shin Megami Tensei English Translation.

These hacks should be categorized as "addendums" because you're adding news stuff to a translation hack.
So even addendums to translated hacks can be submitted. Good to know.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Some questions regarding submissions
« on: April 27, 2016, 03:40:45 pm »
Thank you for your answers FAST. That cleared some things out.

Newcomer's Board / Some questions regarding submissions
« on: April 27, 2016, 12:18:22 pm »
I have some vital questions, that the Faq does not answer.

1) Are hacks accepted, if the texts/story is not in english? This does not seem to be clear, since the guidelines are only mentioning the description ("Non English descriptions are not accepted in any section").

Note, this is not a translation of a game, nor is it a translation of a romhack, it is a hack done in some other language (usually spanish and german come to mind).

2) Where to put translations of romhacks? This also is not clear and is quite common in romhacking communities. Imagine a fine Romhack, but it is only in english (obviously). There are communities, which translate them (romhacks and not original games) and yet they can not be uploaded here, which is a shame. Specially because translating is also a vital part of romhacking.

3) What qualifies as emulator specific hack? As far as I know practically all hacks tend to run at least on 2 or more emulators. Is MSU-1 acceptable then? It seems that it is, and yet MSU-1 sound is supported only by BSNES with a specific version. There are also some very fine NESticle hacks only and some very fine ZSNES emulator only SMW hacks - which apparently fall into this category and yet have quality design. Why would this not be accepted? Sure it is a shame and "non-professional" that the hack will not work everywhere, or if the hack will not work on real system, and they will become outdated, but why is this not acceptable?

I think we should rate the quality of a romhack in terms of game design, not what device is it compatible with or its difficulty.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: April 25, 2016, 06:48:50 am »
Actually, it started with Letters To the Editor.

Is the news section of the site bound to the forum in some way? If you don't want comments, couldn't you just not make a forum topic? And the News entry still exists on the site without comments. Why is there even an unlocked forum topic if not to give comments and talk about the contents of the news?
Yes, the News section is nothing else but a part of the Forum. So if you open up any News - you also open a forum topic automatically (since they are one and the same), and the News topic becomes the first post. And all topics are unlocked by default. So there is no possibility to inform people of something without commenting.

And if the hack is lost in the croud of released hacks, you still have that thing called reviews - which I believe are welcome, But once the review is accepted, there is no possibility to ever remove it, or to answer it. What if the hack is updated and the review is dissing at the former bugged version - and players don't really pay that much attention for the game versions.

Even if you then choose not to inform anyone, ie not open a News topic at all, since this is a forum topic by default, you still fall short, since RHDN automatic bot will eventually open the News topic automaticllay on "latest new hacks" or "latest new document" and it will again be a news/forum topic for everyone to post in.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: April 24, 2016, 06:06:22 pm »
It depends on the amount of work that goes into it. Minor edits aren't allowed, but making a 100% new sprite or a complete sprite replacement including all of it editing is.
Good to know.

How do you open a news topic without the possibility for others to be able to post, since this is what news is all about - news - not posting and hijacking the thread, like it is the usual practice.

The dumb ability to post and comment was invented with the digital era and thus gave birth to trolling and spamming or just plain stupidity like Aol talk, such as the famous LoL. Global liking and disliking and even liking and disliking comments - which is absurd.

I remember The famous Legend of Link hack for Nes on some other forums - the News topic was flodded with flame-spamming between repro cart lovers and repro cart haters, when in fact only small amount of posts were on the game in question. Since as you know this game got carted.

So yea, I would give it a serious thought about how to be able to make a News topic simply to inform people of something without the possibility for anyone to post/comment/like/dislike - what the actual news is all about; since it seems a lot of News topics just get spammed or get derailed or go completely off topic - or in fact become a playgroung for (very) bad critics.

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