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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Saiyuuki World translation (failed)
« on: November 14, 2015, 04:29:09 pm »
TLP is rather old hat now, I would recommend something like YY_CHR.NET: . You can offset per byte using the "-" & "=" keys. The Hiragana in Saiyuuki overlaps so it can be a little tricky to see. あ starts here 0xdc94. The first color in the palette is used for the overlaps so make sure to use that when colors overlap. Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more advice or if this was not useful at all.

This combined with the voice removal patch is awesome  :thumbsup: .

I'm glad you like the voice patch  :)

The (E) patch is done, I'll pm it to you now. The rom was a lot more jumbled up than I first thought but I got there in the end. I edited the language selection screen palette to match the rest of the dialogue boxes in your patch.

In regards to how the gradients were stored: I may not have much experience in hacking but I have a lot in game dev. Gradients are generally done like this, when making a game you have to consider that if you want to adjust something later on you don't want to have to change too much so you would have the game generate it for you from as little data as possible. I'm really enjoying putting my game dev knowledge into figuring these hacks out.

From my brief experience the (e) and (u) roms a practicality identical apart from the language sections of course. You just have to figure out the new offsets. I don't mind doing it, if you pm me the palette locations ill be able to get it done pretty quickly rather than finding your changes myself. Should be a 10min job.

Yeah I just had a quick play of it. Thank you very much for the credit, I really appreciate it. Makes me want to lend a hand elsewhere when needed.
You did a great job,  its amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do for a game.

No problem. I had heard that the hack had been taken down for being incomplete which is a real shame so I really wanted to lend a hand to get it back up on here.

Apparently the beige Yoshi was an oversight that was fixed in the gba version but i guess because you were restoring it to snes palettes you had reverted their fix.

glad I could help get this back up.  :)

Hi again,
I haven't had much time lately so hadn't been able to look at this. Anyway, again if you haven't found this yet, it's around about here: 00167a20. The changes (in red) fix the difference between the cloudy things. You can see the gradient values you were looking for such as 0x997f, 0x937f, 0x7e22, 0xbe14 are in there. I'll leave the gradient values to you as I'm sure you already have them waiting to be entered. Hope this helps. :)

Fixed clouds:

While testing:

Also just to clarify from my last post, I meant "the usual GBA/SNES format" is called BGR555.

This was actually very smart :D (and very inspiring, might I add)
Thank you very much, I really didn't feel so smart at the time when I started to think about how big the file really was.

The color codes (like 0x937F) are actually BGR555 format so I already assumed I would be looking for values in BGR order. Oh I didn't realize the rollers were already the same color. Anyway its nice to have this stuff documented for anyone who comes along perhaps wanting to make a technicolor Yoshi's Island hack.

That's a shame this didn't lead to anything helpful for the gradients as well. I guess that would have been too convenient.

I'll have a look at the gradients too, I expect my method to involve a lot of zeros.

I tried every variation of color code I could think of, I even split the colors into each of its components but never thought to subtract 5 from those values, if on the off chance I had, I would have found it. I would love to tell you I was really clever about my method of figuring this out and that I used some sort of logic but that would be a lie. To find it I simply selected huge portions of the file in a hex editor, filled them with zeros and ran the game to see what had changed. Sometimes this broke the game completely, most times it glitched the game with some hilarious outcomes. Eventually on one of these attempts, nothing had changed except all of the 3D objects disappeared, this made me think that I must have found the section which draws these 3D objects. Then I just whittled it down less and less till all that changed were the colors of the objects. That's all I know.

The palette for the 1-8 rollers is just before the falling wall palette.

I have nothing to do so I wrote them all down for you. For some reason the top of the falling wall has three colors on it but you can only see two because two of the colors are the same.

1-8 rollers:
001a7d40 - 001a7d6f
4 different sides as only 4 can be seen at once
Side 1:
001a7d40 = main color 1
001a7d44 = lines 1
001a7d48 = lines on each side 1
Side 2:
001a7d4c = main color 2
001a7d50 = lines 2
001a7d54 = lines on each side 2
Side 3:
001a7d58 = main color 3
001a7d5c = lines 3
001a7d60 = lines on each side 3
Side 4:
001a7d64 = main color 4
001a7d68 = lines 4
001a7d6c = lines on each side 4
1-4 falling walls:
001a7d88 = main color
001a7d8c = lines
001a7d90 = shadow
001a7d70 = top of wall left 3/4
001a7d74 = top of wall right 1/4
001a7d78 = top of wall sides

The colors are pretty simple to work out just separate the BGR components and subtract 5 from each. If it is less than 0 set it to 0. so 0x1D91 = 0x02070c
Are there any other 3D objects? I thought the spinning platforms before the boss in 2-4 were 3D but they don't seem to darken like the others.

Some pics from when I was figuring this out:

I'll check out the emu, It might give my ears a little rest.

I recently started to remove sound effects from some gba roms (including yoshis island) and saw your color patch. I know absolutely nothing about hacking but I'm not too bad with a hex editor and my hacks actually worked so I thought I'd have a go at this. Anyway if you haven't found this already, I managed to find the 3D object palette its around about here 001A7D88.
Now get ready for some completely uneducated assumptions. They seem to be split into BGR order. Awkwardly 00 appears to be a palette value of 5 so any value under 5 cant seem to be done like the lines on the falling wall which has a value of 3 for blue. In my hex you can see I went over 31 (to 0x1E) which works great until the wall moves. Trying to go below with 0xFF and less in an effort to get a negative number just makes matters worse  :-\. I've set the blue on the wall lines to 5 (0x00) as well and you can hardly tell the difference when played on my ds. I hope some of that made sense.
My changes are in red:

So here's my result with your patch and my hex above:

Also if you havent seen it yet, my patch goes great along side of yours.

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