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can I please see a finished city?
I guess it's the scale thats throwing me off.

last question, this is like the overworld right?
like where you walk around and have random battles., correct?

can you tell me whet the new terrain tiles represent?

sure lets have at it.


If I send you a grid, will you fill it in?

maybe. What is involved in doing this? I want to make sure i can commit before i say yes.

San Diego is in! Out of curiosity, what should be the parameters of inclusion? Right now, it extends northbound to Escondido and eastward to Granite Hills.

Map of San Diego Neigborhoods:

"MidCity" is the "ghetto". Its where the Four Corners of Death are. (
Lemon Grove is also pretty Ghettoish but is its own city.
National City and below is very hispanic.

Santee is its own city but its also known as "Klantee". Its very ummm white, and um unaccepting of others.
La Jolla is $$RICH$$ and the realm of Mitt Romney
Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are party beaches (Drunk Fratboy monsters???)
Ocean Beach is the hippy beach.

To answer your questions Escondido is in San Diego county but its so far away the only people that consider it as part of San Diego are people who live in Escondido. I had no idea where Granite Hills was. I had to look it up. I think thats too far east. Santee is the farthes east id include and thats only because of the potential for racist inbred redneck monsters.

It will be cool to make it so you have to go through Kansas City, KS to get to Kanasa City, Mo (Over the Missouri river).

Also please Include my Hometown of San Diego. We have awesome weather all year so we get all types of homeless here.
As for ideas for "monsters" Rival Gang members, Undocumented workers, Mexican mafia types, Street punks, drug addicts. What about "icky" monsters like garbage, vomit, poop. could be left over from homeless.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Baldy Kart - Released
« on: June 24, 2015, 12:58:58 pm »
Here is a box mock up if you use OpenEmu.

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: Red Falcon 1.0 Released
« on: May 30, 2015, 03:31:15 pm »
Finally OSX gets some love. thanks.

Newcomer's Board / Re: How to create a .TIM image? (PSX)
« on: May 24, 2015, 03:13:41 am »
Over 10 years ago I found a photoshop plug-in to import/export .TIM files. I guess you could google it and find it because it's out there, somewhere.

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