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I have not used Hack7 nor MakouReactor to insert the files. Instead I used this tool which re-organizes the disc sectors:

I suspect that this tool is not correctly adjusting the XA subchannel data on the *.MOV files (the same reason IsoBuster fails to rip any of the *.MOV files).

There's a tool called PSX Imager that at least claims to leave XA data intact, but I can't test it because it's only distributed as source and building it on Window is a huge pain in the arse.

If anyone has the re-translated *.MOV files handy, I can give it a shot and see if it works.

2 (disc 1) and (disc 3).

The PSX always uses the new translation, and that includes new names.

It looks like the retranslated movies are the culprit. There's clearly something funky going on because IsoBuster can't extract the movies successfully even from the original, unpatched image.

I was able to get it sans-patched-movie by doing this:

To start, you will need a valid image of the disks where GG's patch applies successfully with no checksum errors. You should make a duplicate of each, because we're going to modify them and you want to keep the original in case something goes wrong.

1. Apply GG's patch and rename to beacause-1.bin, beacause-2.bin, and because-3.bin (for discs 1, 2, 3 respectively).
2. Extract /MOVIE/KERNEL.BIN and /MOVIE/SCENE.BIN from each of the beacause images. Name them kernel-1.bin and scene-1.bin for disk 1, etc. for remaining disks
3. Apply the FFVII Disk Extension Patch to the UNPATCHED bin file for each disk. Rename these to target-1.bin, target-2.bin, and target-3.bin respectively.
4. Use PSX-MODE2 to replace /MOVIE/KERNEL.BIN and /MOVIE/SCENE.BIN on the target image made in step #3 with the files extracted in step #2.

Code: [Select]
REM assumes kernel/scene files are named kernel-1.bin/scene-1.bin for disk 1, etc
ren kernel-1.bin kernel.bin
ren scene-1.bin scene.bin
psx-mode2 target-1.bin /MOVIE/KERNEL.BIN KERNEL.BIN
psx-mode2 target-1.bin /MOVIE/SCENE.BIN SCENE.BIN
ren kernel.bin kernel-1.bin
ren scene.bin scene-1.bin
REM increment all the '-1' to '-2' for disk 2, then '-3' for disk 3.

5. Rename the target-1.bin, target-2.bin, and target-3.bin to your liking, and rename/edit the corresponding CUE files to match.

Load up the CUE file in Mednafen and it should work.

  Perhaps someone here can help me.  Green Goblin, I followed your directions in downloading the "Beacause" patch, and I checked to make sure I had the right isos.

  When I try to drag/drop an iso into the 'bat file, a command line screen appears that says "Press any key to continue." When I press a key, the command line screen disappears & nothing else happens.

  I am using Windows 7, 64-bit. Knowing there'd been issues with Google Chrome affecting the parch, I made sure Google is off before trying to use the patch.

Same thing happens, whether I extract the 'bat file from the folder or not.  Any suggestions, anyone?

That means it patched. The patched version will have "(Beacause)" at the end of the file name.

Well, I've partially identified why the patched version isn't working in Mednafen/Retroarch.

Disk 3 works, but here's the output to console when trying to boot patched disk 1 or 2:

Code: [Select]
CDIF_ReadSector() invalid sector type at LBA=16
This error repeats continuously until the emulator is stopped.

The unpatched file works with no CDIF_ReadSector() errors.

I haven't had any luck getting this working in the Mednafen core of RetroArch.

- I have BIN/CUE of all 3 disks
- The BIN successfully patches with no checksum errors
- I edit the CUE file to point to the patched BIN file

If I try to run the CUE file, I get a blank screen.

If I convert the patched BIN/CUE to ISO, the emulator doesn't even boot.

If I make the ISO file first, the resulting file is the wrong size and won't patch.

Has anyone had luck getting this to work with RetroArch?

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