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If it's a separate release (i.e. sold as standalone) make a new game entry, otherwise add a separate patch into the main patch archive.

It's not a game (probably also why it is not on MobyGames). It's a release of the soundtrack with a second application disc. I think it would be best served as a separate patch into the main patch archive.


Site Talk / Vote on New Features for RHDN!
« on: May 17, 2017, 06:41:27 pm »
It's now time to vote on your suggested features from the previous topic!

You will get 4 votes to prioritize which features you want to see most!

Site Talk / Re: What new features do you want to see on RHDN?
« on: May 17, 2017, 06:40:44 pm »
Thanks for all the input. It will surely shape what is worked on next. The poll will be made shortly. The following items are omitted from the poll for already being done, already scheduled to be done, or not being feasible to do. Everything else should be in the poll!

*Autosave post option
Will be in SMF 2.1.

*Separation of English & Non-English translation release news.
This is done already now.

*It would be nice if I could go to the translations section, select my platform and then be able to sort by "Patch Updates",
The Advanced Search already does this.

*Append language to game's title at the right column of home page. For e.g. "Idol Hakkenden" (English); "The Legend of Zelda" (Filipino)
Already scheduled for a front page refresh.

*Author name automatically credited in the Credits section.
It's not feasible to automatically add credits for several reasons. What can be done is integrating the credits form into the general submission form. That option has been added to the poll.

*Groups can be credited when their translation was used as base for other language translation or used for a hack (to avoid the hassle of crediting each individuals in a group, esp. if the group has many members).
Not really possible. Credits are for people listings only. Groups entities are not available, not linked or defined to people, and groups are never constant in members. We may consider some kind of alternative for this case at a later date with referencing other patch entries, but it cannot be done now.

*The ability to get an email whenever your project is reviewed, similar to PMs.
The submitter is often not the author of project. The subscribe feature/s in the poll is more suitable.

*Site to Forum login redirect
SMF never worked right with this without their SSI setup (horrible). We can revisit again with SMF 2.1, but it doesn't make the poll as a feature.   

*It would be nice to rework the "Show new replies to your posts." option to some sort of "Show replies to watched threads" instead.
And also adding the option to Watch/Unwatch threads/topics of course.
This is all SMF. Might want to suggest over at the SMF forum.

*Add autosave post ability to forum.
Will be in SMF 2.1.

*Get a valid SSL certificate.
We already have one...

Site Talk / Re: Patches that just convert one ROM to another ROM
« on: May 16, 2017, 04:29:54 pm »
The "Super Mario Advance 4 - All 38 e-Reader Levels" entry was handled under the Removal Requests policy for a distribution rights issue. Under this policy, the file is removed, but the entry and other associated material remain. One important reason for the entry remaining is so it is not simply submitted again and again in the future by unknowing parties, and make its way back to the site.

The patch was created by ShadowOne333, a member of the community, not for sale. I don't believe you cited any specific guidelines that the entry was non-compliant with, so there was weak reasoning to treat it as anything outside of the distribution rights handling. Am I mistaken?

I don't see any proposed changes to the guidelines to discuss, so I don't know what you are advocating for. Disallowing ROM conversion patches in general seems like a bad idea to me. Didn't you yourself make a few of those conversion patches so some old translations would be more easily playable? You want to ban your own stuff?

But my point being, locking up submission requests for certain hacks would seize all further requests.
Yes, this was considered some time ago, but the entry is effectively locked. The file is unavailable and cannot be added back without approval. The entry could be formally locked from editing entirely, but there are occasional reasons entries with no files need to be edited or flagged. There didn't seem to be much reason to lock it entirely. It hasn't really been a problem.

Site Talk / Re: Moving Help Wanted Ads Section To Forum
« on: May 15, 2017, 07:52:05 pm »
2. Can you add some sort of tagging system, or encourage users to tag their ads? The existing ads have that nice option to filter by system or type of help. At the very least, encouraging users to add [Type] [Platform] at the start of their title would allow for easier skimming.
I can't add a tagging system, but we can try and require their usage when making a post. We might be able to require topics be approved in that section to enforce it also.

I have an idea, but I'm unsure about how strict it is.  In order to make sure new ads stay at the top longer, comments should be kept to the subject of inquiry (IE what kind of work needs to be done, the current project's situation, etc.).  Talk about actual working can be done on ROM Hacking Discussion or Personal Projects, and is more at home there anyway.
Sounds good. We can add that in the guidelines. That will help keep it from getting out of control and off-point.

Another question is should we allow bumping after a certain amount of time?  Sometimes ads never get answered and no one sees them anymore.
It will follow the same auto-rule as the rest of the forum. After 7 days, topics are allowed to be bumped.

If it's something that you'd list someone as co-creator of the hack for it should go into help wanted, if it's a single item that you'd only give a heads up in the readme for (or not even that) then it should go into a topic in general rom hacking/programming/where appropiate. That's how I'd describe it at least.
OK. How about we add this line:
*Help Wanted Ads are intended for those seeking formal recruitment of another individual for help in their established project/s. Minor problems, informal help, and other regular forum inquiries should go in the general ROM Hacking section or other more appropriate section.

The ability for topic creators to close their own threads/ads when they've either been answered or it is no longer relevant to keep open.
I think this is possible. I gave it a try. Can you see if you can lock/unlock your topic?

In the next update, they will at least be grouped by language (although still a single list). Separation into multiple lists will be included in a more comprehensive change to RHDNBot reporting sometime soon. All reported sections could benefit from more intelligent grouping and separations and several front page changes are in the works. ;)

Site Talk / Re: Moving Help Wanted Ads Section To Forum
« on: May 14, 2017, 11:14:31 am »
I created the section and imported the existing guidelines over. This would be a good time to further define how this subforum section should be defined and used.

1. What differentiates help requests that should go there versus the General ROM Hacking section? I was thinking Help Wanted Ads are for larger items where you are actually seeking recruitment of another for a project.

2. Do we need additional guidelines or structure?

Existing Help Wanted Ads

There's no easy way to move the existing ads. I will allow some time for interested parties to recreate them if they choose. Otherwise, the main site section is slated to be removed going forward.

Help Wanted Ads / Help Wanted Ads Additional Rules
« on: May 14, 2017, 11:10:37 am »
This forum section is intended to replace the main site 'Help Wanted Ads' section. This forum section may be subject to change as it gets going to better define itself. To start, it has inherited the guidelines from the main site section.


Help Wanted Ads are intended for those seeking formal recruitment of another individual for help in their established project/s. Minor problems, informal help, and other regular forum inquiries should go in the ROM Hacking Discussion section or other more appropriate section. The topic creator may lock the topic when the Ad has been fulfilled.


1. You should only use these Ads if you have done substantial work on a project and are looking for additional technical or translation help.
2. Ads are NOT for startup project advertising, anything involving money, help with utilities, or requests for somebody to do something for you.
3. Topic titles should be tagged with the type of help required as well as the platform such as '[Technical] [NES] Duck Hunt UFO Hack'
4. Help Wanted Ads should contain adequate information describing the project, what's been done, and what specific job you are seeking help with.
5. Comments should be kept to the subject of inquiry (ie what kind of work needs to be done, the current project's situation, etc.).  Talk about the actual work should be done in ROM Hacking Discussion, Personal Projects, or other more appropriate section.

General Discussion / SNES CD Fully Working
« on: May 09, 2017, 08:31:59 pm »
For those that didn't know, there's a great informative video posted the other day from the Ben Heck Show. They finally got that SNES CD hardware fully working! Some minor modifications were necessary to the homebrew that made for the emulated version, but otherwise all mysteries have now been solved and the hardware unit is working well. It's just a shame it's a few decades late.


I remember seeing 7th Guest screenshots in Nintendo Power(?) years ago. I can't imagine this thing could run that very well compared to the DOS PC version at the time. I wonder if a protoype existed that hard some beefier hardware than this prototype. We may never know. Anyway, looks like SNES Central has a few images of that for reminiscing.


Maybe one day someone will find an early Secret of Mana CD prototype before it hit the chopping block!

Site Talk / Re: Queue status - show edit reason
« on: May 08, 2017, 08:39:45 pm »
Sounds reasonable enough. This has now been done! I've omitted the reason in the case of non-compliants to address Spinner's concern. :)

I removed the 'Active' field/feature.

Having it as a manual field (as pointed out) is obsolete and unmanageable. SMF already tracks last account login (whether it be for forum or submission activity). On community profiles that have accounts tied to them, active status can thus be surmised by clicking on the account. For community profiles without forum accounts, you'd have to do deep data inspection (due to our 100 year mish-mash of legacy data) of various tables to figure that out. That would make it not something suitable for searching or ordering on unless it were moved to a maintenance event to generate upon every approval.

There's not much point to tracking any activity outside of this site to an arbitrary active time table to make that worthwhile in the end.

Site Talk / Re: Automerged posts and slashes.
« on: May 08, 2017, 06:05:46 pm »
It would seem SMF has some escaping bugs. I don't think it's related to auto-merge as I have seen this from time to time on regular topics. I haven't seen any easy way to reproduce a pattern. I hoped they would fix that at some point, but I think it has been around a long time. Maybe version 2.1 will fix that as it will have more significant changes. They still have PHP4 compatible code in 2.0 series! :o It's a mess. I gave up on doing anything with that code.

Site Talk / Re: Moving Help Wanted Ads Section To Forum
« on: May 08, 2017, 05:56:15 pm »
Should it get it's own sub-forum on par with Personal Projects, ROM Hacking Discussion, Programming etc.? Or, is this something more suitable for a lower level? Perhaps it can be a child board of the Personal Projects sub-forum?

Site Talk / What new features do you want to see on RHDN?
« on: May 01, 2017, 09:10:35 pm »
Often times suggestions are made and it's hard to tell if there is much backing from other members, and/or how these ideas rank in priority among the community. I think it would be useful if we can start cataloging suggestions in this topic for a bit, and then put them in a new topic equipped with poll to see to get a bigger picture view on where the community stands with some of these features.

If you wish to participate, please clearly state feature/s you want to see on RHDN, and why you think they are important and will benefit the site/community. After this topic has run it's course, I'll collect them up and put them in a poll to vote on. :)

This topic is intended for new features or major changes to existing features. Anything outside of that can continue on with regular discussion topics.

Site Talk / Moving Help Wanted Ads Section To Forum
« on: May 01, 2017, 09:01:22 pm »
There was some recent mention of doing something better with the Help Wanted Ads section. I've often thought about doing something, but never decided exactly what because the section had some large issues.
  • This section that was never used much.
  • It never got great visibility.
  • It really was a poor vehicle for help wanted ads in general
  • It never had any real tracking mechanism other than the owner being able to remove it when done (which often never happened).
I've thought about scrapping this section entirely and instead opening a help wanted ads forum section to replace it. The help wanted ads were really nothing more than a specialized request for help forum topics (that never actually appeared in the forum) in my opinion. We'd gain the following:
  • Ads can be publically responded to for benefit of all
  • Multiple people can respond to ads
  • It would be more visible on the forum and more likely to get some help.
Ultimately, it could be tied in to some front page news exposure after that, but I don't really think something like that should be made into front page news where it would then have duplicate presence on the forum. However, it might fit better into main page presence with a revised site layout reflecting forum activity and other things that it does not at present.

Site Talk / Re: General Gaming News and Editorials Subforum?
« on: April 29, 2017, 07:11:36 pm »
Like, it would be different, danke, because the Site News is releases of utilities/romhacking projects/translations/etc, and little else really. Occasionally there are Messages from the Site Admins, I believe? Emulators come out once in a while with new debugging features, I guess.

In no way is front page news limited to releases only. That's just the established usage trend our community has gravitated toward through the years. ROM hackers generally don't seem to want to write elaborate news articles (even about their own releases!). Other material has always been welcomed when written. I'm not sure there are all of these great writers out there waiting to produce more content. If you know of them, tell them they can go ahead and produce said content! It should generally at least be loosely related to ROM hacking though. RHDN shouldn't turn into a general gaming news site.

It isn't much to read. I dunno, I just wish I had more to read, as I'm kind of having spare time enforced on me, by being as, ahem, disadvantaged as I am, you might say. But be that as it may, perhaps there's something to it?

You could write an article about a particular cultural aspect of Japan that crops up in games that get fan translated and featured on RHDN; food. The words that a culture uses to describe both food itself and the process of growing, preparing and consuming it is a rich intellectual subject, and worthy of examination by the translation community, I dunno. What common issues come up when translating the names of various kinds of food into other languages?

Many wish they had more to read, but none of those people are willing to produce any content to change that. Why don't you start?

I always suggest a technical fix, but these could be kept up-to-date by displaying "active" for any group or user who has been credited in a project in the past 2-3 years, and set to "inactive" if it's been more than that.

We're probably better off removing it. There are people whom have not been credited recently that are certainly active. Someone like Disch comes to mind as an example. Klarth is another one. He actually represents a second problem. People credit him for Atlas on their project pages. He could be dead for years, but still credited anytime that utility is used and set to active forever. Perhaps they shouldn't be doing that in the first place, but the problem remains. Also, people like me may go years between public releases but have been active the whole time.

I don't think there is any good metric available for 'active' status aside from the associated account login activity recorded on this site. That's the best indicator if someone is around or active (as far as this site is concerned anyway). That information is already on the linked account's page, so I'd say the 'active' status on community profiles should simply go away. I think it's obsolete. It was conceived back on day one before you could even link accounts to the community profiles.

Personal Projects / Re: KingMike's Translation projects.
« on: April 22, 2017, 02:36:03 pm »
Thank goodness! I've been waiting since I was promised this for March 1994! :crazy: As is typical for me, I can't help but like Shinseiki Odysselya II much better though. I've got a folder sitting around with early prodding on that one. If you hit anything you can't figure out, let me know. These false promises of old need to be set right! 

Programming / Re: [help] C# MegaMan3TextEditor
« on: April 13, 2017, 09:06:34 pm »
Klarth, TableLib was already rewritten to C# by Malias. It's a good implementation, I think.

I think it is only available on github and has not been archived at RHDN for some reason. I'd give it a recommended review if it were!

Site Talk / Re: Broken SSL cert
« on: March 28, 2017, 10:01:44 pm »
That's funny. It was working before. I disabled HTTP/2 and it started working again. Something was up with the HTTP/2 module. I used a different build this time, and it seems to be working OK again for me.

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