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Site Talk / Re: Submit Files "Author" menu
« on: May 26, 2015, 05:41:28 pm »
I'm not dismissing your point, but this might help. In typical (desktop) browsers, you can click on the box and type the first few letters of the name you're looking for.

Bad part is, the more attention it gets, the more likely you are to receive a C&D order.

Well, let's hope we don't get the wrong kind of attention. Anyways, congrats Grimlock.  :thumbsup:

Site Talk / Re: Tools mistakenly listed as DOS programs?
« on: May 17, 2015, 07:57:24 pm »
How many of the utilities currently listed as being for MS-DOS are actually command-line programs for Windows?

Unfortunately, many people don't understand there is a difference between the two. I've corrected a couple myself in the past.

Edit: I started sorting through these myself. I went through everything starting with an "A" or "B", and found and edited five mislabeled utility pages. The dead give-away in most cases is the standard MS-DOS stub found at the beginning of windows executables ("This program can not be run in DOS mode").

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: fceux debug/CDL strange behavior
« on: May 08, 2015, 06:21:08 pm »
At DD2C there is a table that is accessed here:

The table is five bytes long:
1E 1B 1C 21 1F

There is an instruction that immediately follows the table:
07:DD32:A9 00     LDA #$00

Now, here is how the disassembler works: it starts by looking at the first byte at the offset you specify (the up button on the scroll bar moves back one byte at a time) and assumes everything is ASM. It does its best to interpret the data as code. So if you scroll up to DD31, it will see that 1F byte, which corresponds to the ORA absolute,X opcode, which accepts two bytes for its operand. The A9 00 that follows (which is supposed to be an LDA #$00) is incorrectly interpreted as the address $00A9, because the disassembler has no way of knowing better. (It could take the CDL into account, but that could potentially do as much harm as good.)

Or, to put it more simply, if you have the data byte 1F, followed by the instruction LDA #$00, that will take the form of 1F A9 00, and if you have the instruction ORA 00A9,X, that will take the form of 1F A9 00. You can see why the disassembler would mistake one for the other, since they are in reality identical.

why are they logged as data?
I doubt that anything but the first of the three bytes is logged as data, but if you're seeing something different, maybe post a screenshot or the relevant part of the CDL. It could be a bug with FCEUX of some sort.

Editroid doesn't remove the unmorph in air and jump bug, it'll be there by default for all other game edits.
This. When you open a ROM and expand it, there should be no changes observable to the player. Enhancements to the game engine permit a variety of changes, but they're optional. Other changes, such as IBJ or disabling unmorph-and-jump can be made available to paste or import into the assembler. But I have no interest in forcing features on users.  :)

Ultimately, this is Grimlock's hack and I defer to him, but I'm just going to give my two cents here. Jumping up from thin air after you unmorph is a bug. Yes, it is useful. I use it myself constantly. (It's very handy for getting early varia.) And it's what we're used to. But I don't see a problem with removing a bug and replacing it with more complete, solid controls. Mid-air morph is handy, and springball is a convenience. I expect Grimlock will get input from testers regarding physics/control changes, and he'll probably take other people's opinions into account too. So, don't think I'm discounting your opinion. But we at least intend to give it a try and see how it goes.

I'm curious about the mechanics of it.

There are two aspects to it. Doorway tiles (those between door bubbles) trigger a room transition. We can use invisible tiles that have the same behavior to have doorless room transitions.

To stop the screen from scrolling beyond the edge of a scrolling region (and I'm not sure that this is used in Rogue Dawn, at least not everywhere), you can use a screen-load routine. The game has a variable that is set when a door is present to stop scrolling. The screen-load routine simply sets this variable.


This isn't from Rogue Dawn, but the same tricks are used here. In my case, the doorway tiles are visible for development and debugging. The StopLeftScroll routine is called from the screen-load routine for the selected room.

Gaming Discussion / Re: CRT shaders
« on: April 27, 2015, 06:07:44 pm »
Personally, I'm a fan of blargg's NTSC filter. I prefer the NTSC filter with minimal scanlines and some bilinear filtering to smooth things just a bit. You get the same sort of artifacts and blurring you would with a CRT. Of course for hacking and whatnot nearest-neighbor is still your best friend.


I just want to chime in and say that I am really quite disappointed that not only has this website hosted this hack without permission, but that the administrators here have taken no action to remove the hack, allowing over 100 people to download a broken version of it that does not reflect Floppy's vision for his 7-years-in-the-making magnum opus. This is also pulling visitors away from our recently relaunched website. I'd like to see the administrators take some initiative and respect our community's right to have an exclusive hack. You guys really stole our thunder.

Hi Rotwang. Welcome to RHDN.  :)

If you take another look at the hack's page here on RHDN you'll see the page now links to baddesthacks. RHDN is community maintained. What happened is that another user submitted the hack and, unfortunately, we had no way of knowing it was not supposed to be distributed. An edit was submitted to replace the download link with a link to baddesthacks. Unfortunately, sometimes the gears turn slowly at RHDN. Just know that there was no ill intent.

As far as I've ever known, standing in the middle of a double-wide entrance like that doesn't cause you to enter a cave. Unless maybe it's different between PRG0 and PRG1.

Site Talk / Re: Submission Reviewer
« on: April 20, 2015, 02:17:29 pm »
We aren't understaffed, and I don't think there is presently a need for additional reviewers. The reason you're only seeing three reviewers is because most RHDN staffers help in more than one role, and only their primary role is displayed on the forum. We currently have two particularly active reviewers on staff, and at least three of what I guess you could think of as less active reserve reviewers who can help out if circumstances warrant.

I think it'd be more productive if you explained your concern first before proposing a solution. If it's because the queue has been backed up a little lately, part of the problem is that I hurt my neck a few days ago and haven't been able to sit at the computer until today. I went through the queue this morning (before you even posted).

If it's something else that is bothering you, you can click the Contact Staff link in the navbar and shoot us a question.

Newcomer's Board / Re: ROM Checksums -Sega Master System
« on: April 15, 2015, 05:59:34 pm »
That's what I used to calculate SMS hashes for ROM Hasher. If you want to see an implementation, you can check out the ROM Hasher source.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« on: April 03, 2015, 10:16:24 pm »

Because I could. (This is just a single-room demo. A full hack using this effect would require some cleverness and appreciable effort.)

Site Talk / Re: Submission forms should mention Scratchpad
« on: March 24, 2015, 07:39:56 pm »
A fair question. If you click the link to see the recommended file hosting services, you'll see the scratchpad is listed at the top. At this point though, it would probably make things easier for everybody (staff included) if the feature was a little harder to miss.

Site Talk / Re: "Upload security is hard; let's go shopping."
« on: March 24, 2015, 06:29:36 pm »
Yep. Thankfully, we now provide a place to upload files. For what it's worth, the problem isn't that the potential security issues can't be mitigated or solved, it's just that it's surprisingly difficult to get it right. With security, unless you're an expert, it's easy to think you've got everything covered when you don't.

Currently it doesn't. You have to jump up them. I keep wondering if there is a straightforward way to implement it that would work well. Best idea I've come up with is something that will bump the player up a pixel when you're walking and a slope gets hit-tested, but that seems like it would be rife with gotchas. E.g. if it tests solid, you can't walk. If it tests non-solid, you'll start to fall. It's something that I'd like to take a more serious look at when some other things have been cleared from the to-do list.

Site Talk / Re: People giving bad reviews rather than reporting bugs?
« on: March 20, 2015, 05:50:01 pm »
If you want to posture for policy or play armchair moderator, please do so on another thread - further argumentative posts will be ignored.
I do realize that a lot of other people have chimed in, but you have, in fact, received a response from site staff here. I tried my best to explain the rationale for why things are the way they are and what I would do were I in your shoes. When you create a thread on the forum, you're inviting the entire community to give their input. If that wasn't your intent, you can contact staff directly via the link at the bottom of the navbar on the left.

And just in case there is any confusion, site staff deals with submissions, moderators deal with the forum. They're two separate groups with separate responsibilities.

General Discussion / Re: RIP Internet Explorer
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:55:39 pm »
Whether it's a whole new browser, or just a name change with a UI recombobulation, the decision between naming it "Internet Explorer 9000" or something else is purely a marketing decision. From where I stand, IE (recent versions) has become an entirely acceptable internet browser, to the point that I haven't even bothered installing Chrome as a backup browser for when I have an issue with FireFox. It's one thing to fix a piece of software. It's another to make users understand your software doesn't suck anymore.

Site Talk / Re: People giving bad reviews rather than reporting bugs?
« on: March 19, 2015, 06:03:38 pm »
the problem was more likely a patching error on his part, or even possible something he did to the ROM after patching (he did evaluate the binary under a tool, at one point, which may have inadvertantly changed it).
For what it's worth, he did specifically state that he verified the ROM with the MD5 listed. If he knows enough to do that, the chances that he accidentally corrupted the ROM (and had it 99.99% functional) are pretty slim. Maybe it was an issue that only shows up on certain emulators or on real hardware, maybe he did in fact corrupt the ROM, who really knows? But he did have an issue that he believes in good faith is attributable to the hack, and while it's not the ideal approach, addressing the issue in a review isn't wrong.

This is the reason that version numbers are now included in the review. If you release an update, you can mention in the description that a bug has been fixed and people can see that the review is for an old version of the hack. From a policy standpoint, letting hack authors request removal of reviews is a terrible idea. And while you can contact the reviewer to try to rectify the issue that way, you should be careful not to drum up unnecessary drama.

You do have a bit of a point in that reviews for old versions can become somewhat irrelevant. To me a reasonable solution would be to include some sort of warning at the top of a review if it is for a previous version of the hack, but I can only offer that as a suggestion to the powers that be.

Site Talk / Re: Can't get into the Scratchpad?
« on: March 18, 2015, 06:05:22 pm »
Do you get an error or is the link simply not present? If the link isn't present, that's because it only appears when you're looking at the submission section of the website. It you're getting an error, it may be a bug regarding permissions.

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