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General Discussion / Re: Nintendo bug bounty mentions ROM hacking.
« on: December 06, 2016, 04:27:42 pm »
They don't call out ROM hacking in general. That's with regards to cheating. It sounds like a concern over people using modified images/packages to provide an unfair advantage in multiplayer games. But there's really nothing surprising about Nintendo expressing concern over piracy and hacking of their consoles.

Front Page News / Re: Utilities: bsnes-plus v073+3 released
« on: December 04, 2016, 04:11:39 pm »
You mean like Nesticle? I highly doubt it. Even on NES that only worked with games that fed tile data directly from the ROM. There's no practical way of tracking which tiles in video memory came from what locations in the ROM, especially when there is compression involved.

We're close, but I can't offer a date.

Testing is done. We got quite a lot of feedback and we're diligently working through the list of bugs and problems as free time permits.

Please remember to be considerate with regards to spoilers

Not that you've ruined anything for anyone, but all the same try not to get into specifics in the public thread, please.

There will inevitably be some hacks that could go either way, but I'd have to agree with the two examples you picked out. New dungeons, changes to game mechanics, etc. would be considered a "complete" hack, and rebalancing sounds more like an improvement to me. Chances are these hacks were added back when the line between "complete" and "improvement" was a bit blurrier.

I'd say you have the right idea, and you're welcome to submit the appropriate edits to the pages in question.

General Discussion / Re: What happened to datacrystal?
« on: November 09, 2016, 05:18:59 pm »
I'd never even noticed the view count before, but I'm guessing that in one way or another the change is related to the fact that the software was recently updated.

Site Talk / Re: faq newbie package tag borko
« on: November 08, 2016, 06:33:05 pm »
Non-breaking space works in a pinch

Is it known when game would be released to public? :C I really want to freely discus it and post some videos  ::)

Testers have found plenty of issues for us to fix. We're working on squashing bugs, but hard to give a realistic ETA. Please remember to be considerate with regards to spoilers even once the hack is publicly released.

Some people have an adverse reaction to "begging" (requests or asking for news/updates); it's generally frowned upon. Not going to lose sleep over it, though. Gotta keep things copacetic.  8)

Site Talk / Re: Contributions
« on: October 29, 2016, 02:59:34 pm »
Right. Each time you update the site's database, you're contributing to the site. There's no practical way to weigh how "meaningful" a contribution is, and the contributor's list is not the definitive list of cool cats at RHDN. It's just a way to give some credit to those that help out.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Dragon Quest Builders
« on: October 27, 2016, 05:01:43 pm »
I haven't played Minecraft. Some people I know kept going on about it a lot; it didn't sound very appealing to me.

Never sounded appealing to me either. Finally tried it one day, and now it's eaten up more hours of my life than I care to admit.

I love the idea of a game that builds on minecraft instead of just cloning it. Too bad I don't have a PS4 or vita.  :(

By breaking on writes to the address referenced with the trace logger logging, I was able to pick out these constants and their apparent meanings:

Code: [Select]
; Delay before any text is shown?
03:B65C:A0 08     LDY #$08
03:B65E:8C 66 05  STY $0566 = #$00
03:B661:A9 00     LDA #$00

; Delay between letters
03:B74D:A9 05     LDA #$05
03:B74F:8D 66 05  STA $0566 = #$00
03:B752:EE 69 05  INC $0569 = #$63
03:B755:D0 03     BNE $B75A

; Delay between lines
03:B656:A0 0B     LDY #$0B
03:B658:C9 FD     CMP #$FD
03:B65A:F0 02     BEQ $B65E

So, e.g., changing 03:B74E (F75E in the ROM) from 5 to 1 would make the text much faster.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: October 25, 2016, 05:16:44 pm »
In these moments of doubt and confusion, you can always click the "quote" button and all will be revealed: the original BBCode of a post.

Personal Projects / Re: My Zelda 2 Editors
« on: October 20, 2016, 09:57:03 am »
There desperately needs to be a Zelda-2 Game-Maker like engine.

...that's an entirely different beast.

Site Talk / Re: Hacks Guidelines Revision
« on: October 13, 2016, 09:59:48 pm »
However I still think the edgy offensive hacks are not something I'd want to associate with, uploading my work here. It's a potential liability for work prospects given what's being uploaded.

Suppose instead of ROM hacking, you made videos. Would you upload them to YouTube? There is some pretty awful stuff over there. But really, let's not turn this into another thread about bad hacks. We've had enough of them already and then some.

So then Zynk Oxhyde's own Roll-Chan hacks are in violation of this rule, since they are sprite edits that do not "agree with the established main character of the game" despite being categorized as Improvements.

These hacks go beyond half-hearted edits of the main character sprite. They are permitted under current guidelines. But you've got a point in that the new definitions for "improvement" and "complete" pose a certain challenge as many hacks that were previously considered "improvement" must now be recategorized "complete", and no doubt if you went and dug through all the improvement hacks you could dig up more than a couple that would no longer be compliant.

And if you look for example at page 16 of this topic some features like mini map MAYBE make actual gameplay worst, because it "eats" sprites and / or cpu power that can be used for enemies.

I don't believe the two are related. Grimlock has been refining enemy placement all along to improve playability (both in the general sense as well as in terms of flicker and slowdown). Changes to enemy placement would be made based on what makes the game most enjoyable.

It's true that the minimap uses up some sprites and takes some CPU time to render, but it doesn't seem to have any significant impact on slowdown, and the map actually renders with lowest priority so it will sacrifice itself instead of causing other sprites to flicker or disappear.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: October 08, 2016, 11:04:36 am »
Some mockups I've done for a GB>NES port of Gargoyle's Quest 1. Would like to know what rules I'm breaking, if any.

This is the one that jumped out at me.

Setting aside the status bar, it looks like you're using:
  • 1 background color
  • 4 × 4-Color bg palettes
  • 4 × 4-Color sprite palettes
for a total of 33 colors, when it should be:
  • 1 background color
  • 4 × 3-Color bg palettes
  • 4 × 3-Color sprite palettes
for a total of 25 colors.

This is a nice summary of NES graphic capabilities.

Front Page News / Re: Utilities: MAGE - A Metroid Advance Game Editor
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:20:18 pm »
It's still relatively new. People are certainly playing around with it, but it's gonna take some time.

Optomon is amazing with 8-bit music!

I was suitably impressed with what he came up with. I hope other people will have the same reaction.

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