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What happened to all the old categories and threads/ posts? Why? When? Are they accessible anymore? My favorite topic was the one about custom title screens. I'd like to read it some more. If this is the new forum format, sorry, but it sucks.

I guess Pokemon yellow did this properly. Is there any way to have full backward compatibility with the Super Game Boy, as well as Game Boy Color? Specifically, the Konami GB Collection 1-4 games. They were collections of older Konami Game Boy games, with four games per collection. 4 of the games, which averages one per collection, were made specifically for the collection, and never had a stand-alone release on the original Game Boy (Guttang Gottong, Frogger, Yi-Ar Kung Fu and Antarctic Adventure. (Frogger is a different game than all of the other GB(A)(C) releases). The collections were released in Japan as Super Game Boy games, with special borders for the collection itself, as well as the games themselves. They were also colorized pretty well for Super Game Boy games. The only English releases were in Europe, but the Super Game Boy compatibility has been removed and replaced with Game Boy Color compatibility. The volume order has also been changed, as well as the tutorials removed.

My question is, would there be any way to "combine" these roms, so that if you played in "Super Game Boy" mode you'd get full compatibility and vice versa with "Game Boy Color" mode? All I'd want is the color and border information from the Japanese releases inserted into the English releases. Would something like this be possible?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Zelda 2 into CDi Zeldas?
« on: December 28, 2015, 09:18:12 pm »
Has anyone ever thought of, or attempted this? Hack NES Zelda II into each CD-i Zelda, Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon? That might actually make good games out of them. Both games are side scrollers, like Zelda 2.

The third CDi Zelda, Zelda's Adventure, is top down, so the original NES or SNES Zelda would be used for that one.

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