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Not so long ago I worked with The Need for Speed for PSX. I succeeded in swapping Player 1 and Player 2 versions of cars (which had different color), so I decided to try to add the Skyline BNR32 from the edited Japanese version of this game (Over Drivin' - Skyline Memorial) Tried to replace the fictional Warrior car - didn't work, the game freezed at loading the race. Tried to rename the files inside the VSM/WSM (which happen to be VIVs also used by PC versions of NFS1-6, so the tools were easily obtainable) to match those from Warrior - still didn't work.
What I'd like to suggest - maybe somebody would try to do what I couldn't? Or maybe somebody would do the tool to edit TNFS's cars?

Also, in the same game I tried to find out if there's any way to edit the music in the game. After some researches, I found out that the music files' (CNK) is pretty much the PlayStation-ified AS4 audio present in the EA's games of that era. I'd like some help here as well.

ROM Hacking Discussion / [PSX] NFS High Stakes - full edition (HELP NEEDED)
« on: February 26, 2015, 07:25:13 am »
My kinda hack of NFS for for PlayStation. At the moment it's not active due to personal reasons. YAY, REVIVED!
As a base, the US [NTSC] version is chosen. (at the moment Australian [PAL] version is used, later everything will be ported to US [NTSC] version]

The tasks of my work:
- To add 3 region-only cars (Australian-only HSV GTS, Ford Falcon XR8 and Japanese-only Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec) in the game - DONE/TODO (HSV and Ford are fine; regarding Nissan - problems are being encountered, see details below)
- To allow the player to drive Ferraris and Mercedeses in Hot Pursuit mode without of using third-party cheats like gameshark - DONE
- To enable leftover blue-and-red vidwalls for police cars - DONE/TODO (Caprice's vidwall is plain blue, so it has to be edited)
- To add cars' own interior's textures instead of placeholder interior texture present on all the ingame cars - TODO (only Diablo SV's interior textures are added, along with its actual rims instead of Z3's it originally had)
- If possible, to add SV markings on Diablo SV - TODO (cancelled, as an addition of second side texture and edition of the car's model will be needed)
- If possible, change the French police cars' lightbars to blue or blue-and-yellow - TODO (replacing the French cops with German cops, hoping that they have different dummies for lightbars' lights, didn't help, I'll look for the other way... upd: probably the source of the problem is the same one that doesn't let me properly add Skyline without replacing HSV - see below)

Currently, this HS's revision only exists as the patch for the Japanese version of the game, Over Drivin' 4, as back then I didn't know how to re-build games' images, and Japanese version had Australian cars as leftovers; besides, it only had one or two tasks done. It, along with the screenshots of what's done, are hosted on another site.


Thank you for the information, Sirius-R. Now I understand a little better the reason behind the image's abnormal behavior.

I've discovered that accidentally, on some site I can't remember, where the TIM images' structure was explained. After what I found out when working with NFS4, it was confirmed to be true.

Sadly I'm not very skilled with GIMP, my program of choice, so I have no idea how to replicate the official localization.

Ok, the send me both US and Jap versions of that circle's textures, I'll do the work. I've got both games' images, but i still lack time on decompressing and digging in them.

From what I see, the circle isn't "bent", but rather horizontally squeezed to an oval; the "bent" look is an optical illusion due to the circle being cut in pieces. The replication of the US version of circle is possible and can be done in 10 minutes if you're familiar with Photoshop. (I wish I found this page earlier, so I could send you the finished circle instead...)

Also, regarding the black color in TIM images: aside of regular RGB channels there's also a one-bit alpha which can be set either present ("on") or absent ("off"). "On" makes every color half-transparent (or, according to what I've seen in NFS4, the darker the color, the more transparent it is with alpha "on") except of #000000, which is fully transparent by default; "switching "on" the alpha on it makes it opaque.

Hope I helped.

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