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So the patches for the SaGa 3 remake were made a on a bad dump. This type of thing is frustrating to users like myself that actually get the legit cart.

So ive done a comparison between the bad dump and the good and the delta is minimal. There are 2 sections that are 0'd out on the bad dump which contain some data in the good.
Other good news is that the bad patched game does not modify these 2 section.

So i took the patched bad rom and copied over the 2 small sections.
This should result in what a patched good rom should result in.

So then i ran the xdelta program that came with the rom to create a patch.
I was hoping that the result would be the same and maybe a couple bytes would change for something like crc.
But no i ended up with 63 mb file vs a 2300 kb file.

The xdelta that comes with Saga 2 patch gave a 3500 kb file
The xdelta on the utilities gave a 64 mb (assuming this is what came with Saga 3)

Any suggestions?

Newcomer's Board / Finding specific revisions of carts
« on: July 14, 2016, 01:15:41 pm »
As everyone probably knows hackers/translators usually use the most recent game/cart revision to modify.
Ive had 3 cases where the cart was the older revision. Im struggling to find a way to confirm a cart actual revision level.

I dont want to randomly buy carts hoping to land the right one (gets expensive).
Asking the seller usually ends up with 'I dont know' and 'I cant find out'
Are there any Japan residents that have the ability to identify specific carts for others?
Anyone has had a method/idea that produced good results?

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