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Gaming Discussion / Re: The giving away stuff thread
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:35:00 pm »
Oh, DP is in the current gala bundle? Hm, I was very interested in the game, but I heard the port is abysmal.
I think they just didn't mess with improving anything from the console, probably locked in with the same resolutions and textures and whatnot.

EDIT:  Looks like the primary issue is that it's locked in at 720p.  Apparently there's a mod in alpha that bumps up the res, so it's probably not something that's unfixable.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Admits Wii U Is A Flop? Interesting...
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:33:59 pm »
Quite a few, actually.  Probably the best is Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.  But there were some Dead Space and Resident Evil spinoffs that were supposed to be pretty good, and I also think House of the Dead showed up there.  Those probably don't count as "PD-style", though.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The giving away stuff thread
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:30:00 pm »
The downside is that a ton of dupes tend to crop up in these bundles. Nowadays if there is a new HB announced I usually already have 3 out of 4 games in it. Unless I really really want that 4th game I just skip the bundle. I also unsubscribed to most indie bundle newsletters except for the HB one. It just became too much. 2 or 3 different bundles every single week.
Well, that too.  I've been running into repeats more and more, because I snapped up so much early on.  I mean, there's like three running right now (Groupees, Royale, and Gala), and I haven't bought any of them yet.  Mostly lack of interest in the higher-tier stuff, already having the lower-tier, and generally just having a backlog the size of Texas.  I guess the one I'm most interested in might be Gala, because I've heard things about Deadly Premonition (apparently kind of a cult classic), but sheer apathy seems to have kicked in to some degree.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Admits Wii U Is A Flop? Interesting...
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:14:34 pm »
I've been drawing all my life, and started experimenting with digital art in 2008. My conclusion is that using a mouse to draw in a traditional manner is often cumbersome and slow, and usually leads to many errors and much time wasted redrawing and correcting. However, when doing certain kinds of pixel art, or when drawing straight lines, a pen & tablet can be bothersome and the mouse is the way to go.
Oh, yeah, there's definitely cases where a mouse is very useful.  I think that goes back to my original point, if you're using the right tool for the job, then all is well.  It's when you try to do the job with one style of input that is better suited to another that you run into trouble.  (I've been drawing for all my life, too, although I haven't done much in the last couple of years.  I'm still stuck on pencil-and-paper, and I'm not terrible, but I don't have much variability in what I'm able to draw, unlike my brother.)

The same sort of thing applies to video games. Traditional controllers and motion controllers should be applied to functionality that they are suited for, rather than the other way around.
Very much agreed with this.  The inputs themselves aren't the problem, it's how they're used.

I.S.T. brings up a very important aspect of gaming with motion controllers: Not everyone wants to or is capable of using motion controllers, and forcing a Player to use it is terrible design. Games are supposed to be accessible to all. Technology should empower rather than limit.
If I may play devil's advocate here, though...  traditional gaming controllers are a huge barrier to non-gamers.  I've come across lots of people that wouldn't dare pick up a controller because it looks insanely complicated to them.  And ironically, they're kinda right.  We gamers that have grown up in the hobby have had time (at least from my personal experience) to move from the two-primary-button NES controller to the 6-button SNES to the Dual Shock, and all the spinoffs in between.  We've had more time to adjust.  They haven't.  To us, a traditional controller may be empowering, because we can look at a game, and see where things would work just fine with a traditional controller.  Non-gamers, likely, will not see that, and the motion controls might seem more intuitive.

Just a thought.  I'm certainly not a fan of shoehorning in motion or touch or whatever "just because", but there are cases where I think it's central to the vision of the software.  When that's the case, I'm totally okay with forcing motion controls.

Remember when Crimson Dragon was initially slated to be a Kinect exclusive title? Not only was that a pointless decision, but in a way it was a statement: "Traditional controllers never really worked with Panzer Dragoon games."

I'm glad they realized their mistake and chose to implement controller functionality.
Didn't Crimson Dragon turn out kinda iffy, anyway?  Playing the part of a contrarian for just a moment (wheeeee!), I can actually see where a rail shooter might benefit quite well from motion controls if done correctly.  The Wii certainly did quite well with rail shooters.  I can see the Wii remote being quite ideal for a game like Panzer Dragoon, and it's one of those series where, as good as they are, it just begs for a mouse- or stylus-style input device.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The giving away stuff thread
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:01:38 pm »
Yeah, it's hard to resist some of those bundles, especially the $1 tiers.  I'm sitting on...  almost 600 Steam games?  Good grief.

In other news, anyone interested in a Steam copy of Arkham Asylum?

Gaming Discussion / Re: The giving away stuff thread
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:53:13 pm »
Wowzers, looks like someone has been hitting up the indie bundles as much as I have!  ;)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Admits Wii U Is A Flop? Interesting...
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:58:29 pm »
Challenge accepted:

Are all of those MSPaint with a mouse?  Which ones am I supposed to look at?

I'm not saying it can't be done, but it takes a lot of skill, practice, and time to do with a mouse what you can do with a simple pencil and piece of paper.  Or at least that's the way it has always been for me.  My brother is far more skilled than I, and he always uses a tablet and stylus (preferably with Wacom).

Good stuff, by the way!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Admits Wii U Is A Flop? Interesting...
« on: January 20, 2014, 02:14:52 pm »
While a mouse and a stylus is certainly a similar device, I would certainly challenge someone to be as accurate in a drawing program with a mouse as opposed to an actual pen-style implement.

I agree that it's not the input method that's the problem, it's the implementation.  The stylus works very well for the things it was designed for, and not so well when it's trying to do things better accomplished with buttons.  While I didn't put much time into Brain Age, just the ability to write numbers on-screen as opposed to picking them out of a list (now I'm getting horrific flashbacks to spelling out words in NES Jeopardy) is an absolute revelation for that kind of software, and removes a significant barrier to non-gamers as well.  This is not a bad thing!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Admits Wii U Is A Flop? Interesting...
« on: January 19, 2014, 03:57:45 pm »
It should be noted that their projections were ridiculously rosy in the first place.  I don't think the Wii U is going to be a complete flop, even if it doesn't achieve the stratospheric success that the Wii did.  And if Nintendo hadn't gone the disruptive route, we'd have been talking about this with their non-Wii Gamecube successor many years ago.

The gambit didn't pay off this time (yet).  But taking that chance at least gives them a shot at sniffing first place, as opposed to perpetually in third place.  At least if they end up there this time, they were swinging for the fences again.  (Seriously, guys, the GamePad is awesome, just for the off-screen capability.  I can multitask so much more easily that I wish all my other consoles had this ability tightly integrated.)

Keeping up with the times means going mobile. I don’t care if it’s bad for business; screw everything about that.

Agreed.  Screw that.  Depending on how much convergence we see this gen between PC and consoles this generation, Nintendo might end up in a pretty good spot as having the only home console that doesn't feel like a slightly-compromised gaming PC.

Also, let's talk again when we get Mario Kart and Smash.  I have a feeling that will move some units.

Gaming Discussion / Re: New video game ideas
« on: January 16, 2014, 04:05:45 pm »
There are two sequels already... Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross.
This is true...  they're just terrible at being sequels.  ;)

While I'm thinking about Chrono Trigger, I'd love to see a bug-fixed, rebalanced version of Black Sigil.

I saw someone mention StarTropics III above, and I'd be down for that.  Make it happen, Nintendo.

Gaming Discussion / Re: So I played White Knight Chronicles 2
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:29:34 am »
True.  If we counted those, I suppose we'd have to throw Graces in on the Wii.  I'm actually not sure how many other RPGs there were on Wii that we didn't get.

Another one I've heard about (and own, actually!) is Opoona.  I've heard good and bad things about it, but HG101 makes it sound like a hidden gem.

I like what I've played of Xillia so far, and I like the combat better than Vesperia.  There was always something halting about Yuri's fighting style, and I never got the sort of fluidity that I like in Tales games.  But then, maybe I was just playing it wrong.  And now you're really making me want to pull Magna Carta II back out!  I've owned it for years...  and just not gotten around to playing it much.  :P

Gaming Discussion / Re: So I played White Knight Chronicles 2
« on: January 13, 2014, 06:46:04 pm »
Yeah, as far as numbers go, PS3 has a pretty sizable lead.  As far as quality, though?  Ehhh...  not really.  Ni No Kuni and the Tales games are probably the best thing going on that system.  I'm not sure I throw Valkyria Chronicles in the JRPG category, it's much more SRPG / X-COM, in my mind.  FFXIII and the sequel are on both, so that's a wash, ditto Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean.  All those Atelier and Hyperdimension games look pretty bad to me.

The 360 has Vesperia, and that's probably close to enough to balance out the Tales games on PS3...  until more come out.  Infinite Undiscovery was pretty maligned, as was The Last Remnant, but they're both enjoyable, I'd forgotten about Magna Carta II, and then there's Lost Odyssey.  I honestly think I'd choose the 360 over the PS3, and if you throw WRPGs in there, it's not even close.

Still, the most fun I've had with an RPG (or action-RPG, depending on your view of it) was with The Last Story.  Between it, Xenoblade, and Pandora's Tower, there's a pretty strong argument for the Wii being the best.  I know some don't like it, but Super Paper Mario was pretty fun, the Symphonia follow-up was enjoyable enough, Arc Rise Fantasia is a bit like a turn-based Tales (with a horrible, horrible localization, at least as far as voice acting), and depending on if you want to throw SRPGs in, you've got Fire Emblem (which would qualify Valkyria for PS3, of course).  And depending on whether or not you consider Zelda an action-RPG or not (I don't really, but some do), those should put the system over the top.

It's a bit weird, honestly, seeing how none of the three systems are a clear favorite, though.  This last generation has been absolutely crazy, at least for consoles.

I didn't have much money to play in arcades.  Most of the time, I just watched others if I had a chance, or the demo scroll.  There was a short period of time where a service station in my insanely small town had arcade machines, and was very generous about lives and the like with the settings.  It's where I beat Double Dragon, for one.  But competitive?  Not particularly, even though I enjoy Street Fighter immensely.

Gaming Discussion / Re: So I played White Knight Chronicles 2
« on: January 09, 2014, 10:43:44 pm »
I was just thinking the other day, Beyond the Beyond might be pretty decent if the stupid pause before attacks (for the timed hits, I suppose) was gone.  That, and halving the encounter rate, with double EXP to compensate.

Gaming Discussion / Re: So I played White Knight Chronicles 2
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:17:25 pm »
Never got around to it.  Rogue Galaxy wasn't bland, though!  Neither was Dragon Quest VIII!  Or Ni No Kuni!  (Well, maybe a little.)

Also, what'chu got against Beyond the Beyond?  It's a...  well, it's...  umm...  it's not bad.  It's not good, either, but it's...  okay, fine, it's kinda bland.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Neverland is nevermore.
« on: December 06, 2013, 06:27:24 pm »
I actually did enjoy the action-RPG re-imagining of Lufia II.  And I've heard that Rune Factory 4 is actually quite excellent.

Very disappointing to see them go.  Lufia II remains one of my favorite RPG experiences, and from what I've played of Energy Breaker, it's pretty cool as well.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Sega CD rememberance thread
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:30:05 pm »
I only liked Shining Force CD, Snatcher and Keio Flying Squadron. The rest of the games I saw blew or weren't much better than genesis games.
There was more worthwhile there than that, although I'm not sure if you tried some of the other good stuff.  Eternal Blue is one of 'em, Popful Mail is quite good, too.  But there were a lot of games, as you say, that weren't really any better than Genesis games.  In fact, there were quite a few that were basically Genesis games with redbook audio.

Snatcher is indeed a great game.  Well, text adventure / visual novel / whatever it is.  Amazing atmosphere, even now.  Even if it did swipe liberally from Blade Runner and Terminator.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Sega CD rememberance thread
« on: September 27, 2013, 11:12:36 am »
I have a CDX.
And I mainly use it to play Shining Force CD.
I want one of those.  They're pretty sweet.

(Shining Force CD was pretty awesome, too.)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Sega CD rememberance thread
« on: September 25, 2013, 04:15:00 pm »
I got a Sega CD...  when the Dreamcast came out.  Friend of mine sold it to me with a Genesis (also the first I owned) for $30.  It needs some work now, I think the track limiters are goofed, as the laser motor gears grind now when sliding on the rails.  And the Genesis has developed audio crackling something fierce.  Probably a capacitor issue, although I suppose it could be an issue with the chip itself.

Good thing I've got replacements.  :)

My favorite game on the system?  Easily Lunar: Eternal Blue.  I like it better than the PSX remake.  It's right there with Phantasy Star IV as one of the best games of that generation.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Steam entering the next stage
« on: September 25, 2013, 04:08:20 pm »
I know what they're trying to do...  I'm just not sure someone's going to go out and buy one of these if they're already heavy into PC gaming.  Seems like they may be missing the market.  But who knows, maybe they'll take out Microsoft and Sony, and we'll be bowing to our new digital, non-ownership overlords.

EDIT:  And please note, I don't hate Steam.  I have lots of Steam games!  But I'm under no illusions as to what it is.

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