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Gaming Discussion / Re: sony just announced the playstation 4
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:00:14 pm »
Wait, PS3 backwards compatibility...  but "cloud-based"?  I don't like the sound of that.  In fact, that doesn't sound like real BC at all.  More streaming older PS3 content to your system.  Which, of course, is absolutely useless for me and my low-bandwidth, high-latency Internet.

Sarge, seriously, google Jim Sterling racist or Jim Sterling sexist/misogynist.  It does not take very long to see what this guy does.  Once or twice could be called a mistake or ignorance, after that, you're doing it on purpose.
You might be right.  Again, just playing devil's advocate with what I've got in front of me.  :P  Or just making a point that probably doesn't work for a guy like this.  (It might work for another well-known person, but I'm not going there.)

Gaming Discussion / Re: sony just announced the playstation 4
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:52:17 pm »
I wish I could do this some day.  Man, you so lucky.
I do feel lucky, especially considering how any of these opportunities were so far out of reach growing up.

What's interesting is that he calls it the "Toyota Corolla" of the skies.  It's not a hugely expensive aircraft, relatively speaking (probably under $30k), and it tops out at about 110-120 knots, but dang, if it's not cool.  I'd love to be able to own my own aircraft one day.  Maybe it'll happen.  Hopefully you'll get your shot, too!

Oh, I'm not saying he's not being a prick or whatever, I'm just arguing (mostly for the sake of arguing) that being blunt or crude doesn't make him a racist.  There may well be other stuff that would indicate as such, but I don't see anything there that screams "I hate black people!", more "I don't care about people's feelings!"  I think I have a much higher threshold than you for what I would consider to be actual, honest-to-goodness racism.  I've probably seen enough to not like the guy, regardless.

Just out of curiosity, was he advocating that he should be able to call black people the n-word, or just that he should be able to use the word?  I know it's picking nits, but I think it's an important distinction to make.

And again, by no means am I actually arguing that everyone should go out and do this.  There's a coarsening of the culture that's occurring, and this doesn't help at all.  Of course, if we, as a society, are going to be offensive, I'd ask that we be equal opportunity offenders, and not cherry-pick what groups we feel it's okay to denigrate and not denigrate.

Anyway, probably a discussion for another time and place.  I'm just trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, I don't like to jump to the racism word very quickly, because it's a very serious accusation to make, and I've seen it thrown about with such little care that it has become one of my sensitive subjects, I suppose.

Gaming Discussion / Re: sony just announced the playstation 4
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:29:35 pm »
Specs were announced: x86 based AMD CPU + GPU and 8 GB RAM. And they decided on the dual-shock 4 with stereo camera tracking.
No price, pics (of the console itself), or release date released yet. If you have 2 hours or so to kill, hit up GameTrailers for the archive of the announcement.
Yeah, I wanted to watch, but got a call right at 5:00 from my major professor to go flying.  No way was I going to turn that down.  I've never gotten to fly in a two-seater before.  Even got to buzz over my house.  :D

I feel it helps that I can back up my argument.
Thanks for that.  I definitely don't agree with taking that tack.  I'd never use that word myself.

Playing devil's advocate, however, arguing that you should be able to use the word...  maybe stretches the definition of "racism".  I think we've become so sensitive that we begin to diminish actual racism.  And the author of that take on things even ends up undercutting their own argument, in that the guy is a British immigrant, and doesn't quite the grasp of history like (some of) our populace has.  I think the farthest you could probably take it is that he's incredibly insensitive, which very well seems to be the case.

Cue someone telling me that I'm racist in 3...  2...  1...

EDIT:  Dear Lord, we're off-topic.  And I'm not looking to create any sort of firestorm with the above, for goodness sake.  From what I see, the dude is as crass as they come.

So...  Sony didn't put the kibosh on the used games thing at their event.  This is unsurprising.  And maybe even a little worrisome.  You usually hold bad news back for later.  Good news, like continued used games sales, should probably have been covered.  So the rumor still has legs for now.

Gaming Discussion / Re: sony just announced the playstation 4
« on: February 20, 2013, 09:43:16 pm »
So... how much will it cost, how much of that cost will be the controller, and will it be demonstrably better than the Wii U?  I'm sure it'll be more powerful, but I'm not sure it's going to matter much in the end.

Honestly, the PS3 is already relegated to my "exclusives box".  And a glorified Blu-Ray player.  Not a great position to be in.  If they launch another $500+ console, they're going to be in a world of hurt.

It varies wildly.  During the work week, I usually find time to get in...  5-10 hours?  Weekends can be dicey depending on how I feel.  If I've got nothing going on, then it can be as much as 10+ hours, or as little as an hour or so.  Sometimes, I just don't want to touch anything.  It's a sad proposition when you can look at all the games you have, want to play something, yet not be able to summon forth the energy to do so, instead spending that time goofing around on the Internet, accomplishing nothing.

I'm going to say...  5-10, I suppose, but occasionally sliding into 11-15 territory.  And yes, I usually sacrifice sleep to do so.

EDIT:  Heck, maybe it's the other way around.  I don't know.  I probably play more than I think...  but I didn't touch anything last night.  There are quite a few nights like that.  (Instead, I watched the first episode of Poirot from the box set I just got in.  Still awesome after all these years.)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cave Story+ 3DS - UK Release?
« on: February 20, 2013, 03:18:21 pm »
Yeah, Dank, I edited my post.  I can definitely see it as a CYA move.  Ninty does a lot of that.

Oh boy... It's the SMT IV 3DS XL again, but I read some disturbing news... and really, I read this for Fire Emblem Awakening too so I don't know why it's hitting me now, but whatever: These special edition consoles bring the game pre-installed in the machine... That's... kinda hideous...
Yes, it is hideous.  Ugh.  I saw this with some of their other bundles, as well.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cave Story+ 3DS - UK Release?
« on: February 20, 2013, 02:22:27 pm »
Still, I don't see most kids being able to import a game properly, at least not without their parents' assistance.  So I have to wonder if something like that does any good at all.  Got any links to arguments that this is what they're doing?  I've always understood region-locking in the past to ensure that they have complete pricing control over each region software is sold in, not so much a ratings thing.  This is honestly the first time I've heard this particular argument.  Not saying it's not legit!  I just have never heard it.

EDIT:  Seems like a CYA move to me.  That it happens to enforce some pretty strict pricing on the European market is just another boon.  I see where they've talked about it in the past now, Dank.  I still think it's PR-speak, to be honest.  Trying to grasp at some other reason to give, when the primary motivation is probably still monetary in nature.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cave Story+ 3DS - UK Release?
« on: February 20, 2013, 01:52:26 pm »
The short answer is ESRB lobbyists.
Is it that, or just to make more money off of the European market?  Or both?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cave Story+ 3DS - UK Release?
« on: February 20, 2013, 12:42:10 pm »
I'm guessing Soul Hackers is one of the games you're interested in.  Along with SMT IV.

Agreed on region locking.  It's very, very annoying.  It shouldn't exist.  I'd love to see Nintendo patch it out.  I'm guessing they could do so.

Just wait a bit longer and see if SMT IV's 3DS XL will get a release here. If nothing else, there may be a hack later on to remove region locking (which may also allow pirated games as a side-effect *sigh*)

I'll say this though: Don't get the regular 3DS. Not because it's bad or anything (I really like mine), but the 3DS XL is just comfier, bigger... It's great.
Agreed.  I've owned both, and while the regular 3DS is decent enough (and just a touch more portable), the XL is just better all around.  And while another hardware revision may come down the pike, the fact that they've released two models now, with no second circle pad and minimal support for the CPP, tells me that we're not going to see new hardware features, at any rate.  I've been wrong before, though.  That's just my read on it.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cave Story+ 3DS - UK Release?
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:27:59 am »
Is the black one supposed to be a limited-edition run?  If not, I wouldn't sweat it.  Besides, it's not like the base models are ugly, and I also don't see the scalpers getting too crazy in the next year...  so you're probably safe to wait.

And yes, I have a 3DS XL.  I like it a lot.  It's not getting played a ton right now, though.  That's going to change as soon as Sticker Star gets in, though, and I still have yet to really pick back up on Kingdom Hearts or Kid Icarus.

I'm a little curious as well.  I haven't watched the guy, but I'm curious where the racism / sexism comes in as well.  I'll freely admit to not liking the guy's style, but that's a completely subjective thing.

(And yeah, definitely off-topic.  But we're good at that here!)

Did you know Final Fantasy XII and II were designed by the same guy behind SaGa? They share a lot of common ancestry. In fact, Final Fantasy II possibly birthed the entire series.
Yep yep.  Kawazu is equal parts brilliant and mad.  I find Parish's writeup on Unlimited Saga to be a good read.

Yeah, I'm okay with masking these things with interesting side quests.  A lot of RPGs do this.  I think we had this discussion before, and technically, true grinding would be hitting a brick wall, with nothing else left to do other than killing crap outside of a town.  So by that definition, SaGa Frontier doesn't really have grinding, because there are still quest-related things to do.  Ditto Chrono.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cave Story+ 3DS - UK Release?
« on: February 19, 2013, 05:08:16 pm »
Oh, yes.  Like I thought D told me to tear down my Double Dragon: Neon review to 400-500 words, instead of cutting out 400-500.  That makes a huge difference.  :P

But isn't all of that still kinda another form of grinding? You needing to fight a certain amount of times before you're strong enough to fight the boss?
That was my thought.  Probably not unlike FFVIII and its level scaling.  You can certainly grind up individual parameters, but it's not going to help against anything but the bosses, but then again, that's usually where you need the help, anyway...  so, grinding?

I've had a bit of an epiphany with a lot of games, figuring out where and how they mask the grinding.  Even Chrono Trigger does it.  The character sidequests are actually interesting, so it ends up being fun, but it's still hiding absolutely necessary grinding for Lavos battle prep.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Cave Story+ 3DS - UK Release?
« on: February 19, 2013, 04:58:45 pm »
Shows I'm not paying attention.  I think I was mentioning it more for personal kicks than actually being helpful, so the topic creator (and others) can bemusedly ignore my occasional selfish indulgences.  :P

I might be the only member here who thinks FF9 is grossly overrated.  But I do.

I think FF9 is crap too ;D


Not a huge FFIX fan, either.  I don't think it's the worst game I've played, but I found it to be...  merely tolerable.  I beat it, yes, but I ran out of steam on the game halfway through disc 3, and just wanted it to be over with.

I also don't remember it being very difficult.  The old standby FF formula worked just fine.  Heal every turn, and keep whacking away with your most powerful skills.  Worked for Kefka, worked for Sephiroth, etc., etc.

You really can't... grind... in SaGa Frontier. It's set up so that it's pretty nicely balanced; the more you fight, the stronger you become, but the stronger the enemies become. There's a battle count threshold and as you pass it, the enemies just get stronger in all regions of the world. So you can still stumble upon a disastrously powerful boss (hello, biolab!) that's hanging around comparatively weak enemies, because you just haven't fought enough stuff.

That said, there are a lot of optional side-things to do. Most obvious and notable are the various magic type quests, but there are others. The game sort of expects you to delve into these with each character between plot segments, and things can get pretty tough if you don't. Lute is the exception, as his scenario was never really finished. You can literally walk to his final boss within minutes of starting his scenario, and if you do, you're gonna get stomped. But provided the side quests are undertaken I never found the game itself to be all that difficult. The unfortunate thing is that since there are seven and a half characters, and the game expects you to do the sidequests each time you play, that means you're running the sidequests at least seven times. And they get old. But the game is otherwise a lot of fun, and has some truly incredible music.
SaGa Frontier is one of those games that I want to get into so badly...  but just can't.  At least not enough to finish all the quests.  I managed to go through Blue's quest, and I think Asellus.  Then I lost my saves, and with it any desire at the time to finish it off.  It just feels a little too disjointed for my tastes.  I much preferred its sequel, but that's just me.  I can certainly see where someone could fall in love with Frontier.

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