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"Ease" should basically said like "eeze".  Geese is more like "eece", like in fleece.  At least that's how I've always said it.  Of course, trusting a Deep South rube might not be the best way to go here.  ;)

Of course, you're not going to be the only one that has mispronounced stuff.  I'd read the word "genre" for years without pronouncing it right.  Ditto with "macabre".  I even went through a kick where I didn't pronounce "mercenaries" correctly.  (Don't ask, it just happened.)

Actually, I think it's actually closer to "eese" (like "geese" without the "g"), but I never say it that way, going with "ease" instead.  Good enough for government work.  :P

English is entirely made of exceptions.
True.  ;)

As for all the ones mentioned, I mispronounced a lot of them.  Ys?  Yup.  Ninja Gaiden?  Also yup.  I still have a tendency to pronounce Suikoden as soo-ko-den.  :P

Also...  I say it like "man-na" as well.  Go figure.

General Discussion / Re: The Brain Death of Television
« on: May 24, 2012, 11:44:03 am »
Also, I think I may have mentioned Poirot in another thread.  It's my understanding that the series is still going.   :o

General Discussion / Re: The Brain Death of Television
« on: May 24, 2012, 11:06:40 am »
Absolutely seconding "Are You Being Served?"  Such a great show.  :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Ys Origin coming to Steam
« on: May 24, 2012, 10:37:46 am »
I'd be shocked if they put it on Steam and haven't fixed that particular issue.  But who knows?

General Discussion / Re: The Brain Death of Television
« on: May 24, 2012, 10:36:12 am »
I know it's very old-school (and might expose me to a bit of ridicule), but I was always impressed by the writing in The Andy Griffith Show.  Seriously.  And plus, Barney Fife.  :)

General Discussion / Re: NBA Playoffs
« on: May 24, 2012, 10:33:38 am »
Heh.  If it makes you feel any better, I was rooting for the Mavs last year.  I can't stand Mark Cuban, but I was really happy to see Dirk get a ring.  The Spurs have tortured him enough over the years, I suppose.  ;)

I'm honestly not sure how the Thunder / Spurs series will play out.  It's a toss-up, in my mind.  My pessimism says the Thunder will take it, but the Spurs have looked awfully good.  Historically good.

I really want to see the Heat get knocked out.  Maybe the suspensions will help Indiana force a Game 7.  I'm rooting for them if they make the Finals and the Spurs don't.  And if it's anyone else against the Thunder, I'll root for them...  and it goes without saying that I'll be hoping the Spurs take it all.

By the way, Game 7 for Celtics / Sixers.  I've been impressed by the tenacity of that Sixers squad, I think they've got a bright future ahead of them.

General Discussion / Re: The Brain Death of Television
« on: May 23, 2012, 09:27:46 pm »
I've found a few of the dramas pretty good.  I enjoy Person of Interest and The Mentalist on Thursday nights...  and that's about it.

Ironically, some of the more interesting shows are reality TV that's not overtly offensive.  I've enjoyed a few episodes of stuff like American Pickers or Pawn Stars.  Storage Wars is fun, too.

That being said, what passes for "comedy" these days is absolutely atrocious.  Most sitcoms are pure crap.  And I can't even watch Comedy Central, it's so unfunny.  About the best thing they've got going is Jeff Dunham specials.  Everything else can take a hike.

General Discussion / NBA Playoffs
« on: May 23, 2012, 06:50:16 pm »
Well, I think I made one of these last year, and things didn't turn out too hot.  My team (the San Antonio Spurs) fell in the first round, and it looked like they were on their way to obscurity.

Funny how much difference a year makes.  Epic showdown coming up Sunday, with the Oklahoma City Thunder going up against the "good guys".  Anyone else keeping track, or got a team that they're rooting for that's still in the hunt?  (And if you're a Charlotte Bobcats fan, I suppose they're still in the hunt...  to get Anthony Davis.  ;) )

Gaming Discussion / Re: Dolphin questions
« on: May 23, 2012, 10:57:42 am »
Quick look around says yes.  But I've never done it myself.  I can't get Dolphin to run full speed on my lappy (it's oh-so-close, though).  I'm gonna run this machine into the ground, then get a nice desktop.  :)

I managed to snag one of those Nyko Powerpak+ thingies for my 3DS (in a buggy of stuff from Dirt Cheap, naturally), and the added thickness does indeed help.  Good to know I'm not the only one around here that could use some slightly beefier handhelds.

People who are depressed need help, not simple advice.
Completely agreed on this.  I've found that many people, if they haven't gone through it themselves, or had a loved one or close friend struggle through it, have no idea what depression is like.  It's horrible.  And it's not their fault, in many cases.  A lot of times, the anti-depressants can be as bad as the original condition.  I know that's the situation I saw.  I didn't go through it myself, and it was still a scary and dark time for all involved.  I can only imagine how bad it was for the person I'm thinking of.  And while we were always as positive as possible, and said the right and logical things, people in that situation aren't really thinking logically.  I mean, literally, it's a brain chemistry problem.  If they could just "snap out of it", they'd have already done so.

Now, I don't know enough about this case beyond that, but it's sad when anyone tries to take their own life.  I hope this lady gets the help she needs, and has a loving, supporting family to help pull her through.  That's the only thing, in my experience, that works, and even in the case I'm referring to, it took 3 years for things to normalize.  And that's probably a good outcome.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Re: Victoly!
« on: May 22, 2012, 05:11:41 pm »
I use Kega Fusion, myself, but Mednafen is a great emulator in its own right.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Re: Victoly!
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:45:34 pm »
I don't doubt Galaxy 2 is worth $40-50.  But I don't want to pay that much for Pikmin 2 (Wii or GC, doesn't matter...)
Don't blame you on that.  (And once again, I don't remember what I paid for Pikmin 2.  I just know it wasn't full price, or I wouldn't have bought it.)

General Discussion / Re: ITT: We see who owns the police
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:44:35 pm »
One time I had to carry $30,000 in cash via hand across a parking lot at night.*  That was a tad bit nerve wracking let me tell YOU.  Every car I walked by I expected to be jumped.

*Late night deposit after a black friday sale when I was working retail years ago.
Yeowch.  Yeah, I can see where that would be nerve-wracking.  Especially depending on where you happened to be at the time.  (Atlanta, I'm looking at you.)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Re: Victoly!
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:16:47 pm »
They're like goddamned legit Disney DVDs I swear.
Yep.  I'm sad that the announced Selects version of DKC Returns is priced at a premium at $30.  :P

I can't even remember what I paid for SMG2.  Probably full price.  Thanks, Ninty!  (And honestly, it really was worth it, at least to me.)

General Discussion / Re: ITT: We see who owns the police
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:14:30 pm »
You're speaking to safety there, which is likely very much a cultural thing.  It fits right in with my thoughts about our moral decline in this country.  I'm sure you already know this, but with the Japanese's strict rules of conduct and honor, you're going to get less of the behavior that is problematic.  (Not to mention some of the problems we have here are of a more cultural nature, when two different ethnic groups clash.  I would wager that's less of a problem in Japan.)

Anyway, you list all these positive examples, and they're absolutely good, but I've also known officers here to do some of the exact same things.  And I also suspect there's corruption in the Japanese police department as well.  Although maybe that aforementioned honor keeps them from participating in it as much.  (Or it keeps them from talking about it, dunno.)  I'll never claim to be a Japanese cultural expert, I'm just speaking as to human nature.  (Seems like I come back to that a lot.)

And yes, I was referring to the $20,000.  That's a lot of cash to have in one spot.  (And while I've had upwards of $3000 on my person, I usually don't like to do any business of that magnitude without some sort of paper trail, so I use a check for those instances.)

General Discussion / Re: ITT: We see who owns the police
« on: May 22, 2012, 01:07:46 pm »
I'm sure this is exactly what Talbain's been waiting for me to say...  that's pretty awful.  Sounds like Tennessee needs to change a few laws there.  And despite what I've argued before, this kind of stuff doesn't actually surprise me.  I've not argued that no corruption exists within our police forces, and this is a good example of it.  It doesn't help that the laws on the books seem to encourage this sort of behavior.  Of course, it shouldn't take a law to fix the problem in the first place...  but given how tight budgets are right now, this is completely unsurprising.

All that being said...  most people don't carry around that kind of cash.  I would be willing to wager that most of the people they find with that kind of cash are drug dealers.  That being said, without evidence of any sort of crime, though, that cop should have sent the man on his way.  As for the falsified report, that's that ugly human nature rearing its ugly head again.  That officer was in pure "CYA" mode, and should most assuredly be reprimanded for this, and if he's a repeat offender, it's time to kick the dude off the force.

By the way, DS, I'm not sure you're really going to find it any better in Japan.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Re: Victoly!
« on: May 22, 2012, 12:53:05 pm »
For the record, at least in my mind, MM9 was amazing, and MM10 was indeed kinda "meh".

I know one of the reasons that I at least seem like "that guy" that always raves about certain games is, well, because I usually don't dwell on the crap games.  I've played so many at this point that they all blur together.  It's rare for me to come across a game that's completely broken.  So many, though, do fall into the "meh" category.  That's the point at which personal taste comes in, I think, because I'm much more willing to play an average-ish JRPG than I am a good-to-great FPS.  Or actually, pretty much any FPS in general.  Although even my tastes are changing in that regard, because I can't even number the RPGs I've started and never finished, and that goes for pretty much all eras.  (Not to mention the time commitment.  :P)

I think Dank is right, there's nothing wrong with comfort food in gaming, as long as the entire industry doesn't get stuck in it.  I honestly wish the industry had stuck with it, in some regards, as some of the greatest JRPGs of all time were from the 16- and 32-bit eras.  And I'm still a sucker for good, 2D platformers.  There's something there that newer, 3D platformers just don't satisfy deep within my being.  (Except for Mario Galaxy, which was absolutely amazing.)

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