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I am need of a utility or a talented hacker that can change a few NES roms from MMC1 to MMC3. I'm told it can be done. Replace all "sta MMC1mapper" with "jsr doMMC1toMMC3" Please PM me if you are up to this. I plan on converting TLoz, Tetris0, and Monopoly. Thank you very much.

Since this is the idea thread: How about a TLoZ hack that allows you to set other items as your primary (rather than just your sword) For example, you could kill with the wand and collect with the boomerang without going to the menu.

How about a nice, clean SMB3 hack that allows you to skip all the menus. I know that I found a shop of strange and wonderfull things, that's why I'm here. It feels like I'm sitting around for hours waiting to get back to the game.

While I'm at it, how about a TLoZ hack that uses passwords rather than a battery save. Just a thought.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Famiclones - a bang for your buck?
« on: February 26, 2013, 09:20:25 pm »
I have a Super Joy 3 that has a 60 pin fami-slot, but the A and B buttons are reversed.

My Yobo NES clone is really cheaply built; the controllers are crappy. The controller ports are compatible with the original NES, but they are slightly off sized and changing controllers requires some effort. The cart slot is very tight so I just leave an old copy of SMB3 in it. The Satellite, the Fourscrore, and the PowerPak are all incompatible though. All of those cheap NES-on-a-chip (NOAC) fami/nes-clones won't support the PowerPack for that matter. There are some graphical and sound glitches present, and I don't think that all MMCs are suported.

The best bang for you buck in my opinion is a broken front loader with and diy overhaul and a conversion cart.

Cheapest way to get a famicom cart on screen is a flea market Super Joy.

Oh, wow. I'll be following that attentively.

But, since this is the Hack Ideas thread, I'll suggest a few NES ideas. A finished Nyan Cat game and a D-Pad Hero with more (or different) songs. I don't really care for the style of D-Pad Hero 2.

I love hearing everyones ideas!

I would like Knuckles Chaotix down-ported to the Genesis/Mega Drive. I wonder what parts of the game require the 32x and what parts are just Sonic Crackers. (I would similarly like to see Sonic Crackers finished with the levels of Knuckles Chaotics).Anyone know anything about this, just out of curiosity?

I would like to see modern moves added to SMB3 (wall jump, butt bounce, etc.) I'm waiting for your ninja suit, Dahrk Daiz!

A way to run faster later on in tLoZ, and maybe a bow that fires free arrows.

Vs. Duck Hunt with a "dip-switch screen" added so I could play it on the PowerPak.

ANYTHING that takes advantage of the ethernet connection on Chykn's NES expansion port adapter.

A Tetris Attack style game for the NES.

A cartridge of Sonic 1 for Genesis that adds Knuckles with lock-on technology. Also, Sonic 2 (patched for flying tails) as a lock on cart that can add Tails to S1.

That is all.

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