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Hello everyone ;)

My name is Rolly from the SEGA-SKY portal.
Together with Rafagam, we are translating the Blue Submarine no6 'Time & Tide' for SEGA Dreamcast into English.
At the time of writing, most of the work was done, and the game scripts, gfx can be modified to display texts in English.
But, because of "sailor slang" and difficult hearing translation, we need help with translating some videos and short audio dialogues. No timeline required ;)

If anyone can help us - I have prepared ready to edit files and videos along with a timeline.

* Movies folder :

* Audio dialgos folder :

Project site :

If anyone is interested, just hit me with a PM or edit files and leave a comment.
Any person who will be able to help us will be included in the credits (including in the game itself) ;)

Hello all ;)
Time to start a new translation project for SEGA Dreamcast ;)

We are currently translating to English Blue Submarine no.6 'Time & Tide' (青の6号) for the awesome SEGA Dreamcast console.
Blue Submarine No. 6: Tides of Time is an post-apocalyptic underwater-exploration game with rpg elements and not-linear adaventure. Developed by SEGA and released for the Dreamcast in 2000. The game follows the exploits of a deep-sea salvage crew as they recover treasure and anime side-story. The game includes FMV animation by Gonzo, a renowned Anime studio responsible for the original OVA and music perfomed by The Thrill. B6 game features characters from the anime like Tetsu Hayami or Verg (yay!).

Date of patch release : TBA   

* Project page :

*** Localization Team ***
Rolly - Project head, translation, implementation, hack, GFX
RafaGam - advanced translation, playtester

You want to help with the project, love the game or anime? Let us know on Twitter or Discord!
JP Translators are always welcome :)

Here is some stuff about game:

Game Trailer :
Anime Trailer :
Screenshots (WIP) :

*** Contact, info, links *** 

* My own SEGA-SKY Portal : / @ kontakt(at)
* Twitter :
* Discord (help, talk about project and.. what's next?)  : &

All Karous files have ~165MB.
Fits on CD with any problems. Use a .CDI iso (avalible on net) or org. GD-ROM rip and extract files from GDI image.
All ways works fine.
You find tools on project page.

Thanks for all positive comments!  :beer:

Patch is now avalible to download!  :woot!:

Enjoy ^^
The Projet Team : Rolly & RafaGam

We have it! The Karous translation project is over!  :beer:
Yesterday I played a few hours on the SEGA Dreamcast console - everything works great.
Together with RafaGam , we carry out the latest game tests.

The final release date for the patch - June 8, 2019.
Avalible on RHDN and (files size is too big to direct DL from RHDC)

List of changes :

- improved icon on the VMU LCD
- all dialogs translated
- translated intro (missing on Wii english port)
- the end of the game has been translated (missing on Wii)
- translated 256 "short titles" available at the start of the game in the upper right corner (not available on Wii)
- translated menu, descriptions
- fixed & translated "EYECATCH" ie pictures between the stages, additionally corrected white lines (not on Wii)
- enlarged dialogue font
- translated items icons (not on Wii)
- improved subtitles on the tutorial
- improved boss textures (not available on Wii)
- translated texts on ships, bosses (not on Wii port)
- translated graphics ads, shop banners at the stages of the game  (not on Wii)​
- CG arts added to the end of the game and tutorial
- Easter eggs were added at various stages of the game ^^

Latest video from test on NullDC :

With the awesome help & japanese skills of RafaGam, the translation of Karous moved forward!
We have all text translated to english!
There are now small graphics fixes and game tests/bug find on the SEGA console.
Final patch is getting closer!

And here it is! Sample video with translated game elements from this dark shmup with rpg elements!  8)

** SFX & GFX & Slowdowns bugs is emulation errors (and my PC limitations ^^).
Next video will be recorded from real console.

Great news and awesome job with translation!
I big fan of this SEGA puzzle series  ;)
After ~10hours of playing - all works really nice!

Hello everyone ;)

I am currently translating from japanese to english Karous - shmup with rpg elements, rls on SEGA Dreamcast console.
Currently, I have already translated menus, JP descriptions, VMU screens, graphics.
I am looking for help in translating Japanese dialogues. Unfortunately, they are in the form of images, so I can not help myself with online/OCR tools etc.
If someone would help me - please contact me DM/PM/Twitter/RHDC Discord. The files are ready to read & translate ;)

Here is a work files (feel free to edit and add a credits) :

Eyecatch : [Finished - edit disabled]
Mails : [Finished - edit disabled]
OP & Titles : [Finished - edit disabled]


Personal Projects / Re: Karous / カラス [SEGA Dreamcast]
« on: May 10, 2019, 08:19:44 am »
What I could sensibly use with Wii has already done :)
The problem is that the dialogues are not always shown in the same order and it's hard to match them to English. In addition, the official Wii version has a translation errors. Example - 2 Boss. Duplicated dialogs and name from 1 boss.. :(
Unfortunately, there are still quite a few manual editing of dialogue graphics (so still searching a JP translator help).
In the margin. I have prepared English icons for items - they look great. Here is short preview.

Anyway :) If someone whant to help me - here is some files to translate.

Eyecatch :
Mails :
OP & Titles :

Personal Projects / Re: Princess Crown (Saturn) English Translation
« on: May 08, 2019, 04:19:22 am »
Great work guys. Must have for all SEGA Saturn rpg fans!  :thumbsup:
I can not wait to test this patch!
CyberWarriorX any news in work progress? ;)

Personal Projects / Re: Genso Suikoden Sega Saturn - Translation
« on: May 07, 2019, 05:49:10 pm »
Nice job! One of the best jrpg all the time & wanted translation!
Join a SEGAXTREME forum or Discord channel - in there are lot of people with great Saturn knowledge ;)

Personal Projects / Re: Karous / カラス [SEGA Dreamcast]
« on: May 06, 2019, 06:30:23 am »
The version from NDS is a completely different game :(

Unfortunately, the text is in the form of graphics. It's completely different type than the one from DC. I tried - unsuccessfully.
In addition, the Wii version, although officially in English, has no translated graphics both during the intro and during the game.
In the Wii version, the font used is so small that it is difficult to read it. The same problem applies to the SEGA Dreamcast version.
In the translation, I improved its size, and also translated icons of objects that were not translated into the Wii. I will also deal with graphics that have not been touched on Nintendo port ;)

Personal Projects / Re: Karous / カラス [SEGA Dreamcast]
« on: May 04, 2019, 03:58:24 am »
Thank you!
Tutorial translated. Now I am looking for help with advanced japanese dialogues.
Here is some gameplay - tested on emulator.

* Bad sounds/musics - these are emulator errors.

Personal Projects / Re: Translating Saturn Grandia
« on: May 02, 2019, 10:07:37 am »
Fantastic job! I'm happy to download and take tests.
I will also try on real hardwarde.
Im a few days i spread the news about Your project on my portal ;)

Personal Projects / Karous / カラス [SEGA Dreamcast] - Translation
« on: April 30, 2019, 07:59:17 am »
Hello @everyone ;)

I am currently translating to english Karous / カラス - a dark shmup with rpg elements to the SEGA Dreamcast console. Developed by Milestone studio.
Currently, I have already translated menus, descriptions, VMU screens, gameplay graphics and icons.
I add also some fixes. Like bigger fonts, bigger items icon and some smaller corrects.
Before I personally work on other own Dreamcast project (translate to polish language), so this is my first work with JP game and translating to english  ;)

Translation will be work on real DC hardware and emulators like NullDC, Demul, Makaron or Reicast. Without external patcher. Progress is really good - so keep fingers crossed!

Here is some shoots ;)

Localization team
Rolly - Translation, implementation, hack, GFX
RafaGam - Advanced translation

PS. I am looking for help in translating Japanese dialogues. Unfortunately, they are in the form of images, so I can not help myself with online tools etc. If someone would help me - please contact me DM/PM/Twitter, DIscord - . Job will be faster if we have one more person to help  :D
I exported files and are ready to read & translate (~150 short dialogs, text have 3-4 lines).

Personal Projects / Re: L.O.L.: Lack Of Love (English Translation)
« on: April 29, 2019, 10:56:17 am »
Fingers crossed to the this great project!  ;)

If you need help, let me know in PM / DM / Twitter.
I can help with graphics, VMU, movies, sounds, simple hacking and of course in selfboot image creation and tests on a real console.
I have already created several translations for the SEGA Dreamcast console (Polish language). I am currently working and helping with Napple Tale and my own translation of Karous (english).

Awesome job!
Game looks sweet! Hope we see a  more SEGA Saturn translation in future :D

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