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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: October 01, 2016, 12:10:16 am »
He's going by the hard-working and kind group Sea of Serenity Subs' translations. They use alternate names for some things such as Tellur instead of Tellu, for one. I don't mind it. I've heard there may be a second patch using official terms, though with how bad BST's Another Story translation is, I'm willing to live with just one patch, as it would be a vast improvement.

It looks fantastic, Justin. I can't wait for Another Story to get the translation it's deserved since 1999. :beer:

I understand, I should probably update that, everything including the "story" behind Rogue Dawn has evolved a lot since I wrote that (2 years ago  ;)) The original intention was to say Samus knew about Dawn but since I would like this to sync up to the original series as best as possible I believe keeping the two from ever knowing about eachother makes more sense.


[Edted the rest out for brevity.]
Alright, thank you very much for answering my concerns so kindly and gracefully. I hope you excuse my questions, I was just really getting into the series' lore. As I tend to do! :laugh:

Oh, I had no qualms about the Dawn character. She seems fascinating. From what I've read of the manga so far--I found out I should have started reading it after I beat Zero Mission--it's entirely plausible that Rodney and Virginia could have had another child. It was just that the questions raised in the story/stories synopsis/synopses opening post had been already answered by either Metroid or Metroid II's manuals or by the manga itself...

"Why is Samus so obsessed with the Metroids?" Ridley killed Samus' parents, as well of the humanoid population, on a mining colony planet when she was 3 years old. She survived. The Chozo found her, took her to their home planet Zebes, and raised her as their own child. At the same time, the Chozo were creating the Metroids to wipe out the X-Parasite on SR388. The Chozo were doing this as they had lost their ability to reproduce and decided to become guardians of the universe.  "Why does she feel responsible for their eradication?"  I'm not sure what you're getting at here with this question, but she does kind of kill them all in Metroid II. "How did the mother brain facility end up with the species on ZEBES?" The Chozo created her to manage Zebes and help build along the Metroids. But she went renegade when Ridley's Space Pirates attacked the station and wanted to use them for her own needs in protecting the galaxy. She wanted to dispose of the Chozo, which is why Samus didn't agree to this plan. And why did Samus go to the planet SR388 in Metroid 2 to finish off the Metroids, how did she know to go there? Metroid 1 and Metroid II's manuals both state that the Galactic Federation had obtained the Metroid sample from SR388, so they knew where to send her.

For those who are curious, you can read Metroid, Vol. 1 in English here and Metroid, Vol. 2 in English here.

That was what I was talking about. I hope that makes sense and doesn't really give any cause for alarm. It wasn't my intention to crap all over you and the team's efforts--far from it, Rogue Dawn looks like a fantastic use of the NES' graphical hardware and is so gorgeously-crafted. It belongs in a hall of fame somewhere. I fully intend to not just play it, but savor it when it reaches fruition. I just had some questions about fitting it into canon, since even though this is a fan game, I would really love to believe Rogue Dawn actually "happened" in the Metroid-series universe. :)

Thanks again for your time.

Edit - Oh, and I just wanted to say that I also haven't played the Prime games or Other M, so I don't have any experience with them either. So we're on a level playing field there!

Hi Grimlock and the rest of the team, I've recently gotten into the Metroid series and wanted to express how fascinated and excited I am for Rogue Dawn to be released. I'm patiently yet eagerly awaiting the release and ask you not to rush yourselves.

However, upon reading the story synopsis (Stories' synopses?) I had questions regarding the plot. Did you take into consideration the manuals and Metroid manga when writing the story? Most of the questions you ask in the beginning that Rogue Dawn intends to answer have already been answered, either by the manuals or the manga. I know the Metroid games everyone loves "show" rather than tell, like the climactic fight at the end of Super Metroid, so Rogue Dawn will likely follow suit.

I'm not asking you to change the story, and likely the level design, just to accommodate the supplementary materials, but I wanted to make some kind of remark about it. If you have no intention of incorporating them, perhaps you should mention on the RHDN download page that Rogue Dawn is an alternate take on the story of Metroid, a "What if...?" story, as it were?

Thank you for your time, best of luck, and thank you all for your hard work! :)

Site Talk / Re: Hacks Guidelines Revision
« on: August 30, 2016, 12:43:04 am »
That's a valid concern. There is no intention of excluding something like a proper case hacks, typo corrections, or complete text re-invigoration. That clause was intended for submitted hacks that only change a few words, or replace a character's name throughout the game with 'vivify93', or changing Mario to blue for no reason, or replacing Mario with a one frame glitched rectangle sprite, etc. There must be a clause that prevents such hacks. People try and submit all kinds of junk daily. Sadly, the noise ratio is high enough already.

The idea is such hacks simply need to substantiate themselves in the description. That can be done by noting reasonable necessity for having the trivial hack, or explanation of any non-trivial nature of the hack. It's not intended to widen the scope of exclusion, rather rephrasing existing exclusion. Do you have a better way of expressing that idea through the guidelines?
Examples would probably be the best way to clearly express what you're aiming for.

"Minor sprite changes, palette edits, text changes, or other seemingly low effort hacks may be viewed as incomplete and/or non-improvements. Descriptions should clearly demonstrate the necessity of, or non-trivial nature of such hacks to avoid unnecessary rejection. Examples: Changing one character or item's name and nothing else, editing only a few pixels of a sprite, palette alterations affecting three or less characters or environmental objects, etc."

My suggestion.

Thanks so much for the update! Can't wait to pop it on my Wii! :)

Site Talk / Re: Hacks Guidelines Revision
« on: August 28, 2016, 08:28:19 pm »
Text-only hacks that require minimal effort... I consider that extremely broad, to be honest. Being frank here, it sounds to me like text hacks could be rejected no matter what, depending on how a moderator feels about you or your work. Putting text in proper case is something I consider pretty important for readability's sake, but under the new rule, I'm pretty sure they'd be considered "low effort." Would my text cleanups, then, that remove various typos also be considered "low effort"? Or what about complete text re-invigorations?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: August 27, 2016, 04:40:22 pm »
- Just gonna leave this here!

The 'Yen' and 'Luck' are more than likely just placeholders at the moment.  Also, ignore the buggy status effects.  I'm awaiting what the actual translation for all that stuff is.

This game is currently being worked on by myself as the main coder and a group called 'Sea of Serenity' in efforts to retranslate this game.  Though, there are a few name changes that will bug some people, including myself, but hopefully nothing too dramatic.  (IE: Demande is Demand, Viluy is Vilyui).

Either way, I think to accommodate the situation depending on the crowd there's more than likely going to be two patches.  One with the names Sea of Serenity wants to use that's consistent with their projects and one for the names used in modern media.  In any scenario, there might be a 'third' patch to use the DiC/CWI names for attacks and such as well if needed.
I think I remember telling you that Sea of Serenity wanted to retranslate Another Story some time ago. Did you get in contact with them thanks to me?  :laugh:

Looks great so far, can't wait to see this game get the fresh translation is so very rightly deserves! No offense to BST, but their script was incomprehensible at times.

Hey, if you guys need any help with that "third" patch, if it's gonna exist, let me know. I know the DiC and Cloverway dubs pretty damn well and enjoy them to boot.

That's actually really pretty. It looks more like girly handwriting now, it fits the Sailor Moon metafranchise, and it's much more readable to boot. I say go for it. :thumbsup: As a Sailor Moon fan of 21 years, you have my seal of approval. :laugh:

Alright, I gotcha. :D Like I said, it's perfectly readable on a big ol' CRT, and that's the intended viewing device. So I trust whatever decision you guys make.

As for the font.  I've tried some other ideas, but they just don't look right in context with the other graphics in the game, so I'm very inclined to leave it as is.  I'm definitely taking everyone's comments seriously, but while leaving the outline it is impossible to bolden the font because of letters like m and w.
Is there any reason you're averse to doing something like this?

I do know, as well as anyone in the modding scene, that sometimes compromises have to be made...

I just put Floating Panic on my Wii, and the font looks perfectly readable on a CRT. However, I would still advocate a bolder font just for the sake of making it aesthetically pleasing and having less whitespace around your fixed width font. :) Thank you for the prompt and courteous replies and gracious acceptance of feedback, and good on ya for doing more Sailor Moon translations. Props and kudos! :beer:

There's something like 13 other games in the series across various systems that are still, sadly, in Japanese...

I also found an untranslated graphic.

I'm gonna also agree on the fact that the font is hard to read, after seeing it in-game. I would recommend bolding it and making the outline thicker.

Edit - A mockup by me.

I'm pretty sure that was just something I did for the sake of trying to get as much real estate out of the text boxes as possible. But if you felt Namingway Edition will be bettered by removing them, you have my support. I probably wouldn't do it again if I made Project II today. :P

I really love the new Mist Dragon text! I really appreciate how it's ambiguous too, in that it could be the random omnsicient narrator or it could be Cecil or Kain talking. So it's a great compromise. I actually think I would go back and update Project II with this new line in preparation for a new release.

Are we limited to 21 + 19 + 24 then?

If it helps, one of the things I was trying to do was eliminate the need for the "omniscient narrator" who only appears in Barbariccia and the Mist Dragon's fights. I was trying to make it seem as though either Cecil or Kain were saying the line. Not taking into account the text limitations, if you wanted to preserve my change, a cursory suggestion would be, "Our attacks go straight through it! Lower your weapon until the beast reforms!"

Minor correction, it should be spelled Gysahl and not Gyshal to maintain continuity with the rest of the FF series. http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Gysahl_Greens

Would the lines in question be "The mist is scathing! We have to wait until... ...it turns into a dragon!"? I  would be in favor of changing the lines, if you wanted to hear my input at all. It's a pretty basic line that I barely thought about when I rewrote it.

I'd have to think it over; I don't really want Project II to have any more big updates. It does sound like what's being done for Namingway Edition makes it far superior to J2e's "effort," in any event!

As for Rydia's equipment, I do also think it'd be best to revert it just for the sake of making it closer to the Japanese version. Like I said, I only did it for personal and stylistic choices. FFIV is also great at integrating story and gameplay together, and this was a rare yet glaring instance of it conflicting. The pros outweigh the cons of giving Rydia back her starting gear, in my opinion; I would go for it if I were you! :)

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