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spooniest is actually the one who made it, i just worked on it a little bit. i think it's fine how it is now. you're welcome to try to revise it additionally if you want

so there are 6 e-tanks, ziko?

DKK (or Dragonsbrethren as he's known now) based that off of an incomplete version of the patch I think. There's FFV The Legend of the Crystals which works better imo though it may not count as much coming from me, since i put a bit of work on it lol. you can find it in the translations section of RHDN as an addendum

Anyone who is a Metroid fan should be playing this!

Cool stuff, Grimlock! Can't wait! :)

Hey, Supper, the line about Lucia calling off the enemies in the Blue Spire is used. It's if you try to grind past level 7 in the Blue Spire. Check it out there.

Ohh, I see. I understand now, thanks! :)

Found a spillover issue with Lunar 1. I can't provide a screenshot, but I can provide text.

"Gosh, if you become like
Dyne, I'll want to marry you!
Dragonmasters are so hot!"

The exclamation mark of "you!" spills out of the text box. Maybe change "want to" to "wanna"? I'll report more as I come across them. :)

Also, the loading screen uses the old font, albeit in proper case. Lastly, I'm not sure if the question mark and exclamation mark were moved up to the same baseline as the period, comma, and other letters, but that's less of an issue.

Thanks so much for these patches, Supper. I, more than anyone, appreciate proper caps in games. :beer: And now I finally have it in the Lunar duo.

Lunar 2 v3 works well on GenesisPlusGX for Wii as well. So it might be an emulation issue. I wish I could help on the real hardware bit, but it should all be fine for emulator-users for the time being.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:09:34 pm »
Hi Steve, you have my permission to translate it, but please keep in mind that Project II isn't a translation, but a "script rewrite." So my script may not be the most accurate compared to an official translation.

Gonna try to finish up with the script corrections tonight (15 maps to go), then fix the handful of remaining gameplay/graphics changes (turns out LunarNET knew a couple things I didn't). After that I'll do a quick test run through the game, and hopefully then it'll be good to go.
Sounds great, I'm excited! :) Will you be implementing the new font in Lunar 2 as well?

I actually couldn't see the entire fonts when I clicked the Imgur links, so I made mirrors.



Edit - Actually, I can see some very small problems with it.

- ! ? & . , are all going to need to be raised up by one pixel now, as is ¥ if you feel like it.
- You didn't touch the numbers. They'll need to be raised up to meet the lowercase letters' baselines as well.
- Your capital O looks funny at the bottom, like it's got a sharper edge than other letters. Compare it to the uppercase Q, for example. I made a mockup on what I think you should do with it, with the Q next to the O to compare.

I think the modified font looks fine. It's stylized and attractive.

Now I'm very concerned about the quality of the Sailor Moon translation that Dynamic-Designs released this year, Floating Panic. Maybe I should get back to playing it to see if there are any off-kilter jokes in it.

I also got Lunar 2 to work and recompiled it into a BIN/CUE with Daemon Tools and ImgBurn. It works amazingly; I love that I can save at any time I want to. Thanks for all your hard work. When's Lunar 1? Kidding on that last bit. :p

You'd need to contact MegaUltraJMan, Snarfblam. I don't play on an NES, I play on Nestopia. Unfortunately, I didn't come across the error, I just reported it for him. He did say it was OK for you guys to contact him though, if my memory serves me right.

We're eagerly awaiting with bated breath! ;D

He's probably having the same problem we've been having.

Hey Grimlock, I have a bug to report. I found a streamer who was routing Rogue Dawn for a speedrun, and he's on a real NES via a PowerPak I believe? He says the ending crashes for him, and the save screen is all screwed up. This is his Twitch if you wanna contact him. He's been up for 9 hours and said himself he may not remember to send in a report. He says he's gonna make a highlight of his stream as well, of the bugs he's found. I'm gonna post a screencap of his messed up save screen once I can see it again.

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