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Thank you for updating the patch, Bregalad! It's odd, but it seems a lot of people prefer to make hacks of the US version of FFV Advance instead of the EU release.

I dunno, Faris could be 5 or 6 in that scene, and Lenna could be 4 or 5. She doesn't look like a baby baby... Then again, does Lenna "talk" (make baby noises) at all in that scene?

2.0 is up! Quick link is here.

both of you  :)
Well, to be honest, I only kind of wanted to play the Phantasy Star series. I was mildly interested, but was frustrated at PSI. I didn't like the battle music, and the learning curve and grinding were a bit discouraging. I had made the Phantasy Star II and IV patches for personal use, but figured I may as well share them... Little did I know, the PSIV patch had tons of bugs in it. Oy..

I tried to move on to PSII after looking up I's ending, but I was aggravated at the slow walking, or so it seemed, so I shelved the series and looked up the ending to PSII. It was pretty badass, but nonetheless the ship had sailed, so to speak, on my wanting to play the games.

But I eventually did get back into PSI, muting the battle music, (Which I now can tolerate, though I still am not a fan of it.) and got to play Phantasy Star II, which became one of my favorites. I did a few updates, fixing typos and script errors, but it wasn't until the creation of v0.3 of Phantasy Star II Proper-caser, what my PSII patch used to be called, that I finally started getting serious about it. A lot of people asked for possible bug fixes, and I think around that time I contacted fedorajoe to fix a few inherent bugs in the game.

So I added on and enhanced, and I eventually, thanks to fedorajoe, got to finish the original proper-casing job, and then I gave Nei the extra equipment options, and then Lorenzo messaged me to fix the last three inherent, glaring bugs we could find, and now we're here Well, I guess to answer your question, I work on PSII because I really love it. It's a great game with surprisingly great writing in an English script for 1990, with an entrancing cast despite lack of plot involvement, a beautiful story, ass-kicking dungeons, amazing music, and an odd sense of "harmony" to the game, even with all its quirks.

I mean, this was a game children played at Christmas, after begging their parents for it when seeing it in the store back in March. This is a game teenagers shared with their friends, that adults analyzed and loved. I just wanted to give a childhood classic the treatment it deserved: mostly bug-free, with improvements and most importantly, no caps locked text.

I just hoped that people can find out about PSII Improvement, and share it with their friends who liked it back in the day, too.

I submitted the new patch, Lorenzo. It should be up soon! I used 1F for Fanbi and get around 29-34 healing to Anna / damage to enemies.

Just out of curiosity : why do you work on this game in particular ?
Are you asking lory1990 or both of us, tryphon?

I'll probably release it within the week. As for Fanbi's sound, you could use the noise that happens when you go from Motavia to Dezoris. It sounds like a "sucking" noise to me.

Speaking of Fanbi, it's a little useless in its current state, isn't it? It only does 7 damage and gives Anna back 7 HP, right? Would there be a way to make it do 30 damage and drain 30 HP? It'd be a little better than Res that way.

Oh, OK! Then this should not only speed the game's flow up a little bit, but it should also make shopping with Shir a lot less of a pain! Thanks, lory1990. I'll test it soon.

So she always steals 100% of the time whenever you go into any shop on Motavia? Not sure if that's a good compromise, but I think it may be a patch worth uploading to RHDN's database.

I don't mind leaving in Kain being able to use his techs in the final dungeon.

Is there a way to change the LV the level check looks for? Like, we could change it so that it checks to see if Shir's level is less than 2. And then we could remove the building check and implement the "No stealing on Dezoris" exception.

Alright. Thanks! I understand if you can't fix it, but I appreciate you looking into it.

I'm wondering about both, actually! I know it's been a major source of frustration for PSII players across the ages. I once made a topic on GameFAQs asking for veterans' help on assembling my equipment list and they all asked if I could somehow prevent Shir from stealing on Dezoris.

I'll fix the Opta woman's line. And I would be very interested in that Shir enhancement. How would it work? You'd just reenter the town and Rolf would say, "Hey, Shir's coming back!" ?

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV - Project II
« on: August 12, 2014, 12:03:31 am »
At long last, v2.00 will be out soon. The latest update of ff4kster allowed for editing of item descriptions, which I hurried to do today before bed. I also removed the superfluous il / li / ll icons from field map labels. This should be the last update ever for Project II.

Edit - Unexpected bug has cropped up. Will still hopefully be out this month.

August 15, 2014, 10:01:12 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
v2.00 is up! This should be the final release. Here's a link for convenience. Item descriptions are in, and three bug fixes--two that are in the vanilla game, one that happened via hacking--have happened.

Edit - I'm putting a small bug fix for the odd "To equip" text here.

Quote from: Phoenix
In case anybody wants to use it, here's my fix to this message. For a FF2us ROM with header, paste in the following data at 0DBF2:


It changes the window to two lines and the message to "This weapon is two-handed."

Courtesy of Phoenix Hacks.

I may also soon release an update that adds back in the Assassin Dagger to a chest in the game, the HandAxe to the Mysidia weapon shop, adds a save point in the final area of the final dungeon, and forces Break to be single-target with a long casting delay, though not as long as Warp's. It'd probably be the final update, unless I wanted to go and give certain enemies immunity to Stone status.

Nah, I don't want to include the palettes. I was just pondering on what it possibly would've been used for. Thanks for the fix!

Oh, the Central Tower palettes are interesting. I wonder if a day/night cycling system like in old-school Dragon Quest was meant to be implemented.

I'll put in the Dexterity fix, sure. I really have no reason not to--as long as it's easy to do.

We should submit some of this unused stuff, like Anna's gun sprite and the Central Tower palettes, to The Cutting Room Floor.

I think I'll leave it be, it'll be full healing either way. I'm going to get v1.2 up right now, I'll edit this post when I receive the notification.

Edit - I didn't get the upload notification yet, but I forgot to change the version number on the RHDN page, as I usually do these days... I'll fix it after I get the notif. :)

Edit - It's up! Gotta fix the version number but otherwise it's fine

I never really intended PSII Improvement to go that far, honestly. I'm pretty content with how it is now. I'm aware of Phantasy Star generation:2's fan translation. I was actually playing generation:1, but I heard you were going to improve it so that it doesn't have the T e r r a n i g m a thing going on with its font, so I decided to take a break.

I think I'll take you up on that PM though.

I think that unused line of dialogue is meant to be narration. By the way, Lorenzo, do you think that the reason the healing for Trimates, Nasar, and Nares is so high is because enemies can heal? I know enemy HP can go over 999.

Nah, I think I'm good with just the few bugs we fixed. I'll implement the Trimate / Nares / Nasar tweak and if there's nothing else found today, I'll submit the new release to the RHDN database around 12:00 PM. (It's 7:21 AM as of this post.)

- Never knew about it 'til now, but I'd like to fix the wall in Menobe very much, so I'd appreciate your findings. :)

- I don't think it'd be easy to fix Sak, but I'd like to if it's possible. If not, I won't mind, since, as far as I know, only Nei and Amy learn it, and it's a little hard to pull off a fully-dead party.

- The dams are another bug I'd kind of like to fix, but it's really not a priority, since it's just cosmetic in a way that's not even a detriment to the game.

- I don't mind that Strength, Mental, and Luck don't do anything, mostly because, unless they're already taken into account in damage formulae or other formulae, we'd have to overhaul how the entire battle engine works just to fix these small oddities. Even if that were the case, it probably wouldn't be easy... I remember the Intelligence Patch for Final Fantasy I; if I recall right, the creator had to do some ASM magic.

- Would it be easy to lower Trimate, Nares, and Nasar's healing to just 999? 10,000 HP is overkill.

I'm not really concerned with Anna's gun sprite or the unused piece of dialogue in Kueri, and the stat-increasing techs are fine as they are.

I appreciate the thought, but I'm going to have to decline unless you started working on a patch already. (In which case, I'll use it to not be rude!) I'm not a fan of having extraneous strings throughout game modifications. It's so "hacky." J2e's Final Fantasy IV translation did something similar, and it has four or five different strings for item names throughout the ROM! Urgh.

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