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Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 13, 2014, 11:27:50 am »
Yep, and the patch size is much smaller now, because the ROM stays headered after patching.

Whenever Rodimus Primal finishes his more classic FFIV edition of Project II, I'll start on the enemy stats and original spell acquisition rates, then 2.03 will be released! No rush though, Rodimus. :) I'm in no rush.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 12, 2014, 10:13:24 am »
It looks like v2.02 is up. I never got an email notification about it, though, which is weird.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:09:08 pm »
I think I just might do that. I could use the FFIV Advance bestiary or the FF Wiki. I might even be able to combine this with Rodimus Primal's addendum. (Maybe even ask him if he'd add the addendum to my hack as another "feelie?")

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 11, 2014, 12:46:46 am »
Hmm, I guess I could make a patch for the original enemy stats and spell learning rates. Not sure if I'd wanna revert the commands, and maps are still out. I will probably do the stats and spells, though.

How did you compare stats exactly, Chrysologus? Did you just open a plain Japanese Final Fantasy IV ROM and Project II and compare the two monster stats? If I can easily do that, I'll probably do so.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 10, 2014, 03:02:47 pm »
Whoops, looks like I took too long in my editing. Oh well. I think FFII US mostly seemed easier because of the accelerated spell learning and the fact that Remedies can be bought anywhere cheaply. The multi-target Charm thing apparently stems from the PSP version, which changed Charm to do exactly that.

I did kind of want to change Pray to use a Tincture on the whole team, but FF4kster doesn't support that kind of change. I'd have to see which of the enemy attacks are unused and change it to an MP-healing skill, then set that for Pray. I'm kind of alright with it being a free Cure2 at 70% chance for now.

I went with Magic Defense for a couple reasons... For one, not many enemies actually have a Defense stat in the 2D FFIVs. For another, it makes the twins' powers have synergy. Porom cries and distresses the enemy, lowering their Mag. Def.; Palom boasts about how smart he is, raising his Wis.; and then they twincast a spell on the enemy. Grimoire LD helped me figure that one out.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 10, 2014, 02:45:14 pm »
They also reduced the cast times of Twin Magic drastically. It took 16 seconds to cast it in FFIV, but only 6 seconds to cast it in FFII US. The twins can still go out of sync, it's just harder to due to the reduced time. Some other things may have had their casting time lowered, too.

Aside from the graphical differences, the only other thing I can think of is that the Black Robe got its bonus changed from Wisdom +5 to Willpower +5 for some reason.

Edit -
Great! I was wondering why you hadn't improved cry like the other anemic abilities that were left out of the U.S. release. Am I correct that you left Dark unchanged, and that this is because it doesn't suck? I really love the design philosophy of improving only the abilities and spells that were left out of the U.S. version and leaving the rest untouched. Brilliant.
Thank you! I think I've actually only improved five commands, though--Pray, Cry, Sing, Regen, and Salve, and I didn't even do the latter two of those! I personally think Recall is pretty fair on its own, though maybe it'd be better if it cast the spells for free.

Have you considered, though, making them a separate patch for those purists who may want to try them in their original versions? I'm thinking of the Final Fantasy Restored hack which has a few optional patches that alter the game.
If I did this, I think I'd basically just be putting in the original spell acquisition rates for Rydia and Rosa, and returning the commands to their old, dinky selves. The two major treasure changes would be the same, and I'm never going to put back the original maps. I'll see if there's demand for the first two changes, though. :) Thank you for the suggestion!

How come you went with "Revive" instead of "FenixDown"? You could have made it [potion]Phoenix.
If I wrote it as FenixDown, I would've had to drop the potion icon. Didn't wanna do that at all. I could've gone with FenixDwn or FenxDown, but those look awful to me. I mostly went with Revive Potion because it sounded nice, and that's what it was called in the Final Fantasy II: Shadow of Palakia prototype. Phoenix Potion could be an interesting change, although I think it sounds more like a stat-buffing item. Again, we'll have to let the jury reach a verdict on that!

So far I'm blown away with how good the dialogue is. Definitely an improvement over the Playstation version (the J2E translation is no longer worth mentioning).
J2e's translation is... pretty bad. I can't mince words here. But it's a part of Final Fantasy history, and I have to give them that, at least.

Your success at this makes me bummed that I wasn't able to finish my attempt at doing this to II. I was going through the newer translations in order to smooth out the fan translation and update names, but the hacking utility, it turned out, had a glitch that resulted in dialogue changes breaking the memorization system, rendering the game unplayable. Oh well. What that game really needs is for someone to fix the bugs; the dialogue is pretty good.
Aww, I'm sorry to hear about that! I think Demiforce did a great job on the dialogue, too. I think the three major bugs are the experience bug, the title screen bug, and the Ultima bug. I think I did a graphical cleanup mod that also fixed Ultima, but I'm not sure if I'd ever finish it. I prefer the GBA version.

Thank you for your praise and for letting me know about any typos! :)

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 10, 2014, 02:26:32 am »
Edit - Oh! I almost forgot! v2.02 has been submitted. It implements the latest FFIV: User Options patch by chillyfeez, adds the supplements, and improves the Cry command to actually be useful! Cry now reduces all enemies' Magic Defense by half of Porom's Willpower rating. Thanks to Grimoire LD for help deciding what it should do. :)

Hello, Chrysologus! Thank you so much for playing Project II. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Please feel free to post more impressions and ask any questions about the script or game-play. :) Also, by all means, let me know of any typos that may have wormed their way through.

Do Cecil and Rosa kiss in this version, like in the Japanese one?
They actually always kiss in all SNES-based versions. No frames were removed, unlike how Ian Kelley claimed in his "FFIV to FFII US changes" FAQ. He actually made up a lot of stuff in that FAQ...

I noticed that at the beginning of the game, when Kain tells Cecil to go to bed, the word to seems to be missing. He says "go to bed [to] rest."
Argh, I wish I'd have caught that before submitting v2.02. He now says "go to bed and rest." Thank you for pointing that out; it'll be in the next version! :)

In the black magic research room, the magic symbols for Lit and Ice look weird, like some of the pixels are the wrong color. What is this?
When showing menus, FFIV actually prints the color black as see-through, creating the look of a "hole." The reason why it shows up as black in the battle menu and main menu is because they have black backgrounds. The only way to get around this would be to remove the color black from the black magic icon entirely, and I'm not comfortable with that.

I've discovered the dual text encoding that the SNES game has, and can utilize it to stretch out names, but as I'm not sure if FF4kster allows for this. If not I can simply use a HEX editor. Some monsters need just ONE more letter. I did notice that some monsters already have this.
Do you mean the li / il / ll digraphs I added in? Yeah, I had to put the majority of those in myself in a hex editor...

Oooh, got it. Interesting approach.
Yeah, I definitely wanted to make it seem authentic of the era: no swearing, not many overt religious references, etc. I'm definitely not as militant of it as Nintendo of America was. I make it pretty clear that Cid et al "die," and when it's impossible to write something without referencing religion, (e.g. GodsFury item, Pray command. I could've written around those in a half-baked manner, but it would've sounded completely stupid.) I go ahead an add it in. I also have zero qualms about nudity, since nudity is pretty tame in the FF series. For perspective, I reverted the original dancer sprite (Though, unfortunately, the one in Baron still doesn't strip) and the black orb in the Tower of Zot is now again a guillotine.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 07, 2014, 10:48:43 pm »
I stole that item name from the PSone translation. ;D

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:53:21 am »
I'm in FF4kster now and I'm wondering something about armor. I noticed they have an enemy type bit to set, and I'm writing up the armor list assuming that those bits, when set, reduce the damage taken from that particular enemy type. Is that true, or do they help you attack that enemy type?

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 06, 2014, 10:30:37 pm »
By text resource, you mean like a text file included in the download, right? Or is it some kind of new function to the game itself?
It's just added .TXT files you can use. Think of it as a digital set of manuals!

While I'm editing for the items, I noticed that the dummy items that you brought back have a space where the items icon is on them, but no item icon. Is there an overflow caused if the dead space used there to fit in a letter is used? Just want to be sure.
The Hand Axe and Assassin Dagger? They should have their correct icons. They did when I tested them...

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 06, 2014, 09:00:49 pm »
Ah, right I had nearly forgotten Vivify93... When PinkPuff put the editor together something odd happens whenever you make a change to text and this "marker" so to speak is saved in the final "glitch world" map which takes up one character of space for each message. This may not seem like much but Project II alone had roughly 2300 messages in that map alone. If you delete them you should free up some crucial space for yourself.
I remember that. I cleared all of them a long time ago, actually. I tried to look for space to free in Bank 2 wherever I could! ;D

Edit - While I'm here, I think I'm going to give a list of every text resource that will be in v2.02.

- Item List
- Magic List
- Spell Acquisition List
- Status Glossary
- Weapon List
- Armor List

As for the tutorial text, I might change Kain's "leaving Baron Castle" lines around a bit as well as Cid's initial lines in the Airship, since Combat Boost is aimed at veterans rather than newcomers to the game I expect them to know how to move and use an airship.
You could also trim the walking/talking tutorial, too, in the opening. If you haven't done so already. Well, let me just share the tutorial text updates, then. Not sure if you're using FF4kster to edit text, but here:

#178 Training room main floor:
Msg. 2: "In field maps, press R to cycle through teammates. You can also sprint by tapping L."

#179 Training room upstairs:
Msg. 1: "Act fast in fights! If you're leery about the new battle system, reduce their speed in the Customizer. Want a real fight? Choose Active and foes'll attack even while you're in battle menus!"
Msg. 3: "If a fight looks grim, flee by holding both L and R. You can't run from bosses! Also, hold X to skip someone's turn, and press Select to see when someone can next act. It may save your life!"

There was basically zero room in Bank 2 to put these in, so I had to do my old trick of "scan every single piece of NPC text to see what little things I can sacrifice without losing too much."

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 05, 2014, 11:40:46 pm »
Don't worry, guys, I'm gonna submit v2.02 sometime tonight so you can just apply the whole thing to a clean ROM!

Edit - Would anyone like to wait on v2.02 so I can release some supplements along with it? I'd include an item list, an equipment list, a magic list, a shopping list, and a magic acquisition list. Basically, all the cool little "feelies" to make it seem more like a deluxe release. There would be spoilers, but I get the feeling that many people who play Project II: FFIV have played the game before.

I might... because of very specific code changes I made to the Commands (well in many cases the new command doesn't resemble what it's replacing at all), the current FF4kster overwrites some crucial aspects of my command hacks making it unusable past a certain point. I know Chillyfeez gets around this by using a patch every time he wants to make a change in FF4kster but that just seems like far too much of a pain to me.

All I think I am missing from Project II at the moment is some extra tutorial text on running and the airship toggles as well as the rest of the item descriptions and if you can manage that without using FF4kster then that would be great. Though could you tell me what I changed the warp x and y to near the end of the Bomb Ring event in Project II? I can't actually recall.

Or is there more that I'm unaware of?
I actually just entirely redrew the Forest Where You Lose Kain map by hand to look like the original. I don't remember what you told me to change it to, since, if I remember right, your change didn't work for me. You were basing Combat Boost off of v1.03, right?

Umm, let's see. What did I do...

- I added back in the HandAxe and Assassin Dagger. (not sure if you want either of these)
- I rearranged Rosa's command list as "Fight, White, Aim, Pray, Item" and Yang's as "Fight, Focus, Brace, Kick, Item". (probably not applicable to you)
- Added an extra save point in the Lunar Core (On that little useless part that stuck out at the end)
- Break is now single-target with a delay time of 6 to make it less useful. I think I'd rather just make more foes immune to Break, but this helps a bit.
- And then there's the tutorial text. I had to shorten a lot of things in bank 2 to get this in... which makes me think that we might have a bit of trouble doing this.

Do you still have an copy of the version of Project II that you based Combat Boost off of? If you make a patch with that version of Project II with no other changes as the "unedited ROM" and Combat Boost's edits as the "new ROM", do you think maybe you could apply that to Project II v2.02?

Grimoire LD, would you need my help at all to more smoothly integrate Project II updates into Combat Boost? I wouldn't at all mind helping, especially since--barring any more User Options updates or typos to be found--I should be done with it by now.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 05, 2014, 05:56:33 pm »
I'll work on the fixes on my non-project II ROM if I can't get it to work. Theoretically, if it works on a regular FFIV, it should work the same on PII.
I always used Lunar IPS to apply it. The Project needs to be applied to an FFII US v1.1 ROM with a header. Once you apply the patch, though, the ROM becomes unheadered. I hope that helps; a few people reported not using Lunar IPS, and once they switched to it, everything was hunky-dory. Not sure what's going on there. Thanks for the patch anyway!

Edit - Never mind the report that was once here, it seems to be working now.

Not sure how far he got. I felt sad that I missed it because he's also playing Project II due to playing Combat Boost. One of my idols streamed me, and I missed it! :banghead:

Tomato is playing Combat Boost, or was tonight. Not sure if you guys stepped in. Hope he continues.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 05, 2014, 02:12:20 am »
Yeah, one of my goals was to somewhat follow Nintendo of America's guidelines at the time: no religious content (GodsFury being the only exception due to there be no alternatives I liked, maybe a few less overt religious references?) and no swearing. I was OK with light nudity, the fantasy violence provided by FF, and alcohol references (Although I'm pretty sure I wrote around it in most cases?) though. I'd even like to make the Baron dancer strip again if I could.

Not that I'm against religious content or swearing, I was just trying to make it match the era!

chillyfeez, do you think I could just apply the new User Options over the version applied to Project II?

Edit - I just need to stop and freak out. Tomato is playing Grimoire LD's Combat Boost, meaning he is also playing Project II. Senpai noticed me. Senpai noticed me. Senpai noticed me. SENPAI NOTICED ME MY LIFE IS FUCKING COMPLETE AGFRPH OTRHN IJO! !!!!!!

I apologize for the unprofessionalisms!!!!!

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: December 04, 2014, 06:25:48 pm »
Yeah, I encountered that too, Zunar. It's weird, but not fatal since you can just zone out. Or you should be able to...

Edit -
I want to create an optional patch, if its possible, to change the name of things to their current names ala GBA/PSP/DS to keeps things up to date.
Not sure if you'd be able to do that entirely due to space restrictions, I wish you luck to do so as much as possible. :) Let me know when it's done.

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