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I heard that Lina`chan passed away; she was apparently killed in a car accident.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Misleading Box Art/Game Titles (Good and Bad)
« on: November 20, 2015, 01:47:25 am »
Not even that misleading, but absolutely hideous. http://i.imgur.com/06FYvxu.png

What the hell is wrong with Rolf's face?

Yes, and unfortunately for me, Parasite Eve 1, II, and Chrono Cross are all some of my favorite and most-played games. I suppose I didn't quite tell the whole story of the error; let me explain it in full.

1. PSone game prompts me to change discs. PS2 phat stops spinning the disc.

2. I put the new disc in. The PS2 phat attempts to read it, but the disc never starts spinning again.

3. The game is stuck at the "Please change disc" prompt screen forever.

I was thinking that I would just buy a PSone and be done with it.

Hi everyone. I probably already know the answer, but I may as well ask here.

I just found out my PlayStation 2 phat (SCPH-50001) isn't capable of reading disc changes in PlayStation 1 games. It can play the actual games just fine with no issues whatsoever, but when it comes to a multi-disc game, it shits itself and just hangs on the "please change disc" screen.

Does anyone have any advice to offer? Or do I just need to shell out money for a new console?

Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 11, 2015, 10:24:44 am »
To revive Nei, you need to start a new game of PS gen:2 with having imported your PS gen:1 Clear Game into PS gen:2. After that, you need to beat a regular new game of gen:2, then save your Clear Game, then start another new game using your PS gen:2 Clear Game Data and jump through some hoops, so to speak, to save Nei.

When you beat the game then after having done that, you do get the option to save your Clear Game again, although it has no effect. Presumably...
Loading a Clear Game where you have saved Nei into Phantasy Star IV's canceled generation remake would've allowed you to revive or otherwise save Alys.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 10, 2015, 10:36:32 am »
Clear Game data in PSg:2 allows you to...
start the quest to eventually resurrect Nei.  ;) But a Clear Game after having done so has no effect.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Does anyone remember Mystic Towers (PC/DOS)?
« on: November 07, 2015, 06:09:14 pm »

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 05, 2015, 08:39:29 am »
My first problem was in Tajim's Cave; we really couldn't use Lutz because of his solo fight, so I had to grind a little bit to learn Rafroze (Freeze II, R-Cryo, whatever it was called.) for Myau. I'm sure it would've helped if I had given everyone Froze Crystals (Ice Gems?) to attach an ice element to their attack, but those are a shit ton of meseta.

Dezoris was manageable until I had to go to Guaron, then I grinded to level 55. I picked up the Railgun for Tyrone and that's probably the most mob-effective weapon in the game. Within Guaron, you find a dagger called Ripper; equipping that on a Alisa and pairing it with a Flaeli Crystal (Fire Gem?) really helped out. For reference, the Laconian Sword was only doing about 70 to the Zombies in Guaron. Granted, she had a Froze Crystal on, which probably didn't help her damage output, but that turned into 90 + 90 with the Ripper with fire-element on it.

A piddly little dagger, stronger than the ultimate sword. Really makes you think. Now I wish I had kept the Rifle for Tyrone; (Odin, Tylon) that was his "ultimate" double-hitting gun.

Edit - I went back and tested the Laconian Sword+Flaeli Crystal vs. Ripper+Flaeli Crystal; Laconian Sword only did a flat 117. Wow.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 04, 2015, 04:52:51 pm »
Generation:1 and 2 seem to share the trait of a huge freaking difficulty spike come Dezoris. I'm going to grind the team up to level 60 from level 45 to see if it helps. We can't afford to be running through Guaron Morgue and waste all our items and MP and have our asses handed to us on a laconian platter.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your favorite console and handheld.
« on: November 04, 2015, 09:33:28 am »
Favorite console: PlayStation 2
Favorite handheld: PlayStation Portable

I'm Sony trash.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 04, 2015, 07:41:35 am »
My best guess is that magictrufflez considers Kyence's translation the "beta," and our update will be the "final."

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 04, 2015, 01:23:30 am »
Tryphon did the font, and most of the other hacks. I'm just doing the minor script updates. :P But I appreciate the kudos. Generation:1 will look so much nicer now!

Edit - Oh, and no, there's no cheat codes at all for PS generation:1. None. I looked. I found some and they don't work.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 03, 2015, 06:27:43 am »
I guess they were already talking about the translated version (which got released a few days ago on PSCave website), so I also added it on Romhacking.net ;)
I also feel like this topic was kind of a sneaky way of announcing that the beta translation is done. :P

The Gen1 remake I dislike a lot for some of the cheaper ways difficulty got increased.  I believe some of the later bosses are literally impossible without certain remake-specific gameplay tricks that I really hated (good god the black dragon...).  TBH, if you're redoing the translation viv, I'd almost be tempted to replay it
Eh, not exactly completely redoing it. Keep in mind that I'm not a translator. I am kind of giving it the old Project II treatment though, but on a much lesser scale. Kyence's actual writing and translation were fine. But I'm updating some lines to make more sense, clarify certain pieces of text, making sure there's no spillover issues, expanding abbreviations, bringing in the old spell names, etc. Tryphon is also being an outright saint and compiling the ISO, making sure the new hacks work for his custom routines. I'm doing pretty much all testing, though. He does his own tests as needed to check his new hacks, but I'm the one playing through the game.

I'm honestly not really looking forward to the beta test. Although it'll be much more relaxed than the alpha, a part of me just wants this done and out. With any luck, it'll be done before December is out. You can check my progress as SandyLandale here. (The name was made to distinguish that identity from vivify93, but I guess that cat has to be out of the bag, now. >.>)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: November 02, 2015, 01:53:35 pm »
I can't wait to get to this; I've been wanting to play it forever. But I have to finish updating generation:1's translation first. Thankfully, I'm near the end, but I have to replay it over again to do the beta test. I don't think people will be as excited to play an update of gen:1 as they were to play the brand-new gen:2 translation.

You do realize that someone posted that exact same patch just a few posts before you, don't you?
No, I did not, or else I wouldn't have posted it.

Personal Projects / Re: Death Fuck '89 (Final Fight Guy (J) hack)
« on: October 10, 2015, 11:51:48 pm »
This is a gorgeous, detailed bad hack. Bless you, Rotwang.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Replacing videos files in a PSP game?
« on: October 07, 2015, 06:44:29 pm »
Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me out today.

I was hoping to replace the opening in the PSP port of Tales of Eternia with the original Japanese opening. For some reason, the North American version's (Which the European PSP version was based off of.) OP not only changed the music up, it rearranged and cut some clips from the video.

I tried simply replacing the video file with CD Mage, but it sadly didn't work--the end of the OP gets cut off and stutters. Does anyone have an idea on how I can go about this in a smarter way?

Before anyone suggests: I am not looking to make or get an undub! I know the undub exists, and I don't like it for the virtue of not being able to understand the map hints unless you press the Select Button. I just want the original OP in.

Thanks for your time; have a lovely day. :)

Edit - I've figured it out! I had to use UMDGen.

Front Page News / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: October 03, 2015, 03:39:40 pm »
I actually think snes-projects' title screens were better. This new title screen looks weird in comparison.

I'm of the opinion that it's always, 100% worth it to update your work. Who knows, maybe another 30,000 people will download the update to your mod?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Suggestions for PS2 RPGs
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:30:26 pm »
I will defend P3 and 4--well, I liked them at least.  I never went back to play 1 and 2, partially because Persona, regardless of the game, is LONG, and I didn't want to have to track down physical copies of really inferior versions of the game (especially US P1--good god I don't know what they thought was so wrong with all the characters!).  Are there even PS1 ISOs for less awful English versions?  I would honestly play fixed versions of the US editions, but I don't know if anyones hacked those, and I'm not buying a PSP.
Being quite honest here, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment's worst aspects are its voice acting (Most of the actors are union veterans by now.) and the fact that it kept the Revelations: Persona names. Persona 2: Innocent Sin was never brought over, so you'd have to use Gemini's translation for it.

As for Revelations, no, you're either stuck with the Americanized version or the PSP version. If you have a PS3 or a PS4 controller and appropriate charging wires, you can pick up a PlayStation TV for like $40, assuming you live in the US? Everything's on PlayStation Network. You wouldn't be able to play the original P3 FES or P4 on it, but you could get Persona 1, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, (PSP port wasn't allowed to be brought over, so if you want it in English, you're pretty much stuck with the PSone version either way.) Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden all on the same system.

I was trying to do a minor modernization update for Revelations: Persona; put in stuff like the current series standard of item and spell names, but it didn't pan out. So I'm trying to settle for a text cleanup... The script is surprisingly not that bad. When I first played it, I thought it was atrocious, but going back to it after playing Persona 1 Portable, it's actually pretty well-translated and decently written.

It's got a bunch of horrible typos, the names of spells, demons, Personas, and items were changed, and of course the Americanizations and graphical changes are there, but that's honestly it. The one thing you'll miss is when you meet Boy with Earring in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. (He uses the Persona 1 protagonist's original design, but of course Revelations: Persona players wouldn't know who the hell he is due to the redesign.)

Revelations is like $70 used, disc only though. I wouldn't recommend getting it.

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