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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: August 27, 2016, 04:40:22 pm »
- Just gonna leave this here!

The 'Yen' and 'Luck' are more than likely just placeholders at the moment.  Also, ignore the buggy status effects.  I'm awaiting what the actual translation for all that stuff is.

This game is currently being worked on by myself as the main coder and a group called 'Sea of Serenity' in efforts to retranslate this game.  Though, there are a few name changes that will bug some people, including myself, but hopefully nothing too dramatic.  (IE: Demande is Demand, Viluy is Vilyui).

Either way, I think to accommodate the situation depending on the crowd there's more than likely going to be two patches.  One with the names Sea of Serenity wants to use that's consistent with their projects and one for the names used in modern media.  In any scenario, there might be a 'third' patch to use the DiC/CWI names for attacks and such as well if needed.
I think I remember telling you that Sea of Serenity wanted to retranslate Another Story some time ago. Did you get in contact with them thanks to me?  :laugh:

Looks great so far, can't wait to see this game get the fresh translation is so very rightly deserves! No offense to BST, but their script was incomprehensible at times.

Hey, if you guys need any help with that "third" patch, if it's gonna exist, let me know. I know the DiC and Cloverway dubs pretty damn well and enjoy them to boot.

That's actually really pretty. It looks more like girly handwriting now, it fits the Sailor Moon metafranchise, and it's much more readable to boot. I say go for it. :thumbsup: As a Sailor Moon fan of 21 years, you have my seal of approval. :laugh:

Alright, I gotcha. :D Like I said, it's perfectly readable on a big ol' CRT, and that's the intended viewing device. So I trust whatever decision you guys make.

As for the font.  I've tried some other ideas, but they just don't look right in context with the other graphics in the game, so I'm very inclined to leave it as is.  I'm definitely taking everyone's comments seriously, but while leaving the outline it is impossible to bolden the font because of letters like m and w.
Is there any reason you're averse to doing something like this?

I do know, as well as anyone in the modding scene, that sometimes compromises have to be made...

I just put Floating Panic on my Wii, and the font looks perfectly readable on a CRT. However, I would still advocate a bolder font just for the sake of making it aesthetically pleasing and having less whitespace around your fixed width font. :) Thank you for the prompt and courteous replies and gracious acceptance of feedback, and good on ya for doing more Sailor Moon translations. Props and kudos! :beer:

There's something like 13 other games in the series across various systems that are still, sadly, in Japanese...

I also found an untranslated graphic.

I'm gonna also agree on the fact that the font is hard to read, after seeing it in-game. I would recommend bolding it and making the outline thicker.

Edit - A mockup by me.

I'm pretty sure that was just something I did for the sake of trying to get as much real estate out of the text boxes as possible. But if you felt Namingway Edition will be bettered by removing them, you have my support. I probably wouldn't do it again if I made Project II today. :P

I really love the new Mist Dragon text! I really appreciate how it's ambiguous too, in that it could be the random omnsicient narrator or it could be Cecil or Kain talking. So it's a great compromise. I actually think I would go back and update Project II with this new line in preparation for a new release.

Are we limited to 21 + 19 + 24 then?

If it helps, one of the things I was trying to do was eliminate the need for the "omniscient narrator" who only appears in Barbariccia and the Mist Dragon's fights. I was trying to make it seem as though either Cecil or Kain were saying the line. Not taking into account the text limitations, if you wanted to preserve my change, a cursory suggestion would be, "Our attacks go straight through it! Lower your weapon until the beast reforms!"

Minor correction, it should be spelled Gysahl and not Gyshal to maintain continuity with the rest of the FF series.

Would the lines in question be "The mist is scathing! We have to wait until... turns into a dragon!"? I  would be in favor of changing the lines, if you wanted to hear my input at all. It's a pretty basic line that I barely thought about when I rewrote it.

I'd have to think it over; I don't really want Project II to have any more big updates. It does sound like what's being done for Namingway Edition makes it far superior to J2e's "effort," in any event!

As for Rydia's equipment, I do also think it'd be best to revert it just for the sake of making it closer to the Japanese version. Like I said, I only did it for personal and stylistic choices. FFIV is also great at integrating story and gameplay together, and this was a rare yet glaring instance of it conflicting. The pros outweigh the cons of giving Rydia back her starting gear, in my opinion; I would go for it if I were you! :)

If hosting this patch requires users to take the following steps:
  • Add a copier header to the original Japanese ROM. (hard)
  • Apply RPGOne's translation. (easy)
  • Remove the copier header. (hard)
  • Apply mteam's Title Screen fix. (easy)
  • Apply hex_usr's Beran Inn bugfix. (easy)
...then I'm not willing to comply. I have nothing against anti-plagiarism in general, but in this specific case, it is a convenience problem. Copier headers cause so many problems while solving 0 problems. If the original RPGOne translation is re-hosted without a copier header requirement, then I might be willing to reconsider because it would only be 3 easy steps instead of 5 harder steps. But that will never happen, because RPGOne no longer exists and would be incapable of giving permission. So we're at a standstill.
Wouldn't... wouldn't people just be able to use TUSH? It's as easy as pressing a button... literally.

I thought it inflicted Curse though... am I wrong? It's been ages since I've played the original version of FFIV.

I don't mind if you revert the change, for the record! It was a personal one, only done because I think it fits the narrative better to have Rydia just start off in Clothes. As was noted.

Oh, thank you LadyAbaxa! Will this work without issue? Like, it won't appear corrupted anywhere, will it?


Seems like it's working fine. Guess there'll be a new release soon.

July 06, 2016, 08:34:34 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
v0.5 is up on both Steam and RHDN.

I thought they were all the same image file but with different extensions. Color me surprised.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Breath of Fire GBA palette restorer.
« on: June 20, 2016, 03:12:24 am »
I think Ryusui said he wanted to do it simply because of the text-based menu rather than the SNES version's graphical-based interface. But it looks as though he was going to work with Myriakitty on the SNES version anyway.

Thank you for uploading this by the way!

Thank you, Spoons! ;D

v3.1 has been submitted to RHDN, it's up on Steam, and here's a MediaFire link for those of you who need to update ASAP.

Change list:
- DORAN and FORSA's battle message is now "Dexterity lowered!", because lowering DEXTRTY (Accuracy) is what those two techs have always done.
- Amy, Hugh, and Shir have their default commands set to Attack rather than Defend when you load the game or pick them up from Rolf's home.
- Fixed a self-induced bug where REVER mistakenly cost 56 TP; it's back to its original cost of 30 TP.
- Changed the hospitals' selection "CURE" to "Detox", to clarify what's being cured.

Edit - v3.1 is now up on RHDN. :) On its four-year anniversary, this patch is finally done.

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