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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:59:09 am »
Project II had already changed the steel orb back into a scythe, yes. :)

Edit -
Did someone say, "Japanese Title Screen?"

Congrats, chillyfeez! It looks fantastic!

Cue the victory fanfare!

 :crazy:  :woot!: :woot!: :woot!::beer: :beer: :beer: :woot!: :woot!: :woot!:
Here ya go! :laugh:

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition
« on: April 17, 2015, 10:14:57 am »
I added all the speaker names to be consistent, if it helps, Rodimus. If you removed the speaker names from every text box except ones where multiple characters are speaking, I would support you. Especially since you're working with longer names than I did.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: April 17, 2015, 10:13:40 am »
That's a good line change, Cavery210, but there's not enough room.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: April 15, 2015, 08:09:14 pm »
Thanks for the sentiments, Rodimus Primal and Spooniest, but please be nice to BlazeHeatnix. BlazeHeatnix, thank you so much for your compliments; they mean a lot to me. :) You may wish to check out Final Fantasy IV: Namingway Edition by Rodimus Primal and friends, which will feature an optional patch to restore something like the original FFIV title screen, as Rodimus himself said above. You should be able to combine their title screen patch with Project II.

I actually do rather like the newly-drawn IV by Paladin in place of the II, because it keeps the title screen Americanized, thus keeping in standard with the era, without keeping an improper number. I did have thoughts about looking into reverting the title some way, but I've received nothing but kudos and praise for Paladin's title, so I want it to stay.

Thanks so much for enjoying Project II so much, I really do appreciate it. Thank you for your understanding about my stubbornness in changing the title screen and reverting game mechanics.

Edit - Would anyone like a remake of the original manual from 1991? I've sadly lost access to my crappy Compaq laptop from 2009, (R.I.P.!) but as soon as I can get a new computer all to myself, I can totally do try to do this. It may be available as a separate download, since it'll just be a bunch of PNG images. I don't know how to bind a PDF.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: April 14, 2015, 08:40:04 pm »
My only wish is that you take a page from Sonic 3 Complete, and offer optional patches for everything this mod includes. I'd like the script you have without the mechanics changes.
I apologize, but that doesn't seem like anything I'll do for this mod. For example, Cry didn't do anything originally while you had Porom. It lowered all enemies' evasion to the Sneak command. Porom and Edge are never on the same team... you see the problem? Lots of the other commands that I changed were useless from the get-go. I believe User Options' additions only serve to enhance players' FFIV experience, and the equipment changes are only for the good, most of them having been taken from FFIV Easy Type; many FFIV modders agree Easy Type did good for weapons and armor without making the game too easy.

I also noticed, Rodimus, that you can't seem to decide whether to use RPGone's formal speech + "sir" or Woolsey / Slattery's Elizabethan English for Cyan... Some lines are Elizabethan, and some speak in RPGone's accent for him...

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 22, 2015, 12:21:50 am »
v2.11 has been up since March 17th, apparently. Go for it, if having the Cross changed to Revivify is that important to you. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 19, 2015, 01:57:25 pm »
Alright... I just have a question. Are you guys giving alternatives to offer input, (Which I appreciate!) saying Revive Potion and Revivify are too close and need to be changed, or both?

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 18, 2015, 11:59:24 pm »
It's a lovely suggestion, but I would rather not because Phoenix Tail doesn't really have a precedent in the FF series.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 18, 2015, 02:36:39 pm »
A Cross isn't necessarily a religious symbol even if it's used as one. Technically it's a method of execution. But if it was already used in US II then I say use it.
FFII US only had Heal Potions, which cured all status ailments. They were put in every shop alongside Ether at their regular price.

Um... What was the rationale behind nixing Life in favor of Revive to begin with?
If you remember, the Potions in FFII US were named after the spells: Cure1 Potion, Cure2 Potion, Cure3 Potion, Life1 Potion, Heal Potion. I didn't think the spells and Potions needed to have the exact same names. Revive Potion comes from the English FFII beta, Shadow of Palakia.

In this context, the cross is definitely a religious symbol!
Definitely! :) That's why I'm averse to putting it in. Trying to somewhat follow NoA's censorship policies at the time, with some leeway regarding death references.

Awesome. Thanks  for letting me know. Kudos on the project, it's pretty fantastic. :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 17, 2015, 08:15:23 pm »
No, we've been over this multiple times: I hate abbreviations with a burning passion. That spells out neither Phoenix nor Down fully. If it's enough of a problem that people report they're confusing Revive Potions and Revivifies, I'll change Revivify to Cross.

I have a bit of an odd question. While working on my failed text cleanup mod, I noticed that the conversation regarding the Three Goddesses was all fucked to hell and back, because Ted Woolsey had assumed the stories that can optionally be read on the idols of the Goddesses was actually part of the main story text. Has that been cleaned up?

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 16, 2015, 09:20:52 pm »
I like the Nectar and Trance suggestions. Not sure about Dash Boots. They'd need to be DashBoot or DashShoe. I kind of re-imagined Hermes and Bacchus as small statues of the respective gods that the characters use, if anyone's wondering why I didn't think of alternatives for them. And I'm going to say no to SunFlare because it was MegaNuke in FFII US, and Nuke was in FFI and FF Legend. I'll keep Trance and Nectar in mind for the next release, however. :) No immediate new release because we just did one.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:18:38 am »
No, but thank you. This does remind me, now I remember why I wanted to keep it as Pray to begin with: the Tower of Prayer. I'm not keeping it as the House of Wishes, that's dumb. Also, EarthBound got away with the concept of prayer.

Anyway, does anyone think it's a bit odd to have Revive Potion and Revivify as items, or no? It kind of bothers me, but not really enough to undo anything. I mean, Revivify is eight letters and Revive is six, so at a glance, you'd know what to use...

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 15, 2015, 12:42:36 pm »
There's a reference there because Rodimus did a lot of work and I'd still like to thank him. I'm not changing Silver to Mythril; that's something for Namingway. It was called Silver in FFI, so it stays as Silver here. Bserk / Bersk is not coming back. Skelton has been Skeleton since the v1.00. Eggtimer is staying. It's not becoming Wake Bell. Nuke can't become Flare because of Bahamut's MegaNuke. If I changed Nuke to Flare, it'd be MegaFlre or MegaFlar. Besides, it's Nuke FFI. The point of Project II is to be a natural bridging point between Phil Sandhop's FFI and Ted Woolsey's FFVI.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 14, 2015, 02:50:14 pm »

Why didn't I think of that? Thank you, Cavery210. That's even an FFVI item name, too.

Edit 1 - v2.11 has been submitted. I won't upload it here since it's such a minor change.

Edit 2 - Also, I noticed my CRT TV is the exact same kind The_Atomik_Punk! used. Sony Trinitron. Not sure if it's the same size, though. Mine has some awful pincushion distortion going on, but eh, it was free, and I figure it adds to the authenticity. :P

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 12, 2015, 04:23:44 pm »
Thanks for all your feedback, The_Atomik_Punk!. :) I do appreciate it, even if I seemed hardheaded at times.

v2.10 (Decided to skip v2.09 in favor of a more round number.) has been submitted.

- Enemies who were changed to Leshy, Marilith, and Bavarois in v2.08 were reverted to their FFII US original names: Weeper, Screamer, and Slime.
- King Fabul is now said to have been the high monk before becoming king.
- Fixed Silk Web name bug.
- Changed Uncurse Potion to Cross.
- They Might Be Giants, The Dark Knight, Star Trek, and "This isn't even my final form!" references eliminated.

Edit 1 - You can also get it here if you're eager to upgrade.

Hopefully, this is the last update for a few months, until something major happens.

Edit 2 - Submission approved, now on RHDN official page.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 12, 2015, 03:27:26 pm »
Memes removed. I remember I mentioned what memes / references I put in Project II in one of Mato's streams, so I shall go look for that.

Edit 1 - Nope, those four are the only ones, and they're all gone. (The new mini's line in Silvera is "Hoity toity! Are you guys giants?!") This shall be in v2.09. As I understand it, you're done with Project II, right, The_Atomik_Punk!?

Edit 2 - You reference beating Zeromus, so yeah, you're done, as far as I can tell. v2.09 will come out either later today or tomorrow.

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: March 12, 2015, 11:01:59 am »
No, Grimoire LD, the restored enemy difficulties were in Namingway Edition. Should still be.

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