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I can help you for PSII or PSIII, but not PSIV, sorry :)
That's not what I said; I said, "I used to think that I would like to replace Phantasy Star II's font with the same font that was used in Phantasy Star IV, but I have decided that the original Phantasy Star II font fits Phantasy Star II better." It's OK though, thanks for offering. :)

Too late, I added you anyway. :) I uploaded the fixed version to RHDN; it'll be up sooner or later. I also updated the music track titles a bit. Namely, that "Restration" typo is gone now.

Edit - And, it's up! Provided there are no more textual issues, this should be the last update. I'd kind of like to change the font to Phantasy Star IV's, but that's neither here nor there, and I've kind of grown attached to the old font.

Resubmit it. I approved that myself and I never saw tryphon's name.
I will, then. Maybe I forgot to enter it? Whoops. Thanks, I.S.T.!

While fiddling with this new version, I found a minor glitch in the dialogue window when talking to Ustvestia:

There's a blue portion coming out of the window and I'll explain why it happens: at location $1B156 a new line starts (there's a C1 before that). Only 24 characters
can fit in one line and the following characters will of course go out of the window. At address $1B16E and $1B16F there two 00 which represent the space
character but technically they are just blue tiles. So you should immediately put the terminator C5 after the period and then pad with 00 what's left. In the end the fix is as follows:

$1B16E = C5
$1B16F = 00
$1B170 = 00

So you can resubmit the file with this glitch out of the way as well
Yikes, thanks, lory1990. I'll fix that right away.

Thanks so much, guys! I'll add you to the project's credits page. With this, Phantasy Star II Improvement is officially finished!

Edit - Here you all are. Phantasy Star II Improvement, v1.0. I added tryphon to the hacking credits, too, but he was removed for some reason...

I didn't change the ROM's size, nope. It should be all alright, then. Oh, will it work with the x4 EXP and MST patch?

@ Vivify93 : I can provide an ips to apply to a clean ROM, then you can apply your patches. The checksum would have to be fixed though. Are you okay ?
That'd be great, but would everything be alright? Like, I apply the Lutz fix to the ROM, then apply the Improvement, fix the checksum, and it'd be OK. I wouldn't have to fix the following again?

- LAC DAGGER's stats
- LACONIAMET's distribution
- Hugh being able to cast GIRES out of battle
- Uzo Island text
- Climatrol text
- Paseo old man's text

And all the changes I made will be OK too?

- Altered linebreaks and "push button" prompts in dialogue
- Proper casing, spelling changes, grammar issue fixes to various text
- Nei's equipment repertoire additions
- Enemy name expansions
- Lowercase letters on the naming menu (With lory1990's fixes)

Thanks for the fixes, lory1990! I think fixing the music bug is beyond my capabilities, though, unfortunately...

General Discussion / Re: Really bad songs that are hilarious
« on: July 22, 2014, 11:27:46 pm »

I played Clock Tower PS1 and I thought it was really bad compared to The First Fear. I think The First Fear is the only Clock Tower I actually like.

I loved Aeon Genesis' translation of The First Fear when it was on SNES, so I'd love to play the PS1 port! I wish you luck on your project, arcraith!

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV - Project II
« on: June 30, 2014, 02:40:45 am »
Potayto, potahto, I don't really care. I just chose Troia because it sounds nicer, and it apparently is like a certain spelling of Troy, like Helen of Troy. So yeah. :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: PSone making crackling noise on HDTVs?
« on: June 29, 2014, 12:01:21 am »
I did, actually. I tried it on both my parents' TV and mine. I researched a bit online, albeit somewhat fruitlessly, and found it might be a soldering or internal wire issue? It did get banged around a lot, we thought its tray was incapable of closing...

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV - Project II
« on: June 28, 2014, 12:50:03 am »
Don't feel bad, elsoldorado, I missed it on one of my test play-throughs of Project II. >.> And it's spelled Troia in the Project, TheZunar123. :)

Gaming Discussion / PSone making crackling noise on HDTVs?
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:20:04 pm »
Hello, everyone! I recently unearthed my old PSone and it seems to work perfectly, except for the fact that there's this horrible crackling noise that almost drowns out all other sound and makes the PSone basically unusable. I thought it was the composite wires, but I tested them with my PS2's composites, which work just fine, and I get the same noise.

Does anyone have any idea what's up? Could it be an internal issue?

Thanks for your time, have a great day! :)

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV - Project II
« on: June 01, 2014, 09:01:46 pm »
v1.03 is out! Some textual updates were made, and I imported the Heroine Robe's (Minerva Robe in Project II) changes from Easy Type. It now only gives +10 Strength, Agility, and Vitality, but the -15 penalty to Wisdom and Willpower is gone now.

Also, for those who didn't know, you can plug in a second controller and play FFII US with a friend! You both have total control over everything. This has been in since the beginning, so I updated one of the more useless Beginner's Classroom messages to instead include this.

Lastly, I think I've finally decided on a good balance for Warp. It now has an insane casting delay to make up for its total brokenness of before. Fatal's (Doom in Project II) casting delay has been lowered slightly to make it a more attractive choice over Warp. (Of course, Stone / Break is still objectively better than either of them...)

You can find the latest update on Project II's RHDN page.

Unless I hear of anything else that I desperately need to remedy, this is it until v2.00, which will finally update the item descriptions.

Thanks, Sliver X, but neither of those worked. (I was really hoping the Elevated Command Prompt one would work, too, because it really freaked me out when the task bar was disabled... It got working again fine in the end, though.) I'll just deal with this for now!

Edit - I figured it out! I'm not sure your directions helped, but I'll err on the side of caution and say thank you anyway. :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Gaming Progress Thread
« on: May 25, 2014, 05:26:29 am »
The only thing I've really noticed about Wild Arms 4 is that it's really heavy-handed with the "purity of childhood" vs. "corruptness of adulthood" theme. I imagine it's only gonna get stronger. Also, I really like the individual character voice sliders in the config menu.

I really don't know much about Free McBoot and the like, though. It seems too complicated for me to get a handle on.

What about PS2 Fats? Are they any better with handling discs?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Gaming Progress Thread
« on: May 24, 2014, 02:50:59 pm »
I just watched the ending. It wasn't worth slogging through all of that. I'm pleased to report Wild Arms 4 seems to be a much better game so far. I like the HEX Battle System.

Hello, everyone. So, I had recently noticed a lot of my favorite games--Parasite Eve, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Final Fantasy XII, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Parasite Eve II--have gotten ring-shaped scratches after a play session in my PS2 Slim. It turns out that they sit crooked in the center disc-holder! Yikes! I'm surprised that A. my games haven't been rendered unplayable, and B. it still plays anything at all!

I'm not too adept at fixing these kinds of things and I have no idea who could, and even if I found someone, I have no money at the present time to pay for their services. So, I thought I should just replace it next month when I get paid.

EDIT: I just tried putting in the same game that I tested before, which sat crooked. It now sits in there straight... so I'm wondering if this is a self-induced problem. If it is, it happens commonly enough that I'm still considering replacing it.

Since I discovered all the PS2 games I'm ever going to want in my collection are going to be compatible with 20 and 60 GB PS3s, I had been thinking of getting one. They're not overly expensive, after all! However, I had some concerns that the soldering on the old PS3s would melt after a time, as I heard--it's inevitable and just happens. I heard some tell that a version of the PS3 that comes with Metal Gear Solid 4 is PS2-compatible and doesn't have the melting problem, but that was years ago, and I only ever heard of it here on RHDN.

So, my first question is: would it be viable for me to get one of the early PS3s that can play PS2 games, or is the danger of the soldering melting too great?

I then turned my attention to PS2 Fats, which have the disc enter in an entirely different way and runs less risk of the center disc-holder coming off center, or so I assume. It sounds like a great idea, and it'd be much cheaper to transfer over to it, so I have a question about it, too.

My second question is: if I wouldn't be interested in a PS2-compatible PS3 due to that lethal defect being a valid concern, do you guys think I should get a PS2 Fat instead? Does it have any advantages over a PS2 Slim?

Thanks for your time, have a great day! :)

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