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Gaming Discussion / Re: Expound on your favorite 8 NES games. ;D
« on: June 05, 2015, 05:05:54 am »
As much as I'd like to say:
  • Shadow of the Ninja
  • Shatterhand
  • Kabuki Quantum Fighter
  • Vice: Project Doom
  • Power Blade
  • Batman
  • Power Blade 2

...because I love that Super Action aesthetic my real list would probably look more like:

Bubble Bobble
Two player co-op. Immediate pick-up-and-play gameplay, and enough power-ups to prevent boredom.

Mega Man 2
The height of the series, and the US difficulty settings makes it more accessible. Also, solid enemy and level designs, and no superfluous charge-shot or slide.

River City Ransom
An excellent example of a game being localized for the better without losing its charm. Double-tap to dash, an assortment of moves, and stat upgrades, items & currency all make this one stand above the rest of the beat em up genre.

Tetris (Tengen)
What I consider to be the epitome of Tetris, not surpassed prior or since. Two-player competitive and co-op options make it shine.

Kickle Cubicle
Absurdly addictive. Only lacking a 2-player feature.

Shadow of the Ninja
Even without co-op, this would've surpassed the other ninja titles on the system for gameplay alone.

Another title improved by its localization. Of the Super Action titles in my first list, this one pulls everything off the best.

This one almost didn't make the list, because of its breaking of the "have a computer-controlled sidekick, but no co-op option" rule, but the game still stands despite it. Fantastic character design and a blast to play.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What would you want in a new Scooby Doo game?
« on: June 01, 2015, 10:02:16 pm »
Definitely point and click adventure, probably on the wii, based off of Mystery Incorporated, released episodically and basically be Mystery Inc. Season 3. There are probably scripts/etc laying around from before it was cancelled.

For those unfamiliar, Mystery Inc. was an extremely solid take on the show, adding season-long mysteries, new character traits (such as Fred's nerdlike enthusiasm for traps), and a solid supporting cast.

June 01, 2015, 10:07:34 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I'd also accept a Prince of Persia / Boy and His Blob -type platformer with touch controls  for phones. Toggle between the main characters, each with their own unique platforming abilities, and each in a separate part of a haunted mansion until you free /unite all and escape to the Mystery Machine.

Hanna Barbera's Mystery Mansion, with new episodes featuring groups like Josie and the Pussycats or Jabberjaw as the main characters.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: April 19, 2015, 09:09:53 am »
Would love to see some of the other sprites and custom work you have planned for the game.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: April 16, 2015, 09:35:37 am »
My vote's for left. This map has an islands feel, and there's no reason to say that an incarnation of this character is invalid due to complexion.

There are also other patches that do the same thing for commercially released pirate hacks, such as Boat Race.

You can make a graphics pack for HDNES, an emulator which displays original art up to 4x the native resolution instead of the game's own graphics.

Thanks, I figured out the hex offset issue, btw. I'll dig deeper into the palette emphasis, I reckon.

I'm working on a project and I'm needing to alter my nametables to use a different portion of my pattern tables. So, for each name table that I generate, I need to increase each hex value of the table by a specific amount. What is the best way to automate this? Is there an editor that supports this feature?

Also, I want to toggle palette emphasis real-time in FCEUX to preview each emphasis

I found this on the NESdev wiki.

Mask ($2001) > write
Common name: PPUMASK
Description: PPU mask register
Access: write
This register controls the rendering of sprites and backgrounds, as well as colour effects.
7  bit  0
---- ----
|||| ||||
|||| |||+- Grayscale (0: normal color, 1: produce a greyscale display)
|||| ||+-- 1: Show background in leftmost 8 pixels of screen, 0: Hide
|||| |+--- 1: Show sprites in leftmost 8 pixels of screen, 0: Hide
|||| +---- 1: Show background
|||+------ 1: Show sprites
||+------- Emphasize red*
|+-------- Emphasize green*
+--------- Emphasize blue*
* NTSC colors. PAL swaps green and red[1].

So, I tried altering address 2001 in the PPU, but it was at 00 to begin with, so I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong.

Could be. Way easier in photoshop though. Is running a windows emulator for yy-chr not an option for you?

It might be time to pick up a used XP desktop for the hobby.

Well, you won't find a shortage of insert x-character into y-games here, Sonic being the most prominent.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What did you play in school?
« on: March 15, 2015, 02:16:17 am »
No idea. All I know, is that my buddies and I tried fervently to earn some C64 time every week. 

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: March 14, 2015, 02:02:48 am »
It all looks great, man. Another one for the definitive version list, for sure.

Gonna have to agree with Grim 100% here.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What did you play in school?
« on: March 13, 2015, 01:12:35 pm »
Zork, 5th Grade on our teacher's personal C64 that she left in the classroom.

Am stoked you're working on this. There is literally no other J exclusive that I would rather see translated.

Grimlock's Rogue Dawn for Metroid will be very close. Although not a unique IP, it does feature entirely unique characters, and entirely unique graphics.

Mine and Optomon's upcoming Pyronaut is along the same lines: 100% unique, save for the bare bones of the underlying code.

There may be a few more in the works.

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: March 12, 2015, 01:34:02 pm »
Say what you will, but being involved in both mods and homebrew development, there are only 256 tiles per background pattern table.

You have to cut the available tiles by more than 10% for lowercase letters, and that's not a decision I'd ever support. All caps lettering is standard for NES-era games, and for a very good reason.

The fact that fan-localisations and re-translations utilize the extra space leftover from the larger space required to hold a full Japanese character set for proper casing has done nothing but spoil the user base of this forum. I'm not going to throw open the ROM and look, but considering that its a Western adventure title, it was probably developed in English, and therefore, does not have 20-something blank tiles hanging around in every BG pattern table for fancying-up its case.

If it does, consider my foot in my mouth.

Do you have an image editor that lets you record and play actions (like Photoshop)?

If so, I can show you how to record an action to rearrange (and dearrange :)) a pattern table.

March 12, 2015, 12:50:14 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I noticed Gimp doesn't support actions.

If that's the case, I can show you how to use a program like GhostMouse to get everything worked out for 8x16.

For a complete overhaul, I would only consider games with entirely new:

  • graphics
  • music
  • gameplay
  • intellectual property

So far, the only completed ones I know of are the Dragoon X Omega series, and despite how totally awesome the second one looks, I've never actually played them.

Honestly, in the post-Nerdy Nights era, it's less work to build a game from scratch than it is to completely disassemble a functional game and build a new one from its core engine.

Take a screenshot of your game.

Use photoshop to record an action of you pasting the font, letter-by-letter over the characters on the screen.

Paste in a new font.

Play the action.

See the results.

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