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Personal Projects / Re: Suikoden II Bug Fixes (PSX)
« on: November 06, 2012, 08:40:17 am »
Yeah, it's not an immediate thing.  I really feel like I can fix most of the issues in the English text with very little need for assistance from skilled translators.  The biggest problem is that Konami seems to have skipped over review and revision due to time constraints, so the most frequent issues are fairly minor oddities in word choice, spelling and grammar.  The egregious errors, like Teresa appearing to deliver Jowy's lines at one point, and the untranslated text are either documented, or would only require a few hours of a translators time.  I'm going to work on a set of tools for reviewing, editing and inserting game text, just to fix the known and obvious issues in any case, and if they want to apply that to a re-translation, I have no problem with it.

I'm not really clear on the progress of the Suikogaiden translations.  It seemed like the script for the original was completed,  and all the major technical hurdles resolved a year ago.  They just needed to insert the scripts, and redone graphics, rebuild the game's files, and start reviewing.  Then it just sort of went stagnant for months, with Rinuzuki only popping in maybe once a month, and the latest technical discussions were about how the virtual file system works.  I've considered lending a hand, but I really don't care for those visual novel style games.  Which is funny, because I probably wouldn't mind them, if they'd been released as Choose Your Own Adventure comics or something.  I'd be rebuilding the thing as an interactive e-book for the iPad, and then Konami would sue me into oblivion.

Personal Projects / Re: Suikoden II Bug Fixes (PSX)
« on: November 05, 2012, 06:10:40 pm »
It was translated into French by Konami when they released the game in Europe.  Like all versions of the game, it's hard to find a legitimate copy, though.  I didn't even know it existed until a little while ago, and it'll be another week or so before there's a patch (mostly not play-tested) for the French version.  There are something like 23 fixes that currently apply to the European games, and all of them require a minor amount of tweaking to work in each region.

The patcher allows you to turn patches on and off.  So if you can't live without the Matilda Gate Glitch, or maxing attack with the Kindness Rune bug, you have the option of not fixing those in your patched copy of the game.  I did that precisely because of the above complaint, and also because there may be some optional tweaks like expanding the wallet later.  I get the love for the Matilda Glitch.  Personally, I was always a big fan of the older RPGs that would only restrict a few places critical to the story, and otherwise let you wander freely.  The sole indication that you maybe shouldn't be here just now was getting hit for four times your total HP by a skeleton in blue armor, but if you could somehow survive the rewards were enormous.

The trouble with this wrinkle is that I had to quickly whip up a GUI and wrap it around my build scripts, because no delta patcher was going to allow that freedom.  Unless I wanted to build dozens of variations for each region anyway.  Once I've got everything mostly stable, I'll probably revisit how the public patcher works.

Personal Projects / Suikoden II Bug Fixes (PSX)
« on: November 04, 2012, 10:21:46 pm »

(Pretty much the most representative image, since most of the bugs are under-the-hood.)

This is a little project I've been working on off-and-on to fix the glaring issues in Suikoden II.  The main purpose is to turn the game into what Konami intended to release, which includes fixing bugs like the Matilda Gate Glitch, the Recipes Bug, and smoothing over translation issues like the monsters in Tenzan pass, and the missing trade gossip.  So far, about thirty bugs have been fixed in the US version, and fixes relevant to the Japanese version and three of the European versions (English, German, Spanish) have been ported.  Most of the fixes remain untested in the non-US versions.  I only recently acquired the Italian and French versions, so very little work has been done there.

A small handful of reported bugs remain, including the climbing game giving out duplicate Turtle Plans, Adlai's recruitment event not deleting the items he requests if you have them equipped, and the dance mini-game's lack of music in the US version.

The bugs are documented on the project wiki: Suikoden Bug Fixes Wiki, along with all the technical information I've taken the time to type up so far.  A work in progress patch is also available on the Wiki.  I'm hurting for testers for the Japanese and European fixes; if anyone is interested in helping out, by all means, feel free.  There's a long-running discussion at the Suikosource Forum where most of the bugs are reported and discussed.

There are some vague plans for a re-translation from Japanese to English.  My feeling is that it's not really necessary, but a couple of people working on translating Suikogaiden take more issue with the localization than I do.  They'll most likely be helping me when the time comes to really go over the game's dialogue, so if they're wanting to do that work, I'll defer to their expertise.

Additional screenshots:

Nobody's ever seen Badeaux in the castle before because the script that should place him there was truncated.

An English translation of the trade gossip was inserted into the US version.  This issue was fixed by Konami in the European versions.  Obviously, it wasn't an issue in Japan.

This enemy (name later edited to "Chimera") is inaccessible in all versions of the game due to Konami omitting its formations from the encounter table.  It's a more powerful version of the Chimera encountered earlier, and drops a Cyclone Rune.  Without this enemy in the tables, the Cyclone Rune is the only elemental rune that cannot be gotten from an enemy.

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