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Uh, no... a readable, let alone correct, translation needs context, something machine translation cannot do. It needs human interaction in the translation.
Have you tried putting a translation (especially kana-only scripts like some SFC and most FC games use) into Google. The result is TOTAL NONSENSE! (I know, I've had one person offer to "translate" a script before by running it through Google, and then tell me it was correct. :P)

Well, Google has improved in that it can almost generate a coherent sentence, but it still is far from something a human would write.
Pretty [WAIT] <END> or [RESET] of Crappie
Pretty [WAIT] <END> or [RESET] Myukizu of
 5 prolonged <END>
 1 spread <END>
 Replacement <END>
 We <END>
 2UP <END>
 4UP <END>
 6UP <END>
 <END> Come if Hatena
 2 spread <END>
Card <END>
The <END>
The <END> the
 Was at hand Ah Nya [WAIT] <END>
 Have replaced Ah Nya [WAIT] <END>
 If this content Hatena
<END> Received two
 Was Ah Nya [WAIT] <END>
[RESET] and <END> Ah Nya pick the item you want
Do you replace the [RESET] What
 <END> Ah Nya decide
Kimi does Te Nya [RESET] is
 I Nya good guy [WAIT] <END>
[RESET] Two Well, then both
 <END> Ah Nya I do my best
Ah Nya I have another [RESET] it [WAIT] <END>
To have anything For Love [RESET]
 The Oh Inya if Ine [WAIT] <END>
[RESET] are you from Nyai have anything
Replacement nitrous if Ine NYA can [WAIT] this time to give up Ah Nya [WAIT] <END>
In specie the [RESET] this time
 Ah Nya put up [WAIT] <END>
[RESET] Happy <END>
[RESET] Crappie is <END>
[RESET] is Myukizu <END>
Also two things [RESET] partner
 Nyan would get
[RESET] because they have anymore
 Nyan do not have to replace them [WAIT] <END>
You are the other belongings of
 Nyan I have [WAIT] <END>
The Ah Nya or replace the [RESET] items

The Ah Nya or address the [RESET] items

   <END> Yes No
 Sun <END>
 Dandelion <END>
 Shiroi Dandelion <END>
 Fence <END>
 Wall <END>
 Window <END>
 Door <END>
 Chimney <END>
 <END> Chair of swing
 Swing <END>
 Body <END>
 Tire <END>
 5 prolonged <END> do 1 or
It was like in the parking Coy you did real good with two of
[WAIT] Zhong to ask in regard to [RESET] Coy Congratulations'm happy
The dumped unfortunately
[WAIT] is a nice person to you [RESET] someday I Crappie you have closed
To dream of each [WAIT] Zhong Na become awfully with [RESET] in two of these things, BUT is appearing
In the future and toward
Zhong <END> I do my best
It was like in the parking Coy you did real good with two of
[WAIT] Zhong to ask in regard to [RESET] Coy Congratulations I Crappie
The dumped unfortunately
[WAIT] is a nice person to you [RESET] someday'm happy that you have closed
To dream of each [WAIT] Zhong Na become awfully with [RESET] in two of these things, BUT is appearing
In the future and toward
Zhong <END> I do my best
What aligned Two
[WAIT] [RESET] [WAIT] [RESET] brush the arm more I'll still two of the blue with Tadashi'm doing
Once again
You've got to challenge Zhong [WAIT] [RESET] angrily <END>
Zhong you did real good
Congratulations'm happy
[WAIT] happiness [RESET] in the real Two of you are friends with Coy
It is because you are seize together
Zhong <END> I do my best in the future
[WAIT] sickly exhaustion more I [RESET] Happy
Of quickly serving with
Zhong [WAIT] to pick Coy and [RESET] I'm become Otoko
[WAIT] [RESET] Zhong <END> it's my best I come
Of [RESET] repetition
Meow's diagonal kick [WAIT] <END>
Of [RESET] repetition
The lightning and meow a kick or [WAIT] <END>
Of [RESET] repetition
Round and round meow's kick [WAIT] <END>

 Meow was [WAIT] <END>
 <END> Example N 100
As a punishment meow is not [RESET] slovenly
<END> Nya take up two spread
As a punishment meow is not [RESET] slovenly

<END> Nya discuss
 3 spread <END>
 5 spread <END>
 7 spread <END>
The Ah Nya you choose the [RESET] In addition to the

[RESET] Well, then the money
The Ah Nya raise [WAIT] [RESET] <END>
[RESET] meow there is nothing to take [WAIT] <END>
[RESET] NYA and can not be replaced
This time it Ah Nya give up [WAIT] <END>

And now reality has stolen my car keys. Thanks a lot, reality, a man cannot even dream without getting his car keys stolen. Next you'll tell me that we can only fly by taking airplanes.

I guess that if I wanted to speed up the process, myself, I would start up my own translation web site, hire a bunch of guys to do the dirty translation work, or help with groups in progress. Do you have any positions open for publicity for your ROM translations  :angel:?

A man can only Dream :laugh: though that would be a sweet idea at first but i don't think that's EVER possible in a million years imho but the ONLY thing that's very quite close is CamDictionary for android ;) very awesome app to use you won't regret it bro!

It's been my dream, for a while, to see a program that has coding allowing text conversion from Japanese to English through compatible standards(for example Japanese letter=A, therefore whenever that letter is seen, the program will always translate it into A). So it will run through any game program and it would automatically translate any text to its English counterpart making it easy to go through a game with less hassle. That way, the whole Super Famicom library would be converted to English through the use of a program.

Now I know that there is more to ROM translating than that, but I would like to hold onto a dream of a Universal Translation Program(UTP) because without dreams, life can be pretty boring.

I wonder what would happen if one developed an Android ROM translation app.

@Merta The Battle System particularly in Love Quest is like any other average RPG like Earthbound, Dark Kingdom, Wizardary, etc... your enemies are " Street Chicks" "OL's" & the ones who'll end up joining you ;) and there's different cities you'll visit throughout the Game. Many Wacky/Crazy looking citizens like Earthbound lol :p if you want to see more Gameplay here ya go:

Watching it. What is with the guy's head in that hole in that subway station? So you could get that drunken girl in the video to fight with you? It looks nice. I wouldn't mind seeing it fully fan translated.

Speaking of other games needing translating my thought would be one of the next batch should be Zakuro No Aji, Shin Heisei Onigashima (Part 2 imo ) which i've also mentioned in my script help thread I made not to long ago & Solid Runner... perhaps maybe?

any game from here should get first, and I mean first priority...... That would include Elfaria II, Dual Orb, and Akazukin(SP?) Chacha. I could talk about Hero Senki, but this list already gives a very good idea.

About the PC-Engine console, there are some attractive RPGs for that console also. I know that somebody has announced, on here, that they will be working on Cosmic Fantasy I.

Yes, this is being worked on (and in fact is quite far along, too) though I can't comment beyond that.

Sounds very good to me, I do remember some commentary about it last year but I didn't see anything beyond that. I am guessing that it is not a prequel to Radiant Historia, even with the names and the time travelling element. Thank you for your response.

April 29, 2013, 08:33:59 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
@Merta Yeah Ruin Arm hasn't been really been mentioned to any ROM Hackers/Translators as of yet but lucky i've been using a photo translator app on my android for some quick translating on a few Horror Visual Novels & Love Quest ;) it's been pretty accurate so far.

Sorry for a double post, but you are busy translating Love Quest? I watched one of those Let's NOT Play videos on it and it looks interesting to say the least. So it's an Adventure-RPG? I haven't seen anything about the battle system.

Ruin Arm sounds good, but I suppose one should have cautious optimism around a Bandai game (known for mediocrity). (it credits Plex, who also is credited for the FC Vilgust, which was an okay game. But I don't know if Plex is a game company or anime company.)

That's Famicom Vilgust right? The one with the action-oriented random encounters.  If so, I actually really quite liked that game what with its battle system that it had.

What little I've heard of Ruin Arm is about the cautious optimism. Still, I really like Action-RPGs, and one more in the pan would make me a happy person. If only I was talking to a fan transla........uhhhh, excuse me.

OK, thank you for being facetious ChronoMoogle. Now I can lobby for that game to be translated by using its English name. Neighborhood Story it is!

Of course, it will have to be in the long line behind Rejoice, Aretha I and II, and Princess Minerva but it will be in the front of the line after Granhistoria.

Timed attacks like what Real Character has said, elemental battles which encourage the player to use their weakness, it's not a challenge but I really like battles with dialogue, or where a special flag gets tripped if you do something like Terra casting fire in two different battles in FFVI. It can be more about aesthetics for me.

Yeah & also don't forget about Down The World Mervlin's Ambition, Wonderous Magic (I believe it was called) & Gokinjo Bokentai which feels alot resembled as Mother 2/Earthbound ;)

Gokinjo looks interesting. I noticed the parody of the MGM Lion and also how much the "set design" resembles ALTTP. OK, the field abilities, that hookshot used in the video, do sort of sell me on this. Yeah I'd play it.

However, Ruin Arm( hasn't even been mentioned yet even if it is on Translation Nation and it may put Gokinjo in close competition. It looks like a pretty good Zelda-esque Action-RPG but I've heard that it is not that enjoyable. Granhistoria also looks quite good but I have no idea if anybody is even currently translating it. Yep, there are close to double the amount of Super Famicom games(1,442) compared to SNES(784) games and that is excluding the over 230 games for the BS Satellaview accessory for the Super Famicom. It will be a long time before we hit rock bottom. I just wish that I could help.

So let's see.......the first three games were fully fan translated, the Gameboy game was fully fan translated and the DS game got fully localized. So if this game gets fully fan translated, than that means that all of the games, in this series, will be available to play completely in English.

It's great to know that there is progress with it, as it looks like a very good game. Whatever state it will be in, in the end, will probably be a good state.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dai Kaijuu Monogatari... Any takers?
« on: April 25, 2013, 12:00:39 pm »
I am one of those people who will be looking forward to the finished product, as a big fan of SNES console RPGs. I wish you good luck LostTemplar in the hopes that I'll see the game in a fully translated form hosted on the main site sometime soon. It's very good to know that someone is working on this.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Class of Heroes II still coming to PSN.
« on: February 08, 2013, 12:34:38 pm »
I posted a thread on IGN and one on PSM3, a Playstation magazine circulating in Europe, about this. So far they need 800 preorders for the game to get a physical release. I'll see if the forums on such sites as are available for posting stuff like this.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Old lady still playing games at 86
« on: January 23, 2013, 12:05:23 am »
Considering must pollyannas will give the game a 10/10 best game ever, even giving it a 7/10 is controversial (around here at least).

LostTemplar and GeishaBoy kind of fill that niche.

I remember the old message board days when so many people hated Final Fantasy VII because they thought that Barrett was a racist caricature, that the graphics were overrated, and that it got so many "newbies" into the RPG genre who only appreciated video games because of graphics not because of gameplay. You wouldn't have been too controversial during those days, there were even a few guys who thought that Xenogears was way overrated, while the same people mentioned earlier thought that it was the divine fruit. I think that it was a great game but I don't know if I would give it a 10/10. I mean what will last longer: FFVII debates or grumpy senior citizens musing about the demise of Final Fantasy and raising their canes at Final Fantasy XIII?

"I know I can have the virtualized consciousness of Uematsu modifying the audio waveform in realtime, OK?  The PSX synth just sounds BETTER!"

OK, I will start out the movie with this line. How do you imagine a gamer nerd would look like in 2074? Maybe Jeff Bridges' great grandson could play the lead role. Oh and if there is one thing for certain, the console war would still leave Nintendo derided as being too "kiddy" for mainstream tastes. Maybe by then JRPGs will take over once the FPS market dries up.

Somebody buy her a Super Famicom already. If she's this blown away by the original Bomberman, imagine how she'll feel about the sequels.

Nooooooo!!!!! Do not introduce further sequels to her because once she finds out that Bomberman 3DS got cancelled and Hudson was bought off by Konami she'll live her last days on Earth in constant sorrow.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Game Center CX
« on: January 22, 2013, 10:21:00 am »
The series' concept of a season is different than the standard U.S. concept. They often run more than one season a year.

OK, I figured that there was a technicality that I overlooked.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Old lady still playing games at 86
« on: January 22, 2013, 10:15:57 am »
I agree that Jorpho's vision would make a fantastic mocumentary!   :thumbsup:  Also it could say something effectual about the human condition via the dichotomy of old players and new players and the similarities that persist.

And if by some chance eons from now this forum still exists and you guys aren't dead yet I will indeed continue to put FFVII in its place (7/10).   >:D

I will say that putting FFVII "in its place" is amusing if you are giving it an above average rating, though I would give it a 9/10 so I understand your point and will gladly argue against the score.  Actually what would also be interesting is if one of us, on the forums, actually serves as the ambassador to Japan because of a severe interest in anime and video games coming from that country.

I've got it! An actual FFVI hack that serves as either a side-story or a well-made sequel or prequel to the original events ala the CT hacks called the Prophet Guile and Crimson Echoes. Usually when I play a FFVI hack, even the creative crystals hack and Last Hope,  it always starts off like the original game and I like Prophet Guile and Crimson Echoes because they attempt to find a new experience within the constricted skeleton of a played game. Not only that but PG also started you off somewhere and with somebody completely different from the original game. Less "add a boss" hacks of FFVI, why not something that is as close as one can get to the great experience of the original game without programming a new game from scratch?

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: January 22, 2013, 02:26:08 am »
Hello LocksmithArmy. I find it interesting how congruent your interest in picking locks in the real world is tied to picking digital locks in the game world, though it is purely coincidental. I saw your two hacks on the sidebar there, Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Gold hacks, and I really like your idea. I've usually played video games as single player experiences and never played a portable game with someone else or even traded Pokemon so you have very good intentions and it also sounds like you have some talent. Hopefully you'll be one of those guys who will dazzle everybody with enough ASM knowledge to create an entirely new game out of an old game's engine.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Game Center CX
« on: January 22, 2013, 02:17:46 am »
16 seasons!? I thought that this show has only been on for a small number of years. Can you imagine having a job that involves spending 16 years playing through video games in front of a camera and entertaining people at the same time? I'm available if somebody wants to do an American version of Game Center CX.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Old lady still playing games at 86
« on: January 22, 2013, 01:56:23 am »
Maybe not playing games, but we will still be arguing about FFVII when we are 86 years old.

Legions of old mostly-men, peering at 2D screens, smacking at keyboards, while all the young'uns are off running around with their neuro-taps and neo-English and making fun of the old fogies and their endless debates about Aeris and Sephiroth and bringing in their quaint wall scrolls for show and tell.

Sounds like an idea for a screenplay for a futuristic sci-fi movie, maybe a comedy. We would have Shigeru M. cryogenically frozen, like Walt Disney, at the Video Game Hall of Fame. We'll be ranting on about "that's the problem with kids these days, they don't appreciate the simple gameplay over the 5D graphics in the games that they are playing now". We'll have the Siskel and Ebert of video game criticism and every video game release will be accompanied with a party that has a red carpet. By this time, Final Fantasy 77 will be out, along with Super Mario Universe, and there will be motion controls.... in space. Discussion shows will ask "is Zelda a RPG?" and games like Final Fantasy VII will be celebrated as classics, like Intolerance by D.W. Griffith and the Ten Commandments by Cecil DeMille. We'll actually have virtual reality nursing homes with robots that bring us food and dessert.

Every other fabric of my being will be an even greater enigma as by that time, all of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and other bands, artists, moviemakers will be long gone by then. It will be a lonely, frozen world but I will manage. There are even a few reports that our generation will live long enough to see Final Fantasy 88.

Merta, you'll enjoy Arabian Nights.  Even if the script I had been working with when Yonin no Translators apparently had some issues, the story is just darling.  The gameplay is wonderful, and easy to use.  Even with my basic Japanese (you'll notice I mentioned a friend up there, she helps me with translating) I was able to play the game all through with just Japanese and a map basically (there's also a guide on gamefaqs if you get stuck).

As for helping, I'm not quite sure.  But look around the board, especially personal projects and help wanted ads.  You never know when you may see something that you just happen to be able to do!

Yeah I had been looking forward to it and I heard that it was great. The screenshots show your traditional JRPG with a battle screen that reminded me of Ogre Battle's so that already is getting me excited.  So you were one of those who worked on the translation? Glad to see the spirit still alive, and I also like that I am talking to an individual who works behind the scenes in the underground industry of video game translations. Anything to look forward to coming from you?

I'd translate more if I could find projects I liked and drag my friend in lol. But I agree, more need translations :)  It's good that another is out though

OK, this may sound very offtopic but how can a layman like me, who is no computer genius, help out to make the translation process move quicker? I would love to see all of them translated in my lifetime including Gran Historia(I am guessing no relation to Radiant Historia, even with the former's emphasis on time travel, I think) and Love Quest. Maybe the guy behind the Let's Not Play videos could play through the fully translated version of Love Quest and understand everything.

Thank you also for your contributions, to think that if the scene wasn't around than I wouldn't be able to play my favorite NES RPG(Chaos World) and a NES RPG that I could actually beat. I'll try out Arabian Nights but I don't want to get spoiled too quickly as I absolutely love RPGs, especially of the Japanese development kind. See I could segue-way to an ontopic comment.

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