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--Not sure if this is the right place to make such a request, so somebody feel free to move this if not.--

An English translation of Fantasia Sango 2 (AKA  Gensosangokushi II ) has been undertaken by Kimimi, but, with limited hacking skills, the project has been stalled for some time. The primary problem was installing an economic font size.

Anybody interested in reading up on the game and seeing some screenshots can check the second post on this page of Kimimi's blog:

More can be read about the actual project (and it's complications) here:

The reason Kimimi herself hasn't lit any fires in continuing the translation is because she prefers a low key project, without all the fanfare and attention (ie. stress) that comes with largely publicized endeavors.

If anybody able is interested in lending a hand, and can tolerate a low profile job as such, Kimimi can be contacted through her blog, linked above, or via private message at the Ancient Land of Ys forums, also linked above.

Thanks, all.


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