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ROM Hacking Discussion / Phantasy Star II : resurrecting Nei ?
« on: December 31, 2013, 10:56:17 am »

I was wondering if there exists a hack way to resurrect Nei : GameGenie or Action Replay code, or a hack ?

Has it been made ? I ask for it because if no, I'm planning to look into the asm to see how to do that.

Programming / Compiling PCSX2
« on: November 04, 2013, 06:22:16 pm »
Is there someone kind enough and competent to explain me, step by step, how to compile PCSX2 v1.0 from scratch with Visual Studio Express 2012 ?

I'm not a professional programmer and I always feared IDE's settings and in particular those Visual Studio Big Things.

I know there's an article in the PCSX2 project's wiki, but it's mainly focused on VS2008 and I didn't achieve to make it working.

My goal is to implement some debuging features to PCSX2. I know there's an old debug version here, but it crashes as soon as I click anything in the debugger. I think I can understand something once the environment ready, but I need help for the first compilation.

I'd be very grateful for any help on this.

November 06, 2013, 05:30:12 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
You can forget this thread. It worked perfectly, assuming I use VS2008, not 2012.


As I said in this ad, I have made tools for translating this game, but I need some people for the translation itself.

For final testing purposes, before releasing the tools, could someone please translate the beginning of the game ?

Here are the dialogues I'd like to be translated :

// ==============================================
// 0x6ab6

// ==============================================
// 0x6bb8
[01,26][0E,01, 01][03,00]「スイシンプレート[0D]
[0E,01, 00][01,2E][01,27][0E,02, 01][03,05]「カイオウセイをフライパス[0D]
[0E,02, 00][01,2F][01,28][0E,03, 01][03,03]「セツゲンまで[0D]
[0E,03, 00][01,30][01,27][03,05]「ラジャー!」[0A,3C][09]
[01,2F][01,2C][0E,07, 01][03,06]「いまのところ[0D]
[0E,07, 00][01,34][01,29][0E,04, 01][03,04]「うーん[0D]
[0E,04, 00][01,31][01,2D][0E,08, 01][03,09]「ふむ[0D]
[0E,08, 00][01,35][01,2A][0E,05, 01][03,02]「わたしもたすかるわ[0D]
[0E,05, 00][01,32][01,28][03,03]「ソフィア[0D]
[01,30][01,2B][0E,06, 01][03,01]「ヘンカなし[0D]
[0E,06, 00][01,33][01,28][03,03]「そうか・・・[0D]

// ==============================================
// 0x9dda

// ==============================================
// 0xa050
[06] [01,00]む[06][00][0F][00]ー[04][00][00]{ロバート}。[03,03][01,01]「まず[0D]
 {マイケル}[0B] ど”うだ?」[0C][01,0B][03,04][01,00]「みためにはイジョウがないので[0D]

A sentence is missing just before this last one, I'm currently looking after it :)

Newcomer's Board / Looking for translators
« on: October 23, 2013, 06:35:52 pm »

I've studied a Genesis game. I extracted the script (at least most of it), I know how to reinsert it, I deciphered the graphics compression routines and wrote a compressor,so I can reinsert a latin font.

All I need now is japanese speaking people to translate it in English.

Can I upload the script in the Script Help and Language Discussion forum to see if there are people interested ? Or is it not the aim of this forum ?

By the way, the game is Psy-O-Blade (I don't think it was ever translated in any language).

Newcomer's Board / Genesis disassembly
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:07:34 pm »

I'd like to give a try to some Genesis hacking, but I can't find a perfect tool for disassembling / studying game code.

So far, I've tried :

- IDA pro with the Genesis plugins : it requires IDA pro, which is over-expensive. The free version doesn't support 68000 and is of no use (unless I've missed another Free version) (feel free to pm me if you have something to say quietly about this  :police: )

- Nemesis, which is an absolutely wonderful Genesis emulator with awesome debugging features (the drawback is that it runs at 6 fps on my computer) (but 'Active Disassembly' is like a gift from the God of Hack) but some games are still not supported, among them the one I want to study

- Gens-KMOD can disassemble on-the-fly but can't save the result. And it lacks many features Nemesis has.

What do you use in this situation ? Aside disassembling, I'd like some features like tracing the code, watchpoints on RAM...

Programming / Strange 68000 effective address
« on: August 22, 2013, 10:20:48 am »

I'm not much used to 68000 assembler,and here's an instruction I can't figure out :

At address $B6A2, my disassembler shows :

Code: [Select]
MOVE.b *+$B654(PC, D2.w), D2
Could someone explain me where it reads the byte to put in D2 ?
When I traced the code, I had D2 = 0, PC = $B6A2, and D2 got the value $06, which is located at $B654. But I don't understand why, neither can I predict what would happen for different values of D2.

To study the feasibility of a remake, I'm looking for a game who'd have graphics close to Genesis' Phantasy Star III (Generations of doom), but better (that is, on a system more evoluted than Genesis, such as SNES, PS1, 2 or 3, ...). Of course it's 2D.

It has mainly a medevial look (but some sci-fi elements too), the design is clearly japanese, but not "kawai" like most of JRPGs. In particular, it's quite different from others games of the serie, or Playstation 2's remakes of the 2 first episodes.

The last JRPG I played was FF8 and I have missed many from the SNES era. Among the few I know, no one nearly resemble the graphical design of this one.

Some  pictures from the game :

A walkthrough on Youtube.

Newcomer's Board / How to disassemble a Genesis rom ?
« on: July 06, 2013, 11:55:56 am »

I was wondering how you could disassemble a Genesis ROM the best way. I mean : I can use any 68000 disassembler (I suppose there are plenty of them), but I wonder if there are some that use the infos in the ROM file (especially the header) to organize the code the best way.

I know IDA Pro does a pretty good job, but it's damn expensive  :o. The free version doesn't seem to handle 68000.

If you have some hints about that, I'd be grateful :)

Newcomer's Board / Which Hex Editor ?
« on: May 03, 2013, 03:33:20 pm »
I know it must be a recurring question, but I haven't found a recent thread on the subject.

For now, I use MadEdit and it lacks a 'compare buffer' feature (it's a good editor though).

I'd like to find something :
- free
- able to handle quickly (navigating, searching) quite big files (32 Mb)
- able to compare 2 buffers (with a split window)
- if possible, able to handle custom encodings
- if possible, with MIPS disassembling features

Do you know something like that?

Newcomer's Board / PSP Memory organization
« on: April 21, 2013, 06:35:27 pm »

I'm new to PSP hacking, but I did some on PS2 and I was told it is quite similar.

Nonetheless, something bugs me.

I use JPCSP emulator and if I go to debug/Memory viewer, I can see the main executable (that is, the BOOT.BIN file) starting at $8804000.

But if I save the RAM dump to disk and open it with an hex editor, I can't find any tracks of the main executable.

Worse, the dump file (32 Mb large, which seems correct) contains data I can't locate in the JPCSP/debug/Memory viewer (but since there's no search function in the viewer, and it seems impossible to save the whole dump to file, it's really difficult to find anything).

Can someone tell me where in the Memory is the main executable loaded, and more generally how is the PSP memory organized ? Or at least, provide documents on the subject ?

Thanks in advance :)

Newcomer's Board / Data Crystal and Playstation 2
« on: April 06, 2013, 03:04:21 pm »
I'd like to give some infos I found about 2 PS2 games on Data Crystal, but there doesn't seem to be a page about Playstation 2 Games (at least on the main page), and I didn't find how to edit the main page.

Did I miss something ?

Programming / [rusty asm] Call a routine from a routine
« on: December 06, 2012, 04:54:48 am »

my assembler is quite rusty, and I'd want confirmation for the following : let's call a routine some piece of code that is called by :
Code: [Select]
jal ROUTINEand ends with a :
Code: [Select]
jr ra
Suppose I want to call a routine from the inside of a routine.

I must save the ra value before, don't I ?

I can do (assuming t0 is left unmodified by ROUTINE, and without considering delay issues) :
Code: [Select]
mov t0, ra ; or the contrary, I never remember, but you the idea is t0 <- ra
mov ra, t0

or putting ra in the stack ?

Sorry for the stupidness of the question.

Programming / An optimization question (MIPS assembler)
« on: November 27, 2012, 05:20:19 pm »

during my investigations in a game code, I see often the following, to compute 44*a0 :

Code: [Select]
sll v0, a0, 1 ; v0 = 2a0
addu v0, v0, a0 ; v0 = 3a0
sll v0, v0, 2 ; v0 = 12a0
subu v0, v0, a0 ; v0 = 11a0
sll v0, v0, 2 ; v0 = 44a0

It reminds me the ol' good time of 8b processor with no mul instruction (or a mul that was so slow that playing with shifts was more efficient) and I suppose this is the kind of 'optimization' automatically generated by a C compiler, but now, is it really faster than, say, a :

Code: [Select]
addiu t0, zero, 44
multu v0, t0, a0

Programming / How to enlarge a ELF file ?
« on: November 08, 2012, 05:50:05 am »

For translating and hacking purposes, I'd like to add free space on a Playstation 2 ELF file, at the end of the file to avoid breaking previous pointers and code.

Is there a tool for doing that ?

I tried manually, updating sections and program tables, but failed, getting various results (from crashing the game to having my new section appearing in PS2DIS but not in PS2 Memory - I checked with PCXS2 debugger).

Thanks in advance.

Programming / Make a PS2 bootable ISO with command line
« on: October 29, 2012, 07:19:15 pm »

I'm working on a hack on a Playstation 2 game. I developped tools that modify some files from the game, then I use UltraISO to replace the original files by the modified one.

Then I boot the ISO with PCSX2.

I'd like to automatize it so my tools directly output a valid ISO.

So do you know an easy way to make a valid PCSX2 ISO file from a directory, with a command line so I could include it in my python script ? (if possible, I'd rather avoiding reading full PS2 ISO specs)

I use Windows 7 and Python.

ROM Hacking Discussion / PS2 : recompiling code and building ELF
« on: October 11, 2012, 06:01:47 pm »

is there an utility that permits compiling a Playstation 2 code, and which would be able to make a valid ELF file ?

Thanks in advance

Hi everybody,

I spent some time recently on helping someone to translate PSG2 into english. I've made a tool to extract and reinsert text (you can test it at pscave board), I've figured out how to change characters' size (easy) and how to make them right aligned in menus (much harder).

I precise I'm not a skilled romhacker (it's the first time I dive into a game code) and I had to learn some stuff (noticeably MIPS assembler language) but I have some knowledge on coding.

What I'd like to do is to change the encoding of text.

They are encoded in a subset of SHIFT-JIS, with 2 bytes per character, and I'd like to have them in a 1 byte encoding (ASCII, or a custom one).

I know where the encoding table is stored : in the ELF file (named SLPM_625.53), it begins at 0x152b08. Once in memory, it must be located at 0x251b08.

The problem is that in the disassembled code (I use ps2dis), there is no pointer to this address. There are some pointers to addresses a little before of a little after the table, but all the pieces of code I have checked use these areas for storing registers values, and don't read anything in the table area.

I have tried to check portion of codes where there seems to be a loop where a register is incremented by 2, but as you may imagine, there are some thousands of possible portions.

Do you have an idea of a strategy to find the portion of code I should study to change the encoding ?

If you don't, do you know documents, tools (especially, is it possible to use ome debug mode of PCSX2 ?), websites that could help me for that purpose ?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT : I think I've localized the area. Now trying to figure out how to change it without breaking everything...

Newcomer's Board / What are these PS2 .DAT files ?
« on: February 24, 2012, 07:04:22 pm »
Hi everybody,

I'm currently trying to remake a game (I find that fun, I don't know why), that is Phantasy Star Generations 2 (PS2).

I'd like to look into the files, for graphics, sounds, maps, or (japanese) text.

I don't know anything about PS2 programmation, file formats or anything (but I have some knowledge in programmation, algorithms, and languages, including Assembler and C, in case of).

The CD contains 6 .DAT files with evocative (SOUND, MAPDATE, EVENTS) or less evocative (BTLSYS, BTLDAT, MONDAT) names, a quite big SLPM_625.53 file (2 Mo) and a MODULE directory containing 12 small IRX fles, that I suspect being code.

I suppose I can find happiness in DAT files, but don't know anything about them.  :P

Are they compressed ? How ?
How are data (graphics, sound, text) stocked inside ?
Are there efficient tools for these ?

I read (here for example) that some have deciphered scripts, so I hope it's feasible.

So, I thank in advance anyone that can help or guide me (what to read on the subject ? I didn't find any documetation on PS2 on the main site).  :beer:

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