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Loving that title screen! Meltdown works better as a translation of "nekketsu" than I would've expected too.
Aside from the fact that it brings someone having a mental breakdown to mind more than someone being hot-headed and always getting into fights.

I don't see Meltdown as being a good translation at all. You'd be better off finding a synonym of "hot-headed" or "hot-blooded" if you're going to change it. Don't just randomly make up stuff. T_T


My plan was to put "The Light of" in white, but I hit palette issues (the trouble is having enough free tiles to extend a couple pixels up).
As to INDRA, maybe make the N a bit more distinct and widen the hole in the D, would that make it clearer?
I think that might do it. Any chance you've got palette data you can mess with to make the colors blend in with one another a bit less, too?


Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII Retranslation Project
« on: October 15, 2013, 09:59:25 pm »
Literally speaking it means excrement, so shit isn't a bad translation/analogue  per se, but in terms of vulgarity it's more on par with "crap". Much less profane than that website would make it seem, yes.
I agree here. At most, given the frequency in which the Japanese people use it, I'd say it could be a "Damn" or "Dammit!" kinda thing. Not nearly as vulgar as saying "shit" would be.


The item is a stat boosting item, isn't it?
I do think a "drink" sounds better (like a protein drink).
"Medicine" is something you should take when you're sick.
How about we go in-between and say "Hero Tonic"? Because it's a temporary stat boost, and there's a lot of over the counter drinks and things meant to cure certain ailments. The effects are temporary.


It's a little hard to read. I feel this is due to the font on top being small and italic, and the font for "INDRA" bleeding together too much.


Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: The Light of Indra
« on: October 15, 2013, 10:09:44 am »
It's more like "Magical Beasts have the right to live too, y'know!" (lit. they have "lives")


I agree with you. "Hero Medicine" is better.
I said "Hero Medicine" before and you didn't like it. XD


Plus it's alliterative. You can never have too much alliteration.
So is Hot-Blooded High. >_>


No native speaker knows what Shin Megami Tensei means either
Yes, and that's also the series where they leave in all of the -sempai, -kun, -sensei, and whatnot. And where they've been leaving items randomly in Japanese (can you tell me what a "muchi" is?). Clearly that's the best place to take ideas from. Just because someone else has used a bad idea, doesn't mean you need to do so too.

And the whole point behind the names in the Kunio games is that there are meanings behind them. The fact that Riki attends "Flower Garden High" is supposed to be funny. But if you leave it "Hanazono" you don't get anything from it at all.


I think Nekketsu High School has a better ring to the series than "Hot-Blooded High"
don't you agree?
No, I don't. Nekketsu is a Japanese word that has no place in an English translation. Aside from possibly having been told what it means, or recognizing it as "part of the name of the Kunio franchise", no native English speaker would know what 熱血 means.

If you're going to leave Nekketsu in, why not leave the whole thing and call it "Nekketsu Koukou"? Because 高校 means "high school", and no one would know what the hell it said.


about Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou
I can think of a better title for it for translation
Here are a few ideas
- Nekketsu High School: Ice Hockey Brawl
- Nekketsu High's Hockey Season: Penalty Box Not Included
- Nekketsu High School Hockey: Kunio's Team vs. The World

what 'cha think?
However - You could use the scrapped "Crash n' The Boys: Ice Challenge" moniker instead if not satisfied
If you're going to use the Japanese title, for the love of god, translate 熱血. "Hot-Blooded High" sounds just fine in English.


Ah, now I agree with you. So you want to fix the names that are inconsistent. Yeah, I will use "Panacea". But what about "Echo Screen" and "Hero's Drink"? Do you think they should have better names? These two names were used in other FFs too.

The link to the item list (page 7, third post):
Beats me. I think they were trying to say that it was the "ultimate elixir".
Echo Screen is 山彦煙幕, which literally says "Echo Smokescreen". I doubt that'd fit, so "Echo Screen" would be okay.

Hero Drink is 英雄の薬, which could either be "Hero Medicine" or "Hero Drug" depending on context, and likely the former.

I also somewhat agree with what you say about Last Elixir. They were probably trying to find something that sounded like a more powerful elixir, and someone didn't know what "last" meant in English. So Mega Elixir is fine, to me.


My point overall is just that something being official doesn't mean it's the best way to go. Sometimes it is.

It's not "Phoenix Tail". 尾 in this case actually means "tail feathers", since birds don't have tails per se. So making it "Phoenix Down" (with "down" being a material made from feathers) makes sense. Meanwhile, "Remedy" does not convey the fact that it relieves all status effects.

And just because you're picking and choosing which official terms to use doesn't mean it's a good idea. You've got two translators here saying that you should definitely use Panacea. This is an opportunity to fix something that has been stupidly named for quite some time.


Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII Retranslation Project
« on: October 12, 2013, 12:23:47 pm »
No. "Cure-all" is not good. The Remedy removes the status ailments of only one character.

And I prefer "Remedy" over "Panacea".
First, "Cure-all" is a term that means it cures any ailment, not that it cures everyone.

Second, choosing "Remedy" because Square Enix uses it kinda defeats the purpose of what you're doing. "Remedy" does not convey the fact that it cures any status effect. Whereas "Panacea" (a common RPG term that most people know by now) does.


General Discussion / Re: Weird PSX 3D Fighting Game
« on: October 12, 2013, 12:18:56 pm »
Reminds me a lot of Robopit.

The game's name is 鋼鉄_堰(スティールダム), I don't know what the third kanji is, but if the katakana is right, it just says "Steel Dam".


Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: The Light of Indra
« on: October 12, 2013, 09:53:43 am »
しょうかいなき ものには

To me this sounds more like "I don't talk to anyone who hasn't been introduced to me."


General Discussion / Re: Boot Issues (Perhaps BIOS issues?)
« on: October 12, 2013, 09:42:35 am »
Okay, this time I got a "CMOS Checksum Error". I assume this means without a doubt that my CMOS battery is dying and I need a new one?


Site Talk / Re: Programming board question
« on: October 06, 2013, 09:53:53 am »
When I see a board named "Programming", I expect to find programming questions and discussions about programming concepts and languages.
This has pretty much always been my view on the board. I don't see it necessarily needing to be limited to romhacking-related programming.


General Discussion / Re: College Advice - Am I wasting my time?
« on: October 06, 2013, 09:51:04 am »
As far as whether or not you should get a bachelor's degree goes, that depends on you, honestly. I feel like me getting a bachelor's degree was probably a waste of time, aside from the fact that it's required to teach English in Japan. Why? Well, I got a job making $16/hr before I graduated or even had my JLPT N2 certificate. Having graduated doesn't seem to have opened up many doors to me, whereas my actual skill (and proof of it, like my JLPT cert) seems to be what has been getting me attention in the job market. That could just be cynicism on my part talking, though.

I do agree that going to college can be a lot about networking, and it's something I wish I had a lot more time to do. But I have made a lot of friends and acquaintances, and most of them are aware that I'm good at what I do. So hopefully if in the future they find someone who needs a Japanese speaker, they'll be coming to me (it's already happened once or twice).

Your professor is, however, blowing hot air up your ass about $90k/yr jobs. As a programmer, I'd set that as an eventual goal, not something to look forward to right out of the gate. I'd say right now you'd be lucky to get something $40k-$50k as a starting position, given the state of the economy.

As far as books are concerned, one of my favorite professors at the first college I went to knew that books were a pain in the ass and a drain on the wallet, and being a very liberal Anthropology professor who was always very much about sticking it to the man, he told us to avoid getting books in the bookstore, and gave us this helpful link: http://www.bestwebbuys.com/books/.

That place will search pretty much everywhere on the net, including Amazon/Amazon marketplace and eBay, looking for the book of your choice. All you need is the exact name or an ISBN, which should be included on the syllabus to begin with.


Site Talk / Re: Programming board question
« on: October 05, 2013, 02:43:09 pm »
Seems like the solution here would be to make the Personal Projects board more inclusive, and make it clearer that the Programming board is only for when you're having trouble programming something.


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