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Enjoy a brand-new dialogue experience as you begin the Project, and enter the crusade for the crystals the way you should have in 1991!
I applaud the effort, but I feel like FFIV deserves a whole lot more than just a new (non-re-translated) script and some bugfixes.

I can't go back to eight character items now that I'm used to 15. :D


I feel like if all you want is a random assortment of bosses? It could be done. There's been at least one Rockman hack that I can remember that was endless and just kept track of how many screens you got through.


Gaming Discussion / Re: 3DS XL issues.
« on: November 20, 2013, 06:16:05 pm »
Unfortunately, returning a Nintendo console to GameStop, at present, will probably make you give up any digital content purchases, unless Nintendo can give us an account-based system (which probably isn't likely to happen, as I can only imagine they'd have licensing issues with third-party content if they changed that). :(

So, you'd probably have to choose which is worth more: making GameStop honor their warranty and replace the console and lose content, or ask Nintendo to repair/replace it, keeping your content but possibly having to pay for it depending on if it would be covered.
NGC's point seemed that he hadn't made any eShop purchases and wanted to get it fixed before he did.


Gaming Discussion / Re: 3DS XL issues.
« on: November 20, 2013, 11:14:47 am »
So I have run into some issues with my 3DS on the physical side, and I'm looking for some input. On the lower left center of my screen there appears to be a crack. It looks too big for a dead pixel, but it doesn't run all the way through the screen (as in the screen is smooth) it almost appears to be between two screens. If I turn the system enough it looks like I can actually see around it. I honestly can't tell whether it's dust that somehow got trapped between the screens or whether it really is a crack.

I tried returning the system to Gamestop, and even with the warranty I got from them they stated that it's a cosmetic issue and won't replace it.
You bought one of their warranties, and they refused to replace your system? Good ol' Gamestop...


So, should it be "Multi-Cut" or "Multislash"?
Multislash looks better to me. They mean the same thing, though.


Maybe he can't read that kana?
What DS is saying is the name is NOT "derubi" but "derunbi".
If he can't read the most basic of Japanese? Probably shouldn't be making suggestions about Japanese scripts. >_>

デルン often seems to refer to german noodle-recipes... and if you check the shape of the boss, Knödel come to mind. However, the blue color of the boss makes you probably want to change the name to SnowBee (for a snowball) or something like that.
That could be something interesting if he played with it enough, I feel.


I have some localization ideas for Derunbee
- KentucBee
- RapidBee
- TurboBee
- BeeBiscuit
Apparently you didn't get it the first time. So I'll say it again. That name has nothing to do with "derby".


Derubi is translated as Derby

How about ChubBee for DebunBee and CracklePop for Pakapon?
ChubBee actually isn't bad. And it's also a terrible pun. Which makes it better.

The other one isn't that great.

And that isn't "デルビー" it's ”デルンビー".


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:33:53 am »
Might I make a suggestion for an edit? In English, the standard for ellipsis is three periods "...".

This is something that I hear a lot in my translation work, since Japanese just goes wild with the extra periods.


デブンビー ("DebunBee" It flaps its arms trying to reach the ceiling. When it does, it huts a button that removes all the platforms and sends you falling onto the spikes.)
- This is a pun, I think. でぶ meaning "fat" and ぶん being the onomatopoeia for "buzz". Not sure how to word that, though.

パカポン ("Pakapon")
- This seems like more onomatopoeia. Watching the video, it seemed like it might be onomatopoeia for what the boss actually does. Cracking their head open and "pop!" it opening.


Okay. I'll use the Denshi Jisho online dictionary from now on. But hey, I'm not finished with the Kernel yet. Are these changes good?

Sea Dragon Scale -> Seawyrm Scale
Twin Dragon Fang -> Twinwyrm Fang
Bomb Right Arm -> Bomb Arm
Hazardous Material -> Toxic Waste
Gravity Ball -> Gravitorb
Yeah. Except the last one. I'd make it "Graviorb".


ぜんたいぎり -> Wide Slash/Bladeblitz (previously Slash-All)
- This is definitely "Slash-All".
れんぞくぎり -> Multi-Cut (previously Double Cut)
- I'd go with "Multi-Slash" if you can fit it.
まほうみだれうち -> Magic Barrage (previously Quadra Magic)
すべてぜんたいか -> Mega All(?)
- Mega All works. It's 全て全体化, which means "make everything able to target all", literally.
マジカル -> Magical (previously Magic Plus)
ラッキー -> Lucky (previously Luck Plus)
スピード -> Speed (previously Speed Plus)


Fair enough. Thanks for coming back to the thread!
No problem. :D


Front Page News / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: November 08, 2013, 12:48:39 am »
How I wish that was at least part of the optional enhancements.
I take it that means it isn't?

Is there another additional hack I could potentially patch over it to add that feature? That's one of the only things that keep me from enjoying FF1 NES (that and the awful translation).


Here's the Imgur link to the post's images. It's... slightly NFSW...
I'd be really weary of being in a bar run by a dude covered in tattoos in Japan. Tattoos are still widely seen as a sign one is a yakuza. At the very least, he's likely a societal outcast who you probably don't want to be around.

And the guys suddenly buying everyone food and drinks and whatnot seems like a bad situation too. People usually don't do that unless they actually know you, as far as I know. So they are likely expecting something in return (moreso than a friend might).


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« on: November 07, 2013, 04:31:58 pm »
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1B4kqnIBEA&feature=youtu.be - All of his voices are now replaced with the PSP versions!

Was getting bored and decided to see if all my data labeling was correct.  Thankfully I checked, there were a couple of them that were off by a few bytes but would have significantly screwed up the game.

All the voices are EXACT length except for one, which was about 36 bytes shorter than the original.  No issues with the game at all, no overflow of voice, etc..  Works perfectly!

I was thinking of maybe trying to see for fun to give Dorn a few skills/skill animations.  I've got about 6 skill voices already made for him from his PSP VA but adding in the sprites and such would be harder.  Though removing the excess JP font would actually give more than enough room for his new skills :P
That first one sounds REALLY bad. Like I can't even hear what he's saying. The rest are pretty good though.


Sorry, I thought it was.
Don't randomly go taking translations from the Final Fantasy Wikia, because there's a large chance they'll be wrong. I know for a fact that most of the translations put on there are not done by people with enough experience in Japanese. Hell, someone from RHDN was regularly asking for translations here so they could be added to that Wikia.


Edit: Never mind.


Front Page News / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:00:26 pm »
Final Fantasy Restored definitely seems like an interesting project.

Did you guys fix the bug where if a character kills an enemy and other characters are targeting that enemy, they will hit the empty space where that enemy was? (Note: I read the readme, and if you did, it wasn't mentioned there.)

If so, I might have to actually finish FF1 NES.


This "大空洞" (Daikuudou) is the last dungeon in the game, the "Northern Cave". I know the best translation for it is "Great Cavity", but where do I insert it in that sentence?
The "best translation" is not "Great Cavity". The first definition I see for 空洞 is "cave".  I would honestly just leave it as "Northern Cave", since it sounds better than "Great Cave". You could also call it the "Great Cavern". Remember: when people go spelunking, they often find themselves going down vertical caverns such at the one we're discussing. They're caves. Not "cavities" or "hollows".

or, less engrishy... "Shut up! I don't wanna hear your blabber! Guests like you should just sit your asses quietly down in those chairs!"
I was purposely being literal so he could see what the original line said. Whereas you're adding random words (including curse words) that weren't actually in the original line.


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