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I would definitely be interested in this. Way back when I actually got involved in some fan-work voice acting projects (things that never got off the ground, and both DBZ related -- a fan fighting game called "Dragon Ball Remix" and a fandub of DBGT). I've always wanted to do voice-overs, and I'm a BIG Ys fan.

Gotta dig out my recording mic.


General Discussion / Re: ITT: We see who owns the police
« on: May 09, 2012, 11:39:03 pm »
If they've done something wrong, report them, as Garoth said, and provide evidence. 
Uh, hi. Did you miss the part of my story where D said that they falsified evidence, even going as far as to sign his own name? They basically did that shit just to avoid paperwork. It's really hard to provide evidence that cops fuck you over when they can basically alter any evidence they want in their favor.

The only possible way to get dirty cops in trouble is to know a cop is dirty ahead of time, and have some sort of recording device on hand. Generally, people that get mistreated by the police to not have the foresight to do such a thing.


Script Help and Language Discussion / Random translation questions
« on: May 09, 2012, 09:30:05 pm »
Ever since I've started translating things, there's always been a few things that would bug me when I see them, so I'm hoping someone here could enlighten me a bit.

1) There are TONS and TONS of words in Japanese that basically mean "ghost" or "demon" or "monster". How do I differentiate between the different ones?

Examples: お化け、化け物、悪魔、妖魔、精霊、幽霊、怪物、怪獣、鬼魅、etc.

In particular, the most common of them, 妖魔.

2) A typical RPG item, 円月輪. I've seen this translated as "Full Moon" (which is indeed implied by the kanji, "Full Moon Ring"). But if you check the Japanese wikipedia page for "Chakram", it says that a typical name for that is 円月輪.

That's all for now, I'll post more as they come.



Thanks! I'm gonna email him too, see if I can use his patch for my retranslation. :D


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: little debug problem (secret of mana)
« on: May 09, 2012, 12:06:39 am »
I did a french translated version of Secret of Mana using the retranslated iphone script (translated from japanese), the rom is expanded, pointers and texts are now in the expanded megabyte and everything is working fine.

I asked a spanish hacker (magno) if I could use his patch (spanish patch) to redo my work on it because his patch is featuring a VWF.
Would you mind telling me where you got this patch and if it's based on FuSoYa's VWF patch?

I tried editng FuSoYa's patch, and while I had some minimal success (I was able to edit a few test strings, and the weapon names), there was a big problem. The first string in the game (the intro text) is somehow hardcoded. It's still stored in the ROM in a form, but no matter how you change it, it remains the same.


Pretty sure that was him being surprised at what Dank said.

But tbh, I agree too. I haven't watched anything regularly on cable in forever. The only shows out there right now worth watching are few enough that I don't see it worth it to pay $40-80+ a month for cable. Hell, one of the shows I watch (House MD) isn't even on a cable channel. The other few are stuff that are on premium channels like HBO/Showtime (stuff like Tru Blood, Dexter, etc). And you basically HAVE to have basic cable in order to have those channels. Screw that mess, man. I'll just download the shit. >_>

And as far as anime goes? I torrent anime usually. Because while dubs are getting better, I still prefer Japanese audio. And when I watch that on DVD? It's the same boring DVD fonts I've seen since DVD first came out. No one's taken the time to catch up to the fansub community in terms of stuff it offers it's audience (karaoke, nicer-looking fonts, etc), so I usually don't find it worth it to get DVDs. There are exceptions, of course. If there's a series that I would REALLY like to support (say, Guyver) I'll wind up buying the DVDs anyway. But those cases are few and far between.


I like the top left one, that is, no italics slanted.
Agreed. If you could, could you make "Project EDEN" a bit bigger? It's really hard to read, even on a giant TV blown up a bit.


General Discussion / Re: ITT: We see who owns the police
« on: May 06, 2012, 10:17:13 pm »
I've never understood this indiscriminate hatred towards the police... They're supposed to be the people's allies, right? Of course there will always be people that don't do what they're supposed to do, or don't do it how they're supposed to... But you can't begrudge everyone for the actions of a few!

Because they live in areas where the police are generally bad. For example, I posted this when creeperton sparked conversation about this on byuu's board (he had gotten hit by a truck; D brought up a story where he got hit by a lady in the States, and the police made up a false statement supposedly written by him where he admitted to it being his fault, and signed his signature to it).

This kind of thing is actually rampant in bad areas.

For example, I lived in Ecorse, MI when I was a child. My mom did a small part-time job at a local video store for a while. An off-duty Ecorse PD officer had an account there, and brought a movie back. The guy had the movie out for something like...over a month worth of late fees. When my mom went to charge him the late fee, he threatened my mom with essentially the kind of thing that D was describing. He threatened to harass her, pull her over for no reason, etc if she didn't waive the late fees for him. The owner heard it in the back room, came out and gave the guy two free rentals for his "trouble".

I've also heard on multiple occasions that my mom had police officers threaten these kinds of things just for doing anything that would even remotely put them in a bad mood. Cops (at least the ones in the two bad areas I spent most of my life) tend to stick together, and be power hungry sons of bitches. My experiences hearing these things as I grew up (I was actually a witness to the first one) have made it so that I do not trust police in the least.

I've heard many stories firsthand where a friend or relative has done something to an off-duty copy that he didn't like (like the stuff with my mom, above), and the cop would threaten their way out of it: "You sure you want a member of the (city) PD pissed off at you? I sure hope you like your car being impounded", etc.

And it'd be different if these crooked cops would get caught and lose their power. But more often than not, they don't. It's another version of the Good 'Ol Boys club. They take care of their own, even if they know they're wrong. There are obviously exceptions, with some honest-to-goodness great cops out there. But this kind of thing happens more often than people like to admit, and it usually doesn't get brought to the public's attention because people are afraid of the consequences.


Chrono Trigger DS could not be a drier, more lifeless game.  The writing spends so much of its time attempting accuracy that it just drives home how poorly translated it is.  It is probably the most accurate rendition, but it's also awful because of it.
Care to explain, or point us to an article that does?

I felt going through it (being someone who's read at least the first few hours of the script in Japanese) that it was a pretty good representation. And that it fixed a lot of the errors that Woolsey made (but keeping a few stupid ones in, Slash/Flea/Ozzie, Lightning/Luminaire, etc).


General Discussion / Re: So I just made a game in 72 hours.
« on: May 04, 2012, 04:48:59 pm »
Thanks for the suggestion of Stencyl. It seems really easy to use. I'm currently going through the tutorials to understand how the features work.

The tutorial setups are kinda weird though, like in one it tells you how to make a score appear on screen, but it doesn't tell you what scene/actor/wherever it's supposed to go with. Because in that particular tutorial game, they've set it up with a "score calculator" program, rather than just a score that you make yourself. I've since found a youtube video that explains how to create a score yourself, which looks far simpler.


I think the issue here is that the GBA versions are somewhat easier to come by. Final Fantasy 5 was never even domestically released for the SNES.
There's that, and the translations sucked on the SNES. The GBA translations are far superior. Though I personally would advise he play it on say...his PSP or other handheld, after applying the color/sound patches.


Gaming Discussion / Re: Your favorite retro remakes?
« on: May 03, 2012, 09:17:48 pm »
I was mostly referring to fanmade remakes, guys. But yes, most of your suggestions are good.

@Ryusui: You liked the PSP Persona's translation? I mean, yeah, it's better than the PSX version. But it leaves all kinds of gratuitous Japanese in there (I mean, seriously? They can't translate むち into whip? That's what it means, and not anyone who played that, before playing it or studying Japanese, knew what the hell it meant). I can stand the Persona 3-ish leaving the honorifics in and stuff, to an extent (though, I also believe even that can be translated and leaving those in is against my personal translator's code), but not translating an item name? C'mon. There's more examples, but I can't remember them. If I wanted to play it in Japanese, I would (and in fact, last time I was in Japan, I bought it in Japanese. I plan on doing so).


Gaming Discussion / Your favorite retro remakes?
« on: May 03, 2012, 02:16:40 am »
I was reminded of something on byuu's board today, via a link to a video re-doing the StarFox intro in HD.

Tons of fans have a tendency to remake their favorite classic games in one way or another.

Are there any actually worth playing? This includes games that are straight up remakes with say...better graphics or something, and games that take a well-known franchise and run with it (like Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch).

What're your favorites?


Gaming Discussion / Re: Re: Victoly!
« on: May 01, 2012, 10:13:50 pm »
I finally (at the behest of my girlfriend) beat the first Silent Hill. I was actually surprised at both how good, and how bad it was. I'd recently looked at some pictures/videos of it online, but apparently those were through an emulator. The game looks like ass on a PS2 compared to most of what's on the net.

Overall, the game played pretty well. The puzzles were easier than I remembered them being. And the combat usually went well. Though during the larvae boss fight, I found myself wondering how one is supposed to fight the thing. It always felt like it would show up directly behind me, no matter how much I was running around. I only died once, though, and that was on the final boss (i didn't know exactly how much damage one of those red lightning bolts could do).

I got the Good+ ending, and then simply watched the other ones on YouTube. I doubt I'll play through it again, unless I do it just to mess around with the UFO ending or the Katana/Chainsaw.


Not sure what you mean by relying on romanji.

Where do I get the Genki books? I have a couple already that I've studied sparingly. What I want to learn more of is practical usage of words and phrases than just word meanings and basic grammar.
I mean that using romaji when learning Japanese is basically a crutch. Except this crutch has a time-bomb attached and it's aimed at your Japanese proficiency. Learn to read Japanese, not to transcribe it using the Roman Alphabet.

Here's a link to Amazon selling the first Genki book: http://www.amazon.com/GENKI-Integrated-Elementary-Japanese-Edition/dp/4789014401/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335911561&sr=8-1

You absolutely MUST learn words and basic grammar first. You have to start with a strong foundation in order to understand this language; almost everything you can learn is related to something else in the language. The Genki books teach you things that are actually relevant and that you could use in conversations. By the time I was done with my first semester abroad (which only covered the first Genki book) I was able to converse with native Japanese speakers on my airplane ride home. Not very fluently, but it was possible.

I highly recommend the first two books.


I want to make a suggestion to you now. Stop relying on romaji. Install rikai-chan, and use that to read kanji you don't know. You'll eventually see the same kanji enough that you'll recognize it on your own.

Also, if you want to seriously learn Japanese, I suggest you pick up the Genki I and II books (avoid Yookoso like the plague). That'll get you started.


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: April 30, 2012, 04:20:00 pm »
I sorta feel like your edits lose a bit of the meaning behind the original text, but it's a friggin' NES game. Space isn't a luxury. XD


In case you need translations:

栄養満点! 体力を回復!
Very nourishing! Recover HP!

食べると危険! ダメージを受ける
Dangerous to eat! You'll take damage!


Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Battle Zeque Den
« on: April 29, 2012, 11:01:09 pm »
Also, 連続技 means “combo”, and 同時押し means “press simultaneously” (i.e. the inputs have to go down at the same time, not one then the other). (unfortunately, I do not have time to look this over thoroughly, but... can you tell I’ve looked at a lot of movelists before?)
Combo! Ah, that makes much more sense now that I think about it.

Did I screw up the 同時押し though? I could've sworn I translated all of those as "press (x) and (y) at the same time". I just didn't use that particular term. :P


Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Battle Zeque Den
« on: April 29, 2012, 04:56:50 pm »
Here 'ya go.

In this game, the amount of experience points differs depending on the number of enemies you defeat and how you defeat them. Each character will level up after they've accumulated a certain number of experience points. However, the level of your magic will only increase by using certain items (see page 19).

Page 11 simply states that when a character is on a stage that they share elemental affinity to, their attack power increases. Stage 4 is Fire elemental; Rufuu's boost. Stage 2 is Earth; Hamus' boost. Stage 3 is Water; Kyle's boost. There's also a "wood" and "gold" stage, but it doesn't list which stages or characters they are.

Rufuu's Moves:
When you're grabbed, press right or left on the D-pad and the Y button at the same time.

Knee Kick
When you're grabbed, press the Y button.

Special Technique
Sliding Kick
While pressing down-left or down-right on the D-pad, press the Y button.

Magic (X Button)
Rufuu's magic deals damage to enemies via an explosion of flames. It gets stronger the higher it's level gets.

Continual Move
Press the Y button.

Command Move
Flying Fist
On the d-pad press down, up, then the Y button.

Special Move
Bubble Shadow Fist
Press the Y and B buttons at the same time.

Hamus' Moves:
Jumping Power Bomb
While jumping, touch an enemy and hit the Y button.

Knee Drop
While jumping, hit down on the D-pad and the Y button at the same time.

Special Technique
Dash Straight
Hold down the Y button until your body flashes, then release.

Magic (X Button)
Hamus' magic uses her spirit to call upon various support characters.

German Suplex
When grabbed, hit up on the D-pad and the Y button at the same time.

Command Move
Violent Dragon's Destructive Burst
On the D-pad hit down, up, then the Y button.

Special Move
Double Blasting Fist
Hit the Y and B buttons at the same time.

Kyle's Moves:
Continual Move
Press the Y button.

Falcon Talon Kick
While jumping, press down on the D-pad and the Y button at the same time.

Command Move
Freezing Bullet
On the d-pad, press down, up, then the Y button.

Special Attack
Rising Kick
Press up on the D-pad and the Y button at the same time.

Magic (X Button)
Kyle's magic uses the power of Water to deal damage to her enemies.

Special Move
Somersault Kick (special note: The kanji for this are actually "Summer" and "Salt". The Japanese takes the pronunciation of the English and uses kanji that have similar MEANING to that. I checked google, and Japanese people are JUST as confused about this as I was. But the picture shows a Somersault Kick, so...)
Press the Y and B buttons at the same time.

Edit: There's that system not telling me someone posted again.

Also, I chose to translate 方術 as "magic" because it tends to be elementally aligned, and there's 特殊技 (special technique) and 必殺技 (something we normally translate as "special move").


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