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The decompression seems correct, is a very simple RLE+LZ variation, so the optimal compression, not "real", has the same problem. If you exceed one byte the game crash :(

You need to know how does the game, if there is a limit, if pointers are used, ...

Welcome dictionary compression (at least i think it's what you see there).
To open in hex editor.
Exactly while i was cutting the ram file above, i found some names as well.
The PSX version uses an ELF compressed. You can extract the MTE table (your dictionary compression) decoding the ELF with

Tha japanese font is smaller as the english font and seems to work.

You can add 1 byte:
- change 0x0004AB9C, from 0x17 to 0x18 (1 more byte)
- change 0x0004B5B2, from 0x79 to 0x78 (copy 0x18 more bytes instead 0x19)
- insert byte 0x61 before 0x0004B5B3 (final font) -> copy 1 more byte (0x18 before + 0x01 now = 0x19, same as the original font)
- remove 1 0x00 from the end of file
The font is the same, but now the game crash.

2800 -> 0010100000000000 binary -> code=001 value=0100000000000=0x800 -> copy next 0x800 decoded bytes

AR_BOOK.TXT isn't the script.

Well, the game is an RPG so I'd expect there would be a lot of text.

Anyways, I'm starting to think there might be some kind of compression going on which might be why relative searching isn't revealing a whole lot.
PSX and PSP versions use compression.

Yet I found pointers of dialogs text and labels and know the necessary offset.
Do you have all text codes? I remember various pause codes, center code, some XXNNNN codes, where NNNN is the offset to another message, ...

The compression starts @ CHR.BIN:0x043000, after a big Shift-JIS font not used, until end of file.

You can see various blocks, sector-aligned (0x800 bytes), padded with 0x00:
- 0x043000, 1 file, I have named as 100
- 0x046800, 1 file, I have named as 200
- 0x048000, 1 file, I have named as 300
- 0x049000, 1 file, I have named as 400
- 0x049800, 1 file, I have named as 500
- 0x04A800, 12 files, I have named as 600-611, the first two are the fonts

Each encoded file has a 2-bytes header with the encoded size (low-endian value). The first file has a bad size, so maybe is not needed.  Following the size value are the chunks. The 3 upper bits of the first byte of each chunk defines an "action":
Code: [Select]
(the numbers are in binary)

code 000
  - 000+00000 ..................... end of data (0x00, as usual)
  - 000+nnnnn ..................... copy next 'nnnnn' encoded bytes

code 001
  - 001+mmmmm nnnnnnnn ............ copy next 'mmmmmnnnnnnnn' encoded bytes

code 010
  - 010+0nnnn bbbbbbbb ............ repeat 'nnnn+4' times byte 'bbbbbbbb'
  - 010+1mmmm nnnnnnnn bbbbbbbb ... repeat 'mmmmnnnnnnnn'+4 times byte 'bbbbbbbb'

code 011 (previous code must be '1nn' or another '011')
  - 011+nnnnn ..................... copy 'nnnnn' more decoded bytes

code 1nn
  - 1nn+xxxxx yyyyyyyy ............ copy '1nn' decoded bytes from offset $-'xxxxxyyyyyyyy'

The tools: (CHR.BIN is not included)
You are free to use, blah blah blah, ...

Run "dec.bat" to decode all files. A log file is created, "decode.log".

"font.exe" replaces the 2 encoded fonts by the 2 decoded fonts, but you need seach and modify the pointers.

The game only works with the same encoded size. Adding o removing a single encoded byte causes a crash. I can expand the file to make it bigger, adding zeros at end, and the game run fine, so the file can be expanded. The pointers to the data are needed.

Tomorow I upload all, and a brief explanation of the compression. It's a very simple method.

Companies are people, we have to respect their rights.
A fan translator has no rights?

To play or not to play with intros, that is the question.  :laugh:

You have the option to try a game you're interested in, so an intro is a good price.

Repacked font was larger in volume than the original? The remaining compressed data were displaced?
I still would like to look at the your tool.
The file can be greater or less than the original, but the game crash. All data are OK, and I can decompress the data without problems, but the game don't accept the new file. I'll try another encoding to see if it works.

I can't help you If this is a pointer problem. A Sega Saturn expert is needed.

Bad news: the game don't run with the modified file. Maybe the pointers are needed, same as a Saturn expert  :(

I'm finishing a tiny tool to replace the 2 decoded fonts and check that the new CHR.BIN works.

I worked with this game some years ago to translate to spanish language using a modified font including all spanish chars, but I never found the font because I'm not a Saturn expert. :banghead:

Now I analized again the game and I was able to decode the data. :beer:
Also, I can encode the data using a fake compression to modify the graphics directly with any of the usual tools. :thumbsup:

But I have some questions: :huh:
- where did you get the offset 0x4A800? I need change some offsets to modify some graphics ("Game Over")
- the game uses a variable font width, where the data are stored?

Some images using a grey palette because I don't know where the real palette is stored and is not needed:

<--- The extended chars are not usables but all spanish chars are added  ;D


Why do I have to offer something not tested?

I'm searching for a tester (TESTER is not a TRANSLATOR). When I release a tool, I go directly to the web, as anyone can see, but it makes no sense to release tools that have not been tested. First a tester to find bugs, then, "possibly", a translation, because i saw the name of the games in some lists ("most wanted translations").

If I have explained wrong (english isn't my native language), I apologize for that.
If this is not the correct web to find a tester, I apologize for that, this not happen again, I can look in other websites, I searched a tester on many websites, and RHDN was the last. First in spanish webs, it is easier for me.

* I have no interest in these games, I was only interested in the compression method used.
* I've never talked to translate the game, only on a possible translation, and I never said I was to take part.
* I asked for a tester, first a tester to find bugs, then, "possibly", a translation.

I no need waste my time with these discussions.

Huei-, you are free to release yout own tools, tested or not tested.

@BRPXQZME, I have no interest in this game (I never played PS), and the final language dont interest me (english/french/spanish/aramaic ...)
If I release the tools, you'll be the first to know  ;)

@Hiei-, the first post says: "So its looking for someknow that know japanese interested for try the tools and possibly make a translation". I no need post a screen/video to show my work, and I'm not interested in a possible translation.

Quote from: Hiei-
I'm sure a few translators would be interested, so why not release the tools if they are done ?

Why? I have not seen any english/spanish translator interested in a few forums, and no one has contacted me, so why do they need the tools?

But... maybe this year, cleaning a bit the code :-\

Ooppps, I'm sorry, I left this project because nobody has interested. I have more projects and I can't wait for a translator.  :(

Packer/Dumper/Compressor/CD injector for Scripts/Graphics/Fonts (extract/insert), all are finished some months ago.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Edited Overlay Too Big - NDS TL
« on: April 07, 2012, 11:07:45 am »
This image is from Okamiden, the overlay table, file Y9.BIN:

The "yellow" part is the decompressed size, bytes 0x08-0x0B ('bss_size' in your info)
The "green" part is the compressed size, bytes 0x1C-0x1E ('unknown' in your info)
The "magenta" byte is the flag for compressed file, byte 0x1F ('unknown' in your info, normally 0x01)

Do you update correctly both sizes and the flag? (surely the compressed value is outdated)

You can use too BLZ to compress/decompress overlay files:
(but you always have to update the overlay table, Y9,BIN, by hand)

Newcomer's Board / Re: Edited Overlay Too Big - NDS TL
« on: April 07, 2012, 05:05:38 am »
If I remember correctly, the overlays files in RE:OSS are compressed. Do you update both filesizes (compressed/decompressed)? The new overlay file is compressed? The text needs pointers (same as Okamiden)?

Too many questions with so few data.

Personal Projects / Re: Digimon World [PSX] Hacking Project
« on: April 05, 2012, 04:56:22 am »
Quote from: gledson999
OK thanks CUE, you jukebox Bug fix are awesome
Thanks, but I'm not the author, is Romsstar :)

Personal Projects / Re: Digimon World [PSX] Hacking Project
« on: April 02, 2012, 08:04:40 am »
@gledson999: Digimon World uses codes based in SJIS (2 bytes/character). You can't use 1-byte codes.

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