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If I'm right, the french team gave up because of the lack of tools, and as you could see it by yourself, it's not really a game you can translate without text limits with standard tools.

Yeah, I know. It's clearly impossible translate a game like this only with a hexadecimal editor. It's thanks to CUE that we are able to go on with this.

Demo patch released. It translates until the 1st room of both doors 4 and 5. Also, we finished the translation of the story.

Aw, man... sorry. I was a bit tired and I created this post very fast. That guy is CUE, and we are very grateful for his job, seriously. If it weren't by him, we wouldn't progess a shit.
We're going to mention him on credits, so please, forgive me.

Well, the problem with the graphics is that I can't open those ATP6 files, so I can't edit them. I tried it with tile molester, but I can't see anything clear. It's like they're compressed files or something.

CUE: Okay, I'm  a idiot.  :( Take my virginity if you want.


I think we're the only team that had keep trying to translate this game. There were another two teams, french and hungarian, but I guess they just give up.
Anyway, we're doing really well. Now we can translate almost all the text without character limit, thanks to a program that CUE made us. Even if we can't edit graphics, we can release one decent patch.

Here some images:

Translation: 100%
Text correction: 50%
Insertion: 55%

-Demo v1.2:

We have a problem, though. There are some files we can't translate as we wish. Most of the translations in spanish are longer than the original in english, so we have no space enough. I don't know if you guys could help us.
These are the files:

Our website:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help with 999 graphics
« on: November 06, 2011, 12:01:27 pm »
It's not rare it's just uncommon for a DS game.
btw, are you sure it's a compression ? how do you it's one ?

Well, I asked here and CUE told me that all he knows is it's a compressed file, and he knows what  he's talking about.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Help with 999 graphics
« on: November 06, 2011, 07:33:40 am »
Hi again, people. Some time ago I asked about how to edit the videos of this game, (9 hours 9 persons 9 doors) but we decided to dub them.
But we don't know what to do with its graphics. It seems they have a rare compression (AT6P), and I think some SIR0 files are also graphics.

Thanks to Tinke we can see the sprites of every character, but his creator hasn't supported many files of the game yet.

So, if anyone could help us we would be very grateful. Seriously, we are going very far with the translation of this game, which it's not very easy to do due to his f****** rare files and his messy texts.

Hi, we're translating this awesome DS game. We've modified the font and we're doing fine translating text, but we have an issue with videos.
These videos are .mods files and we have its codec, but it seems that it doesn't work. We're trying to edit them so we can translate them, but we don't know what to do with that codec.

Here it is:

If anyone could help us, we would be very grateful.

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