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I'm not one who'd shy away from adult content, although I'll avoid the likes of Nude Punch-Out like the plague.

Generally I appreciate it if the adult content has meaning to it. Well, either that, or if the girls are hot enough that it shuts my brain off. *cough*

(This is coming from someone who doesn't really laugh at things like "Link the Pimp", perhaps having become numb to that kind of humor due to overexposure.)

I'll admit I wasn't exactly thinking too hard about copyright issues regarding that music. That being said, this is part of the discussion phase, it's not like I've already generated PCMs of the albums in question. (I'd probably need to end up purchasing them to begin with, anyway, considering how few people actually rip music in a lossless encode nowadays.)

If you're worried about copyright, we could possibly just set up a document or program to convert the CD album tracks (from an actual CD) to the game-appropriate PCMs. Personally, I don't feel like my proposal is comparable to, say, the idea of using the original licensed songs in Rock n' Roll Racing, but I can understand if you're against it on principle.

(EDIT: I would also like to point out that technically the Mega Man X 3 PCM set using music from the PSOne version would fit the description of "piracy" just as much as using an album source.)

MMX1 however was less good as I find the musical remixes less fitting, too much hardrock-guitars style for MMX1. (This style of music would have fit MMX3's soundtrack, hironically.) I really think using Teck's remixes would be better but I think it is possible and rather easy to change this.

Another option would be to ask Teck directly about the hack, because I'm sure he's interested, and he could provide the missing tracks (he did almost the entiere MMX1 soundtrack, except the password/ending/etc...)

I was considering doing an alternative Mega Man X PCM set (Or swaps for specific tracks) myself due to my own opinions on the tracks. I'd gladly help out on this if anyone's willing to make it a cooperative matter. Time for me to dig around the net for lossless album sets, I guess. I myself tend to like finding officially-licensed/released arrange albums, because I imagine that's what Capcom would actually have put in the game if they had released it in that manner at the time, so I suppose I should ask, do you think this album would have any "worthy" tracks?

So, how were you able to download the music pack in the 1st place ?

I've never had problems downloading from Mediafire. I didn't even realize an inability to download from Mediafire was a widespread enough issue for me to consider mirroring the files elsewhere.

I don't know if he made the entire soundtrack, but Teck's remixes are in my opinion absolutely awesome and I'd sure like to have them playing during gameplay :)

The soundtrack definitely pulls from several sources - two particular tracks I IMMEDIATELY recognize as being from the PSP remake Maverick Hunter X, while many others appear to have been pulled from OCRemix, particularly the "Maverick Rising" album they made. Unfortunately this leads to one of the weaknesses of the current audio set - the lack of a common thematic aesthetic can be rather jarring, and quality jumps all over the place. Also, some of the arrangements may sound outright inappropriate at certain contexts in the game.
(Examples: a certain cutscene song. That Maverick Hunter X piano solo was made specifically for the part where Zero dies, and doesn't fit at the point where it plays at the end of the intro stage which is the first time you'll hear it in this MSU1 MMX.
The ending has four different music pieces (Ending text scroll, character roll call, credits and epilogue), and of them, roll call and credits are songs with jarring vocals, with meta-lyrics that don't mesh with the game tone at all. These two also don't even play halfway through the songs before cutting off, which is utterly sloppy implementation.
Also, the Sigma-unlocked Stage Select theme sounds like some Windows MIDI nonsense. What is up with that?

Is this mediafire thing a common problem? I had obtained the MMX MSU1 music set with ease before (although personally I don't like many of the tracks used it it, but I'd need to check the documentation and whatever remixes are online tor really see what I can do about that.).

Perhaps I should seek out permission to upload these MSU1 sets to my webspace - I currently have up the set for Super Mario World MSU-1 which is my own WIP. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to have a general, solid MSU1 media hub, in fact.

Yeah, Mario feels heavier in All-Stars (specifically SMB1 & Lost Levels) compared to the originals. I'm not sure if it's just the aesthetics that's making it look this way.

It's mostly SMB1/Lost Levels that have some physics/behavior changes.

Perhaps those who want a more accurate SMB1 on SNES might want to check the AGDQ TASBot stream from this year which featured of port of SMB1 to SNES re-done - I actually played that a good it, and it's mechanics are 100% the NES originals.

As for Wily Wars... that has a bunch more quirks that are harder to briefly summarize, but basically, that's the consequence of recoding the game from the ground-up. (as opposed to All-Stars, where it feels more like whatever changes were done were intentionally invoked by Nintendo.)
There's so much that could theoretically be fixed - slowdown, collision detection, damage counters, scaling of sprites (Protoman and Mega Man should be the same size, for crying out loud.), and changing how shooting and damage works so it's more accurate to the NES originals. Then, maybe when all of those are fixed, 4-6, 9 and 10 can be done "Wily Wars" style.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Graphics?
« on: February 06, 2015, 11:35:43 pm »
Neato. :D

I never really considered the notion of the girl's resemblence to Saria until you mentioned it. o.o
It was probably a coincidence, but it's hard to say with Nintendo.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Most technically impressive ROM hacks?
« on: February 03, 2015, 04:02:15 pm »
Ones I can recall off the top of my head that weren't mentioned here;

1) Sonic 1 Megamix - still WIP but even in the known publicly available builds, we got Sonic 1 ported to Sega CD as well as a bunch of remixed Sonic 1 levels with multiple player characters, music changes, new mechanics, etc. Sonic hacks are generally impressive, and I could probably fill a list with Sonic hacks alone (the infamous Sonic 2 XL is also worth a mention for technical ability, even if the subject matter is a bit of a joke.) but it's simply hard to top Megamix for it's scope.

2) Super Mario Bros. 3mix - I'd say this gives Adventure a run for it's money in technical accomplishment. Player select with three player characters, many engine tweaks, levels with gimmicks inspired by latter Mario games, probably the most impressive being Mario Galaxy-esque gravity mechanics, and a nice new soundtrack, all taking cues from the broad history of Mario.

3) BS Zelda Mottzilla Patch - Take BS Zelda Map 2's ROM, a game that doesn't work on a regular SNES as it is and then get it to work, essentially doing a portjob all things considered. Then combine it's map data with one from the Map 1 one so you can play either of them in a single ROM, essentially making a 2-in-1. Rewrite the save system from scratch, add an animated title screen and new save menu (again, all while keeping real hardware compatibility), and have the game play out in a manner reasonably close to the original broadcast, all while having as few bugs as possible. Satellaview ROM hacks deserve props in general, because many of them require this kind of work to be done for ease of playability, and I'd suggest the Radical Dreamers fan translation for many of the same reasons. Watch out for the MSU-1 BS Zelda hacks that may come around publicly soon. :)

4) Final Fantasy VII Famicom/NES Pirate fan translation - actually sorting through all that junky pirate Famicom data and making not only a nice translation, but a more generally competently-coded Famicom game.

Also, pretty much any translation successfully carried out on the Famicom Disk System is a small miracle considering how much of a pain that is to deal with. If Famicom Tantei Club Part I, Yuuyuuki or Time Twist ever get done, those would probably be up here in a flash. I'd imagine earlier disc-based material would have similar issues leading to any successful project being impressive on it.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Graphics?
« on: February 03, 2015, 03:42:17 pm »
Aw, man, I'm late for this thread, huh? :o

Let me know what your efforts are being used for and whatnot. It should be interesting. :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: BS Shockman Help
« on: January 23, 2015, 09:52:43 am »
Yeah. The only thing that worries me is that if it were easy I'm sure the people who translated it would have fixed it already. All that they'd have to go through to hack it into english I assume would be much more complicated than altering the ROM to save data here or there. I'm still going to look into it but I certainly don't feel as confident about finding a solution for this issue.  :-\

You probably want the 1.4 patch on Chrono Compendium. For whatever reason 1.2 is still the most commonly distributed version.


*Ninja Gaiden (PCE) The background scrolling is really effed up...there has to be a way to keep that background layer still.

Speaking of Ninja Gaiden PCE, it was always strange how that version has a completely different soundtrack from the others.

I always wondered how it'd sound with the "original" NG Score, or, conversely, how NES Ninja Gaiden would sound with the PCE score. Food for thought.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: BS Shockman Help
« on: January 22, 2015, 05:52:46 pm »
On the note of why Shubibinman Zero doesn't want to run on a Powerpak - it's essentially because the Powerpak will choke trying to read a Satellaview-based ROM header, which is a different format from the regular SNES ROM header format. From what I recall the easiest solution is simply to blank out the header, as silly as it sounds. I suppose it'd be more proper to do a complete header replacement, though. I recall doing something similar for Golf Daisuki! OB Club on someone's request.

Are you talking about "The Fourth Sector", part of the Devious Four Chronicles? I've seen screenshots, but I've never played it.

D'aw, you nailed it. XD;
The folks behind that series were really pushing to get it recognized outside the regular ROM hacking circle for some reason I'll never fully understand.
I feel it had way too many "fangame-y" issues of sorts to warrant that kind of attention, though - the beef with the player character stuff was actually one of my milder ones.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: BS Shockman Help
« on: January 21, 2015, 01:42:39 pm »
ZSNES sucks with Satellaview ROMs in general, and higan is VERY picky because it will ONLY load them in conjunction with the BS-X ROM. Rest assured, though, this is one of the games I've actually verified the dump of, so it's good.
So I should ask, what is your emulator setup for higan? My first guess would be that you don't even have the "BS-X" ROM, so check how higan links with that and then find it, and then try loading Shubibinman Zero.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Definitive Version Hacks & (re) Translations
« on: January 20, 2015, 02:11:50 pm »

Previous confusion about BS Zelda characters aside, the most probable "definitive" BS Zelda/AST versions are probably going to be the MSU-1 hacks, once the actual audio parts are finalized.
You can check on those on the forums at The BS Zelda Homepage.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Using MSU with Higan
« on: January 20, 2015, 01:55:54 pm »
My first thought would be more related to his setup than the ROM he's using (if he mispatched, the ROM would likely be corrupt and unplayable.)

Do you recall the file structure higan uses?

This is where it gets tricky. Currently to play an MSU1 game in higan, it has to be in the game folder format. That will have a manifest.bml. That file names the ROM, RAM, MSU data and audio track filenames. It also tells you where the MSU registers map to. You could actually move them, and also eventually spawn as many MSU instances as you wanted.

So from a base perspective, the format you should distribute an MSU1 game in is:
  manifest.bml [optional]

To start, check that structure, and make sure everything besides the "manifest" file has the proper filenames ( .sfc and .msu file have identical filenames, and .pcm files labeled similarly and numbered in the correct order.)

I still have the Super Mario Odyssey demo. It's unfortunate that nothing else seemed to jump on that.
As for more complex physics, it's likely a side-effect of the things I've mentioned earlier. Since the community is large, the most talented hackers, rather than making their own projects, are making tools to make things easier for the larger community (Since many have the "fangamer" mindset, they may have no coding knowledge whatosever nor any interest in it outside of getting a result done), which would cause the quantity of hacks of a consistent quality to release, but at the expense of projects with more ambitious coding.
If I could note a particular example of my own disappointments in regard to the SMW hacking scene, I recall a recent hack that someone attempted to push around various scenes, and in it there were pre-scripted points where the player character would visually change from Mario into someone else. But the appearance was entirely aesthetic and did nothing to change gameplay, which maybe wouldn't be as big a deal if they didn't try using a character as loaded with preconceived expectations as Sonic the Hedgehog. Quite bluntly, Sonic playing exactly like Mario is just, plain, wrong. But unfortunately it's a struggle for a SMW hack to change the player character in fundamental ways.

I don't know why Mario64 never has been and has no intention of being console compatible.

This seems to be an odd complex among Mario hacking scenes on both the SNES and N64. This is entirely speculative, but I'm thinking maybe it's because the size of the scenes led way to an audience that prefers treating ROM hacks as being like "fan games" than technical achievements on consoles, and thus don't care if their stuff would actually work on the setup. Super Mario World's ROM hacking scene had a lot of drama over this for years, even though on a theoretical level it could've been resolved a lot more easily than the Super Mario 64 issues (It was merely a bugged SPC sound editor program.), until recently when people finally moved on from the "if it works on ZSNES, it's good enough" mindset. This left an unfortunate load of Super Mario World ROM hacks that would probably be nice to play on a console if someone merely went back and fixed the buggy SPC code. (If what you say about the Mario 64 hacks is true then they're probably way too far gone to be "fixed" for real hardware, huh?)

Compare/contrast the Sonic fan community, where the "fan game" scene and the "ROM hack" scene were naturally segregated early on. (The fangamers grabbed Clickteam programs, focused entirely on PC platforms and never looked back. The ROM hackers left were avid Genesis hardware fans, thus while some hacks still "broke" on hardware, they would acknowledge it as a flaw to be fixed rather than something they weren't concerned about.)
Also compare the NES Mario ROM hacking scene, which didn't bring in as many of this type of audience presumably due to having more limited engines and not having the ease of hackability that World and 64 had.

Anyway, back to the idea of ROM hack ideas; I've noticed MSU-1 music hacks are starting to get rolling on, but something's bugging me about them; Why is everyone choosing SNES games which already have excellent soundtracks that I wouldn't really want to replace? LttP and Mega Man X are considered SNES masterpieces, even on the audio side.
There are some SNES games which have mediocre, disappointing, or bad SPC soudntracks!
I mean, for crying out loud, something like NINJA GAIDEN TRILOGY should've been first priority! The bad SPCs are a factor that nearly ruin all of the portjobs!
Imagine if you replaced the dinky SNES version of "Ryu's Determination" with the version in the Steel Dragon / Beat Blade doujin album or the Warriors Orochi 3 version?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite really obscure SNES games?
« on: September 07, 2013, 02:25:57 pm »
Satellaview guy incoming. :P

Konae-chan no DokiDoki Pengin Kazoku and BS-X Shooting are among my personal favorites in regard to Satellaview ROM dumps from recent years.

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