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Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite really obscure SNES games?
« on: September 07, 2013, 02:25:57 pm »
Satellaview guy incoming. :P

Konae-chan no DokiDoki Pengin Kazoku and BS-X Shooting are among my personal favorites in regard to Satellaview ROM dumps from recent years.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: September 03, 2013, 04:03:47 pm »
Yes! Yes! Treasure Conflix!

I'll be watching the progress on this one carefully. :)

To be more specific, higan, snesgt, snes9x-sx2 and perhaps no$snes should be able to run Treasure Conflix without the need for any patches, as long as you have both the game and the BS-X ROM and the emulators are properly configured to run BS-X.

There's plenty of other games that currently absolutely need the BS-X BIOS as well. It's rather baffling, in fact, how early emulators tried to brute-force the ROMs to boot without it.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that are not emulated properly (or at all)
« on: August 25, 2013, 03:01:25 pm »
All of the Satellaview magazines still aren't emulated properly, are they?

Satellaview emulation in general is difficult (and ideas on how to handle certain aspects tend to clash due to different philosophies. Do you want accuracy? Or compatibility? Do you want to simply boot up the games or try to set up  a replication of the actual environment? How do you handle the whole Satellite Radio thing?).

Emulator issues tend to pop up on some of the YouTube recordings I do. one in particular that baffles me is merely Super Bomberman crashing in the BIOs, since this is a game that's identical to it's retail counterpart in every way.

Satellablog is a good source for info, but it's highly unorganized since it's basically a "Write-it-up-as-I-find-it" blog. Feel free to ask me any questions, or to check the possibility of a game having a Satellaview version. Although do note that sometimes the Satellaview has thrown curveballs at my expectations. :)

Oh dear, excuse me for being late to the thread.

And apologies about all the issues regarding patching Mottzilla Patch over whatever BS Zelda ROMs are going around, rather than just downloading the prepatched ROM.
I should warn you of something.

Recently certain ROM sites have decided to strip headers from all ROM dumps.  For normal SNES titles this is okay, since they provide no info at all.  Satellaview titles though require it, since it provides certain data used by the hardware itself (mostly variables like time, etc.).  Depending on the emulator, it may or may not play it, but you can never write it back to hardware and it will break patches.

Another problem with Satellaview titles, and the reason there's so many versions, is that it isn't a real ROM.  The best equivalent would be a 'snapshot' file, like those used for the ZX Spectrum before the tape format became popular.  What you get is a copy of the data loaded to the device, which, annoyingly, can be different depending on when you capture the data. 
That's why a checksum test isn't dependable for Satellaview games!  The game data itself may be patched fine, but other non-'ROM' data could be different and throwing off the checksum.

There's still on-going study of the Satellaview, and with any luck somebody may get ahold of the original broadcast data for one of the titles. 

I would just like to clarify, typically "Header removal" in regard to SNES ROM speak is in regard to copier headers. Anyone who tries modifying the header of a Satellaview is probably purposely tampering with the ROM for a desired result. That kind of thing shouldn't be normally distributed in DATs (besides that wacked-out case that leaked into No-Intro, but probably started beforehand, where date of download values were removed from perfectly good dumps for no logical reason.)

BS-X also has an entirely different checksum calculation system from typical SFC data, and a bit of it is still being figured out. For example, each individual piece of data in a 8M Pack has it's own checksum, but most checksum calculators in emulators not designed for Satellaview support attempt to read the checksum of the whole 8M Pack state, which is why a buncha recent dumps with multiple pieces of data read as bad checksums. And I'm not a fan of splitting the data up in places meant for preservation like ROM DATs, because that's essentially a hack.
ALSO, it is very possible that for Satellaview exclusives you can end up with a different build of a game. BS Zelda has this distinct possibility because we know there were extra rounds of polish between the premiere broadcast and Map 2. Excitebike: Bunbun Mario Battle is CONFIRMED to have a different build, although I only have a bad dump of the alternate one.

If I recal right... the current version of the Mottzilla patch was originally designed to be patched over the Map 2 ROM that is on the BS Zelda Homepage, since it uses more of it's resources than the older Map 1 ROM. (It's not a pure dump, but it's the only dump available on the internet now, and it's got all the dai-4-wa data intact which the Map 1 ROM does not.)

I think Dr. Mario was like the poster boy for getting this figured out.
I know it was the one that made Kiddo start questioning the situation (conflicting header dates). I'm not sure how many Dr. Marios he's recently dumped, though, but it sounds like he's redumped it from multiple Memory Paks.

The reason I noticed this on Dr. Mario in particular is that I distinctly remembered that GoodSNES had a perfectly good dump of it, which baffled me when I saw the no-date dump on No-Intro. It inspired me to comb through most of the old dumps again - and compare them between DATs. Unfortunately, it seems there were certain ROMs I could not trace. Or rather... in one baffling scenario, I traced 3 BS Marvelous ROMs to their original scene release and said ROMs STILL had the dates missing from the header. What is up with that?

Since then we've redumped Dr. Mario multiple times (slightly less times than we've redumped Yoshi no Panepon, which is the most common Satellaview game as far as I've seen.). I also have a personal copy. And I generally know what a good dump should look like.
There are lots.  http://satellablog.blogspot.ca/ (Mr. Kiddo's site) is a good place to start.

Radical Dreamers is a biggie.

I moved the blog to http://superfamicom.org/blog a good while back. I hope everyone changed their bookmarks. o.o

As for what is not ROM dumped, I attempted making a list on no-intro a while back, but it looks like it's gonna be bombarded with a much larger update once ChronoMoogle and I are done translating a bunch of schedules from Famitsu magazines.


Do note of some of these should be given higher priority than others, if by some stroke of luck you happen to know you have one of them - in particular the missing BS Super Mario Collection and BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Soundlink episodes, and perhaps redumping those BS Zeldas for verification.

Well, there was the BIOS world which has lately become operable in BSNES.

... And the missing Satellawalker games, which took place in the BS-X world. BS-X seemed to have a whole narrative play out over the lifespan of the Satellaview, and it'd be great to have as many of the missing pieces as possible.

I tend to neglect Dynami Tracer a lot, so this is mostly an example, not a sign of progress.

I looked into Jewel of Life back in 2011. I don't remember exactly why I stopped, but it was probably because of how the game data was stored in the ROM: just a normal game made with RPG Tsukuru Super Dante. Didn't seem like it would be worth the effort to learn how to edit Super Dante games outside of the editor.

Note to self: Put more pressure on you for that DynamiTracer translation. :P
It's frustrating to see Square fans neglect their more experimental works. "It's not Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, durhur!"
I think Treasure Conflix was easily more interesting a game concept than any of their big budget releases.

As for the Super Dante data, I did do hacks of retail Super Dante to change the default sample game into "Jewel of Live" and "Cock-a-Doodle-Do", respectively. Would it be possible to work on a translation from in-engine to them? Perhaps even take the completed save and then transplant it back into the Satellaview version. Then only menus are left...

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: May 08, 2013, 10:46:53 pm »

Why don't more translators go with Crash 'n the Boys? Wasn't that supposed to be Technos' localization plan?

Probably because the most popular Nekketsu entry was localized as "River City Ransom", heavily divorced from the "Crash" localizations.

Spitty would be a neat name for the main character imo.
Soak'n Spitty would also work as a wordplay in the game title :)
(Soaking Spitty/Soak and Spit)

Unfortunately this just made me think of "Spit'n Swallow", which is probably just as bad as "Suck n' Blow"...

I think I have another question to address regarding the translation of this game, though. To be specific, in the chance the Satellaview entries (Event Version, BS Version 2, 98  Winter Event Version) get localized, how would one account for the fourth-wall breaking (paraphrased) "By popular demand from Satellaview fans, the rainbow broke again." excuse plot, in regard to a localization?

Feeling Satellaview-y or such today.

I'm remembering the Radical Dreamers fan translation, which is nice, of course.

For anyone who remembers, besides translating the game, the hack expands the ROM and changes the game-saving code.

Of course, that was all back in a time before Satellaview emulation was advancing enough to allow someting closer to "actual" 8M pack loading and saving with BS-X SRAM, which the original unpatched 1mb Radical Dreamers ROM needed.

One thing about the fan translation is that due to the file size increase and the SRAM hack, you couldn't emulate it playing on a Satellaview setup (Or, on a theoretical level, run it in a real-world Satellaview 8M Pack).

I was wondering about if it'd be theoretically possible to go back and apply the translation on a more basic scale (Without the more elaborate hacks) to the 1mb ROM without needing to expand it or alter anything that'd break Satellaview/BS-X support. I understand if you don't really see the point, but the Satellaview fan in me would probably just be excited to see it.

Here's a question/idea;

How much effort would it require to give Konami's Arcade ports to the SNES a bit more umph in the arcade accuracy/polish?
Especially "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time".
I was really disappointed in "Re-Shelled", because I was actually hoping for something closer to a remake of the SNES game but with the features the arcade version has that are advantages over it.

* Improved, more fluid animation
* Enemies and elements that aren't present in the console port
* 4 players simultaneously

While still keeping all the things that made the SNES version "better":

* The tightened, more polished gameplay mechanics
* The extra levels
* The extra modes of play

I think it'd be a neat idea to do a hack that could combine both elements into a "Best" version.

Castlevania 3 US with its japanese music. Possible?

How about the inverse, Japanese CV with US Music? The Powerpak doesn't support MMC5 yet and I'm too lazy to hook up my actual Famicom...

Also, if anyone's seen the recent pirate Korean "20 in 1" cart on d4s's site, it'd be nice if we could get all the games individually split and working, or at -least- working on more "traditional" SNES mapper setups.

I was also considering trying to SRAM dump Dezaemon carts and wanted the answer to that - but I'd assume it's "no", considering how it's the largest SRAM size known to exist and it's format is unique to itself. I know it took a long while to dump the SRAM off BS-X Cartridges because no dumpers supported them previously. The current batch of Dezaemon saves I archived were all done in an emulated setup.

Various RPG Tsukuru 2 (As well as Kanaderu and Sound Novel Tsukuru) saves have been dumped from 8M Memory Packs, if you're interested in looking at those. Supposedly it's possible to convert them into a SRAM file, even. Unfortunately I know nothing else about dumping from the ASCII games, and I've been trying to focus on seeing whether or not it'd be possible and worth the effort to dump from the ASCII Turbo Files.

Hey guys. I thought it'd be a nice idea to post this in case it's relevant to anyone's theoretical projects at ROMHacking - apologies if it's not exactly in the right section.

I'll start by linking my Satellablog article and such;
It's possible to edit Dezaemon saves into BS-X Shooting and vice versa.
It has some details and some example ROMs.

The page currently dabbles into some of how it works technically and whatnot (which I may remove if there's a demand for obscurity but I doubt that'll be necessary), but basically swapping in bytes from an SRAM into bytes in the ROM does the trick well.

I don't really know much the history of people dabbling in editing Dezaemon SRAM around here, but I figured that if anyone was put off by their user-made content being basically "Open source", doing this conversion is probably the best solution, as the "BS-X Version" ROM will simply play the game with no editing capability, -and- the data will be more obscured than in a SRAM file. Therefore, I'm hoping this is of interest to anyone here.

Feel free to use this thread to either request from me to convert a Dezaemon save into a "BS-X Shooting" hack or to post one up of one you may have done yourself. Or anything like that. Or to discuss Dezaemon in some other manner. I know I'm still looking for "Sugoi STG" and "Crystal Guardian" the other two official "BS-X Version" Dezaemons, after all.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Kaettekita Mario Bros. (FDS)
« on: April 20, 2012, 02:40:27 pm »
Try downloading a different disc image dump. Otherwise I'd suppose your emulator is the problem. I know there's at least one version of the game that's dumped that should work fine.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous ~ mou hitotsu no takarajima
« on: April 18, 2012, 06:24:42 am »
Hi Tashi, sorry it's taken this long to get back to you. Just finished my run through Marvelous with a "Not Quite Marvelous Team" Rating. Have to say, fair play for all your hard work, besides the obviously untranslated graphics, I could see few errors in the script and found the dialogue very entertaining. i had a lot of fun with the game, it deserves the exposure your patch will undoubtedly bring. Now onto the few errors, I may well have just been reading the text wrong, but I'll try my best to describe the scene, as I was unable to take screenshots (sorry!) Story spoilers ahead!

Just after the battering-ram room, Blue exclaims "If the cops are?", I wasn't really sure what he was alluding to.

During/after the Penguin's courting ritual, the line was "Damn those penguins getting all love dovey!", I think it should have read, "Damn those penguins getting all LOVEY dovey!"

Now, my short term memory isn't what it used to be... As far as i can recall, there's a scene with a cat playing with some yarn, the line reads, "He's playing like some yarn", I think it should have read, "He's playing with some yarn." -- Really sorry for not remembering the specific scenario, I think that might have been a late session that night  :-\

And the last one I spotted was just after opening the large Green Door and encountering the Patchies, they exclaim, "We there was treasure in here so we came in, but then the door closed and we were trapped!", I presume the line was supposed to read, "We thought there was treasure" or, "We knew there was treasure in here..."

Like I said, besides these few minor phrases, the script was a joy to read and the game a joy to play through as a result, can't wait to see the finished patch! :beer:

I have yet to find anything glaring, myself, although I'll admit I may not have as careful an eye as to spot ones like this.

So far I've managed to figure everything out without needing to buy any clues from the birds, too.

All in all, very nice.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous ~ mou hitotsu no takarajima
« on: March 27, 2012, 11:20:43 am »
Oh gosh, the guy really -is- named Arnold?

You may want to check BS Marvelous - Camp Arnold when you're done anything relevant to him. Feel free to ask me if you need any of the Soundlink videos from NND for reference.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous ~ mou hitotsu no takarajima
« on: March 21, 2012, 01:57:09 am »
Be aware that Marvelous features a special chip, the SA-1 (same one as Super Mario RPG), and thus won't run on any flash carts that I know of.

In that case I'll need to get that sd2snes quicker. I'll get back to everyone on that.

I can always test it in an emulator in the meanwhile, as I doubt we'll have to deeply consider hardware compatibility issues until the BS Marvelous stuff is covered.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous ~ mou hitotsu no takarajima
« on: March 20, 2012, 01:27:57 pm »
ROM Hack Bugtester for The BS Zelda Homepage community reportng!

I have a SFC Neo Myth currently and may get a sd2snes soon. I'll be able to check your ROM hack for hardware compatibility issues.
With my DVD Recorder I could possibly even make a video log of my bug testing and upload it on Youtube if desired!
Since Marvelous and the BS Marvelous series are tied together, I'll be eager to do work for any project involving the games.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Marvelous font hack / rom free space
« on: March 16, 2012, 02:04:27 am »
Just posting to show my support!
I would like to see both the retail Marvelous and the BS Marvelous series fan translated, so I hope this works out! :)

I'm not sure this is the best place to ask this, but...

Doesn't GameFAQs have a history of taking a hard-line, zero-tolerance stance on things like emulators, ROM hacks and fan translations, more or less treating them identically to piracy?

I would for someone who's a member there to see if he/she can get the fan translator into a more secure haven for this project, if possible.

I just waltzed into this thread. O:

I've been trying to get some folks to translate the BS Super Mario USA video ups (I originally archived them off NicoNicoDouga) for quite a while. Is there anything you're willing to share?
As for those parts... hmm. I'll see if I can get someone I know on to them. Give me a bit.

BTW, have you been able to identify much of the audio tracks used in the Soundlink? They don't sound like licensed music, but they aren't normal Mario music either...

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