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News Submissions / Re: Utilities: FF7Tools 1.0 Released
« on: April 29, 2014, 12:45:22 pm »
Ok, thanks for your answer.

I tested that the error unicode only happens with Spanish pal version, even with the original files is impossible to insert them, always appears the message error: Unicodeerror. (I don't know if the french version happens)

With the Europe Pal version doesn't have any error about unicodeerror.


News Submissions / Re: Utilities: FF7Tools 1.0 Released
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:30:50 am »
Make sure that your text files are saved as UTF-8 with no byte-order marks.

The text files are as UTF-8 saved, I don't understand what's is the problem of that character.

Edit: Works when I erase those bytes, but I saved that file as UTF-8 with notepad or notepad+.

Other error, but this doesn't say me where is the error:

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: FF7Tools 1.0 Released
« on: April 27, 2014, 03:50:11 pm »
Cebix when I try to edit the text, it appears the next error message.
It doesn't matter what text is. I haven't written that "character".

Edit: We tested with linux and windows, and the error is similar.

News Submissions / Re: Utilities: FF7Tools 1.0 Released
« on: April 02, 2014, 12:11:51 pm »
And the Spanish version in a future update, will be supported?
It would need some help special?

Sounds like Makou Reactor ignores memory alignment, if I'm understanding correctly what "uneven archives" means. My field modules rebuild DAT files correctly with word/dword alignment intact, tho I haven't worked on them in a long while and I probably won't in the future unless I get any spare time to resume the global modification project, so you're on your own for compilation. As for testing, I did some extensive playthroughs on my PSP and everything turned out to work perfectly and with no hiccups of any kind. It should work the same on a grey PlayStation.

Anyways, it shouldn't be too hard to fix alignment issues in Mystere's sources, if he's interested in real hardware compatibility.

Thanks Gemini for your answer, we have solved the dats ;)

Shit, I didn't know this. I was using Makou Reactor to edit them. What should I do now?

I wrote my doubts in the post Makou Reactor, Mystere hasn't read yet.
So, I will try to ask to Gemini if he ins't very busy.

I have a little question.
What program are you editing the texts?
I ask it because HACK7 produces some bugs... and makou reactor becomes the archives in uneven and the original files are pairs,
and the psx (no emulator) and PSP don't work.

Hi! I am lead translator for the project spanish retranslation:

The weapon 折り鶴, translated officialy in English is Oritsuru.
More information:

You can translate as "Orizuru" or "Oritsuru". As you wish.

Pinwheel appears in FF6 and Dissidia. And it's a pinwheel.

This weapon 円月輪, appears in many FF. You can translate as you wish.

In this weapon 不倶戴天, Nemesis it could be a posibility.

This ハチマキ: is a headband or kachimaki.

This weapon 蛇矛, it was translated in FF11 as Dabo.

I would put 十字手裏剣 or Cross shuriken Juji shuriken if the others keep the "japanese" as "Manji".


Personal Projects / Re: Ninokuni translation (spanish-english)
« on: October 16, 2011, 06:05:03 am »
He is confused himself.
Because he steal the English translation for the movies, nobody want to help him on gbatemp so now he tries his luck here.
You can take a look at the mess HERE.

I am the project, and he only used that video as example or test...
I don't understand the "steal"... Then you can't use other translations in youtube, but if he want use the translation
in youtube, he would put the credits of that user's youtube, but the user hasn't uploaded all videos...
He only wants helping that knows japanese, then, I have seen that he translated 90% the videos, plus, the english translation
youtube is BAD. It is best trasnlate directly.

I say again, that he used that video as example... I don't see the "robe"... I am in that project, I will be that translate Spanish-English...
And we will give the tools to other people to do French translation, dustch translation and more languages...
I now translating Okamiden, FF four heroes and more, if something wants the tools of Okamiden I will give and Four heroes
there tools made by CUE.

In my opinion, comments as "robe" or the PS3 Version that will release in USA but DS not... makes that this project doesn't have

See you

Thanks, guys. Sorry about word "doubt"... ;)

Ok, I decided translate for "bola mágica", (Magic Ball) like thist

I saw the little picture, and It seems, I suppose.
Emblem, mmm... That's right. ;)

More opinions?

We have a doutb about a Word in Final Fantasy Four Heroes.
The word is "Merkmal", we don't understand that it means or how translate it.

I saw the japanese version and says:

["Merukumaaru"] wo te ni haireta!

A image of japanese version:

Uploaded with

But I think that that VIDEO... could be dubbed, because the background sound is in "folder sound"...  the archive is in format "SAD", I opened
throught TINKE... but the autor is updating the tool to insert formats SAD and BGM.

It is a way to translate the video.
A quesiton... I don't understand formats script... "SIR0, fsb, or SRC"?

Different ARM9 and ARM7, and system pointers.

I will find out the solution ;), thanks.

I don't know it...
I tried many functions and program.
The japanese ROM  modified? Mmm... Doesn't work...
I think... that is impossible to compress again those archive...
I will look the arm9 but I think that I will leave this translation...
I had found all texts but those archives are complicated.

and without compressing it back ?

Well, however don't edit the text and extract the compress archive and later you want compress again that archive, the game crashes, because the new compression
affects the system pointers.

But if you edit the text in archive compressed, you see bit text... and edit bit... But the game doesn't crashe.

Hi, we are translating Okamiden in Spanish.
We have found all texts and we have modified the font, and we have editor tools for texts.
We also have found all graphics and we have a tool for it.

The problem is in Overlays File:

The overlays are compressed in LZ. I extracted them with Cristal Tile 2, and very good, It appeared text and you edit it
easly. But the problem is when you want recompress that overlay and Insert with Ct2, the game crashes.  Also, I tried to
extract arhive, I don't touch anything the archive and compress again, but still crashes.

I tried many programs for example:
Crystal Tile 2, BatchLZ77 1.3, DSCEMP.

We  don't know how work the compression lz, but it seems that contrary in lz10 or lz11 types, the data for the compression of overlay are situated at the end of the file (in the last 12 bytes?)

Also, it seems the format of the J and U versions of the game are significantly different. The J version does not have compressed overlay files, while the U version has.

Conlusion: We try to compress again the descompressed archive, the pointers system changes and isn't same the old compress. Because it crashes.

Well, thanks, and It is my first post. But I am serious person and Share tools with other teams, that they want translate this game for example French, Duscht, Italian etc...

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