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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:30:57 am »
The warp and random encounter data are strangely not with the map data, at least with the Zelda Minish Cap bootleg. Did you touch the random encounter data?

Also, I could never find the music data in Nanjing games. Can you share the information you have on it?

For anyone scratching their heads when I mention Nanjing, there is an article about them here.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: September 08, 2013, 02:43:41 am »
Perhaps I am a little late telling you this but I think I just learned how to expand the amount of graphic tiles you get to use. The pointers for each map are located before each map's graphics. By adjusting these pointers, you can adjust the location of every map's data. Of course by adjusting this, you have to adjust each for the proceeding maps. This goes for every Nanjing game so it may prove useful in your Pokemon Yellow translation.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: September 02, 2013, 01:47:53 am »
Not necessarily a problem with the screen. It could be the graphics card. I have had that happen to me before. Yeah laptops suck when something breaks.
That also happened to me too. I had to get a new chip as well as a sound card and put them into a free slot. You can't simply replace a chip like you used to :-\. Also for future reference have your files on an external drive so you can access them on another computer easily.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:13:46 pm »
One of them, the newcomer MartsINY shows great promise.

I think it is worth to ask him for support.

He replied pretty quickly.

first I must say you made nice progress, however, I've been working on my project for 5 years and still far to be finished, so for me to work on a new project is unrealistic.

however, I document everything I do, and I will have enemies for MM9, so if you want docs about them, I'll be able to give them to you, but that's about the help I can give, I don't intend to put hours in another project

Right now I am documenting the sprites. You can see the information as of yet on Data Crystal.

EDIT: I know there's a utility that edits sprites from Mega Man 3 but it's not very practical to work with.

Hopefully someone skilled with ASMs and Mega Man 3 is willing to volunteer. I know there's people out there. To anyone reading this who is skilled with ASMs, I understand that the job is difficult and time consuming. I have always considered that while making this hack. I will work with you and cut things when necessary to work with YOU. I do not plan to change the mapper. I want to make it easy on you. Because you are a human being who should have a say in what work you do.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 31, 2013, 04:50:18 am »
(I'm like half asleep right now so if this is rambling just know I'm not drunk)
Patch update:

You can download the latest patch here!

What was done:

* Stages completed (Splash Women, Hornet Man)
* Title screen partially done
* Wily stage 1 layout done


* Two graphic banks are loaded into the PPU at the titlescreen. When I modify which ones are loaded, this also affects the stage select screen for only the top half of the PPU. I want to change which are loaded for the titlescreen so I can complete add mega man to the titlscreen.
* The doc robot stages can be completely removed
*The some of the wily stages share the same data

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 23, 2013, 03:05:08 pm »
Unless he's talking about "more than 256 blocks" for building the levels (megafle)
The structure tabble window in megafle

if so, he should be able to free up un-used ones, or any duplicates.
For the Concrete Man stage, it took me some time to locate all the duplicate and unused blocks. This stage is the only one complete for now. I know for sure that the Splash Women and Tornado Man stages are not possible with only 256 blocks. For the tornado Man stage, I had to cut blocks with clouds you can go behind. For Splash women, there's separate graphics for those orange ends of the tubes when they're on land. I had to cut them as well.

I would rather work with the 256 block limit, increasing the amount would be a pain to add and at the end would consume way too much space in the ROM.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 17, 2013, 02:11:37 pm »
The patch has been reuploaded and works now.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 17, 2013, 02:24:35 am »
Thanks Kuja Killer for the help, I can now keep my sanity. Modifying the maps with a hex editor was torture.

The patch has been updated.

What has been done:

* The title screen now looks like a title screen

* The boss select screen was improved

* The robot master selected screen

* Minor tweaks to the stages

Concerns at the moment:

* The title screen needs sprites. This should be too hard for me to add. The Japanese version has sprites in it, but the US version doesn't. In the Japanese version, the title screen sprites are located somewhere around 0x31C4A. I copied bytes from the Japanese version 0x30E50 - 0x3200D and pasted them into the US ROM. The game loaded the sprites from the Japanese version, but it crashed.

* On the robot boss master selected screen, the text has to be lowered a tile. The text is located at 0x61E0

* I believe I have used all the sprites available at the boss selected screen. The information for the sprites are located at 0x6241 - 0x630F. I would need more sprites to make the screen as accurate as possible.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 15, 2013, 05:37:54 pm »
Out of popular demand, I decided I will continue to work on this project to the full extent of my capabilities.

By the way, are there any title screen and boss select screen editors? The screens are compressed and I am editting them with a hex editor (and it doesn't help that the stage select, boss select, title, and boss selected screen share the same TSA.). An alternative method would be to modify the megafle.dat file so I can edit them, but I had no luck doing so. I've seen a couple of Mega Man 3 hacks with their title screens modified.

More information can be read about the screen's data on Data Crystal. The page contains some notes I added while hacking the game.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 13, 2013, 01:18:10 am »
Thank you so much Kuja Killer.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 12, 2013, 02:52:57 pm »
I suggest Kuja Killer for you to help you. He is the expert regarding Megaman 3.
Also... If there is going to be a shop, I suggest to bring in the charge shot and the slide as unlockable content.

You might want to use the MMC5 mapper instead of the MMC3 mapper. The MMC5 mapper gives you more space to work with.
Megaman Odyssey, which is a heavly customised Megaman 3 ROM uses it to its fullest potencial.

I've played Megaman Odyssey. This project is in dire need of ASM hacking and by seeing Kuja Killers work on Megaman Odyssey, he seems to be the man for the job.

Also I stopped working on the project because Mega Man 9 goes over the 256 tile limit. The Concrete Man stage is the only one possible at the moment. Also Splash Woman's stage uses more hallways than what the engine can handle at the moment.

Personal Projects / Mega Man 9 NES
« on: August 12, 2013, 03:42:48 am »

Mega Man 9 is relatively new, so if Capcom releases a C&D letter, the patch will be removed. I also advise anyone who plays the patch to support the official release. I in no way condone piracy and the project's purpose is not for financial gain.

A while back I worked on a Mega Man 3 hack that recreates the Mega Man 9 levels. However, I stopped working on the project. One main reason being that the game actually uses more than 256 tiles in a level. I will upload the work in progress in patch form and hopefully someone else may find the patch useful. Please note that it is unfinished so don't expect anything perfect (ex. the title screen is a mess, levels are incomplete). The graphics were ripped and inserted from the Wii game into the ROM.
I got a new project on my hands.

Here's the latest patch. Apply the patch to the American version of Mega Man 3.

Some various levels.



Robot masters: 0%

Concrete Man: 80% Stage layout is finished, no enemies
Jewel Man: 70%, Stage layout almost done, no enemies, glitchy in the beginning and at the end of the stage
Hornet Man: 80%, Stage layout done, no enemies
Tornado Man: 70%, Stage layout almost done, no enemies
Plug Man: 70%, Stage layout almost done, no enemies
Galaxy Man: 80%, Stage layout done, no enemies
Magma Man: 70%, Stage layout not done, no enemies,
Splash Women: 79%, Stage layout done, no enemies, needs to have animated water, has palette errors
Fake Man:

Wily Stage 1: 80%
Wily Stage 2: 10%
Wily Stage 3: 0%


Title screen: 80% More of Mega man must be added (as a sprite)
Boss Select: 70% More sprites must be displayed. Needs a fade in fade out transition. The text on the boss selected screen must be lowered a tile.
Weapons: 0% The weapon screen will have to also be a separate screen
Shops: 0%
Option screen: 0%
Music: 0%
Cutscenes: 0%
Credits and ending: 0%

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: July 26, 2013, 02:39:04 am »
I would advise you to keep the coverage about the ending low. This way people who are following the project will be forced to download the final patch to see it. However, if you feel the need of a quality check or programming help then by all means show your work.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: July 26, 2013, 01:07:17 am »
I found a glitch. When you are fleeing the Shinra Inc to leave Midgar, your party stands wait for you right? You can move around them without triggering the event that is supposed to happen.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: July 25, 2013, 09:07:57 pm »
Thanks for the graphics Chpexo :thumbsup:, the map looks much better now.
You're very welcome.

For a complete submitted project on this site you need a readme. Look at this one: Click me!. It would be cool to have some comments from you and major contributors on the hack in the readme and possibly discuss Vanya's abandoned project. It's a big project and there would be an interesting story to tell in the readme.

But, oh!! Try syncing the original song with the intro! It's almost perfectly synched as is. And the part of Voyager that pics up the pace happens right during the battle and ends with enough time for a series of closing notes before getting to the "Lady in the Mist" scenes.

I dunno, maybe try another arrangement that mostly just uses the CV2 instruments and see how that turns out?
Do you want a cover of Voyager? Here you go (incomplete though):

Listen online

Personal Projects / Re: Magic Kids; Scubbing McD's from M.C. Kids
« on: July 20, 2013, 12:51:02 am »
Como están?  ;) quería felicitarlos por el gran juego que han hecho, me ha gustado mucho. Soy de argentina y me he propuesto hace un tiempo traducir este gran juego al español, ya que es uno de mis favoritos desde niño. Pero me he topado con el problema de que no encuentro el texto de diálogos. El texto que describe el nombre de niveles y los mensajes al final de cada nivel si he podido hallarlo y traducirlo con Translhextion, pero no lo demás. Le escribí un mail al señor Tavarezz y su respuesta fue que el no recuerda que el texto estuviera comprimido, lo cual me dejo desconcertado  :banghead: pues esperaba que el me diera le respuesta clave para terminar la traducción. A mi esto se me complica mucho, ya que la programación no es a lo que yo me dedico, pero he leído realmente mucho del tema desde hace unos 2 meses y he probado de todo pero nada!. Sin mas que decir espero que ustedes puedan darme alguna ayuda para poder terminar con mi trabajo ya que han logrado un excelente hack estoy seguro que podrán ayudarme. Sin mas que decir los felicito nuevamente y GRACIAS!  :thumbsup:
Here's a translation of the post. I had to change a lot of the wording to make it sound more natural:

How are you? ;) I wanted to congratulate you for the great hack you've made, I like it a lot. I'm from Argentina and I started a project to translate this awesome game to Spanish, as it is one of my childhood favorites. But I've run into a problem; I cannot find the text for the dialogue. For example, the level names and also the messages at the end of each level. I couldn't find it with Translhextion. I wrote an email to Tavarezz and he said he was unaware that the text was compressed, which didn't help me at all :banghead:. I did some research for a couple of months because I am unfamiliar with this sort of thing, but still no luck! I have nothing more so say except that I hope you can help me and that you have made an excellent hack. THANK YOU! :thumbsup:

This one uses the CV2 instruments.

Famitracker File

Listen Online

The theme for the reacap. No expansion chips for this one.

Famitracker File

Listen Online

The original Castlevania credits theme

Another attempt. This time with the VRC6 chip.

Famitracker File

Listen Online

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