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this is awesome. thanks for your work, brother

You're stuck in a loop probably because you didn't fully explore the store room.
ah, thanks. I had tried to find the chain already but I couldn't figure out how to get it.

Playing this game again makes me wish there were a 2020 version of this game

Thanks, I tried replaying it using your code, and this time after returning to the Carrot Hermit, instead of talking to him right away, I gave him the Scotch he was missing so it didn't crash and allowed me to continue. Last time I talked to him before giving him the scotch. hope that helps!

I also made it to the castle and it gets stuck in a loop when checking the pond outside. It seems like you have to hit A to get Percy to fall in but then it onlt gives you the option to check the pond again

Hey! Thanks for this, I first got Princess Tomato brand new when I was maybe 6 years old so I've played it a ton and it's cool to see the differences between this and the US version. Some parts didn't make sense in the US version but makes sense now so it's really awesome to see all the minor differences between them. The game did freeze on me in Chapter 6 after beating Hydra-nana/Bananda and talking to the Carrot Hermit.

Do you have a list of working passwords to I can at least start again at that chapter so I don't have to start over again? I didn't write the passwords down lol

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