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You can start a topic in Personal Project and keep all your questions there and show your progress.

As for the problem, I'm not sure until I see the content of hires.txt and the png files.

The file doesn't have a version number means it comes from another emulator called HDNes before this feature is picked up by Mesen.

To merge the version 105 into the other one, follow these steps:
1. You need to add the line <img>Chr_00_0.png below the other two <img> lines. This means those three files contain the HD graphics we want to apply.
2. You need to change the first number in each of the <tile> lines to 2. This is because the images are referred by a number assigned to them based on the order of the <img> lines in the file. And the emulator assigns numbers starting from 0, so Chr_00_0.png is the third image and will be assigned 2. For example <tile>0,32,FF372716,288,64,1,N will become <tile>2,32,FF372716,288,64,1,N
3. You need convert the palette value to 3 decimal values. Split the HEX value into 4 parts, discard the first part and convert those values into decimal values. For example FF372716 => FF,37,27,16 and we remove FF to get 37, 27, 16 and these 3 HEX number become 55,39,22 in decimal. So <tile>2,32,FF372716,288,64,1,N will become <tile>2,32,55,39,22,288,64,1,N

If you open the hires.txt, you can see the version number at the top. Mesen switches to HEX when the version number is 104 or above.

Can you post the lines you added here? I can take a look.

Open Calculator on your computer. Change to Programmer mode, select HEX format and key in the hexadecimal value. It will show the value as decimal directly on top or you need to switch back to DEC format depending on which version is your Calculator.

I have posted a newer version of the editor. Can you try that one and see if it fixes the problem?

Can you give me more detail? Like screen shots of the editor before the error, the steps you have made to cause that error and the text being copied from Mesen PPU viewer.

The .hnp file contains the full file path to the rom file and the pack folder on my computer. You need to open the .hnp file with notepad and change the first two lines to the file path on your system.

Wow, the master came to answer me!

I haven't seen the tutorial

If this site has a text file, it's best. Now I don't even know where to find it
There should be a tutorial document (HDNes Graphics Pack Editor Tutorial.docx) in the zip file with the editor. You can try reading that first.

in addition

Your paper version of Mario HD, I want it to be clearer. What should I do to increase the pixels from 512 to 1024?

Thank you. Thank you very much
Unfortunately I made my pack with the editor and there is no easy way to change the scale of a HD Pack once the scale is set.

Have you read the tutorial of the editor?

The pictures in SMB HD pack are manually rearranged and I think most of the big HD packs have the pictures manually rearranged too.   

You can use an editor that I have made for this, but it can be more difficult to use as you need to capture the graphics frame by frame manually:

If you look at the improvement hack on this site, many of them reduce the difficulty of the game, so I think you can categorise yours as one of them.

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: October 29, 2021, 09:28:00 pm »
The basic formula is at its core ATK - DEF, so whether we increase atk by 50 or lower def by 50 is the same.

Full ignore def would be insane; endgame monster have 200-245 def, so you'd get that much extra def.
Not to be talking about the player taking up to 300 extra damage that way...

It is not the same if it is 50% as you stated earlier, not fixed 50 points.
Come to think of it, may be adding a fixed value to the final damage actually works better?

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: October 29, 2021, 01:06:19 pm »
Instead of crit increasing the attack, how about making crit reduce/ignore def?

Personal Projects / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Trials of Mana) Hacks
« on: October 28, 2021, 11:07:47 pm »
Is it impossible to apply the crit bonus after defense? I'm interested to see the steps in the calculation.


is the pack still available?

I get a 404 error not found  :-\

Try this link:

If I were to go for a consistent art direction, I'd draw the characters in the Yoichi Kotabe style.

Sadly my drawing skill is lacking. I do encourage people to make changes to the graphics, simply edit the png files in the pack and it should work.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Circus Charlie HD
« on: September 17, 2021, 03:11:46 am »
It was originally posted on another site (inmortalgames) but that site is down. Here is a copy that I have downloaded:

Interesting! I have experience with making HD packs so I can help with technical problems. I'm not good at making pixel art though.

Personal Projects / Re: Hogan's Alley HD Project
« on: June 23, 2021, 10:55:02 am »
The correct way of combining two conditions together is this:


I replaced FD with 30 because this is what I see in the PPU viewer When I run the game. And the replacement tile need to be flipped too in the png in order the be flipped back to the correct orientation when rendering.

The fix for Willie should be like this:



Personal Projects / Re: Hogan's Alley HD Project
« on: June 23, 2021, 01:40:34 am »
Can that be done all at once?

Rename the pack to something else and run the HD pack builder at the title screen. This will give you a list of all the tiles in that screen. Copy the tiles into another file. It may be easier to work with the tiles if you save them into a csv file and edit them with Excel. Rename the pack back to the original and add a 256x240 transparent png to the pack. Then add the conditions and set the replacement to use that png for each of the tiles in the csv file. Finally add the tiles into your pack.

Personal Projects / Re: Hogan's Alley HD Project
« on: June 22, 2021, 09:43:52 pm »
I turned some background one-color tiles transparent, and the background behind text letters transparent, so that I could replace the title screen and character gallery background. (I don't know if I can set the fullscreen backgrounds to have priority over the other tiles?) This results in some problems where an expected background color is missing [behind text or otherwise] in the game itself. In mode 1 I could help this with a still image background I suppose.
You can use condition to look for specific background tiles at certain location to identify if the game is showing the title screen. Then you can replace all background tiles in that screen with transparent tiles. This way you can show a fullscreen background without background tiles blocking.

In the original, most of the character faces are mirrored, or have mirrored elements to cut down on tile use. That's not possible here with these photos.

I added twelve tiles to the bottom of the sprite sheet and Romhacked ten of them into the game. I wasn't able to use the last two because the code uses "FD" and "FE" for sprite flipping functions.

I tried to hack these in with conditions but it didn't seem to work. The idea was to replace two mirrored hair tiles with the correct tiles.


I think the spriteNearby condition will not work with a sprite tile next to it horizontally because you need to reverse the sign of the x difference if the sprite is horizontally flipped. And if you reverse the sign then both flipped and non-flipped tile matches it. To solve this you can add an extra condition <hmirror>

The background font also has no V or W, so Willie becomes Billie. I should look into changing that, depending on what letters aren't used in the hacked game.
You can use conditions to check for "illie" and replace the "B" with "W" when it happens

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